**SPOILERS** TNA iMPACT! Tapings (3 Weeks)

Ryan Clark

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These are the LIVE SPOILERS for the next three weeks of TNA IMPACT on Spike TV. By the end of these shows we should have a good idea of the matches for the Turning Point PPV to be held December 9th. Plus we see what happens to the NWA World Tag Team championships recently held by Latin American Xchange after Jim Cornette stripped them of the belts last night on PPV, what the VKM have planned next for VKM and pals and if Kurt Angle will accept Samoa Joeâ<80><99>s rematch request. The sign of the night was a fan in the disabled section that read â<80><9c>I Work Harder Then Vince McMahonâ<80> on one side and â<80><9c>I Want More Then Vince McMahonâ<80> on the other. Like the last taping David Penzer and Jeremy Borash did an excellent job keeping the fans pumped up for the duration of the show.

Hour one taping results:

The new NWA World Heavyweight champion Abyss (w/Father James Mitchell) made their way to the ring. Mitchell said he was a proud parent after last nightâ<80><99>s PPV. He said he tried to tell Sting to â<80><9c>laugh with the sinners then cry with the saints.â<80> Mitchell said deep down inside Sting was no different then them after what he did last night. He said Sting was still wallowing in the riches that come with the belt and he walked down the highway to hell and Sting should come home for good. That brought Sting into the Impact Zone. At least he looked like the former champion, wearing a mask. Abyss and Mitchell sought higher ground as the fans sat in confusion when Christian Cage was the revealed masked man. Cage said this is what he had to resort to get his deserved title shot, dress like a complete moron. Cage said he wasnâ<80><99>t waiting for Sting to invoke the rematch clause. Hypothetically he asked if Sting didnâ<80><99>t make it to turning Point what would happen to the rematch. This brought the real Sting from the rafters. Sting said he was going to get his rematch with Abyss tonight by mowing down Cage tonight. Cage said he could care about Stingâ<80><99>s mood he only cared about himself and his title shot he deserved.

As the opening match was brought to the ring Eric Young walked around dressed in turkey costume.

(1) â<80><9c>Phenomenalâ<80> AJ Styles and World X Division champion â<80><9c>Fallen Angelâ<80> Christopher Daniels defeated The Naturals (Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas w/ â<80><9c>The Franchiseâ<80> Shane Douglas.)

This was interesting because before the shows David Penzer said this was the LAST time Styles/Daniels would be teaming. Like last night the Naturals jumped their opponents before the bell and briefly double teamed Daniels before Earl Hebner got the teams to their corners. That didnâ<80><99>t work because Daniels slid into the ring and Stevens dropkicked Styles to the floor. The Naturals isolated Daniels and kept sending Styles back to the floor. But Styles got some revenge by hitting them with a top rope clothesline. They hit Douglas with their High/Lo move before sending Stevens to the floor. The match ended with Styles hitting Douglas with the Frog Splash and Daniels hitting the BME. Rhino came out to the ring as Senshi, Alex Shelley and the Austin Starr stood together on the ramp as Jerry Lynn stood with Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal. It looked like Rhino was trying to talk with Styles who wanted nothing from the â<80><9c>War Machineâ<80> and stormed off alone.

Eric Young came over to the announce table and said something to Mike Tenay and Don West before they sent it to the backstage area.

When the commercials ended the public face of TNA Mr. Jim Cornette made his way into the ring to get the NWA World Tag Team title belts from LAX. But before that Cornette asked Petey Williams to come to the ring. Williams said even though he had issues with the fans in the past but he had an opportunity to stop the destruction of the American flag. Cornette had a rigging lowered so they could hang the American flag but LAX hit the ring with the title belts still in their possession. Konnan had a lawyer with him who served some papers to Cornette saying TNA violated their 1st amendment rights. Williams served Konnan a right hand to the jaw. After LAX beat down Williams they went for Cornette but Americaâ<80><99>s Most Wanted (â<80><9c>Tennessee Cowboyâ<80> James Storm and â<80><9c>Wildcatâ<80> Chris Harris w/Gail Kim) and then Kurt Angle came out to clear the ring. As LAX/AMW, Cornette and Williams left Samoa Joe came to the ring. Joe was reminded he tapped out by the fans. Joe said he did tap out but the fans forget he was undefeated for 18 months. Joe said inevitably someone would have their hand raised against him. He said he lost to a man who has been a champion in wrestling around the world. But it was one night and he wanted a rematch. Joe handed the mic to Angle and we all waited. Angle told the fans and Joe he was the true submission machine and he made him fight for his life. Angle said the rematch happens only if nothing happens to each of them before Turning Point. So Angle and Joe have to be each otherâ<80><99>s bodyguards.

