Ryan Clark

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, June 11th, 2007 (USA Network)

Location: The Wachovia Arena in Wilkes-Barre, PA

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WWE RAW Opener:

Vince McMahon is in his office as he reads a prepared statement welcoming everyone to a historic night of WWE Raw for the draft as well as Mr. McMahon Appreciation Night. He says that there has been speculation that the loss of the ECW Title has had an adverse effect on his psyche. Vince says that we will hear unscripted and uncut comments from people about him. There will be no comments from his family so it will be an unbiased look at Vince. Vince says that this will be the defining moment of his life.

Non Title Match

Referee: Marty Elias

Edge (c) vs. John Cena (c)

The start:

Edge and Cena lock up and Edge backs Cena into the corner. Edge misses a punch but Cena does not. Cena with an Irish whip and a fishermanâ<80><99>s suplex for a near fall. Cena sends Edge into the corner and then he Irish whips Cena one more time. Cena misses a charge into the corner and Edge connects with a Northern Lariat to Cena. Edge kicks Cena in the corner followed by a forearm and punches. Edge with more jabs and a roundhouse that takes Cena down for a near fall.

Mid-match notes:

Cena gets up and he punches Edge but Edge with a kick when Cena telegraphs a back body drop. Edge with a baseball slide that sends Cena out of the ring to the floor. The referee starts his count as Cena tries to get back into the ring. Cena with a shoulder and he hits a sunset flip for a two count. Edge responds with a clothesline and Cena is down in the corner. Edge chokes Cena with his knee and the referee admonishes Cena. Edge with an elbow to the back of Cenaâ<80><99>s neck but Cena responds with punches. Cena runs into a spinning heel kick and Edge gets a two count. Edge argues with the referee and that allows Cena to get Edge up for an FU. Edge gets out of the hold and hits a rollup on Cena for a near fall.

Edge with a kick to Cenaâ<80><99>s head and then he applies a reverse chin lock. Cena gets to his feet and he gets a drop toe hold and he tries to put Edge in the STFU but Edge gets to the ropes. Cena charges at Edge and Edge knocks Cena down and gets a near fall. Edge punches Cena but Cena with a kick and Blockbuster and both men are down. Cena ducks a clothesline and he hits two flying shoulder tackles followed by a modified Blue Thunder Driver. Cena signals for the five knuckle shuffle but Edge gets up and Edge tries for a spear but Cena moves out of the way and Edge goes to the floor.

The Finish:

Cena goes outside the ring after Edge and he slams Edgeâ<80><99>s head into the ECW announce table and ring steps. Cena rearranges the ECW announce table as he sets for the FU on the ring steps. Edge gets out of the hold and sends Cena into the announce table. Edge rolls into the ring in time but Cena is unable to get back into the ring before the ten count.

Winner by countout, the World Heavyweight Champion, Edge

The Draft:

Smackdown will get the first draft pick and as the Random WWE Superstar Genera tor 2007 sends the Great Khali to Smackdown. The Great Khali comes out with his translator as we go to commercial.


We have the first Vince McMahon segment that talks about Vinceâ<80><99>s family and how his father and grandfather were in the business. We hear Vinceâ<80><99>s comments about how he replaced Ray Morgan as an announcer. Vince says that he was proud of his dad in that environment. Vince was told that he was going to be the announcer. We see footage of Vince in his role as an announcer with the likes of Lord Alfred Hayes, Jesse Ventura, Shawn Michaels, and Bret Hart. We see footage of Bret Hart pushing Vince down. Eric Bischoff talks about how Vince did not want people to know that Vince was the owner. We hear comments from Triple H.

Jesse Ventura:

Jesse Ventura says that it is an honor to pay tribute to Mr. McMahon. Vince says that he calls a few people â<80>~Misterâ<80><99>. Those were the officers he served with in the Seals. Jesse says that he will not call Vince â<80>~Misterâ<80><99>. He will continue to call him McMahon. Jesse says that Vince has done a remarkable job in the WWE but he is a dictator. He says that as a dictator, Vince needs to pay attention to the fact that all dictators fall. Jesse says that he does not see a beard on him.


