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TNA Impact for 8/16:

– Mike Tenay brings out Pacman Jones. Mike talked about how Pacman made an eventful debut at Hard Justice, and all the media attention he received. He then mentions the confrontation with Ron Killings, and then Pacman being attacked in the locker room. Tenay asked Pacman if he knows who attacked him in the locker room. Pacman gets on the mic and says he expected it to be Ron Killings, but wondered why Killings wouldn’t do it face to face, instead of jumping him from behind. Ron Killings comes out and asks Pacman why he wants to be in TNA. Killings said if “he has a beef, he eats it”. Killings said he did some research on Pacman’s history and that they are “birds of a feather”. They get into each other’s face, then Ron Killings says that Pacman came from nothing, then turned himself into “somebody” and that he did the same thing. Killings said he came from nothing and won the NWA World Title. Killings says the media has a way of painting things, and said they can make history together. Killings says he wouldn’t jump someone from behind, and that he wants Pacman to team with him. Killings said he would help Pacman find out who jumped him, and that together “Team Pacman” could become TNA Tag Team Champions. As they’re leaving the ring and heading up the ramp, Eric Young comes out and asks Pacman for an autograph. Killings has Young turn around so Pacman can sign the back of his shirt, and Killings attacks Young from behind before leaving.

– Jim Cornette is in his office with Matt Morgan and Leticia. Triple X enters, and Christopher Daniels wants to know why he has to wrestle Jay Lethal for a shot at the X-Division Title, since Daniels already earned a title match. Cornette says that since Daniels was pinned by Lethal at Hard Justice, he will have to earn back his title shot “the old fashioned way” and beat Lethal to get the title match back. Daniels points out that Hard Justice was a tag team match, but Cornette still insists that he has to beat Lethal to get back his title shot. They leave the office, and Christian, Tomko and AJ Styles enter. Christian says that he’s moving on to bigger and better things, and that he’s not going to wrestle anymore First Blood matches with Abyss. Cornette says if he doesn’t accept the match, he won’t get any title shots in the future. Cornette also says that Abyss is willing to put his title shot at the next PPV on the line for the First Blood match, so Christian accepts.

– Jay Lethal defeated Christopher Daniels to earn the X-Division Title match at No Surrender. After the match, Daniels was furious that he lost, and had to be held back by Elix Skipper and Senshi.

– Kurt and Karen Angle enter for the “Angle Awards”, with the ring set up with trophies. Angle gets on the mic and says it is a great honor to host the first “Angle Awards”. He says it is a night to celebrate, and mocks the people who didn’t realize they were going to screw Samoa Joe. Angle says he and Karen are the best husband and wife team in sports entertainment today. They show a video package of the Angles screwing over Samoa Joe. Angle then gave an award for “Best Supporting Actor” for Kevin Nash and Karen’s fake boyfriend. Angle said they were the best team since Starsky & Hutch. Angle then gave Karen an award for being the “First Lady Of Total Nonstop Angle”. Karen thanked the “simpletons” of the Impact Zone, and when the fans booed, Kurt covered her ears. Jim Cornette came out with Matt Morgan and wondered if this was pro wrestling or the Golden Globes. Cornette congratulates Angle on winning all three TNA titles, but he wants to know which one he is going to keep and which two he is going to vacate. Angle says he is keeping all three titles. Cornette says that at PPV events, all titles have to be defended, so at No Surrender, he will have to defend all of the titles. Cornette said that he will defend the X-Division Title against Jay Lethal, he will defend the World Title against the winner of Abyss vs. Christian and he will be defending the tag titles against Team Pacman. Angle freaks out and grabs Cornette, but Matt Morgan shoves Cornette away. Security comes in to keep Angle and Morgan apart.

– Jeremy Borash interviewed Christian Cage. Cage said nobody cares about Pacman. Cage says he is going to take care of Abyss on his own, and notes that he has never submitted during his time in TNA. Samoa Joe enters and says Christian isn’t a real champion, and that he will see him at ringside. When Joe leaves, Christian calls out to AJ Styles and Tomko, saying he needs their help.

– Abyss defeated Christian Cage in a First Blood match to keep his World Title match at No Surrender. During the match Tomko came out and gave Christian a screwdriver to use, but the referee sent him to the back. Christian missed a one-man Conchairto on Abyss. AJ Styles came out and pulled a barbed wire bat from under the ring. Samoa Joe came out and chased AJ away, then took the bat away before Christian could use it. Joe hit Christian with a chair, then tossed it to Abyss, who hit Christian with it as well, and Christian was busted open. After the match, Kurt Angle came out and attacked Abyss, hitting him with the chair. Karen picked up the chair and was about to hit Abyss with it as well, but Jim Cornette appeared on the screen and announced that next week Kurt Angle would be wrestling in a handicap match against the Steiner Brothers, and if the Steiners win, they get five minutes with Karen Angle.

Xplosion Match:

– Homcide, with Hernandez, defeated Senshi, with Elix Skipper, with the Gringo Killer.

TNA Impact for 8/23:

– Gail Kim & Kazarian defeated Robert Roode & Traci Brooks in a mixed tag match when Gail pinned Traci. After the match, Roode and Traci argued, and Kazarian came back in and pushed Roode away from Traci. Roode and Kazarian fight, with Kazarian kicking Roode out of the ring with the bicycle kick. Kazarian got on the mic and said that there are a few things wrong with Roode. He says Roode is a prick, and he doesn’t know how to treat a lady. Kazarian then kissed Traci and left the ring. Traci left the wring with Roode, who kept yelling at Traci as they left.

– Ron Killings defeated Eric Young. Killings got on the mic and told the crowd to welcome the “most notorious man in sports” and brings out Pacman Jones. Pacman came out and spraypainted “Pac” on Young’s back.

– They announced that AJ Styles and Tomko tried to attack Samoa Joe in the back, and Joe chased Styles into the Impact Zone. Joe and Styles fight in the ring, then Tomko runs out, but before Tomko and Joe can battle, Christian comes out and hits Joe with a chair. Tomko gives Joe a chokeslam on the chair, followed by a one-man Conchairto by Christian.

Xplosion Match:

– Shark Boy & Petey Williams defeated Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin when Shark Boy pinned Shelley with the Dead Sea Drop and Williams hitting the Canadian Destroyer on Sabin at the same time.

TNA Impact for 8/23 continued:

– Kurt Angle defeated The Steiner Brothers. Rick Steiner hit a top rope bulldog on Angle, but Team 3D ran in as Karen Angle distracted the referee and gave Rick 3D so Angle could get the win. After the match, Kurt and Karen went to the back while Team 3D gave Scott 3D, then put him through a table with a powerbomb. Brother Ray got on the mic and announced that they had witnessed the end of the Steiners.

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