Ryan Clark

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, August 20th, 2007 (USA Network)

Location: The Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville, N.C.

Results by Dan O’Hagan

– Raw begins with no opening video or pyro, the commentary team is Jim Ross and Tazz as Jerry Lawler is still injured from last week, Randy Orton is in the ringâ<80>¦

– Orton says to take a good luck as this is the last time you will see him without the WWE Championship, he called Saturday Nightâ<80><99>s Main Event as the â<80><9c>beginning of the endâ<80>. Orton shown the footage of the RKO on John Cena through the steel chair numerous times, Orton says that bit of footage will replace Hogan slamming Andre, the Austin 3:16 birth and the Montreal Screwjob, he says that piece of footage will be shown on his induction to the Hall of Fame. Orton says that apparently John Cena isnâ<80><99>t here tonight and he doesnâ<80><99>t expect Cena to be at SummerSlam, Orton challenges Cena to come out and forfeit his WWE Title, instead Orton is greeted by Mr. McMahon. Vince starts talking about the paternity suit, fans chant â<80><9c>whoâ<80><99>s your baby?!â<80>, McMahon confirms that the child is male and so someone on the roster is his son, he says he wants his son to have the qualities that Orton does and that if he didnâ<80><99>t know Randyâ<80><99>s father he would be glad for Orton to be his son. He says his other two offspring are only in it for the money, he says he will try and find out who his son is tonight. He says he hopes his son is not like a John Cena, Cena is then shown on the tron arriving at the arena, he makes his way to the entrance as Vince and Orton a wait. Orton jumps the rail and stands on the crowd side, Cena tells Vince nobody likes him and he would be ashamed to call Vince â<80><9c>Dadâ<80>, Cena says his message is that he will be at SummerSlam and he will retain the WWE Title, Vince tells Cena if he doesnâ<80><99>t turn up, he will strip Cena of the title. Vince says speaking of stripping, he spent a lot of time in Mass. And could very well of done Cenaâ<80><99>s mom! Cena then slaps the hell out of Vince!! Vince then tells Cena he will be in action tonight against the undefeated Snitskyâ<80>¦Randy looks on smirking.

– Up next; Candice Michelle & Mickie James vs. Melina & Beth Phoenix. Mickie James is wrestling in very tight jeans tonight. This is super hot.

– A Rey Mysterio returns video for SummerSlam airs

(1) Melina & Beth Phoenix vs. Womenâ<80><99>s Champion Candice Michelle & Mickie James

Candice has a new modified entrance theme, GM William Regal announces that at SummerSlam all the divas from all 3 brands will be in a Battle Royal to determine a new #1 contender for Candice. Short but nice match with lots of tight jean ass shots heheh!!, Candice gets the pin on Melina, after the match Mickie throws Candice from the ring, Melina throws Mickie from the ring and Beth throws Melina from the ring

– Later tonight; Carlitoâ<80><99>s Cabana with Intercontinental Champion Umaga

– Santino Marella is in Regalâ<80><99>s office again complaining about Maria and Ron Simmons, Regal warns Santino to leave them alone

– King Booker and Queen Sharmell are talking backstage, booker addresses Trips as Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Booker says he knows HHH is in the arena tonight, and he invites him to join him in the ring later for King Bookerâ<80><99>s official crowning.

– Vince and Coach are speculating Vinceâ<80><99>s son backstage, they run into Val Venis who says â<80><9c>Hellooooo Daddy!!â<80> they then run into Daivari who hugs Vince and puts his headdress on Vinceâ<80><99>s head, Vince yells at Daivari before walking off, they then see Mr. Kennedy, Vince smiles at Kennedy and walks off again.

(2) Shelton Benjamin w/ Charlie Haas vs. Cody Rhodes

Benjamin dominates Cody early, keeping him grounded and working over his back. Cody fires back with a few dropkicks and a bulldog, Cody gets a 2 count, Cody then counters Benjamin into a roll up for the win. Afterwards Haas and Benjamin double team Cody hitting him with their finisher.

