Ryan Clark

Event: TNA Lockdown Pay-Per-View Results

Airdate: Sunday, April 15th, 2007

Location: The Family Arena in Saint Charles, MO

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-We kick off with the video we saw last night on the Road to Lockdown Special.

-Tenay and West welcome us to the show. They run down the card, and it looks as if the X-Title match will kick off the show.

In the back, Leticia is with BLACK MACHISMO. He calls Leticia LIZ. She is in tight black pants that reveal her ass. He will be the next X-Division championâ<80>¦DIG IT~!

-Either my TV is messed up or the color on the graphics is off and blurred.

TNA X-Division Title Xcape Cage Match: Chris Sabin © vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal w/Adviser Kevin Nash vs. Alex Shelley vs. Shark Boy

Dutt and Sabin to begin. Looks like tag rules to start. Dutt tosses Sabin down on a lock up. Dutt works the arm, Sabin kips and rakes the eyes on Dutt. Reversals and a nice RANA by Dutt. Arm drag and another into the arm bar. TO their feet, knees by Sabin and an Irish whip, Alex holds Dutt but Sabin almost hits him. Dutt rolls up Sabin for 2. Nice tornado DDT by Dutt and a cover for 2. Knees by Dutt, off the ropes and Sabin sets Dutt up top, stiff right and then up himself. Superplex try, Sharky over with the sunset flip powerbomb! Sharky covers Sabin for 2 as he did tag in. Jaw breaker by Sharky, knee buster and Sabin is rocked. Alex tags in and Sharky gets booted in the head. Neck breaker by Sharky and a cover for 2. Chops to Alex, Irish whip and a back elbow to Alex. RANA by Sharky! Up top and a missile dropkick connects for 2. Sabin tags in, they double team Sharky but Sabin runs into Alex and then Sharky moves and Sabin dropkicks Alex. Punches by Sharky, and then a back elbow to Sabin. Back breaker to Alex. Sharky up top, DSD tryâ<80>¦countered and an inverted DDT by Alex. He and Sabin up topâ<80>¦LEG DROP/SPASH COMBO and Sharky is gone @ 5:45.

Machismo is in and gets a huge pop and double ax smash on Alex. Jabs now, eye rake by Alex and then a spin kick. Off the ropes and a back elbow by Machismo. Hip toss, cartwheel and a leg lariat to Alex for 2. Irish whip and Machismo moves, up top and Sabin grabs him, Alex nails him and goes upâ<80>¦jawbreaker and Sabin lays out Dutt. Elbows by Sabin to Machismo, a slam and then chokes him out. GARVIN STOMP by Sabin~! Tag to Alex, off the ropes and a double suplex on Machismo. Leg drops on Machismo and they celebrate. Alex mocks Dutt, steps on the hand of Machismo and Sabin in and they run together. Dutt flies in with a cross body to both! But they take him down, double kip up and Alex covers Dutt for 2. Dutt fights back, Sabin in the ring and they double team Dutt. Machismo back in and tries to help. Hip tosses and elbows for all. Jabs to Sabin and OH YEAH dance. Boot to Sabin, head scissors and then Alex and Sabin double team him and get double team dropkicks and a cover for 2. Alex grabs Machismo, but gets slammed into Sabin. Dutt in with a dropkick and then up topâ<80>¦and almost muffs a springboard into the ring. Shining Wizard to Alex. Moonsault on Alex and that gets a CLOSE 2! Sabina nd Alex double team Dutt, Submission by Alex, cross face and Sabin has an abdominal stretch on Machismo. Dutt escapes for the camel clutch and Machismo has the abdominal stretch. Machismo slammed to the corner, Machismo eats aside kick and DOUBLE SUPERKICK~! Dutt in and DRAGON DDT~! RANA try, but Sabin gets the CRADLE SHOCK and that is all for Dutt @ 13:30.

Alex and Sabin work over Machismo. Irish whip and a dual clothesline by Machismo. Slams them together and gets the Lethal Combo on both~! Up topâ<80>¦ELBOW DROP on Alex! 1â<80>¦2â<80>¦3. Alex is gone @ 14:35.