Jonathan Coachman is standing outside of Vinceâ<80><99>s office and he says that Vince told him that Vengeance will be a night of champions and all titles will be on the line. Coachman says that because of the volatile nature, the main event will be a WWE Title Challenge. Any former or current champion on the Raw roster will be eligible to wrestle for the WWE title.


We see Carlito and CM Punk walking in the back as we go to commercial.


CM Punk vs. Carlito

The start:

Carlito and Punk lock up and Carlito backs Punk into the corner and he slaps Punk. Punk responds with a kick to the head. Punk with knees to the head and that backs Carlito into the corner. Punk tries for a running knee into the corner but Carlito blocks it and he sends Punk into the corner. Carlito with shoulders but Punk with a kick and he goes to the second turnbuckle.

Mid-match notes:

As Punk comes off he is met with a drop kick from Carlito. Carlito with kicks to Punk and then he connects with more shoulders. Carlito with a drop kick into the midsection and Carlito with a near fall. Carlito with knees to the ribs followed by a suplex and elbow to the ribs for a two count. Carlito with a body scissors and then he punches Punk in the ribs before returning to the body scissors. Punk turns the body scissors into a Boston Crab but Carlito makes it to the ropes. Carlito sends Punk to the apron but Punk with a springboard clothesline for a near fall. Punk with a clothesline and a kick to the back of the head for a two count.

The Finish:

Punk with knees to the midsection followed by an Irish whip and running knee but Carlito gets out of the bulldog and he hits a lungblower on Punk that sends Punk out of the ring. Carlito lets the referee start the count but he goes out after Punk. Carlito rolls Punk back into the ring and he gets a two count. Carlito waits for Punk to get up but Punk hits the Go To Sleep for the three count.

Winner – CM Punk

The Draft:

We go to the Random WWE Superstar Genera tor 2007 and the next draft pick for ECW is The Boogeyman. The newest member of the ECW roster comes out through a cloud of smoke.

Snoop Dogg:

It is time for more of Mr. McMahon Appreciation Night and we get comments from Snoop Dogg. Snoop thanks Vince for everything that he has done for wrestling to bring it to the people. He talks about people like John Cena and Steve Austin. Snoop talks about the time that Vince had his head up Big Showâ<80><99>s rear end. We go to commercial.


We go to another video package of things that Vince McMahon has done in the past to his family and the people that he has fired. We also see the â<80>~Kiss My Assâ<80><99> Club. We see Vince McMahon winning the Royal Rumble and the Montreal Screwjob.

In the arena:

Mick Foley comes out and he has something to say. He says that under normal circumstances the words of Jonathan Coachman do little to interest him until he heard Coach mention that there was an open challenge for the WWE Title. Mick remembers that he is a former WWE Champion. As a matter of fact he is a three time former champion. He says that since Vince rehired him, he is a member of the Raw roster. If he is still a member of the Raw brand at the end of the show, he will be a part of the WWE Title match at Vengeance. Mick wants to talk about a man who thrives on â<80>~vengeanceâ<80><99> and that man is Vince McMahon. Mick says that Vince has affected the lives of everyone in the arena and watching at home. He has the power to do so much good in the world but has he followed through. The answer is that he has somewhat followed through. Vince has unbolted that checkbook and given to charity. He is a super patriot. He has money and he has power. The truth is that Vince an arrogant, misogynistic egomaniac who likes to man*pulate things. He talks about how men have had to kiss his rear end. Mick says that it took time for him to get over it. Mick wonders if Vince has any real friends. Mick lets out a Mick Foley cheap pop and he asks if Vince has any real friends. Mick asks random people in the crowd if they are Vinceâ<80><99>s friend. He says that many people were asked to be a part of Mr. McMahon Appreciation Night. He mentions Hulk Hogan, Triple H, Eric Bischoff, The Rock, Dick Ebersol, Shawn Michaels, Trish Stratus, and Ted Turner. Every one of those people declined because Vince was not worth their time. They did not appreciate Vince McMahon and the question is whether any of the fans should. Mick says that he could not have said it any better. Mick tells Vince to â<80>~have a nice dayâ<80><99> and he leaves.