(3) World Tag Team Champions Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick

the high fliers keep the hard hitters down and under control, tag champs are getting no offence, during the match Cryme Tyme steal Trevor Murdochâ<80><99>s hat and sell it for $2! With Cade and Murdoch distracted Kendrick gets the pin and victory on Cade!

– Up next; the official crowning of King Booker.

– Royal Crowning; Sharmell says King Booker will defeat Triple H at SummerSlam, Booker talks about Jerome Lawler, he says Jerome announced Bookerâ<80><99>s opponent for SSlam in an attempt to intimidate him, Booker then shows the video of him taking out Lawler last week. He says tonight he will be crowned by Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Booker invites HHH to come to the ring. Triple Hâ<80><99>s music hits and a guy dressed like HHH comes to the ring, he is wearing a blonde wig and a fake big nose, the fake HHH then places the crown on Bookerâ<80><99>s head and bows down to him, he tells fake H he will see him at SummerSlam before dismissing him. Booker turns his attention to â<80><9c>James Rossâ<80> and tells â<80><9c>Tazzwellâ<80> this doesnâ<80><99>t concern him, Booker questions James about the comments he made about him last week, he says Ross can redeem himself by kissing Bookerâ<80><99>s royal ring, J.R. refuses but Sharmell shoves J.R.â<80><99>s face down onto Bookerâ<80><99>s hand to force him to kiss the ring. Booker says â<80><9c>that wasnâ<80><99>t so hard was itâ<80> before shoving J.R. back down into his seat. Booker and Sharmell leave posing.

– Back in the restaurant, Jillian is â<80><9c>singingâ<80>, at the table Santino has a guy read from a piece of paper, he comments on how good Maria and Santino look together and how big Santinoâ<80><99>s gentiles are!

– Carlitoâ<80><99>s Cabana; Umaga doesnâ<80><99>t say anything just paces around the Cabana set, Carlito challenges Umaga to a Intercontinental Championship match at SummerSlam, before Umaga can respond Mr. Kennedy makes his way to the ring, he says Umaga deserves respect but Kennedy did something Umaga couldnâ<80><99>t do: defeat Bobby Lashley! He says he took Lashley out and so he deserves a Intercontinental Title match at SummerSlam, Kennedy goes to scream his name but Umaga kicks the hell out of him! Carlito runs from the ring and Umaga destroys the set!

William Regal comes out and makes a #1 Contenders match between Carlito and Mr. Kennedy for the IC Title at SummerSlam next.

(4) Intercontinental #1 Contenders Match for SummerSlam – Carlito vs. Mr. Kennedy

back from the commercials, Carlito is dominating Kennedy. Carlito and Kennedy are going back and forth, Kennedy takes Carlito out on the outside. Back from more commercials Kennedy is taking it to Carlito, Carlito hits a suplex from the turnbuckle, both men get into a pinning combination and both are counted down for the 3, the referee calls the match a draw, William Regal then decides at SummerSlam Umaga will defend the Intercontinental Championship against both Carlito & Mr. Kennedy in a Triple Threat Match.

– A Triple H returns video for SummerSlam airs

– Again in the restaurant, Santino threatens Simmons, Simmons shoves the waiter into Santino spilling food all over him, Simmons yells â<80><9c>Damn!â<80> at Santino!

– J.R. and Tazz run down the current SummerSlam card

– Backstage Vince is trying to chat up Melina, Snitsky appears and tells Vince he never knew his parents, he says tonight he is going to cause John Cena pain, he calls Vince â<80><9c>Dadâ<80> before walking off

(5) Snitsky vs. WWE Champion John Cena

Snitsky dominates most of the match, Cena tries to go for an FU, Orton runs into the ring and RKOâ<80><99>s Cena, Orton then waits for Cena to get up before RKOing him again, Orton then grabs the WWE Title and stares at it as Raw goes off the airâ<80>¦

Donâ<80><99>t forget, Raw next week will air live at 9/8 CT on the Sci-Fi network.

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