Ryan Clark

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, October 1st, 2007 (USA Network)

Location: The Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio

Results by Dan O’Hagan

– Opening video and pyro goes off, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcome us to Raw.

– Later Tonight: John Cena vs. Mr. Kennedy for the 1st Time Ever

– 3 Unknown men are in the ring dressed in wrestling attire, Mr. McMahon makes his way to the ring, he says a main event worth being on WrestleMania will take place tonight, Triple H vs. Mr. McMahon. McMahon says he guarantees victory, he says actions speak louder than words, Vince then shows a video package of every time he has beaten or gotten the best of Triple H. He says the 3 men represent 3 different fighting styles, one is an amateur wrestler, one is a karate champion and the other is a sumo champion. Vince says he is going to put on a demonstration, he takes off his jacket and tie, the 3 men get ready to compete, Vince then backs off and brings out Umaga to take on the guys. Umaga demolishes them all easily, he has a new huge tattoo on his back.

(1) 6 Man Tag Team Match ��” Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy, Brian Kendrick & Paul London vs. Shelton Benjamin and World Tag Team Champions Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

babyfaces have the advantage early, heels soon take control, Hardy tagged in and dominates Cade. London takes out Benjamin on the outside, Kendrick knocks down Murdoch and hits the Sliced Bread #2 on Cade, Hardy then hits the Swanton on Cade for the victory.

– William Regal is backstage in his office, Mr. McMahon welcomes Regal back to Raw and commends him on making Kennedy vs. Cena, McMahon then asks Regal to look after Hornswoggle tonight!

– Next up; we will hear from Randy Orton

– Randy Orton is with us via satellite, he says he opted not to be at Raw tonight due to Cenaâ<80><99>s current state of mind. We are shown the footage of Randy attacking Mr. Cena. Orton says â<80><9c>like father, like sonâ<80>, meaning John will also fall to Orton at No Mercy. He finishes by telling the fans the next time they see him on Raw, he will be WWE Champion.

– Cleveland Indians are shown ringside

– A video package of the WWE Diva Hopefuls competing in an Obstacle Course is shown.

– Backstage William Regal is looking for Hornswoggle. He runs into The Highlanders and asks them why they turned down a match against London & Kendrick tonight, they said the only match they are interested in is a match for the World Tag Team Championships, Rory says they came to the WWE to become Tag Champs, and thatâ<80><99>s what they are going to do whether Regal likes it or not.

(2) Cody Rhodes vs. Hardcore Holly

solid match. Holly sneaks in an Alabama Slam for the victory, Holly stares at Cody for a while before shaking his head and walking away.

– Beth Phoenix makes her way to the ring, Lilian goes to leave but Beth stops and asks her to have a practice at announcing Beth as the new Womenâ<80><99>s Champion, Lilian does but adds â<80><9c>assuming you can beat Candiceâ<80> on the end of it. Beth grabs Lilian by the throat, Candice makes the save and knocks Beth from the ring, both women stare each other down.

– Triple H is seen backstage taping his wrists. Up next; Mr. McMahon vs. Triple H.

(3) Mr. McMahon vs. Triple H

Before Triple H comes out, McMahon shows the video of Triple H taking out Umaga with the sledgehammer last month. McMahon cuts Hâ<80><99>s entrance short and yells to get on with fighting, McMahon realizes there is no referee so he yells for one, out comes Carlito with a referee shirt on, he will be the official. McMahon slaps H before the bell rings. The match officially starts and Vince keeps running from the ring, H eventually catches Vince and pummels him on the outside, Carlito gets in Hâ<80><99>s face and shoves him, H shoves him back and puts McMahon in the ring, he goes for the Pedigree but Carlito hits the Backstabber on HHH, he puts Vince on top and tries to fast count H down but he manages to kick out. Triple H then low blows Vince and attacks Carlito, Carlito disqualifies HHH giving Vince the win for the 2nd week in a row. Umaga makes his way to the ring and he and HHH go at it, Umaga eventually gets the advantage hitting HHH with his running turnbuckle move, Umaga seta up H for the Samoan Spike but Carlito decides to knock H from the ring, Umaga is angry with Carlito and yells at him, Carlito backs up the ramp allowing H time to recover, he has his sledgehammer in hand, Umaga looks to not be backing down but Vince persuades him to leave it until No Mercy. Triple H is stood in the ring yelling at Vince and Umaga.

– â<80><9c>Marella at the Moviesâ<80> is a new segment in the ring, the set is a red carpet with 2 directors chairs. Santino and Maria make their way to the ring, Santino says this week he is going to review The Condemned. Santino bashes the movie, Maria says she actually likes Stone Cold and enjoyed the movie. Santino shows a video package with himself in it saying that is how the movie should have ended. Val Venis cuts Santino off and makes his way to the ring. Val says he has experience in the movie business, he then asks Maria if she would like to star in his new movie, the sequel to â<80><9c>Mr. Woodcock!â<80> Marella tries to take Maria away, Val says she could always star in a movie about Santinoâ<80><99>s love making skills, â<80><9c>Superbag!â<80>. Santino attacks Val targeting his knee, he leaves Val lying on the mat.

– Todd Grisham interviews John Cena backstage, he acknowledges what some fans say about him (Weâ<80><99>ve Cena Nuff and Cena Sucks) Cena says â<80><9c>theyâ<80> can say what they like. At No Mercy he will not stay down, no matter what Orton hits him with he will keep getting up and at No Mercy he will give them something â<80><9c>theyâ<80> wonâ<80><99>t forget.

(4) Melina vs. Mickie James

Melina has the advantage, she sets up Mickie for a reverse-DDT but starts screaming, we then see itâ<80><99>s because Hornswoggle has popped his head up through the ring skirt, this distraction allows Mickie to roll up Melina for the win. After the match Melina chases Hornswoggle under the ring, they are under there for a few seconds until Hornswoggle comes out the other side with Melinaâ<80><99>s top in his hands! He then goes back under and Melina can be heard screaming from under the ring, he then comes back out with Melinaâ<80><99>s wrestling tights! Hornswoggle skips away up the ramp as Melina has her head popped out the side of the ring skirt screaming at Hornswoggle to give her her clothes back!

– In Regalâ<80><99>s office he is yelling at Hornswoggle to give Melina her clothes back. He starts kicking himself in the head and Regal asks where he got that from, Hornswoggle points behind Regal and Steve-O is stood there, he says he is going to find a wuss to turn into a man.

– J.R. and King run down the No Mercy card

– Steve-O approaches Ron Simmons backstage and claims he can make Simmons more manly, Simmons throws Steve-O through the exit and yells â<80><9c>Damnâ<80>

(5) WWE Champion John Cena vs. Mr. Kennedy

Good match, fans are split . Cena wins with the STFU. After the match Randy Orton appears behind Cena and RKOâ<80><99>s him, he then takes Cena to the outside and hits him with the steel steps. He then puts Cena on the announce table and RKOâ<80><99>s him on it, Cena rolls onto the floor, Orton gets in Cenaâ<80><99>s face and yells 1 to 10, Cena fails to respond. Orton gets in the ring and stares down at Cena with a sadistic look.

– Before Raw goes off air, Steve-O comes back in the door and gets in Simmons face. Simmons asks if Steve-O has somewhere he needs to be. He says yeah, his show starts now, so Simmons throws him out the door again!

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