Referee: Mike Posey

Balls Mahoney vs. Umaga

Umaga with a kick followed by a super kick to Balls and Mahoney goes down. Umaga picks up Mahoney and hits the Samoan Spike for the three count.

Winner – Umaga

The Draft:

We go to the Random WWE Superstar Genera tor 2007 for Rawâ<80><99>s pick in the draft and they get King Booker. King Booker and Queen Sharmell come out as they assume the royal pose in front of the TitanTron.


We are back with another Mr. McMahon Appreciation Piece and we hear from Steve O. He has a poem for Vince and he says that he is ready for Vince, but then says that he is just kidding. He thanks Vince for the entertainment.

Non Title Match

Referee: Scott Armstrong

Chris Benoit vs. Bobby Lashley (c)

The start:

Lashley with a single leg take down but Benoit gets the arm as he escapes into a front face lock. Lashley takes Benoit down but Benoit holds on to the arm. Benoit continues to hold on to the arm but Lashley with a waist lock and Benoit gets to the ropes. They continue with a Greco Roman knuckle lock and Lashley gets the leg again. Benoit returns to the arm and Benoit with a body scissors and chin lock. They both return to their feet and lock up again.

Mid-match notes:

Lashley with a double leg take down and a near fall. Benoit with an arm bar but Lashley gets out of the hold. They lock up again and Benoit with knees to the midsection and chops. Lashley sends Benoit into the corner and he connects with forearms. Lashley slams Benoit and gets a near fall. Lashley with a front face lock but they return to their feet and Benoit backs Lashley into the corner. Benoit chops Lashley and then he kicks him and chops him some more. Benoit with a snap suplex and a near fall. Benoit chops Lashley but Lashley with a knee and punch to the head. Lashley with an Irish whip and then he gets Benoit up for a torture rack but Benoit gets out of the hold and he tries to get Lashley in the crossface.

Lashley with Shock Treatment for a two count. Benoit with chops to Lashley but Lashley with a knee. Lashley with an Irish whip and running shoulder into the corner. Lashley tries for a suplex but he is too slow as Benoit puts Lashley in the Crippler Crossface and Lashley makes it to the ropes. Lashley tries for a suplex again, but Benoit with a knee to get out of the hold. Benoit tries for the Sharpshooter but Lashley gets out of the hold. Lashley with a gutwrench into a back breaker but Benoit gets out of the hold and Benoit with the Hat Trick German suplex combination.

The Finish:

Benoit signals that it is over but Lashley gets up. Benoit tries for another German suplex but Lashley backs Benoit into the corner. Benoit tries for the Sharpshooter and he applies it on Lashley but Lashley powers out of the hold. Benoit chops Lashley but Lashley hits a standing power slam for the three count.

Winner, the ECW Champion, Bobby Lashley

The Draft:

We go to the Random WWE Superstar Genera tor 2007 for ECWâ<80><99>s next draft pick. ECW gets Chris Benoit. Benoit and Lashley shake hands in the ring and then they stare each other down. Joey Styles and Tazz talk about how Chris Benoit goes back to ECW and Joey talks about how Benoit is an ECW original. They also talk about The Boogeyman.

Donald Trump:

t is time for another Mr. McMahon Appreciation piece. We get comments from Donald Trump and he calls this pathetic. He points out that Bobby Lashley defeated Umaga in their match and we see footage of the shaving. Trump says that he is going to give himself an appreciation night. Trump says that the fans donâ<80><99>t like him and he wishes Vince well.


Non Title Match

Santino Marella (c) vs. Montell Vontavious Porter (c)

The start:

Marella goes for the leg but Porter stays up and hits a gutwrench suplex. Porter has some words for Marella. Marella goes for the arm and hits a hip lock take down, arm drag, and hip toss. Porter with a clothesline out of the corner for a two count. Porter with punches to the head and he gets another two count. Porter with a cravate on Marella but he punches out of the hold.

