Ryan Clark

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, May 14th, 2007 (USA Network)

Location: The Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, VA

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We’re in Hampton, Virginia. Hosts are Hall of Famer’s Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler. Smackdown tapes in Baltimore tomorrow.

PROMO TIME ��” John Cena

No title belt for Cena because Khali made off with it last week. Cena points out he doesn’t have the belt despite being the champion. Cena seems somewhat shook up by the whole state of affairs. “He left and I couldn’t stop him”. He says he was embarrased and humiliated. He says it’s not the first time as half the crowd thinks he sucks every time he comes out here. He talks about the pride and respect he has for the business and the title. “â<80>¦and he just took it”. He says he’s been in the ring with giants and superheavyweights before. It’s not an excuse. Cena says Khali isn’t even human. Khali takes his best shots and doesn’t move. Cena is quick to point out Khali has never been pinned and has noly been off his feet and all the girls/kids in the audience chant his “Cena”. He talks about his friends and advisors telling him that Judgment Day will be Cena’s execution. Cena doesn’t agree. He says Khali signed up for the fight of his life and Cena wants that title belt back RIGHT NOW. Khali gains a translator on the Titantron and he speaks via the translator to Cena. The translator tells Cena that Khali has accomplished unparalleled carnage over the last three weeks. Khali says he’ll become WWE champion this coming Sunday. “If you want some, come get some” ��” Khali via translator. Cena looks around at the crowd and heads to the back. This leads to a brawl in the area where Khali was talking. Cena fares badly and gets chokebombed on a buggy.

JEFF HARDY w/Matt Hardy v TREVOR MURDOCH w/Lance Cade

JR gets his skittles plug in and talks about how pleasantly surprised he is with the improved attitude of Cade & Murdoch. The latter gives Jeff a clean break in the opening exchange. Murdoch then shows his skills on the mat with counters and btoh guys use armdrags. They miss with a few clotheslines and we get the old Indy Standoff, sort of. Jeff elbows Murdoch out of the ring and follows with a pescado. Jeff scrapes Murdoch with the mule kick and mounts for the corner punches but the corner dropkick misses. Cade doesn’t interfere. JR keeps pointing out how Jeff used illegal punches there. Jeff with a jawbreaker and the Whisper in the Wind hits for 2. That looked like a twisting Blockbuster this week. Murdoch cuts him off on the ropes the second time but Hardy shoves him off. Swanton bomb gets knees. Murdoch pins himâ<80>¦for 2. He thinks that was three. Jeff gets a cheeky roll up for the pin at 3.59.

Winner: Jeff Hardy via pinfall .

POST MATCH Murdoch offers a handshake and Jeff takes it. The big question now is whether this is an actual honest to God face turn or whether they’re just setting up the inevitable beatdown as soon as they get a re-match for the titles. It might be refreshing if they actually turned them full blown face as that’s not what the crowd expects. Of course they’re not over so that might not work. The commentators talk about Edge winning the title on Friday and how he’ll be on Raw to say goodbye to the brand this evening.

BACKSTAGE The Coach bricks it having to wrestle Lashley this week. Shane McMahon reassures him by saying he has Shane, Vince and Umaga in his corner. Shane builds Coach up and Coach seems happier after hearing the others will be out there. Umaga is all worked up for some reason. Vince has a new doorag that matches his suit. Is that lilac?


Re-match from last week. Marella goes for a double leg but Masters pounds him. He looks for the Masterlock but Marella armdrags out of it. He gets the arm ringer but Masters gets into the ropes and elbows Marella before going to the kidneys. Backbreaker. Make that a pair for 2. Marella takes a hard clothesline but avoids the Masterlock as well. Another judo style armdrag. He runs right into a spinebuster and Masters uses his size advantage for 2. He wants to win with the Masterlock. Marella gets out and nearly ends up in the wheelbarrow but Marella counters into a roll up at 2.52 for the upset pin.

Winner: Santino Marella via pinfall .

POST MATCH Masters puts the boots to Marella and Masterlocks him. Luckily the crowd hate Masters so don’t turn on the VERY babyface Santino.


Melina Perez, the women’s champion, joins the commentary team. JR once again points out that Candice is “rapidly improving”. Melina was at the announce table and did her split revealing her no ass. We’ve got pics below.Melina grates at the nerves on commenatary with constant use of the word “eww”. Candice gets a cheeky roll up for 2. I like Candice’s ring gear. It’s basically underwear. Victoria stretches her on the mat but Candice comes back with punches and then the more potent kicks. Go Daddy elbow drop gets 2. Four rotation headscissors from Candice. That needs to be toned down a little. Victoria jacks her up but the whirl is countered into the spin kick for the pin at 2.18.

Winner: Candice via pinfall . The spin kick looked better this week. Candice wants the title apparently.


The new World champion is in the house to say goodbye to his Raw fans and gets a SHIT LOAD of pyro to celebrate his title win. The WWE seem to have figured out that if they leave the entrance music playing for ages the crowd don’t get bored and it kills time. Edge talks about having the greatest week of any wrestler in the history of the industry. Well he WAS Wrestler of the Week. Edge says he’d already beaten John Cena so he wanted to do something more memorable by cashing it in on the Undertaker. That was on Smackdown. Edge talks about how he thought about leaving and having one last great match on Raw. He says the crowd don’t deserve it anyway and he has a title match with Dave Batista at Judgment Day. He says he did in three seconds what Dave couldn’t get done in three months and beat Taker. Edge decides he’s just going to leave as the champ. Keep it simple. He’s interupted by SHAWN MICHAELS. He’s complete with baseball cap to cover baldness/thinning. Shawn tells him to just leave because the crowd are sick of him, which somehow provokes Edge into wanting a match against Shawn tonight to see him off. Er, what?

