Benoit Update: More Shocking Updates Inside Here

Ryan Clark

Notes from tonight’s ‘Hannity and Colmes’ (No Warrior)

– They showed a clip of Benoit using the crippler crossface on The Big Show. Hannity talked about a new discovery that Benoit may have used a similar move to kill his son Daniel.

– Mark Fuhrman doesnâ<80><99>t doubt if Dr. Phil Astin supplied other wrestlers steroids, pain killers, etc.

– Dr. Michael Baden said itâ<80><99>s unlikely â<80>~roid rageâ<80><99> caused Benoit to kill his family and himself, â<80><9c>its very usual,â<80> said Baden.

– Debra Marshall again talked about the â<80><9c>hush hushâ<80> nature of the business.

– Debra talked about Austinâ<80><99>s paranoia, steroid use, and abuse of alcohol, recalling a time when Austinâ<80><99>s heart rate was increased which worried the wrestler.

– Fuhrman talked about the Wikipedia entry. He also said toxicology can prove that Benoit was capable of killing himself, and isnâ<80><99>t sure if Benoit committed suicide.

– Baden believes police have written material to substantiate their ruling of a double murder-suicide.

– Debra remembers being a victim of domestic abuse and her husband Steve Austin walking in the door, signing autographs and posing for pictures.

– Dr. Baden doesnâ<80><99>t think Benoit had previously planned to kill his wife and son, and may have ended his sonâ<80><99>s life after thinking about his Nancyâ<80><99>s death and his future with a mentally retarded son. Fuhrman supported this theory.

– Fuhrman said he has seen â<80>~roid rage,â<80> with people throwing dumb bells across a gym, only to be calmed down moments later.

– Fuhrman wonders when they will start indicting the thousands of doctors falsely prescribing medication.

– Hannity noted that itâ<80><99>s possible to get such prescriptions over the internet.

– â<80><9c>Steve would mix pills,â<80> said Debra and talked about the many pills wrestlers take.

– Dr. Baden knows the effects the medication be prescribed can have on his patients.

– DNA, finger prints, etc. must all match up as Benoitâ<80><99>s to rule out another person being involved in this case, said Fuhrman.

– Sean Hannity announced in the last five minutes of his show that “Unforeseen Technical Problems In Studio” prevented The Warrior from appearing on the show. They instead focused on Debra Marshall, Mark Fuhrman (from the OJ Simpson fiasco), and Dr. Badin (made famous by the HBO series “Autopsy”).

Notes from tonight’s ‘Off the Record with Greta’

– Manny Arora joined the show. He represents Dr. Phil Astin and NFL star Adam â<80><9c>Pacmanâ<80> Jones. Arora noted that the indictment against his client has nothing to do with the Benoit case.

– Astin has 2500 patients and would see 30 to 40 patients a day. Ashin is a general practitioner.

– Aurora said itâ<80><99>s just a claim that his client prescribed 10 months of steroids every three to four weeks. Arora said that his client has never said he prescribed steroids for Benoit.

– Aurora noted that the indictment deals with patients he had seen in 2004 and 2005.

– â<80><9c>I donâ<80><99>t believe he was his doctor,â<80> said Arora of his client regarding Daniel Benoit.

– It was noted that Dr. Astin wrote prescriptions without dates, which is illegal.

– A doctor talked about the psychological effects from using steroids.

– The doctor said she expects the results of the toxicology to be known in a few days.

– It was said anytime the feds come after you with an indictment, you should be nervous.

– It was said that Astin â<80><9c>isnâ<80><99>t out of the woodsâ<80> regarding the claims he wrote all the prescriptions for steroids for Benoit. Greta pointed out, that it all has to be proven.

– A guest wonders why they havenâ<80><99>t gone after the doctor that prescribed all the medication to Anna Nicole Smith.

– They will interview Ted DiBiase next.

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