Ryan Clark

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, April 2nd, 2007

Location: The Nutter Center in Dayton, OH

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WWE RAW Opener:

We begin tonightâ<80><99>s show with the WWE Heavyweight Champion and one half of the World Tag Team Champions, John Cena coming to the ring and he has a mic. John allows the fans to cheer or boo as they wish before talking. Cena holds up the title belts and proclaims that the champ is here. Before Cena can continue, the other half of the World Tag Champions, Shawn Michaels comes out to the ring. Shawn repeats what John Cena said and he says that it is like reliving a bad dream. Michaels says that this is usually the time when he comes out and talks about the awesome match that they had and once again the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels…The Showstopper and his opponent made history. Shawn says that their match was not about screw jobs, mind games, or massive egos…brother. It was not about who got cheered and who got booed. It was not about a handshake to show good sportsmanship. It was about winning and losing. John Cena won and he lost. Michaels says that he does not like it. He is sick and tired of coming out and looking guys in the eye and extending a hand and lying about them being the better man. Shawn says that ends tonight. Michaels tells Cena that he might have won last night, but he is not the better man. Cena says that Shawn can get angry, but if Shawn is questioning his manhood, that sounds like a challenge. Cena tells Michaels any time, any place. Shawn says that he is currently not busy and he has nowhere else to be but in Dayton , Ohio . Michaels suggests right now. Jonathan Coachman comes out and he has something to say. Coach says that per Mr. McMahon, the WWE championship will not be defended tonight. He says that Cena and Michaels are forgetting something. He reminds them that they are the tag team champions despite their differences. They will be defending the Tag Titles tonight. Coach says that there is a twist. Coach says that he contacted all of the brands. They will be competing in a ten team, twenty man over the top rope battle royal. The match begins right now.

World Tag Team Championship Match

Tag Team Battle Royal

Kenny Dykstra and Chris Masters vs. The Highlanders vs. Cryme Tyme vs.

Elijah Burke and Matt Striker vs. Duece and Domino vs. The Highlanders vs.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Eugene vs. King Booker and Finlay vs.

Rob Van Dam and Sabu vs. John Cena and Shawn Michaels (c)

The first team out is King Booker (with Queen Sharmell) and Fit Finlay. The next team is Rob Van Dam and Sabu. Before the next team comes out, we go to commercial.

The start:

The match has begun and Kenny Dykstra is sent to the apron and eliminated by Rob Van Dam and Sabu. Dykstra and Masters are eliminated. Also in the match are the Highlanders, Cryme Tyme, Elijah Burke and Matt Striker, Deuce and Domino, Jim Duggan and Eugene, Gregory Helms and Chavo Guerrero. JTG is sent to the apron by Domino and he is eliminated by a double knee. Shad is eliminated. Van Dam punches Deuce and kicks him in the corner.

Mid-match notes:

Eugene bites Matt Strikerâ<80><99>s head. Michaels tries to eliminate Domino, but Rory stops him. Elijah Burke drop kicks Eugene to the floor to eliminate him and Duggan. Burke chokes Michaels with a towel while Michaels is with Booker. Michaels punches Burke and chops him in the corner. Deuce works on Rory while Finlay and Booker work over Robbie. Deuce is sent to the apron by Rory and then Deuce eliminated Rory to eliminate the Highlanders. Booker and Striker try to eliminate Michaels, but he returns to the ring. Sabu punches Booker while Van Dam holds him. Deuce and Domino work over Michaels and Deuce hits a leg lariat. Cena FUs Deuce over the top rope and Domino is also eliminated. Elijah Burke returns to the ring, but Finlay eliminates Striker. Booker sends Van Dam from the top turnbuckle to the floor. Finlay throws Sabu out of the ring. We are down to the final two teams and they are King Booker and Fit Finlay and Cena and Michaels. Finlay with a clothesline to Cena and then Booker and Finlay punch Cena.

