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These are the LIVE SPOILERS from the TNA Impact tapings. One hour show to air November 9th followed by the two hour prime time debut show to air November 16th. Mike Tenay and Don Westâ<80><99>s location has been spruced up for the move to 9pm. Several Spike TV executives sat near Dixie Carter and were introduced to the fans, mentioning a online Q&A on Spikeâ<80><99>s website before the 11/16 show airs. Jeremy Borash and Dave Penzer did a great job of keeping the crowd energized for the entire taping.

Before the doors were opened Americaâ<80><99>s Most Wanted (â<80><9c>Tennessee Cowboyâ<80> James Storm and â<80><9c>Wildcatâ<80> Chris Harris) were signing for the fans when Konnan came out to confront them. Storm broke his beer over Konnanâ<80><99>s head as LAX (â<80><9c>Notorious 187â<80> Homicide and Hotstuff Hernandez) came from behind and attacked AMW. After the brawl Harris was carried inside the building but Storm not. Hernandez threw Storm Border Toss style into a concrete wall and it left Storm motionless on the ground. Stormâ<80><99>s neck was immobilized by Universal medics and he was placed on a back brace awaiting the medics to arrive. We were taken into the soundstage at 6:30pm. I was told he might have hit the â<80><9c>funny boneâ<80> on the wall. Eventually he got his range of motion back and was part of the prime time portion of the show.

Hour one to air November 9th:

(1) In the semi-finals of the Fight for the Right tournament, World X Division champion â<80><9c>Phenomenalâ<80> AJ Styles (â<80><9c>Fallen Angelâ<80> Christopher Daniels) defeated Robert Roode (w/Ms. Brooks) and Ron Killings (w/Lance Hoyt).

Once Killings stopped dancing the match began when Roode shot his mouth off and he got decked. Styles and Killings got rid of him to the floor. Styles went to go out but Roode pulled Brooks in the way causing Styles to land on the apron. That didnâ<80><99>t stop Killings who came out and over. Styles went in the ring and then over. The match came back to the ring where Roode avoided Killings forearm which decked Styles. Roode tossed Killings to the floor and focused on Stylesâ<80><99> left leg with a half crab. Killings broke that up with a top rope dropkick as Jerry Lynn, Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal and Chris Sabin looked on. Styles decked Roode with the Peleâ<80><99> kick and went up top but Brooks cut him off. So Daniels and Hoyt dragged her off and dropped her into the crowd where she paint brushed a fan. While this went on Roode followed out to check on Brooks and missed Styles pin Killings with a slingshot cross bodyblock.

Shane Douglas came out and said he had a problem with Brother Ray of Team 3D. So out came Ray microphone in hand. Douglas said he put up with Rayâ<80><99>s crap and condescending attitude. Douglas called him out on the confrontation during the reverse battle royal. Ray said he was caught off guard at these comments. Ray said if anyone had a grudge it should be him, ten years back to a â<80><9c>stuttering problemâ<80> in Philly. Ray said Shane came out one night and smacked him for no reason. Ray said this wasnâ<80><99>t ten years ago and things have changed. Douglas said the Naturals werenâ<80><99>t resting on a legacy of a washed up company. Douglas decked Ray with a bike chain wrapped fist and The Naturals (Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas w/ â<80><9c>the Franchiseâ<80> Shane Douglas) came out to defend Shane. They decked Ray and then threw him into a folding table. On screen we saw why Devon couldnâ<80><99>t come to his partnerâ<80><99>s aid, he was under a guard rail which was over his neck. TNA security came out and helped Ray out of the ring.

(2) Petey Williams defeated â<80><9c>Hotshotâ<80> Johnny Devine and Austin Starr (w/Kevin Nash and Alex Shelley)

This was hard to keep up with so I am sorry if I missed some stuff. Starr avoided Williams and Devineâ<80><99>s lockup but didnâ<80><99>t avoid a knee to the face. Starr got on the offense briefly but Williams hit a facebreaker like move. Star went to knock Williams and Devineâ<80><99>s heads together but he got hit with a double backdrop and clothesline. Starr broke up the Canadian Destroyer but didnâ<80><99>t break up Devineâ<80><99>s moonsault onto Williams. Starr broke up the pin and kicked Devine in the face. Starr went up top but Shelley got up to talk or something. Starrâ<80><99>s crotch was met by Shelleyâ<80><99>s head. This allowed Williams to hit Devine with the Canadian Destroyer.