Mid-match notes:

Marella with a kick and Porter responds with one. Both men with kicks but Porter with a punch to get the advantage. Porter with knees followed by a snap mare and kick to the back for a near fall. Porter with crossfaces and a rear chin lock on Marella into a reverse chin lock. Marella gets out of the hold and then he hits a shoulder tackle from the second turnbuckle. Marella slams Porterâ<80><99>s head into the turnbuckle and then he hits a flying forearm for a near fall. Marella with a short arm clothesline for a two count. Porter gets Marella on his shoulders and then he drops Marella.

The Finish:

Marella avoids a kick and then he hits a back heel trip for a near fall. Marella with forearms to Porter and Porter goes into the corner. Porter with an Irish whip and the running boot to the head and Marella goes down. Porter hits the Playmaker for the three count.

Winner, the United States Champion, Montell Vontavious Porter

The Draft:

We go to the WWE Random Draft Genera tor 2007 for the next pick and it is Torrie Wilson. Torrie Wilson comes out and we go to commercial.

The Hitman:

We are back for the next Mr. McMahon Appreciation Night package and it is comments from Bret Hart. He says that it is hard for him to find the words to express the deep gratitude that he has for Vince McMahon. There is no real way to express those words and the better way is a fist up the jaw. If you have thirty or forty, the more the better. That is all he has to say about Vince.

Referee: Mickey Hensen

Mike Mizanin vs. Snitsky

Snitsky sends Mizanin into the corner but Miz punches Snitsky. Snitsky sends Mizanin into the corner and then Miz goes up to the second turnbuckle but Snitsky catches Mizanin and sends him into the turnbuckle. Mizanin is in the Tree of Woe and Snitsky with boots to Mizanin. Snitsky with a slam to Mizanin for a near fall. Snitsky with punches and a short arm clothesline. Snitsky sets for the big boot and he hits it for the three count.

Winner – Snitsky

The Aftermath:

After the match, Snitsky kicks Mizanin and he hits a running clothesline into the corner. The referee reverses the decision and Smackdown gets the pick.

Winner by reverse decision, Mike Mizanin

The Draft:

We go to the WWE Draft Random Genera tor 2007 for Smackdownâ<80><99>s pick. Smackdown adds Chris Masters. Chris Masters comes out and the Smackdown and ECW announcers discuss what Snitsky did.

The Brain:

We go to the next Mr. McMahon Appreciation Piece and we go to Bobby Heenan. Bobby says that you have to appreciate Mr. McMahon for putting more people to work as well as firing as many people. Bobby talks about the walk and he says that you need to have the confidence inside. He also says that Vince probably has the worst case of being chafed or else he has the biggest set going.


We see Roddy Piper walking in the back as we go to commercial.

In the arena:

In the arena:

We are back and Roddy Piper comes out to give his thoughts about Vince McMahon. Roddy says who better to appreciate Vince McMahon than Roddy Piper. He says that it is his honor to share a few of Vince McMahonâ<80><99>s proudest moments. We see the DX â<80>~cockâ<80><99> segments followed by his head up Big Showâ<80><99>s rear end. We see Shane shoved up Vinceâ<80><99>s rear end followed by DX modulating his voice. Then we see waste dropped on Vince, followed by some of Steve Austinâ<80><99>s greatest Vince moments. We also see Shaneâ<80><99>s announcement that he owns WCW. We then go to a Stunner from Vince McMahon. Next is Vince getting his head shaved at Wrestlemania. We are back and Roddy says on behalf of the WWE audience, they appreciate Vince McMahon for what he really is.


We see Candice Michelle and Kristal Marshall walking in the back as we go to commercial.

Mark Cuban:

We are back with another Mr. McMahon Appreciation Piece and it comes from Mark Cuban. Mark says that Vince has integrity and he is a winner who knows how to get it done. He talks about how Vince built this into a real business despite taking some lumps.