The Finish:

Cena fights off Finlay and Booker. Finlay tries to throw Cena over the top rope, but Cena holds on to the ropes. Finlay accidentally clotheslines Booker when Cena moves out of the way. Cena sends Finlay to the apron. Finlay tries to get back into the ring, but Michaels with Sweet Chin Music to eliminate Finlay and win the match.

Winners and still World Tag Team Champions, Shawn Michaels and John Cena

The Aftermath:

After the match, Jonathan Coachman comes out and he congratulates Cena and Michaels for winning part one of their title defense. He says that he thought this might happen so there is another ten team battle royal(e). That match starts right now. The first team for the second battle royal is Matt and Jeff Hardy. We go to commercial.

World Tag Team Championship Match

Tag Team Battle Royal

The Hardys vs. Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch vs. Val Venis and Viscera vs.

Kevin Thorn and Marcus Cor Von vs. The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer vs.

Brian Kendrick and Paul London vs. William Regal and David Taylor vs.

Gregory Helms and Chavo Guerrero vs. Mike Mizanin and Johnny Nitro vs.

John Cena and Shawn Michaels (c)

The start:

Everyone tries to eliminate Viscera. Val Venis is eliminated from the match. Dave Taylor and Chavo exchange uppercuts by the ropes. Kendrick holds on to the ropes. Thorn tries to eliminate Michaels. William Regal is eliminated from the match by Tommy Dreamer. Chavo and Helms try to eliminate Cena in the corner while Thorn continues to work on Michaels. Dream punches Murdoch in the ring followed by an elbow, but Lance Cade eliminates Dreamer.

Mid-match notes:

Michaels is almost out of the ring but he is able to roll back in. Chavo with a European uppercut to Murdoch as we go to commercial. We are back and the match continues. Cena and Michaels are still the targets for elimination, but they stay in the match. Mizanin and Nitro work on Cena but Michaels with Sweet Chin Music to Nitro who was on the top turnbuckle and is eliminated. Michaels eliminates Cena to eliminate himself and Michaels so we will have new tag team champions. Michaels goes to the back and he says â<80>~sorryâ<80><99> and â<80>~one goalâ<80><99>. We return to the action in the ring and London with a double stomp to Helms, but he runs into a drop kick from Chavo Guerrero. Kendrick and Chavo Guerrero are eliminated when Kendrick hits a rana and both go to the floor.

We are down to two teams and Cade with a flying clothesline to Matt Hardy. Jeff slams Murdoch into the turnbuckle. Jeff punches Cade in the corner while Matt punches Murdoch. Matt and Jeff try to eliminate Cade, but Murdoch punches them from behind. Murdoch charges into a boot from Matt. Cade with a flurry of punches to Matt and then he goes for Jeff. Cade with a reverse atomic drop followed by a running boot from Murdoch and both Hardys are on the mat. Cade and Murdoch pick up Jeff and they get him over the ropes but Jeff holds on to the ropes. Matt with a clothesline to Cade followed by a side effect to Murdoch. Matt with a neckbreaker to Cade and then both Hardys go to the turnbuckles for leg drops.

The Finish:

Jeff throws Murdoch over the top rope, but Murdoch holds on to the ropes. Murdoch gets to the apron and rolls back in. Cade is on the apron and Matt tries to kick him to the floor, but Cade gets back in. Matt sends Murdoch to the apron and Jeff sends Cade to the floor but he is not eliminated. Jeff hits Poetry in Motion on Murdoch to win the match.

Winners and new World Tag Team Champions, The Hardys

The Aftermath:

The Hardys celebrate in the ring and we go to commercial.

In the arena:

Rap producer/artist Timbaland is in the crowd at tonightâ<80><99>s Raw.


