Loads More Feedback: Cryptic Video Message

Ryan Clark

Here is lots more of your feedback regarding the cryptic video that played on RAW this week. You guys are nuts today with these emails!! Besides a wrestling death I don think I’ve ever received this much feedback to a story.


Shane from Clarksville sent this one: It’s pretty apparent just from the falling letters that it’s for Jericho. Apparently, I’m the only person that remembers back when he debuted and had that style of intro video that would trickle down with scrambling letters in columns and would spell out Y2J at the bottom. There really is no debate, here, it’s him.

Stephen sent this one: Chris Jericho does not have MYSPACE. It’s listed on his website that anyone on there is impersonating him.

Michael sent this one: In the video Survivor_99 appears on the screen multiple times.Chris Jericho had his first title shot at Survivor Series ’99 against Chyna for the Intercontinental Championship. Also WM_Triple appears on the screen. At Wrestlemania 2000,his first Wrestlemania, Jericho won an Elimination Triple Threat Match to win the Intercontinental Championship.

Brian sent this one: My name Is Brian Angel and I did some browsing on Myspace and this is what was in Chris Jericho’s About Me Section of his profile. “Well, I never planned to be away that long, and absolutely I plan on coming back. Iâ<80><99>ve just had a lot of projects Iâ<80><99>ve been working on, and each time one finishes up, another one starts, but I do hope the time will come soon that I come back and Iâ<80><99>ll be better than ever.

Gavin sent this one: If you watch the last 1-2 seconds of the video the number in the center changes as does the numbers around it. The only difference is that the numbers around the outside are very random numbers and the number in the center counts down from …5…4…3…2…1….Save_Us.222 Heres a pic i pulled off. Just look at the center number http://i114.photobucket.com/albums/n258/axlme/1-5.gif

Tim sent this one: 15 Seconds into the Video the number appear in a way that Y2J’s entrance video appeared, almost like a countdown clock. RAW_IS_Y2J Thought this may be worthy. Thanks.

BRION DOWDEN sent this one: so stick with me its complicated if you take the 222 out of the saveus_222 you can make it into y2j out of the alphabet. First write the alphabet down. Then take the first 2 and go from z backward you get Y. Then just use the second 2 as 2. Then mark out the vouls AEIOU count ever 3 letters as 1 and count to 2. what do you get none other then J. Y2J could it be who knows but it looks like it. fell free to use this and word it best as you see fitted all i want is some credit thanks

Jim A. sent this one: Hi, I was watching the video on Youtube, and I noticed that if you slow it down Frame by Frame, you see the word “Ass” show up several times. You also see “Triple_Threat_WMM99” Pop up several times. This leads me to believe it is in face Billy Gunn, as there are no Jericho refs in the message, just a lot of Billy Gunn. Hope this is some help. Thanks.

Chris Fitzpatrick, Ramsey sent this one: The video – is this just me or does it resemble the graphic from the Jeritron 5000 from the old Highlight Reel days?


Bret sent this one: Hey Ryan, While I believe the message refers to Y2J a friend of mine brought up to good points as to why it may be some one else one possibility thought I doubt is Gail Kim (( when she debuted in the wwe she had the Matrix like gimmick and the message fits it )) but I think if its not y2j it could be Edge or even lita ((why lita?)) I noticed something odd on her website Sunday night and it was removed some time last nite it said countdown big news in october from Amy. this could all be a coincidence but you never know with WWE.

Deepak Sharma sent this one: At roughly at seconds in, listen closely and you can hear the words â<80>~Iâ<80><99>m BACK!!” Just thought Iâ<80><99>d pass it along

Steve sent this one in: It says on Chris Jericho’s myspace: Despite his strong Christian beliefs, Jericho’s stage name was not directly inspired by the ancient Biblical city of Jericho, but from heavy metal album entitled Walls of Jericho by the German power metal band Helloween. So with all the hints and with his schedule looking like it does, the date of Halloween RAW could be where Jericho could redebut. However as it is usual with him and his myspace this could all be to mess with everyone and the cryptic message could be someone totally different like BA Billy Gunn

Kyle sent this one in: I found an interesting fact on about Chris jericho, and is possible return. It was a YouTube comment that said: “August 9, 1999 at Allstate Arena in Chicago, Jericho debuted and claimed he was coming to save the WWF(E). No Mercy is at the Allstate Arena this year.”Maybe Jericho comes back to the Allstate Arena?

