Real-Life Tension Between Candice Michelle & Melina

Ryan Clark

Candice Michelle appeared on the Monday Night Mayhem radio show on 3/15 (audio can be found on and she had some things to say regarding fellow RAW Diva Melina Perez.

Candice and Melina had recently engaged in a “blog battle” on It all started last month when Candice accused Melina of stealing one of her trademark moves in a recent match. Candice called the Inverted STF maneuver the ‘Candy Clutch’ whereas Melina called it ‘The California Dream’. In Melina’s next blog, she started off by saying, “I read Candice’s blog, and I have to say I laughed so hard! Now that I’m officially on top, the jealousy is going to come out of the woodwork at full speed.” In response to Candice’s accusations, Melina said that she had been using the move for several years on the indy circuit before she signed with WWE in late 2003. At the time, the move was called the Kyrapractor after her character Kyra, which was one of the names she used on the independent circuit. Melina even made it a point to have a photo of her performing the maneuver while on the indy circuit posted alongside the blog. Melina then went on a long rant on how hard it was for her to make into WWE. Melina then switched the focus back to Candice by saying, “Candice Michelle, what wrestling school have you gone to? How did you get your job here with WWE? Candice, do you actually think in that pathetic pea brain of yours that I want to be you? All you are known for is Big whoop! That’s all you got! I’m living my dream! I’m The Most Dominant Diva in wrestling, Manager of Champions and the Women’s Champion! Yeah, as if I’d trade spots with you. I’m an athlete, what are you?”

Considering that the posts were made on, one would think that things being said were to help build conflict for a future storyline between the two WWE Divas. However, Melina is currently occupied in a WrestleMania program with Ashley Massaro. Also, Melina and Candice have yet to have a match or altercation on television since the blogs were made. And to further prove that what was being said was not part of a storyline, Candice noted in her interview that WWE refused to post her last blog on the company’s website in which she responds to Melina’s rant on her. In the unpublished blog, Candice said that she responded to Melina by saying that she’s not in WWE just to be on television, but because she actually wants to be a wrestler. In the interview, Candice also added, “I would not stay in the cheapest hotels like the Red Roof Hotel and, and, deal with her bullshit backstage if I just wanted to be on TV. I live in Hollywood. I’ve been in Hollywood. I’ve been in numerous movies, commercials, you name it. I’m there because I want to learn to wrestle.”

Here is a transcript of what Candice said in regards to Melina:

Candice: But if you’re more of you know, kind of the girl who’s been doing a lot of modeling, um, or that kind of stuff, maybe the diva contest is better for you. But I mean the one thing that I always warn people about is you know, this is the hardest business to be a part of; To work your butt off for. It’s not a beauty contest so don’t come in thinking oh I’m going out for you know, Hawaiian Tropics contest and hopefully you know, I’ll win this prize money and that’s it. There’s blood, there’s sweat, there’s tears. Um, it’s actually funny because you know, Melina’s been you know, doing these blogs that I’ve been blogging against her with on and recently they wouldn’t put up my new blog because of the fact of the WrestleMania and goes between her and Ashley. But she accused me of only being here, being one of the girls who you know, was in the contest, in this beauty contest and is just here to be on TV. And I just come back with the thing that my resume is longer than what she can read. And if I just wanted to be on TV, I would not fly coach. I would not rent my own car. I would not drive 200 miles Friday, Saturday, Sunday all the way to Monday Night RAW each day. I would not stay in the cheapest hotels like the Red Roof Hotel and, and, deal with her bullshit backstage if I just wanted to be on TV. I live in Hollywood. I’ve been in Hollywood. I’ve been in numerous movies, commercials, you name it. I’m there because I want to learn to wrestle. I wanna show the fans what I can do. I’m there because there is a purpose of what I can do. So if people want to get into this business just to be on TV, go to Hawaiian Tropics. If you’re going to be here, you know, just come here and do it because you really want to wrestle and you really want to learn this sport because you’re going to work your butt off once you get here.

Hosts: And that’s a minute you’re not gonna hear on Monday Night RAW! Now that sounded very serious. I mean back and forth, you know, whatever internet sites you go on you hear people saying, oh this has got to be part of the storyline, you know, blah, blah, blah, but that sounded very serious. It sounded very true to life shall we say.

Candice: It is very serious you know, and you know, you try to sound, sound seriousness, you know, to give something to the storyline and unfortunately, you know, WrestleMania is taking a different turn so maybe after WrestleMania, you know, the fans will be able to see what’s going on or… thank goodness for MySpace and I’ll be able to blog on there and you know, give my side of the story out, but you know, I’m not here just to be here and be a pretty face here because there’s so much work to be here. I mean the stuff that you deal with, trying to learn how to wrestle when you’ve never been to wrestling school before. Getting my nose broken in the ring. Trust me, I don’t get my nose broken in the movies. I don’t really get slapped in the face in the movies. You know, all that other stuff. You know, so I’m really here because I want to be here and um, you know, I’m going to show the fans that I’m here and I’m learning, and I’m training and um, you know, one of these days I’ll be a great champion for them.

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