As soon as the bell rang LAX hit the ring, telling Williams he was an immigrant too. Konnan invited him to a flag burning they would hold next week. Hernandez brought a half mannequin dressed like Uncle Sam. Konnan said the American flag stood for racism and he was going to defecate all over it before burning it.

(3) In the final match of the Fight for the Right tournament, Abyss (w/Father James Mitchell) defeated World X Division champion â<80><9c>Phenomenalâ<80> AJ Styles (w/â<80><9c>Fallen Angelâ<80> Christopher Daniels).

In the history of TNA this is one of the most heated rivalries dating back to the Nashville/Tennessee PPVâ<80><99>s. Jerry Lynn and the trio mentioned before watched on again as Abyss showed off his strength advantage. Styles avoided a backdrop and hit a huricurana but couldnâ<80><99>t suplex Abyss so he hit a flying head scissor followed by a splash to the corner. But his corner move met Abyssâ<80><99> boot. Abyss got a folding chair and wedged it in the second and top turnbuckle. Abyss decked Styles with a punch and set for a power bomb but Styles slid over the back. Abyss stopped the pin attempt by sling shotting Styles face first into the chair. Abyss followed with a corner splash of his own and went for Shock Treatment but Styles got out and went on the attack with punches and kicks. Abyss went for a corner splash but Styles went into Andrew Thomas and Abyss soon followed. Christian Cage came out and leveled both men with chair shots. Cage said the people were looking at the one true #1 contender to the NWA World championship. Thomas got to his feet and counted both men down. This brought out the other TNA referees to confer as spotlights flashed around the building. It looked like the match was going to be continued. Styles hit a top rope forearm but got two. Abyss grabbed him for a choke slam but Styles countered into a sunset flip for two. Abyss hit Shock Treatment as Mitchell came out with a bag of tacks but Daniels cut him off from handing the bag off. Andrew Thomas went out to break up Mitchell and Daniels. Styles hit another Peleâ<80><99> and went for the Styles Clash when Chris Sabin ran in and decked Styles with a kick to the chest. This allowed Abyss to the hit the Black Hole Slam and become #1 contender. As Abyssâ<80><99> hand was raised Sting looked on from the rafters of the soundstage.

In between shows Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme passed out foam Sting bats and steel chairs to make the primetime event look super. This is possibly the crowning achievement in TNA I have witnessed going back to 2002â<80><99>s taping in Huntsville, Alabama.

Hour two to air November 16th:

â<80><9c>Showtimeâ<80> Eric Young and his entourage made their way in the venue as the pyro went off. It was followed by a shower of confetti that covered the entire building. Young said he wearing his suit lent to him by Uncle Leo. Young said he had an announcement for the fans but LAX interrupted him. Konnan was carrying an American flag on his shoulder as he ran down the immigration issues. He said he was going to deliver a message loud and clear to TNA and America. Before he got out the lighter AMW with Gail Kim, who fought with LAX and stopped the burning as security came out to join the incident. Guess Storm is ok and hell froze over as AMW got a huge ovation from the fans.

(1) Samoa Joe defeated Jay Lethal.

Joe jumped Lethal at the bell and the fight was on. Joe hit Lethal with his attack normal plan but he couldnâ<80><99>t avoid a slingshot dropkick. Nor the in ring dropkick to the face as the fans chanted for Kurt Angle. Joe didnâ<80><99>t like that so he hit Lethal with the standing STO before the Muscle Buster and the Kokina Clutch submission hold. After the match Sonjay Dutt decked Joe but he got hit with a powerslam and the Clutch. Chris Sabin ran out but left Dutt lying in the Kokina Clutch. Joe took the mic and said he wanted Joeâ<80><99>s blood.

(2) In a tag team tables The Naturals (Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas w/ â<80><9c>The Franchiseâ<80> Shane Douglas) defeated Team 3D members Brother Ray and Devon.

The bell rang and the fight went right into the people where everything was used a weapons even signs the fans brought to the event. Ray tossed Andy Douglas in the ring and 3D hit the Wassup headbutt to the package. 3D went under the ring and got two tables. Shane saved Andy but he took a 3D into one of the tables. Stevens and Douglas got on the attack as TNA officials cleared Shane Douglas out of the ring. The Naturals won when they double teamed Devon into a table but kept beating on them after the bell rang several times. Finally after decking several security team members, the Naturals left to a chorus of boos. It took several minutes to get the ring clear of security and Team 3D who left on their own power.