BACKSTAGE Todd Grisham has Bob Lashley for a promo. Before he starts talking Shane McMahon strolls in to mess with his head. He’s not allowed to touch Shane though. Shane takes advantage of the situation to mess with him some more and wish him well against the Coach tonight.

BOBBY LASHLEY v THE COACH w/Vince McMahon/Shane McMahon/Umaga

Vince dances with the ECW title. Somehow winning the ECW title along with losing his hair has made him act like he’s in a hip hop video. Coach looks scared. He slaps Lashley, who slaps back. Coach looks scared. Crossfaces! Coach covers up while the seconds goof around. Lashley racks Coach into a backbreaker. Coach should have just quit there. He struggles back to his feet and gets speared. That gets it done at 1.34.

Winner: Lashley via pinfall. Man that spear sucks.

POST MATCH Shane & Umaga jump Lashley but he cleans house and throws Shane over the top. Umaga beats Lashley down though. Buttalanche misses. Spear for Umaga. Vince decides descretion is the greater part of valour and runs away drawing Lashley into a Shane lariat on the floor. Lashley pops back up. Shane runs like a scolded dog. Lashley tries to cut him off but Shane leaps over the rail and heads to the back. We follow the action backstage with Shane losing his jacket and diving into the sunroof of the McMahon family limo. Only Vince is still here and he punks Lashley out with the title belt. Well that was fun. JR is now refering to Vince as “the Doctor of Hardcore” because of his honourary docterate.


New bright green “Eat Spit” trunks for Carlito. Hey, Val on Raw! We get clips of Carlito heeling on Torrie Wilson last week. Val has his mind on the match and controls the early going. Russian legsweep gets 2. Carlito goes to the eyes and hits a lariat. He tosses Val over the top rope and demands a count out then follows out anyway. Val gets his back worked over on the apron. Crowd wants Flair. Carlito looks unimpressed with the response. Val channels the Flair love into a minor comeback but gets dropkicked in the back for 2. Val gets a cheeky roll up for 2. Carlito takes a few elbows and Val hits a neckbreaker for 2. Carlito flips over Val but gets hit with the urinage slam. Val goes up top but Carlito crawls away from the Money Shot. Carlito uses the buckles and the Backcracker finishes at 4.04.

Winner: Carlito via pinfall.

POST MATCH Ric Flair runs out here but Carlito runs through the crowd wanting to leave the confrontation for Sunday night at Judgment Day.

BACKSTAGE Shawn Michaels warms up and gets interupted by Randy Orton who wishes him good luck. HBK tells him he’s a little busy. Orton says he can beat Shawn. HBK retorts by saying he’s not doing anything on Sunday. Looks like the match is added to Judgment Day.

Sidenote ��” that Mr T advert for Snickers is awesome. “You’re gonna meet my friendâ<80>¦PAIN”. Genius.

SHILL ��” Timbaland’s video “Throw it on me” will be on Raw next week. Some divas are in it.

SHILL ��” Judgment Day. Cena v Khali, Lashley v McMahons/Umaga, Dave v Edge, Shawn v Orton. That’s the card. Or the top end of it anyway.


Well the promo made no sense to set this up but here’s Edge’s last match as part of the full time Raw brand. His prestigious world title is not on the line. We kick this off with 12 minutes left in the hour. Lawler reminds us that HBK had a concussion from the Khali match. We take the Michaels-Cena approach with Shawn controlling the early going with a side headlock. Edge doesn’t offer a clean break and cheap shots Shawn over the ref. And hey, it seems as if cheating is now cause for heat. Or maybe just cheating when it’s done by a heel. Shawn comes back with a swinging neckbreaker. Edge comes back with some jabs. Shawn looks troubled by the head shots. Edge gets sidestepped on a charge though and flies outside. Shawn follows with a Thesz press off the apron before the last commercial break. There’s something seriously wrong with the pacing here and the crowd are out of it. We return with Shawn lying face down on the mat. He’s not moving. Edge kicks at his head. They seem to have regained their heat. A replay shows Shawn get hung up on the ropes. Edge with a headbutt and Shawn looks confused as to what is happening. The ref is ordering Edge to “stay off his head”. Edge gives up on the abuse and just pinsâ<80>¦for 2. Edge cranks at a cravat. The WWE still seeming to refuse to name the hold. JR calls it a “vice”. Edge kicks Shawn square in the face for 2. Shawn is selling this beating with extreme prejudice. Edge with a neckbreaker for 2. An extended chinlock leaves Shawn struggling. His hand drops twice but then he works at escaping. Edge punches him in the head to knock HBK back down. It seems every head shot leaves Shawn lying for ages. Edge heads up top but Shawn crotches him. Edge headbutts him off. Diving crossbody misses though with Shawn ducking under it. Shawn comes back with his patented chops. He’s become heavily reliant on them when striking. Shawn with a flying forearm and he n*ps up. Edge is slammed and Shawn battles his way up top for the Savage Elbow. Shawn is struggling with his balance but now the momentum is on his side. The band is warming up. Edge gets clipped by Sweet Chin Music and Shawn gets the pin at 16.07.

Winner: Shawn Michaels via pinfall. Well that was a very odd match. The psychology seemed really wacky what with Shawn’s bizarre “concussion” selling. Somehow a tiny head shot leaves him sprawled by when he goes up top for the elbow drop he’s fine. Shawn is still celebrating when RANDY ORTON runs out here to give him a further beating ahead of their match on Sunday. I really hope they drop this concussion angle because it’s not working for me. Knowing the WWE this will probably end up running for 3 or 4 weeks with much the same results.

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