Shawn Michaels is in the interview area with Todd Grisham. Todd wants to know why Shawn eliminated John Cena. Michaels says that the tag team championships were only muddying the waters. Shawn says that he wants John to understand that he only has one goal and that is the title. Randy Orton comes out and he says Michaels had his chance last night and he blew it. Randy says that the only reason why John Cena is giving Shawn Michaels another chance and it is because Cena knows that he can beat Shawn Michaels. Orton says that Cena cannot beat him. Michaels tells Orton that he is not the better man. Orton suggests that they will have to wait and see. Orton walks away.


Coach is in the back and he says that he is Vinceâ<80><99>s number one fan while Vince is behind the camera. Vince says that this was the worst Wrestlemania but he has something to say. He wants to go to the ring. Coachman warns him and tells Vince what he might be in for. Vince sees Maria and Candice and he wants to know how they are doing. Vince says that he wants to try something with them. He takes off his hat and wants to know how he looks. They say that he is handsome. Eugene is with Cryme Tyme and Eugene is laughing. Vince continues to walk down the hall and he bumps into Ron Simmons and Vince cuts Ron off from his DAMN moment, but Ron cannot hold it in any more and he goes DAMN. Vince says that he is going to take it out on the crowd. We go to commercial.

In the arena:

Lillian Garcia brings out Vince McMahon and Vince is wearing a hat as he comes to the ring. Vince says that he would expect that the fans would see Vince come out and eat a slice of humble pie. He wonders if the fans like the fact that he is a bald billionaire and enjoy the misfortunes of others. Vince says that April 1 will go down as a Day of Infamy when a travesty of justice was perpetrated against him. That perpetrator was a beer swilling, foul-mouthed, action-adventure star named Steve Austin. Vince says that had it not been for Austin, Donald Trump would have no hair. Vince wants Lillian to stand next to him. Vince says that since he has the authority to wipe the slate clean, Wrestlemania never happened for him and the record book is erased. Vince has Lillian announce that Vince is the winner of the Battle of the Billionaires. Vince tells Lillian to stand nearby. Vince says that there is no way that Bobby Lashley can beat Umaga legitimately. Vince says that he cannot take Bobby Lashleyâ<80><99>s hair, but he can take Lashleyâ<80><99>s title. Lashley will defend the ECW Title against Umaga tonight. The crowd chants for Austin and Vince says that he never wants to see Austin again. Vince says that the fans thought they would come here to see Vince McMahon bald. Vince says that is not going to happen and he says that he is sorry to disappoint the fans. Vince asks everyone if he likes the hat. Vince says that he had the hat surgically cemented to his head and will not come off until his hair grows back. Vince says that his doctor told him that he would have more hair than before and that he has more testosterone than a male prison. Vince says that was the last time that he will be embarrassed and with a bald head. Vince likes that he came out and disappointed everyone. He says that there is NO CHANCE IN HELL that people will see him bald. Before Vince can leave the ring, Bobby Lashley comes out to the ring and he stares down McMahon. Vince tries to punch Lashley, but Bobby moves out of the way and Lashley takes off Vinceâ<80><99>s hat. Vince puts on a towel and covers his head. Lashley stands behind Vince and takes the towel. Vince puts on Jerry Lawlerâ<80><99>s crown and Jim Rossâ<80><99>s hat before Lashley takes them. Vince hides under the ring, but Lashley pulls up the ring skirt. Vince hides under Lillianâ<80><99>s skirt and Lashley takes off Lillianâ<80><99>s skirt revealing her standing there in nothing but panties.

Referee: Marty Elias

Ric Flair and Carlito vs. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas

The start:

Benjamin and Carlito start things off and they lock up in the center of the ring. Carlito with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Benjamin with a clothesline to Carlito followed by a series of punches. Benjamin with a forearm to the back of the neck and then he brings Carlito into his corner for more punches. Carlito punches Benjamin and fights out of the corner. Carlito with a knee lift and clothesline to Benjamin followed by a punch to Haas on the apron.