â<80><9c>Showtimeâ<80> Eric Young was talked into coming out to the soundstage again to make his announcement. But once the crowd stopped chanting â<80><9c>Donâ<80><99>t Fire Ericâ<80>, Young was interrupted by Johnny Devine, Frankie Kazarian and Matt Bentley in some rather interesting attire. Kazarian said their redeemer had shown them the way. Just when things got interesting they were interrupted by the newly named Voodoo Kin Mafia (Kip and BG James.) BG said they had creative control and permission to do what they wanted. BG said they were declaring war on Vince McMahon, Michael Hickenbottom and Paul Levesque. Kip said 8 years ago those two guys started a group but they werenâ<80><99>t allowed to be part of it, now its back and sinking like the Titanic. Kip called them the two biggest pieces of sh** but BG got the mic away before it got on the air. The crowd chanted you said sh**. BG said they were serious about the declaration of war on Vinny Mac calling the war VKM vs. VKM.

(3) In the Six Sides of Steel Barbwire match, â<80><9c>Captain Charismaâ<80> Christian Cage defeated â<80><9c>War Machineâ<80> Rhino.

The top of the cage was wrapped with barbwire. Cageâ<80><99>s wife sat ringside with Dixie Carter. Don Harris and his crew did an amazing job getting the cage up and down in fast time. There wasnâ<80><99>t a referee inside so I guess itâ<80><99>s over the top or through the door to win. After trading fists Rhino hit a backdrop and tried to send Cage into the fencing but it was blocked. Chest chops broke out and Cage countered out of a press slam into an inverted DDT. Cageâ<80><99>s chairs were slid into the ring but Rhino hit two shoulder tackles to the corner. Cage stopped a third one by trying to scale the fencing but cut his hand on the barbwire. Rhino rammed Cageâ<80><99>s face into the fencing several times and it made Cage bloody. Rhino got the key from his Tupperware box and taunted Cage with it. Rhino tossed the key out and sling shotted Cage into the fencing twice. Cage got in a crotch shot, with a cage toss and called for the bolt cutters which he hit Rhino with several times to the back. With Rhino down Cage climbed up and began to cut away at the barbs. Rhino started to come around as Cage continued to cut away. Cage came down and punched Rhino a few times before going back to cut more wire. Rhino went up to get Cage but got sent to the mat where Cage hit a frog splash. Cage began to climb up once more and got a leg over the fencing when Rhino caught up to him. Rhino forced Cageâ<80><99>s face into the cut away barbwire before hitting a top rope back suplex. Rhino got to his feet and grabbed the straight jacket but Cage punched away sending Rhino to the mat again. Cage went back up top to the area he cut away and again Rhino caught him. Both men fought but it was Cage who came off with a top rope Unprettier! Cage grabbed the straight jacket and tried to put it on Rhino as the â<80><9c>War Machineâ<80> fought back. Cage got the sleeves attached to the top rope and he called for his folding chairs to be tossed in the ring. Rhino got a leg into Cageâ<80><99>s package and somehow got his arms free of the top rope. He hit several moves and got the jacket off after a spinebuster. Rhino set Cage up for a chairscendo but Cage moved and hit Rhino in the ribs with the chair. Cage set the chairs up for a Unprettier but Rhino countered into a TKO which dropped Cageâ<80><99>s ribs on the top of the chair. Rhino went for the GORE but Cage tossed a chair into him, but it was caught and Rhino smashed Cage in the head. Rhino went for and hit the GORE!!! However he sent Cage through the door of the cage and Christian Cage was declared the winner.

(4) â<80><9c>Fallen Angelâ<80> Christopher Daniels became World X Division champion when he defeated â<80><9c>Phenomenalâ<80> AJ Styles vs. â<80><9c>the Futureâ<80> Chris Sabin.

Before the opening bell Styles and Daniels shook hands. Styles and Daniels were jumped by Sabin. Daniels hit Sabin with a neckbreaker like move and dropped Styles on top, or was it the other way. Daniels and Styles hit Sabin with the High/Lo move but he avoided a backdrop, hitting a double enziguri. Sabin ripped away at Stylesâ<80><99> face and locked in a surfboard which Daniels stopped, but Sabin raked his eyes. Styles went up and avoided Sabin, hitting Daniels with an inverted DDT and Sabin with a regular one. Styles hit Daniels with a sitout facebuster but Sabin broke up the pin. Sabin countered a corner whip and hit Daniels with an inverted DDT for two. Sabin went for a superplex but Styles brought them down with a power bomb. Christian Cage came out to ringside and said he was still undefeated and he was dropkicked by Styles to the floor. As Styles went after Cage, Daniels countered out of Sabinâ<80><99>s Cradle Shock and scored a pin. Styles realized what happened and came back to the ring where, after talking, raised Daniels hand.