Now it is Xcape rules. Enziguri by Machismo, Sabin is then planted by a superkick! Machismo climbsâ<80>¦Sabin over and climbs as well. They get to the top, they exchange rights and over the top they go, they hit each other and chops now. Kicks by Sabin, Machismo’s leg gets caught in the cage and Sabin falls for the win!

Winner: Chris Sabin @ 16:00 via pin

-JB is with Team Cage. They are celebrating Cornette’s decision. They have the match in the bag already. He says this is all his family, accept for Abyss. Abyss gets pissy and Mitchell yells at him. Cage says Team Angle arrived separately, they aren’t a team. He praises Cornette for the decision, and as far as JJ goes, he is not their teammate. Cage says this is like Christmas, and he would have given them the title shots he promised, but he will get the pin anyway. He tries to leave and Steiner says Christmas is 8-months away and gets pissed. He and Tomko argue as well as the rest of the team. Awesome.

Cage Match: Robert Roode w/Miss Brooks and Eric Young vs. Petey Williams

Petey pulls Roode into the cage, off the ropes and a RANA by Petey. He lays the boots to Roode, Irish whip and a reversal, Petey slips and then gets the front lung blower for 2. Forearms by Petey, sets Roode up top and into the tree of woe. OHHHH CAAANNNNNANDA nut stomp. Boot by Petey, charges and Roode tosses him into a stun gun. Roode lays the boots to Petey, and then choke shim out on the ropes. Eric looks on very sad from ringside. Rights and boots by Roode, Irish whip and a clothesline by Roode. He mocks Petey, Irish whip and a boot by Petey. Another and Petey charges him but gets turned inside out with a clothesline, cover for 2. Roode stomps on the head of Petey and celebrates. A slam by Roode, to the 2nd rope and nails the knee drop and covers for 2. Another cover for 2. Petey back with rights, but an eye rake stops that. Roode works the chinlock now, Petey to his feet and gets a sunset flip for 2. Roode tries to toss him to the cage, Petey stops it and then tries to toss Roode to the cage, Uranage by Roode and a cover for 2. Brooks gets a hockey stick and gives it to Roode, but Eric grabs it from him. They fight for it, and Eric gets it. Brooks slips out revealing her no nipples. Brooks yells at him and Petey gets a RANA on Roode and covers for 2. Suplex connects and a cover for 2 by Petey. Chops to Roode, Irish whip and Roode gets him, counter and a dropkick by Petey noly hits. Spinebuster by Roode gets 2. Brooks and Eric argue over the stick, Petey gets a roll up for 2. Tornado DDT by Petey gets a close 2! Petey calls for the stick, Eric tosses down Brooks and gives it to him. He nails Roode and then clotheslines him with it. The ref finally takes it away and tosses it. Roode stops the leg sweep, roll up by Petey for 2. Roode misses Petey, hits the cage and Destroyer tryâ<80>¦ Roode counters and tosses him to the corner, PAY OFF (Perfect Plex) connects and that is all.

Winner: Robert Roode @ 10:25 via pin

-Angle and Rhino meet now. He says they are changing the order, and Rhino says Joe needs to be talked to because he is pissed.

Catfight in the Cage: Gail Kim vs. Jackie Moore

You can win by pin, submission or escape.