Mid-match notes:

Benjamin with a super kick to Carlito and then he rolls Carlito back to the corner so he can tag in Haas. Haas runs Carlito into the corner followed by an Irish whip and running boot to the head. Haas with a series of punches to Carlito and Carlito goes down. Haas with a series of crossfaces in the ropes and the referee sends Flair back to the corner. Benjamin tags back in and he hits a delayed belly-to-back suplex for a two count. Benjamin with a reverse chin lock on Carlito but Carlito gets to his feet. Benjamin with a series of punches but he misses a clothesline and Carlito hits a springboard back elbow and both men are down. Haas tags in and Flair is able to make the tag as well.

The Finish:

Flair with chops to Benjamin and Haas followed by a back elbow to Haas and more chops to Benjamin. Benjamin with a back body drop to Flair and then Carlito knocks Carlito off the apron. Haas holds Flair on the ropes for Benjamin to hit the leap frog splash, but Carlito pulls down the ropes and Benjamin goes to the floor. Carlito with a clip to Haas and then Flair gets Haas to tap to the figure four leg lock.

Winners – Ric Flair and Carlito

In the arena:

Todd Grisham is with Timbaland for an interview. Timbaland says that he is here as a fan and he came here to hear a “Woooo”. He says that he came to see the Nature Boy and have some fun. Todd asks Timbaland about his new album and he talks about the WWE influence in the video. Timbaland says that he is thinking about having Ashley in the video.

In the arena:

Melina comes to the ring for her â<80>~photo opâ<80><99>. Melina says that she is looking forward to starring in Timbalandâ<80><99>s new video because if he is looking for WWE Divas, he should be looking at the most dominant one. Melina says that she proved last night that Ashley is nothing more than a pretty face. While it is nice to be on the cover of Playboy, it pales in comparison to being the Womenâ<80><99>s champion. Melina has a special presentation for the paparazzi. Mickie James comes to the ring and she spears Melina and then hits a DDT before leaving the ring. We go to commercial.

Referee: Jack Doan

The Great Khali vs. Super Crazy

Crazy goes after Khali before the bell rings but Khali throws Crazy off of him. Crazy goes up top for a missile drop kick, but it has no effect on Khali. Khali grabs Crazy by the throat and then he chops Crazy. Khali with a vertical choke slam and then he covers Crazy with his boot for the three count.

Winner – The Great Khali


Vince is in his office and he is still furious. Estrada tells Vince to calm down, but Vince tells Estrada to shut up. Vince talks about what happened to him last night at Wrestlemania and earlier tonight and wonders if Estrada wants him to take it easy. Vince breaks a cigar in half and says that Umaga found himself a tag team partner for a handicap match against Bobby Lashley. Vince tells Estrada to make sure that Umaga does not let him down. We go to commercial.


They recapped the tag team battle royals from earlier tonight. Backstage, Maria interviewed Matt and Jeff Hardy. Jeff points out that they are now six time tag team champions. Matt said this moment was perfect, winning the tag team straps once again with his brother.

They showed highlights of “The Condemned,” and the premiere.

In The Arena:

Edge comes out on the entrance ramp. He said he went through hell last night in the MITB match. Edge complains about HBK and Randy Orton wanted a WWE title shot. Edge said he has bashed HBK in the head countless times. He said Orton is an egomaniac. Edge calls Cena a fighting champion, but said he has beaten him countless times. Edge said he calls himself the best. Edge said he’ll be the next WWE champion. Do I smell a four way for Backlash?

They announced that next week on Raw, HBK faces Orton in a #1 contender’s match.

Bobby Lashley vs. Umaga and Estrada

ECW Title Handicap Match

Bobby Lashley vs. Umaga and Estrada starts with Umaga coming out first followed by Lashley. JR’s voice is gone, so The King is doing the commentary. Estrada is competing in his street clothes, in this handicap match. Lashley pinned Estrada to retain the title. Umaga ended up splashing his manager, when Lashley moved out of the way.

Show over.

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