Ryan sent this one: Hey im an active reader of Wrestlingattitude.com and i decided to do my own research on the raw video. these terms come up often (used my dvr recorder for SUPER slow motion)















Danny sent this one: Hoping the video relates to Jericho after 2 years off our screens.

It don’t want to build up my hopes too much, although I’m enjoying believing this is Jericho related.

About the “cryptic” video –

– I see it like this – it refers to Cyber Sunday AND Chris Jericho. In this case Y2J returning at Cyber Sunday (the 222nd PPV?) and “Save Us” referring to Jericho’s debut persona when he came to “save the WWF”.

– Just last week a fan had a “Save Us Y2J” sign. Spooky.

– Classic references such as WM99, HEAT, JAKKED, LIVEWIRE. Livewire is also a Fozzy song.

– CD_VOLUME4_1 (Confirmed on Amazon that Track 1 of WWF The Music, Volume 4 is “Break the Walls Down”)

– “Colour” appears in video, spelt Colour not Color. Canadian spelling?

– Colour schemes similar to his older titantron.

– Based on a “bug” theme. Y2J/Y2K original persona. Relates with Cyber Sunday as something could go wrong with the voting in a particular match (WWE Championship my guess) and Jericho is revealed. Jericho was billed as having the concept for Taboo Tuesday/Cyber Sunday on-screen also.

– Other clues don’t really fit, could be used as decoys, or could be that this isn’t Y2J at all of course.

– In one of Jericho’s older titantron countdowns, it can be paused at 2.22 seconds in the countdown. Fans will know the one I’m talking about.

– At the end of the video a countdown does appear, which is what got me most excited as that ties in with Jericho completely.

– If the voice is really saying “I’m back” then it has to be somebody who was once in WWE.

– “222” could refer to Y is 2nd last letter in the alphabet, 2 is self explanatory, The J is the 2nd initial of Jericho (CJ).

– Chicago debut, Chicago Cyber Sunday?

– “SMACK_BROUGHT1” – He “brought” Cena to Smackdown in the draft, at least on the Highlight Reel

– “RAW_WAR” RAW was RAW is WAR back in his debut, of course.

– Chris Jericho’s tagline on his official Myspace page www.myspace.com/therockofjericho is “I’m coming back”. Could be a tease. Could be relevant. I wouldn’t write that this Confirms anything, I know Chris probably wouldn’t “spoil” his own return.

Other clues to but I thought i’d just write these I’m thinking. All speculation yet but the Jericholics (me included) are taking it as the return of Y2J.

Danny Bee


BOBCAT_2009 sent this one: If you look at Chris Jerichos debut he says “Chris Jericho is here to save the WWF.” And the promo on RAW says SAVE_US. I just thought that may help tie Y2J to the promo.

Bill from Queens NY sent this one: I am a huge Jericho-holic and I have been reading what everyone has to say. I so hope he returns to WWE. While I have been playing the clip back over and over again pausing and playing etc etc, I stummbled upon one part that had the word “catman” in it. Now this might be a strech of the imagination here but think back to the early Jericho day when he was known as “the Lion Tamer”. Just a little hope for me to sleep better at night now.

Bill, Chicago IL sent this one: With the SAVE_US.222 video showing the phrase “7OCT” all over on one frame, I think it DOES MEAN Jericho is returning at No Mercy. Another reason to back this up is the fact that Jericho made his 1st WWE appearance at RAW in Chicago, and the No Mercy PPV is also in Chicago.

Erik sent this one: Just a quick note on Chris Jericho. His debut in the WWE was in Chicago at the Allstate Arena. Someone pointed out that somewhere in the cryptic message it said “7OCT” He may be returning at the No Mercy Pay Per View from Chicago on October 7, the place where he made his debut in the first place. Just a thought

TYLER BELL in PADUCAH, KY sent this one: Okay so i took a close look at the message and zoomed into 00:04 frame. This is what i saw…the J is upside down and the E is backwards…the rest is clear!….MR KENNEDY ROCKS!!!

??? sent this one: Found this web sight

http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/w/walls_of_jericho/a_little_piece_of_me_tab.htm Name of band: walls of Jericho. 222 is through out the whole song

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