(5) In his TNA match debut, Kurt Angle defeated Abyss (w/Father James Mitchell)

The noise was super loud for Angleâ<80><99>s entrance to the Impact Zone. After backing Angle to a corner Angle slapped Abyss across the face. Angle went to the ropes but ran into the wall known as Abyss. Angle got a single leg takedown and went after Abyssâ<80><99> left knee joint. Abyss refused to submit and powered out of an Ankle Lock. Abyss punched Angle several times and hit a corner whip but the splash attempt met an elbow and Angle clipped out Abyssâ<80><99> leg. Angle went back to the knee joint with another submission hold but Abyss raked Angleâ<80><99>s eyes. Abyss sent Angle chest first to a corner and hit Shock Treatment. Mitchell left and came back with a wheel barrel full of thumbtacks. Abyss sent Angle to the floor as the crowd booed. Mitchell whispered in Abyssâ<80><99> ear. Angle slid off Abyssâ<80><99> shoulder and smashed Abyssâ<80><99> head on the ringposts. Abyss raked the eyes again and sent Angle back into the ring where hit a standing suplex for two. Abyss clamped on a neckvise but Angle got to his feet so Abyss switched to a chinlock. Angle escaped with a back suplex and both men tried to beat Rudy Charlesâ<80><99> count. Angle got off his Olympic German suplex trio but his Olympic Slam became a Black Hole Slam for two and a half. Abyss went for the choke slam but Angle countered into an Ankle Lock. Abyss fought for the ropes but Angle pulled him back to the middle of the ring. Abyss had the bottom rope for a second but Angle dragged again and sat down in the Ankle Lock to get the submission victory.

Once the match ended Samoa Joe hit the ring. Angle hit a Belly to Belly suplex. Joe hit an enziguri and went for the Kokina Clutch only to have Angle get the Ankle Lock. Joe escaped, got a chair and leveled Angle. Joe tossed angle back in the ring where Abyss was standing. Joe gestured and Abyss joined in stomping on Angle. The arena got dark and Sting descended from the rafters. Abyss went to confront him but Sting jumped off the platform he came down on and sent Abyss crashing into the tacks below. As Sting and Abyss fought away from ringside, Joe got to his feet and put Angle in the Ankle Lock. After a moment or three, Joe released the hold and locked in the Kokina Clutch on the bloodied Olympic champion. When Joe released the hold he took Angleâ<80><99>s blood and smeared it on his chest.

The following matches were taped for TNA Xplosion/Global Impact:

(1) â<80><9c>Showtimeâ<80> Eric Young defeated Robert Roode (w/Ms. Brooks) with his version of the Last Rites I think called the Margin Call (sorry Robert) but Slick Mark Johnson said he saw Brooks grab Youngâ<80><99>s leg and restated the match. When it restarted Young rolled up Roode for the win.

(2) Ron â<80><9c>the Truthâ<80> Killings defeated Alex Shelley (w/ the Austin Starr) via pinfall. After the match Killings rapped along to his theme music as Shelley and Starr exchanged words over the match. Lance Hoyt joined his tag team partner for some breakdancing.

After the show the fans were treated to a meet and greet with the locker room.

Announced and guessed matches for the Genesis PPV:

***NWA World Heavyweight champion Sting vs. â<80><9c>the Fight for your Rightâ<80> winner Abyss (w/Father James Mitchell)

***NWA World Tag Team champions NWA World Tag Team champions Latin American Xchange (â<80><9c>Notorious 187â<80> Homicide and Hotstuff Hernandez w/Konnan) vs. Americaâ<80><99>s Most Wanted (â<80><9c>Tennessee Cowboyâ<80> James Storm and â<80><9c>Wildcatâ<80> Chris Harris w/Gail Kim)

***Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle

***World X Division champion â<80><9c>Fallen Angelâ<80> Christopher Daniels vs. â<80><9c>Phenomenalâ<80> AJ Styles or â<80><9c>the Futureâ<80> Chris Sabin

***Team 3D (Ray and Devon) vs. the Naturals (Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas w/ â<80><9c>the Franchiseâ<80> Shane Douglas)

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