They brawl on the ramp as Moore couldn’t wait. Forearms by Gail and Moore rolls down the ramp. She slams her to the table, and now exchange rights. Moore slammed to the railing, but Moore rakes the eyes. Gail is slammed over the announce table onto Tenay! Moore spills water all over her and Gail is pissed now! She lays on the kicks now, Moore hides behind SoCal Val, but Gail continues to beat her down. Into the cage they go, and Gail with a great head scissors and then a dropkick. Gail tries to escape, but Moore stops her. Gail steps on her hand, grabs it and runs up the ropes for the arm drag. Forearms by Gail, but Moore gets a stun gun on Gail. Over head German by Moore! She tries to leave but Gail stops her. She slams her back into the ring and then Moore slams her to the corner. Moore slams Gail and covers for 2. Moore up top, looks to climb and Gail is up and pulls her off. She climbs and tries a sunset flip, Moore grabs the ropes and then Gail rolls her up for 2. Clothesline by Moore, snap mare by the hair by Moore. Chinlock applied, Gail escapes and they go for a roll up and smash into the corner. They exchange rights mid-ring, off the ropes and a clothesline by Gail. Another and then a slam. Gail up topâ<80>¦missile dropkick connects! She covers for 2. Gail looks to go out the door, Moore grabs her and has her by the hair. They are on the apron, they throw elbows and Gail SLAMS the door into Moore’s face! Gail refuses to leave and climbs up to the topâ<80>¦HUGE CROSS BODY TO MOORE! 1â<80>¦2â<80>¦3!

She almost missed and hit hard.

Winner: Gail Kim @ 7:45 via pin

-JB is with Mr. Backlund. He is crazy Bob here and leaves.

Cage Match w/Special Ref Bob Backlund: THE Austin Starr vs. Senshi

Backlund breaks down the rules for them after a check for weapons. Lock up and to the corner they go, around the ropes and Backlund breaks them up. Knee by Starr, rights to Senshi and then a side headlock. Lots of “Low Ki” chants. FIGHT THE POWER~! Starr takes advantage of a break and gets a left to Senshi. Forearms by Starr, and Senshi back with chops. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Senshi. More stiff chops by Senshi and then a slam. Off the ropes, Muta Elbow and a cover for 2. Rights by Senshi, chops again and Starr is down. His chest is red already. Senshi lights him up more and then Starr misses a right and eats more chops. Backlund breaks them up again, eye poke by Senshi and Starr lays the boots to him. Shots to the gut by Starr, sets Senshi on the top and goes up as well. Elbows by Starr and then a back rake. Back suplex by Starr and a cover for 2. Backlund has a quick count. Irish whip by Starr and hits a charging knee. Backlund tries to break it up again and does. Senshi fires back from his knees. Chops to Starr, off the ropes and a gut buster/Uranage by Starr. Cork screw elbow by Starr gets 2. Starr argues with Backlund and then goes for the chicken wing, gets it, Senshi fights and escapes. Powerbomb by Starr gets 2, into a single leg crab now. Nice. Senshi crawls for the ropes and gets them. Starr pulls him back center and Backlund make shim break it anyway. Chops by Senshi, kicks by Starr and then lefts by Starr. Off the ropes and a charging forearm by Senshi. Another and then kicks to Starr. Asai kick by Senshi and Starr is down. Chops by Senshi, off the ropes and Starr is back dropped into the cage. Stiff Capo kick by Senshi gets 2. Kicks by Senshi, but Starr catches one and gets the Flair knee buster for 2. Starr Buster is countered and then Senshi slammed to the corner. Charging dropkick by Starr, roll up with the feet on the ropes and Backlund caught him. They argue now, Senshi up and gets the charging dropkick to Starr. Senshi up topâ<80>¦Backlund is tossed into him and he falls. Starr u topâ<80>¦450 CONNECTS~! 1â<80>¦2â<80>¦NO! Starr and Backlund argue again, crowd loves it and Backlund tosses off the tie and shoves Starr into a roll up and bridge and Senshi wins.

Winner: Senshi @ 10:12 via pin

-JB is with Joe. Joe says Kurt can find him because he is here, but where was Kurt when he wanted to know who the 5th man was. It isn’t hard to find me Kurt, and how convenient that JJ lost us the advantage. Open your eyes, JJ didn’t fool him, they will never get along. Make your move JJ, I beg you to cross the line because I will be there, I will maim you and kill you. If you get in my way tonight for my title shot, you will all fall.

-Tenay and West speculate that there is some dissention in the ranks. No shit Sherlock.

-We get a video hype package for Harris vs. Storm.

