Ryan Clark

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, April 30th, 2007

Location: The Gaylord Entertainment Center in Nashville, TN

Results by Steve Gerweck

– RAW begins with John Cena and Mr. McMahon backstage, McMahon trys to act cool to John Cena, Cena punks him out – HBK interrupts he says he wants one more shot tonight, Cena accepts, McMahon says he makes the decisions and tells HBK must earn his shot tonight and if he wins he will get a shot at Cena next week.

(1) Edge vs. Randy Orton. Edge slaps Orton to begin the match, Randy and Edge both take it to each other, Edge is knocked off the apron onto the guard rail.

Back in the ring Orton is speared from the apron onto the announce table, J.R. and King both taken out and eventually get their headsets back on.

Edge gets a near fall, KIng’s headset is broken and finally gets back on air, Edge continues to work over Orton, Edge goes to the top but Orton manages to stop him, fans are mainly behind Orton, Edge knocks Orton away and goes for a cross body from the top but Orton catches him with a mid-air dropkick.

Orton gains control and hits a back breaker for a close near fall, Edge manages to hit a power move for another near fall, fans chant “Randy” both guys go for a cross body and both crash and burn.

Referee Mike Chioda starts to count them down, they make it to their feet, more near falls, Edge tries to pin Orton with his feet on the ropes but the ref sees, Orton tries the same but is seen, Orton gets busted open the hard way. Edge goes for a spear but Orton leapfrogs and Edge hist the turnbuckle, Edge then reverses a RKO attempt into a spear for the clean win. Great match.

– Video package is shown of Cena vs. HBK from last week, graphic is then shown for Cena-HBK 3 tonight.

– Todd Grisham interviews Santino in a pre-taped segment, they look back at the title change, Santino says if this is a dream he doesnt want to wake up, he says next week is his first title defence, he is excited but nervous.

– The footage of RVD’s comments about Vince McMahon becoming champ, from wwe.com is shown. Graphic is then shown for RVD vs. Umaga later.

– Backstage, Vince is talking with Shane, he tells Shane to make sure Umaga destroys RVD, Vince thanks Shane for last night and Shane tells his dad he loves him and gives him a hug, Vince then lets Shane hold the belt.

– Also backstage, Maria interviews Edge, Maria says even though Edge won he doesn’t look happy, Edge calls Maria a bimbo and says he isn’t happy because HBK has got yet another shot at Cena, he says he is going to have to insert himself into the picture.

(2) World Tag Team Champion Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch are doing commentary – they are strangely giving many positive comments to the Hardys.

Jeff hits the whisper in the wind and a face-first suplex for a near fall, Nitro gets back dropped from the top turnbuckle, Hardy hits the swanton bomb for the victory.

Cade & Murdoch get on the mic and congratulate Hardy, they get in the ring to shake Hardy’s hand but he doesn’t trust that they won’t attack him so he leaves.

– Pictures are shown from the fatal-4-way last night.

– Up next; Umaga vs. Rob Van Dam

– Pictures are shown of the ECW Title match from last night.

– Shane McMahon makes his way to the ring, he introduces Umaga who makes his way to the ring.

(3) Umaga vs. Rob Van Dam.

Back from a break, Umaga launced RVD from the top turnbuckle to the outside, Shane is at ringside, RVD tries to get back into it but Umaga hits a samoan drop, RVD tries to slam Umaga but he is too heavy so RVD collapses with Umaga on top of him.

RVD manages to apply a sleeper, Shane looks concerned, Umaga finally gets RVD off him by sending him to the outside.

RVD then applys the sleeper to Umaga outside, Umaga rams RVD into the steel steps to get him off again, back in the ring Umaga goes for his running power move but RVD moves, RVD works over Umaga with kicks finally knocking him off his feet, RVD hits the rolling thunder for a near fall. RVD hits the frog splash but Umaga grabs RVD’s throat and pulls him up for a samoan spike for the win. Vince celebrates with his title on the stage.

Up next; HBK vs. Cena 3

– Backstage, Carlito runs into Ric Flair he says he is sorry for yelling at him last week and that he has got them a match against the World’s Greatest Tag Team, Carlito says if they dont win then he will be out of Flair’s hair for good.

(4) Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena – HBK’s music plays but he doesn’t come out, we are shown backstage HBK layed out unconscious.

– back from the break, Coachman joins the scene of HBK’s attack, Cena is also there, Coach blames Cena, Cena grabs Coach and shoves him up to a wall and then walks off, Vince then finds HBK, he says he wants HBK in the ring no matter what shape he’s in.

(5) Ric Flair & Carlito w/ Torrie Wilson vs. World’s Greatest Tag Team

Carlito & Shelton have some nice chain wrestling, WGTT keep on top of Carlito, Carlito finally gains control, tags Flair, Flair takes it to Benjamin, Flair woooo’s to the crowd and turns around into a left hand from Carlito. Carlito attacks Flair but Flair manages to rake Carlito’s eyes, Carlito leaves up the ramp but Flair chases after him and attacks him delivering some punches of his own. Carlito keeps turning his back to Flair and Flair keeps going after Carlito and taking him down, Carlito finally escapes, Flair looks furious.

– Backstage, Coachman and a trainer find Edge also layed out unconscious, ref Mike Chioda comes in, Coach tells Chioda to find Orton.

– Mr. Kennedy makes his way to the ring, he says that he is not to blame for the attacks, he doesnt need to attack anybody because he has the money in the bank breifcase, he says he could of easily walked out of Backlash with a championship but decided not to.

He asked if anyone would like to see him cash in tonight for the WWE Title? the fans cheer but he says its not going to happen, he says he will be upfront and tell everyone where and when he will cash in. He then goes on to announce he will cash in his money in the bank breifcase at WrestleMania 24!!

– Backstage Coachman and Kenny find Randy Orton ALSO layed out unconscious, Coach says he is going to tell McMahon.

– Also backstage, Coach finds Vince and tells him what has happened, Vince says he has figured out who has done it, he tells Coach to make Cena go to the ring and we will find out who it is.

(6) Victoria & Women’s Champion Melina vs. Candice Michelle & Mickie James.

Mickie & Candice have early control but Melina & Victoria soon gain control, Candice catches Victoria with a roll up for the win.

– Cena is shown slowly making his way to the ring.

– Clips of Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, RVD & Sabu’s video thoughts on Vince’s title win from last night are shown.

– Graphic shows Vince will be on ECW tomorrow night.

– We are shown the footage of earlier tonight showing HBK, Edge & Orton laid out.

– WWE Champion John Cena makes his way to the ring, Cena says obviously someone wants his attention, he says the energy of 3 beatdowns could of been saved because he is right here.

After a while, The Great Khali’s music hits, he makes his way to the ring and destroys Cena, Cena tries to hit an FU but Khali got out of it, Khali hit Cena with his choke bomb and stands over him holding up the WWE Title. J.R. asks if this is a sign of things to come as RAW goes off the air.

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