Referee: Unknown

Candice Michelle vs. Kristal

Kristal with a knee to Candice and she throws Candice down. Kristal works on Candiceâ<80><99>s leg but Candice with an enzuigiri. Candice with clotheslines to Kristal followed by a knee and then a back breaker. Candice with the Go Daddy elbow drop for a two count. Kristal with a punch to Candice but she charges into a boot. Candice with a triangle choke in the ropes before releasing the hold. Kristal with a boot to Candice but Candice with a spinning heel kick for the three count.

Winner – Candice Michelle

The Draft:

We go to the WWE Draft Random Genera tor 2007 for the next pick for Raw. Raw adds Bobby Lashley to their roster. Bobby Lashley comes out to address his new fans. Jonathan Coachman comes out and he has something to say to Bobby. He congratulates Bobby for being drafted to Raw. He says that according to Vince McMahon since Bobby is no longer a part of ECW, he can no longer be the ECW Champion. Coachman says that Bobby Lashley has been stripped of the ECW Title. Coach wants Lashley to give him the title. Lashley takes the mic as he gives Coach the belt. Lashley says that since Vince stripped the title from him, he is still a champion and he will prove it on Raw.

Bob Costas:

It is time for the next Mr. McMahon Appreciation Piece and it is Bob Costas. Bob talks about what he does not appreciate about Vince. He talks about how he was never considered to replace Mean Gene Okerlund when Gene moved on, forcing him to announce baseball.. He appreciates that wherever he goes, people talk about the interview on HBO. He talks about how he dominated the interview and then how Bobby Knight was the next guest and he was a gentleman. We go to commercial.

Triple Threat Match


Jeff Hardy vs. Elijah Burke vs. Batista

Cole stated that regardless what happens tonight, he will face Edge at Vengeance. Batista pins Burke via the Batista Bomb, thus, THE 8TH PICK GOES TO SMACKDOWN – RIC FLAIR. Batitsta looks pleased in the ring, as Flair comes.

* Cpt. Lou Albano, in a pre-recorded segment, pays respect to Vince. He said has known Vince since he was a kid, and he’s just a bigger punk today.

* They aired a promo for Summerslam, in which it hinted that ‘Jackass’ is going to crash the party.

– Dusty Rhodes is introduced, and pays tribute to Vince McMahon. “The Dream” said regardless if you like him, you have to respect Mr. McMahon.

* Final draft pick will be determined in a 15 man battle royal. Each brand will have 5 superstars compete.

* In a pre-recorded segment, “Mean” Gene Okerlund talked about stepping down as host of Tuesday Night Titans, only for the show to be cancelled. Geno remembers being pushed aside, and ended up on “Nitro.”

(9) Battle Royal – Smackdown (Regal, Chavo, Masters, Henry, and Matt Hardy) vs. ECW (Thorn, Striker, Cor Von, Sandman, Dreamer) vs. Raw (Kenny, Nitro, Orton, Eugene, and Viscera). The winner will be win two draft picks for his brand. All six announcer’s had their mics open for this one. The final three were Orton, Hardy and Henry. Orton eliminated Henry. Hardy blocked the RKO and countered with a side effect. Orton eliminated Hardy, thus RAW WINS DRAFT PICKS NINE AND TEN: SNITSKY AND MR. KENNEDY.

* Steve Austin’s tribute is next; backstage, Vince appeared to be leaving his office and JR wondered if he’s coming to the ring.

* In another pre-recorded segment, Austin appreciates the chances to he has had in the past to beat down Mr. McMahon, but thats it, he swears at Vince and calls him a liar.

– Vengeance Match: John Cena will defend the WWE title against Randy Orton, Mick Foley, King Booker and Bobby Lashley.

– Out comes Vince McMahon, still looking dazed. Vince was handed a microphone, and thanked the fans. He then dropped the mic in the ring and looked around. He leaves the ring and walks back up the entrance ramp. He walks off the stage, and the fans cheered. Backstage, Vince walks down the hallway with a bunch of WWE superstars lined up. Coach tells Vince he is walking the around way, and turns around and heads towards his limo. They show the Fink, Pat Patterson, Gerald Briso, etc. Vince walks outside the arena, and looks back at some production guys. He enters a white limo which blows up and is in flames as the show ends.

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