Prince of Darkness Blindfold Match: Chris Harris vs. James Storm

They put the hoods on and here we go. And here we go with a small “Fire Russo” chant, it doesn’t catch on though. They do the feel out process and walk around. Storm grabs the ref, and almost hits him. They start to walk to the center, and walk by each other. They brush against each other, throw a punch and miss and they fall. Now we get a “We Want Wrestling” chant. Ouch. They find each other, Harris gets a take down and Storm escapes to the ropes. Harris now starts to play the crowd for help, good move. He grabs Storm and takes him down, lefts to Storm and Storm eventually rolls away. They find each other again, wild punches by Storm miss. Harris finds him and nails a big left, and the hood falls off of Storm. The ref gets it back on as we get the “boring” chant now. A slam by Storm, and then misses an elbow drop. They play search, find each other and Storm’s hood is tossed off. He refuses to put it on, but the ref finally gets it back on him. Storm grabs Harris, gets the 8-second ride and Harris kicks out at 2. Storm picks him up and they go the corner, tries it again but Harris with knees, Storm grabs him and Harris gets a cutter off the 2nd rope. He gets a cover for 2. Storm looks to climb up the cage, Harris uses he crowd, over and they both climb. Blind men fighting on the top rope. Storm’s hood falls off but Harris spears him off the top. Ref puts the hood back on, yeah, this is bad. Both men down as the ref counts. Harris’ hood falls off and he gets a full nelson slam for 2. Hood back on and we get “Goldberg” chants now. Harris grabs the ref, puts the sharpshooter on him Storm takes off his mask, flips the bird and superkicks the hell out of Harris, covers with the hood back on for the win.

Winner: James Storm @ 10:00 via pin

-Leticia is with Angle and Sting. Sting says the damage is done. Angle says the business does things for people, and he thinks this is a good thing. He thinks Sting should trust JJ. When they go out there, they are on the same side. Sting remembers after Bound for Glory, Sting says they both saw a change in JJ. It is none of their business but he is a different man and Sting will trust him tonight, but if he screws him it is bad for JJâ<80>¦and Angle. Angle says his job sucks.

-Tenay and West discuss the dissention in the ranks.

-We get a video hype package for the Daniels vs. Lyn match, a kick ass one as a matter of fact.

Cage Match: Jerry Lynn vs. Christopher Daniels

Lynn attacks as Daniels enters the ring. Knees by Daniels and he tries to toss Lynn to the cage, and then Lyn tries to toss him to the cage but they both stop that. Tilt a whirl backbreaker by Lynn, off the ropes and a Thesz Press by Lynn and rights follow. Backdrop by Lynn, forearms follow and then the Irish whip and Lynn head scissors Daniels into the cage. A dropkick by Lynn sandwiches Daniels into the cage. Daniels snaps his neck off the ropes and then tosses him into the cage door. Rights by Daniels as he opens up on Lynn, and then rakes the eyes. Off the ropes and a clothesline by Daniels. He works the arm and then rakes the eyes of Lynn again. Neck vice by Daniels, knees to the back and back to the neck. Irish whip and a back elbow by Lynn, victory roll gets 2. Head scissors by Lynn, off the ropes and he eats a leg lariat by Daniels. Daniels slams Lynn to the cage door again, grabs the cable from a cameraman and chokes out Lynn with it. Back suplex by Daniels, Asai moonsault connects for 2. Daniels with the abdominal stretch on Lynn. Clubbing shots to the back and slams Lynn to the corner. Sets him up top, rights by Daniels. He tries the fall from grace, Lynn holds on and Daniels up with himâ<80>¦Lynn slips out and gets a sunset flip powerbomb on Daniels! Daniels misses a charge and Lynn with shoulder blocks. Back spinning elbow to Daniels. He then tosses him into the cage. Daniels climbs but Lynn pulls him down. Corner mount and punches by Lynn. Lynn leaps off with a RANA for 2. Lynn gets the old Rock float over DDT for 2. Off the ropes and Daniels backdrops Lynn into the cage. STO by Daniels connects and a cover for 2. Lynn battles back with rights, they exchange shots and a knee by Daniels stops that. Off the ropes, Lynn goes for the Cradle Piledriver but Daniels escapes and gets the Uranage. BEST MOONSAULT EVER misses! Lynn gets the TKO and covers for 2. Lynn sets Daniels up top, follows and they brawl up there, Daniels slams him to the cage and then gets a top rope Flatliner! Daniels grabs his arm, that didn’t look good for him. Covers for a close 2. Daniels is pissed and grabs Lynn, snags up Lynn, he escapes and gets the KYRPTONITE KRUNCH! 1â<80>¦2â<80>¦NO! Boots by Daniels, climbs up topâ<80>¦Lynn up as wellâ<80>¦boot by Daniels and he tries for the Angles Wingsâ<80>¦Lynn grabs Danielsâ<80>¦Piledriver tryâ<80>¦PPV freeze no! Daniels gets the last rites and that is all. Damn it I missed the ending seconds.