Eric Young came back out to be with the fans still in the turkey outfit. His fun was interrupted by Robert Roode and Ms. Brooks. The fans chanted please donâ<80><99>t talk as Roode called Young an idiot and an embarrassment to wrestling. Roode demanded a rematch with Young and it looked like Young accepted.

(2) â<80><9c>Showtimeâ<80> Eric Young defeated Robert Roode (w/Ms. Brooks).

Roode didnâ<80><99>t let Young get to the ring before he attacked. Young didnâ<80><99>t discard the turkey outfit as Roode went on the warpath. Roode dropped Young in the top rope but Young fought back and missed a moonsault. Roode said he was going to break Youngâ<80><99>s neck with a piledriver but Young scored a double leg pin. Roode took the mic and lambasted Brooks for his losses in the ring and the fans not loving him. Before leaving Roode said he felt Young could beat Brooks in a bikini contest.

For the main event Jim Cornette joined Tenay and West for commentary.

(3) In a number one contender match, Sting and â<80><9c>Captain Charismaâ<80> Christian Cage fought to a no contest.

The fans received a PPV match on national TV. Sting came from behind and jumped Cage tossing him into the fans. They fought up into and down by the Pit area of the crowd. After slamming Cage into a wall Sting sent Cage back into the ring where the beating continued. Sting tossed Cage back to the floor this time by the announce table where Cage was suplexed. Cage finally got on the offense with a missile dropkick for two. Cage laid in the right hands to Stingâ<80><99>s face as the fans chanted Christian Sucks. But as Cage mocked the fans he allowed Sting to get fired up. Sting hit a clothesline, backdrop but his press slam to the floor was stopped by referee Andrew Thomas. Thomas got in the action when Sting hit him with the Stinger Splash when Cage pulled him in front to save his butt. Not to be stopped Sting locked in the Scorpion Death Lock but it was broken up by TYSON TOMKO!!! Tomko hit Sting with a Torture Rack into a neckbreaker as Cageâ<80><99>s music played.

As Borash got in the ring to hand out DVDâ<80><99>s we got to see part of the video from VKMâ<80><99>s trip to Stamford, CT. BG and Kip James verbally ran down their enemies in the WWE. However Kipâ<80><99>s in-car GPS took them to a Target store not the target which was WWE HQ. Finally they found WWE HQ and said they were back. Borash said due to legal reason new could only see that segment. I think we shall be seeing it on prime time TV.

Hour two taping results:

â<80><9c>Fallen Angelâ<80> Christopher Daniels joined Tenay and West for commentary during the following match. The trio was interrupted by â<80><9c>Wildcatâ<80> Chris Harris but we have no idea what he said.

(1) In a number one contenders match, â<80><9c>The Futureâ<80> Chris Sabin defeated Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt.

Dutt and Lethal took several turns beating up Sabin before focusing on each other. Sabin went for a slingshot move but Lethal got him with an STO into a backbreaker for two. Lethal avoided a Dutt slingshot move and hit a full nelson suplex for a pin but Sabin tossed Lethal to the floor and pinned Dutt to become the winner. Sabin and Daniels had heated words as Jerry Lynn tried to get cooler heads to prevail.

â<80><9c>Captain Charismaâ<80> Christian Cage and Tomko made their way into the Impact Zone. Cage decided to make a formal introduction of the man who made a good impression on Sting, Tomko. Cage said TNA was putting him into a triple threat match at Turning Point to regain his title. Cage said it would become a single threat match as he was going to take out his opponentâ<80><99>s tonight. Cage said he wanted to talk to Abyss and the champion came out with Father James Mitchell. But when it looked like Abyss and Mitchell were going to talk with Cage, a Sting mannequin descended from the roof. As Cage and Tomko looked at the mannequin, Sting came from behind. Sting sung the bat and missed Tomko as Cage bailed out. Sting said he wanted to talk to Abyss, alone. Guess it would be later on as Mitchell and Abyss left together.

