Ryan Clark

Event: TNA Destination X Pay-Per-View Results

Airdate: Sunday, March 11th, 2007

Location: Universal Studios Soundstage 21 in Orlando, Florida

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– Opening video aired.

– The announcer’s welcomed us to the show, pyro went off.

(1) Non-title/Ghetto Brawl: LAX (with Konnan) v. Team 3D (with Johnny Rodz). Konnan took note of Hector Guerrero, who is in the Spanish announce position. Guerrero stood up, but nothing came of it. In a classy move, Tenay acknowledges the passing of Ernie Ladd, as Team 3D entered the Impact Zone. All four guys start in the ring. Garbage cans are in the ring. Hernandez did the dive over the top rope onto Brother Devon. Cookie sheets are now involved in the match, as all four men brawl outside the ring, and into the crowd. Brother Ray encouraged the fans to chant “3D.” As they continue to brawl in the crowd, fans chant “TNA, TNA and “3D, 3D.” The fans follow it up with “this is awesome.” The action finally returns to the ring. Devon gets the first pinfall attempt on Homicide. Devon hit Hernandez in the head with a garbage can lid. Devon does his spot off the top rope into the groin of Homicide, being held down by Brother Ray. Team 3D start drinking beer (guess they were watching Raw and ECW this week). Devon goes out and gets the table. As they set up a table, five Latino nation members jump Team 3D. Rodz comes out and starts to clean house. Homicide strikes Rodz, allowing Latino nation to beat down Rodz. Devon’s “brothers” from Brooklyn run it, turning this into a ghetto brawl! Doomsday by 3D, but Homicide kicked out. 3D by Team 3D, but Machette pulled out the referee as he was counting. Alex Shelley came out with a camera to do some filming. Shelley climbed the rope, and frog splash Devon (who was laying on the table). Homicide pins Devon at 14:50 to win the brawl.

– JB interviewed Rhino. Rhino admits to being afraid tonight.

– The announcers ran down the PPV card.

(2) Double bullrope match: Petey Williams and Gail Kim vs. James Storm and Jackie Moore. Before the match, Kim and Jackie are tied together, same for Williams and Storm. First pin or submission is going to win this one. Fans chant “Petey!” Kim wrapped Jackie with the rope around a ring post and slapped her across the chest. Storm wraps Petey with the bullrope around the ring ropes and kicks, but is unable to pin him as Williams got his feet on the ropes. Storm hits the eye of the storm, but Petey kicked out. Williams blocked a Canadian Destroyer attempt by Storm. Williams used the rope between Storm’s legs, but couldn’t pin him after a DDT. Superkick by Storm allowed him to pin Petey at 7:53, after Jackie low blowed Williams when he tried for the Canadian Destroyer.

– Backstage, Leticia interviews Steiner who is still confident. Cage storms in, and tells Steiner he needs his help since Tomko is in Japan. Steiner tells Cage he is on his own. Cage grabs Leticia and takes her with him.

(3) Chicken Wing submission match: Senshi vs. Austin Starr. During the match, the announcers wondered why The Great Muta arrived to the PPV. Starr worked on Senshi’s shoulder to set him up for the chicken wing. Five minutes into the match, out came Bob Backlund. Senshi tried for the chicken wing, but Starr was able to counter with an arm drag. Starr does the suicide dive onto Senshi on the outside, into the guard rail. Senshi blocked a brain buster attempt. Chicken wing by Starr, but his feet were under the ropes, causing a break. Senshi forces Starr to tap out from the chicken wing at 11:09. After the match, Backlund wanted to shake hands with Senshi, but Starr attacked him from behind. Starr snaps and puts the chicken wing on Backlund, as referees pull him off.

– Backstage, JB says Cage is winning 54-46% in text voting. JB interviews Styles. AJ said Rhino should be afraid because tonight he is out of his element. AJ said its Rhino’s ego that got him into this spot. AJ is starting to grow a beard.

(4) VKM vs. Christy’s Team. Hemme came out, but as she was about to introduce her team, VKM’s ring music started and out came VKM. Kip James cut a promo on Hemme. Kip said he doesn’t know which team would work for a woman. Hemme calls both guys “pigs.” Hemme introduces the Heart Breakers (Romeo and Antonio). Hemme tried for a low blow but Kip had a cup on. Kip took his cup out and put it into her face. Lance Hoyt comes out and takes Christy to the back. This match has no heat. The Heart Breakers missed their double team spot. You can hear a pin drop in the impact zone. VKM wins when BG James hit a pump handle slam at 9:03. After the match, Hoyt celebrated with VKM. Hemme returned and yelled at the Heart Breakers.

– Backstage, Cage (with Leticia) tried to talk to Abyss from the steel cage used on the last PPV. Cage attempted to warm up to Abyss. Cage gives Abyss a picture of himself. Cage encourages Abyss to do something for him. Cage tells Abyss that after he takes care of Sting, he can help him beat Samoa Joe. Cage and Abyss touched fists. Cage is happily surprised, and walks away.

– They aired a Lynn/Sabin highlight package.