Winner: Christopher Daniels @ 13:25 via pin

-JB is with Team 3D who have all of their replica title belts. Ray is tired of talking about winning the titles. They constantly get screwed, and LAX has done things to them that has never been done before to them. Now they get the Electrified Cage match. If having 10,000 volts of electricity going through their bodies is what it takes to finally get the NWA Tag Titles, so be it. Ray makes references to keeping “them” in. Tonight they take their seats with the great tag teams, tonight they become 20-time world tag team champions. In the words of two greats Terry and Doryâ<80>¦LAXâ<80>¦FUNK you.

-We get a video hype package for the NWA Tag Title match.

-Leticia is with LAX and Konnan. He promises to raise the level of violence. 3D is washed up, LAX is what is happening. He doesn’t know what is worse, watching a 3D match or listening to a Christy Hemme promo. Konnan is tremendous. They will stalk them like a lion stalking a fat “wildabeast” on the discovery channel. They better have luck on their side because they will need it. Cide says this is channel 5150, LAX..bbbbbblat. Hernandez even drops the “To Live and Die in LAX” line.

NWA Tag Team Titles Electrified Cage Match: LAX © vs. Team 3-D

No Konnan at ringside. Borash does the super special ring announcing for the match. They have some odd lighting and supposedly the electricity will vary in intensity.

We wildly brawl to begin. LAX slammed in the corner and 3D splashes onto them. Hernandez whipped to the other corner and then they toss Cide around. They suplex Hernandez into the door and then a double team boot on Cide. Rights by Ray to Cide, they work over LAX. Cide tries a suplex, gets slammed and Devon up topâ<80>¦watches not to touch the cage and Hernandez tosses him off. Cide tries to force Ray into the cage but he bites Cide. Cide chokes him out now, then slaps Ray with his glove. Hernandez has a chain and Ray gets Cide to touch the cage. Hernandez busts Devon open with a chain shot and LAX is in control. Cide up topâ<80>¦knee to the head of Devon. This lighting sucks, I know they want effect but it sucks. Double backdrop on Ray. Hernandez tries to force Devon into the cage, Cide kicks him in the face and Hernandez gets a flapjack. Slam on Ray and Hernandez is busted open as well. Hernandez and Cide both up topâ<80>¦3D up and overâ<80>¦dual superplexes on LAX. Everyone is down, they fight to their feet and Devon with a clothesline to Cide. Powerslam on Cide and Konnan is being wheeled out to ringside. Ray covers Hernandez for 2. One of the Latino Nation knocked out the outside referee. Konnan puts on the gloves and Hector Guerrero is here to stop him. He and Konnan face off and he shoves Konnan into his chair. He has a chair and unlocks the cage. Ray calls for the chair, and then says GIVE ME THE f*ckING TABLE! Hector gets it for them as 3D and LAX brawl. Hernandez beats down 3D and yells at Guerrero. Hector slams the door into Hernandez’s face. Reverse 3D on Hernandez gets 2. Cide back and gets a neck breaker for 2 on Devon. Ray with the full nelson bomb on Cide and gets 2. Hernandez with a Samoan drop on Ray for 2. Slam on Devon, top rope elbow by Cide. Cover for 2. Ray powerbombs Cide HARD. 1â<80>¦2â<80>¦NO! Hernandez kills Ray with a clothesline ad covers for 2. Grabs Devonâ<80>¦BORDER TOSS into the cage! We get effects and sounds for the electricity and the crowd shits on that. Ray takes down Hernandez, up to the 2nd ropeâ<80>¦elbow drop from the 2nd rope gets 2. “Fire Russo” chants again. Cide off with a cross body, Ray grabs him and has him on the shouldersâ<80>¦DEADLYVILLE DEVICE~! 1â<80>¦2â<80>¦NO! Big spinebusters by Hernandez on both members of 3D. Hernandez sets up the table, he puts Devon on the table and Hernandez has gloves and puts them on. He climbs the cageâ<80>¦all the way up top! Um, electricity? Oh, gloves and rubber boots apparently. Ok, right. DIVES AND DEVON MOVES AND ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE TABLE! Cide with a RANA on Ray. Off the ropes and Devon tosses him to the cage, special effects, crowd booing. 3D connects. 1â<80>¦2â<80>¦.3.