(2) Ron â<80><9c>the Truthâ<80> Killings and Lance Hoyt defeated the Austin Starr and Alex Shelley.

All four men fought in the ring at the bell but it was Hoyt and Killings who took over when Hoyt kicked Starr .in the face. Killings hit a tope to the floor onto his opponents and sent Starr into Hoyt. But Hoyt missed a boot to the corner. Starr went up but Shelley tagged himself in. Starr and Killings fought on the floor as Shelley countered out of Hoytâ<80><99>s attempted TKO into a pin but Shelley used the tights. Andrew Thomas counted the pin but reversed the decision when he found out what happened out of his eye line.

A new interviewer named Leticia tried to interview Petey Williams when LAX jumped his ass. Konnan said Angle would be competing by himself tonight.

(3) NWA World Tag Team champions Latin American Xchange (â<80><9c>Notorious 187â<80> Homicide and Hotstuff Hernandez w/Konnan) fought Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe to a no contest.

Homicide paid tribute to the West Coast hip hop legends NWA by wearing one of their shirts. Angle backed Hernandez to a corner and pie faced him. Angle got sent to the mat on a shoulder tackle but he sent Hernandez there with a belly to belly suplex. Homicide got hit with a Tilt-A-While slam but the numbers game began to get to Angle. That ended when Samoa Joe came out and got in a corner for a tag. LAX kept beating on Angle until angle got out of a chinlock with a back suplex. Angle tagged out to Joe and the fight was on. It looked like Joe and Angle won via tap out but Cornette and the LAX lawyer came down to the announce table. Cornette ruled the match a no contest because Joe was not signed as Angleâ<80><99>s partner so LAX retains via no contest.

JB got in the ring and asked the fans to pick an entry way for a special guest. They chose the doorway that had Christy Hemme with some DVDâ<80><99>s for the fans to enjoy.

Sting made his way back to the ring carrying his bat and a folding chair. Sting called for Abyss to come out to the ring and he was granted the NWA World Heavyweight championâ<80><99>s time. Abyss refused the chair offered to him by Sting. Sting said he had seen Abyss fight through ladders, tacks, barbwire and other items to win the belt. Sting said Abyssâ<80><99> past didnâ<80><99>t matter only the present. He wanted to know why Abyss allowed James Mitchell to drag him around. Sting even called Abyss by his real first name, Chris. Mitchell appeared on the screen and said if Sting felt Abyss was evil he needed to look at himself. Sting said Abyss can make his own choice and left the ring. Just as Sting left Tomko and Christian Cage came in and leveled Abyss. Tomko hit the Torture Rack/neckbreaker move on Abyss. They split when Sting came back out. Sting offered his hand to Abyss but Mitchell came back out to the ring. Mitchell smacked Sting on the face and left with Abyss.

Hour three taping results:

â<80><9c>The War Machineâ<80> Rhino came out to talk to the fans. Rhino said if AJ Styles wanted to make threats it wasnâ<80><99>t good because it pissed him off last week. Rhino said if Styles wanted a problem he should come out to the ring. Instead of Styles we had Christopher Daniels came out to talk to Rhino. Daniels said he appreciated Rhinoâ<80><99>s concern and he should stay out of things. But as Rhino looked one way AJ Styles attacked and the duo had to be pulled apart by TNA security.

JB was talking to the fans when â<80><9c>Showtimeâ<80> Eric Young came out wearing workout gear. It looked like Young was doing some cardio running.

(1) Petey Williams defeated NWA World Tag Team champion â<80><9c>Notorious 187â<80> Homicide (w/Konnan and Hotstuff Hernandez).