(5) Best of Three Falls match for the X-division title: Chris Sabin vs. Jerry Lynn. Earl Hebner is the referee. There is something going on in the crowd, as many fans had their heads turned from the action. Even Hebner looked back to see what was going on. Lynn wins the first fall with a Tornado DDT at 5:50. Sabin won the second fall at 3:29 with his feet on the ropes. Sabin hit the cradle shock, but Lynn kicked out. Lynn blocked a Sabin attempt for his cradle piledriver. Sabin won the second fall at 3:24, to retain the title. A masked man came into the ring after the match, and hits the angle wing on Sabin and strikes Lynn with the title belt. Its Christopher Daniels, now sporting a beard.

– In his office, Jim Cornette said he will have an announcement regarding Lockdown on Impact. Christy Hemme storms in and said she isn’t going to quit.

(6) Elevation X: AJ Styles vs. Rhino. AJ came out and put on gloves. Styles and Rhino started the match on the arena floor, brawling. AJ climbs to the top of elevation X first. Gingerly, Rhino also climed up the platform. AJ came over and spit into Rhino’s face. Both have already nearly fallen off the X. AJ does a baseball slide into Rhino, who is holding on from one side of the X. Styles hid inside the X, who was briefly out of Rhino’s vision. Fans tried to point out where AJ was, and Rhino finally figured it out. AJ stopped Rhino win a rake to the eyes. AJ tried to push Rhino off the side, but Rhino held on. Rhino blocked a Styles clash attempt, and started punching AJ. AJ tried to throw powder into Rhino’s eyes, but Rhino blocked it. AJ ended up with the powder in his face. Rhino tried a gore. AJ was left holding on the side, but Rhino finally knocked him off by stomping his hand at 12:32 to win the match. Medics came out and put a neck brace on Styles.

– Angle/Steiner video package aired.

– Returning to live action, AJ is on a stretcher, being removed from the ring.

– Backstage, Kurt Angle cut a promo on Steiner. Angle said he came to TNA for two reasons, 1. to make TNA better, and 2. to prove he is the best wrestler. Angle said he is better than Steiner. He said tonight, the ring is going to look like a crime scene.

(7) Kurt Angle vs. Scott Steiner. Steiner came to the ring with two beautiful ladies. Fans chant “Angle” as the match starts. Angle headbutts Steiner. In the course of a brawl, Steiner is starting to bleed from the forehead. Angle hits three straight German suplexes. Ankle lock by Angle, but Steiner countered. Steiner recliner by Steiner, but Angle broke the hold. Steiner hit a modified Olympic slam, and again went for the Steiner recliner. Angle broke the hold and hit an Olympic slam, and slapped on the ankle lock again. Steiner broke the hold, but favored his ankle. Angle blocked a belly to belly attempt into a sunset flip, which allowed Angle to score the pinfall at 11:44.

– Backstage, JB interviewed Samoa Joe. Joe said tonight, he is born again. Joe said tonight he achieves his destiny. Joe screamed that he won’t be denied, and become the NWA world heavyweight champion.

– Abyss/Sting video highlight package.

(8) Abyss vs. Sting. The two started off brawling on the outside. They have funeral like candles set up in each ring corner. Abyss smashed one of those candles sets into Stings face, which cut him open. Abyss called for the death bed (casket) to come down, which hangs over the ring. Fans chanted “FIRE RUSSO.” Abyss places Sting into the casket, and tried to shut the lid, but Sting fought his way out the casket. Sting is a crimeson mask. Sting put Abyss into the scorpion death drop, and Abyss tapped out. But thats not how you win this match. Sting breaks a tombstone over Abyss’s head with his baseball bat. Sting buts Abyss into the casket, and tried close the lid. Blood is going everywhere from Sting’s head. Abyss chokeslammed Sting onto the casket, which dented the “death bed.” Abyss tried to suplex onto a tombstone, but Sting blocked it with another candle set, which landed Abyss through a tombstone. Sting put Abyss into the casket and closed the lid at 9:37 to win the match. After the match, the casket is raised to the ceiling.

– Joe/Cage highlight package aired.

(9) NWA World Heavyweight title match: Christian Cage vs. Samoa Joe. Joe had a truly Samoan ring entrance with dancers and fire twirlers. Streamers flooded the ring. In case you missed the New Japan results, Giant Bernard & Travis Tomko beat Manabu Nakanishi & Takao Omori to capture the IWGP Tag Team titles, thus the reason Tomko isn’t present tonight. Fans starting chanting “lets go Christian, lets to JOE.” Joe suplexed Cage on the arena mat. Joe tossed Cage into the crowd, as the two fought up the stairs in front of the fans. Joe gave Christian a big boot into a wall. The two returned to the ring. I guess the referee isn’t counting anyone out tonight. Cage blocked a muscle buster attempt into an inverted DDT, but Joe kicked out at two. Cage came off the second rope, but Joe met him with a big boot. After a few near falls, fans chanted “this is awesome.” STF by Joe in the middle of the ring. Cage got to the bottom rope by using the referee. Unprettier by Cage, but Joe kicked out. Fans chanted “Joe, Joe.” Joe backsplashed Cage. Joe shoulderblocked Cage from the ropes onto the floor. Cage walked away, but Lethal, Williams, and other babyfaces forces Cage back into the ring. Joe had Cage pinned, but the referee was out of position. Referee bump. Cage hit Joe with a chair, but the referee is down. Muscle buster by Joe. Cage kicked out at two. Low blow by Cage, but Joe kicked Cage in the head. Cage pinned Joe with his feet on the ropes at 17:43 to retain the NWA world heavyweight title.

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