Winners: and NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS TEAM 3D @ 15:55 via pin

Lethal Lockdown: Team Angle vs. Team Cage. AJ Styles will start for Team Cage, and Angle for Team Angle in the opening five minute interval. Angle came out wearing a St. Louis Cardinals baseball jersey, with a the number 96 on the back, which got him a good pop. The man who scores the pin fall victory to end the match will receive a NWA World title shot at TNA’s May Sacrifice PPV. The next to enter the match is Abyss for the next two minutes – so its Abyss and Styles vs. Angle for two minutes. Father James Mitchell is at ring side. Rhino enters the cage next, to even up the odds. Rhino’s gore attempt was blocked by Abyss, but he was unable to hit the black hole slam. No pin falls or submissions until all 10 men enter the cage. Tomko enters the cage next, for the 3-2 advantage for Team Cage. Rhino has been busted open. After another two minutes, Samoa Joe entered next to even it up at 3 on 3. Joe enters as a one man wrecking crew. Joe hits a muscle buster on Styles. Angle suplexes Tomko five times in a row. Scott Steiner enters the cage for a Team Cage 4 on 3 advantage. Steiner hit a frankensteiner on Rhino. Sting entered next for Team Angle, so its 4 on 4. Stinger splashes by Sting as he enters the match. They do the pyramid of the cage, with Styles taking the brunt of the fall. Next in is NWA World Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage for a five on four advantage. Cage tries to chomp Sting, but it doesn’t have any effect on him. Stinger splash by Sting, and then tosses the champ head first into the cage. Jeff Jarrett entered the match, making it finally five on five. Jarrett comes in and drop kicks the heels. The top of the cage lowers with all the weapons including chairs, garbage can tops, cookie sheets, and a bat. Jarrett tosses the bat to Sting. Jarrett tosses other weapons to his team mates. Styles climbs up to the top of the cage. Angle follows up, and AJ and Angle brawl on top of the rope. Mitchell gave the tacks bag to Abyss. Race sees it, and nails Mitchell with a round house left. Rhino gored Tomko through the cage door. AJ nails Angle with a chair on top of the cage. Suicide dive by Joe on Tomko on the arena floor. Abyss lays out the thumbs back in the middle of the ring. Sting and Jarrett plan Cage back first on the thumb tacks! Black hole slam by Abyss on Jarrett. Angle knocked AJ off the top of the cage, landing him on the wrestlers on the arena floor. Abyss grabs another bag of tacks, and pours them into a guitar. Jarrett refused to hit Sting with the loaded chair, and instead nailed Sting. Jarrett told Sting to cover Abyss. Sting gets the pinfall victory at 28:05. Jarrett could have covered Abyss himself, but encouraged Sting to get the pin fall and title shot. After the match, Jarrett shakes hands with Sting, Rhino, and Samoa Joe. Angle climbs down off the cage, but walks away without shaking hands with Jarrett.

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