This began with some chain wrestling but got hard hitting when Homicide hit an Acecrusher. Williams countered out of a Tilt-A-Whirl into a Canadian legsweep. Williams went for the Canadian Destroyer but Homicide countered into the Cop Killer only to be countered into a sunset flip like pin. This didnâ<80><99>t sit well with LAX as Hernandez hit the ring and Border Tossed Williams. Americaâ<80><99>s Most Wanted hit the ring and took out LAX, leaving with their Mexican flag their possession.

(2) Senshi defeated â<80><9c>Showtimeâ<80> Eric Young.

Young looked like he needed a nap after his cardio workout, too bad he was going to get one from Senshi. Senshi got tired of waiting for Young to stop running around the ring so he decked him on the floor. Senshi kept on the attack with some martial arts moves which stunned Young who tried to fight back with punches. The punches seemed to briefly stun Senshi as Robert Roode and Ms. Brooks came out to ringside. Brooks got on the ring apron and distracted Young with her sexy body. It allowed Senshi to hit the Warriorâ<80><99>s Way top rope move to win.

Mr. Jim Cornette came to the ring for a special announcement regarding the LAX/AMW confrontations. Cornette said a flag match would take place at Turning Point. He was interrupted by â<80><9c>Captain Charismaâ<80> Christian Cage and Tomko. Cage said he noticed Cornette was too busy stopping 1st amendment rights when he should be doing a background check on Abyss. Cage was interrupted by the NWA World champion who hit the ring and both men. They were able to turn the tables on Abyss when Sting came out sending Cage/Tomko running locker room. Just when Sting thought he got Abyss to join his side he got hit with a Black Hole Slam.

(3) In a TNA No Mercy All-Star War, Kurt Angle defeated â<80><9c>Captain Charismaâ<80> Christian Cage (w/Tomko), NWA World Heavyweight champion Abyss (w/Father James Mitchell), â<80><9c>War Machineâ<80> Rhino, Samoa Joe and Sting

Before the action began Styles attacked Rhino and they fought to the locker room. The match began with Angle and Cage squaring off and Angle hiptossed him before delivering forearm shots. Angle wrapped up Cage in a waistlock but Cage got to his feet only to be hit with a belly to belly suplex. Cage was taken again to the mat with a chinlock before switching to a body scissor. Tomko went to interfere but Joe sent him back to the floor. Cage got to his feet again and raked Angle eyes tagging in Abyss. Abyss hit Angle with Shock Treatment but Joe stopped the pin hitting a powerslam. Sting got involved and clotheslined Abyss to the floor. Cageâ<80><99>s Unprettier on Joe was blocked and Joe went for the Muscle Buster. Tomko came in and decked Joe with a kick. He dropped Cage on top but angle broke up the pin. Angle sent Cage to the floor and he was left alone with Joe. Angle and Joe looked like they were going to walk out on the match when Angle hit the Olympic slam to win the match.

Matches taped for Xplosion and Global Impact:

(1) Senshi defeated Brother Runt when he hit the top rope Warriorâ<80><99>s Way foot stomp.

(2) â<80><9c>The Futureâ<80> Chris Sabin defeated Jay Lethal when he hit the Cradle Shock after a well placed heel kick to Lethalâ<80><99>s weapon.

(3) Ron â<80><9c>the Truthâ<80> Killings and Lance Hoyt defeated The Naturals (Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas w/ â<80><9c>the Franchiseâ<80> Shane Douglas) when Killings hit Stevens with the Scissor Kick.

Announced and guessed matches for Turning Point PPV:

***NWA World Heavyweight champion Abyss (w/Father James Mitchell) vs. Sting vs. â<80><9c>Captain Charismaâ<80> Christian Cage (w/Tomko)

***Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle

***World X Division champion â<80><9c>Fallen Angelâ<80> Christopher Daniels vs. â<80><9c>the Futureâ<80> Chris Sabin

***In a flag match, NWA World Tag Team champions Latin American Xchange (â<80><9c>Notorious 187â<80> Homicide and Hotstuff Hernandez w/Konnan) vs. Americaâ<80><99>s Most Wanted (â<80><9c>Tennessee Cowboyâ<80> James Storm and â<80><9c>Wildcatâ<80> Chris Harris w/Gail Kim)

***â<80><9c>War Machineâ<80> Rhino vs. â<80><9c>Phenomenalâ<80> AJ Styles

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