Ryan Clark

Event: WWE No Mercy Pay-Per-View

Airdate: Sunday, October 7th, 2007 (Live On PPV)

Location: The Allstate Arena in Chicago, Ill.

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– The WWE promo hits.

– A video package airs focusing on a new WWE Champion being crowned tonight.

– A graphic opening then welcomes us to No Mercy as we go live to the Allstate Arena.

– The PPV kicks off with Vince McMahon and William Regal coming to the ring. McMahon gets on the mic and talks about John Cena being injured on Monday Night Raw and how he will be out of action for the next six months to a year. McMahon promises a new WWE Champion will be crowned as the camera shows a shot of a table covered with a red cloth. Fans in Chicago chant “Y2J” loudly. He said the fans won’t get to see that as McMahon declares Randy Orton as the NEW WWE Champion. Orton comes out and holds up the title. Regal told Orton that he must defend the title tonight and that Orton must decide who he will face tonight in the main event. Orton gets on the mic and confirms one person he won’t be wrestling tonight – John Cena. Fans still chanting for “Y2J” in Chicago. Orton starts to trash Cena when Triple H’s music hits. Triple H gets on the mic and offers Orton vs. Triple H tonight for the title. Orton says no. Triple H asks the fans in Chicago if they want to see that and they cheer loudly in response. He told Vince he should always give the fans what they want. Vince gives in and makes Orton vs. Triple H for the WWE Title. That match starts right now.

Triple H defeated Randy Orton to become the NEW WWE Champion. The match kicked off with Orton taking Triple H to the ground applying a sleeper. Big spot with Triple H connecting with a superplex on Orton. Triple H with a Spinebuster on Orton, covers, but only gets a two count. Orton responds with a quick DDT. Orton attempts an RKO, but Triple H counters and attempts a Pedigree. Orton counters the Pedigree into a back body drop. Triple H gets the Figure Four locked in, but Orton breaks it up getting to the ropes. The finish saw Orton miss a tackle in the corner allowing Triple H to roll him up for the pinfall to become the NEW WWE Champion. Triple H is now an 11-time WWE Champion. After the match, Orton is shocked. Crowd in Chicago was really into the finish.

– A promo for WrestleMania 24 airs.

– Backstage, a shot of shocked Randy Orton is shown. Vince McMahon sees Orton, stares him down and then walks away.

Mr. Kennedy & World Tag Team Champions Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch defeated WWE Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy, Paul London & Brian Kendrick in a “Bonus Match.” Although it didn’t go very long, lots of solid action and another good match with a hot crowd in Chicago. At one point Hardy hit the Swanton Bomb on Murdoch, but Cade made the save during the pinfall attempt. The finish saw Kennedy hit the Green Bay Plunge on London for the pinfall.

– Backstage, newly crowned WWE Champion Triple H is with World Heavyweight Champion Batista. Vince McMahon shows up and said since he is all about giving the fans what they want to see, he announces that Triple H’s match with Umaga tonight will be for the WWE Title.

CM Punk defeated Big Daddy V via DQ; Punk retains the ECW Title. Punk got a great reaction from his hometown crowd tonight in Chicago. This one didn’t last long as Matt Striker interfered causing a DQ. After the match, Big Daddy V took out Punk by dropping some power elbows over Punk. Punk was shown bleeding from the mouth as a result of the elbow drops. Punk was helped to the back.

– A promo airs advertising that MVP & Matt Hardy will defend the WWE Tag Team Titles against The Undertaker & Kane this week on Friday Night Smackdown.

– JBL and Michael Cole recap the recent events between MVP and Matt Hardy on Smackdown. In the ring, Tazz has a mic and is by a table with pizza for a pizza eating contest. Tazz introduced Maria and Melina who will act as judges apparently. MVP and Matt Hardy come out to the ring. MVP trashed Chicago saying he doesn’t eat garbage like this and that each pizza slice is full of calories. Both argue a bit and then finally sit down to start the contest. Melina is counting for MVP, while Maria is counting for Hardy. They put up a 2:00 minute clock to see how much pizza they can eat. Hardy eats two pizzas to MVP’s none. Hardy then ends up throwing up on MVP because he ate so much.

– A promo for Cyber Sunday on October 28 airs.

Triple H defeated Umaga to retain the WWE Title. A video package aired highlighting the events between Triple H and Umaga. This one didn’t go very long with lots of back and forth action between Triple H and Umaga. They brawled to the outside of the ring and Umaga sent Triple H face first into the steel steps. Umaga worked on Triple H’s ribs and Triple H sold he was injured for the remainder of the match. The finish saw Umaga miss a charge in the corner and Triple H hit the Pedigree on Umaga for the pinfall to retain the WWE Title.

– A shot of the Punjabi Prison structure is shown above the ring. Backstage, The Great Khali’s manager talks about Khali’s World Title Match with Batista tonight.

Rey Mysterio vs. Finlay ended in a No Contest. Very good match that went longer than most matches earlier tonight. One spot saw Finlay send Mysterio shoulder first into the ring post. A majority of Finlay’s focus during the match was on Mysterio’s left arm/shoulder. They did a spot where Finlay took a big bump on the floor and made it seem like he was knocked out. They brought a stretcher out and put a neckbrace on Finlay. As they were about to take Finlay to the back, Finlay sat up and attacked Mysterio. Finlay kicked Mysterio on the ground and got TONS of heat from the crowd in Chicago.

– Another Save_us.222 video aired.

– Backstage, Triple H is icing himself down when Vince McMahon shows up. McMahon said history would be made tonight and the night wasn’t done yet. He announced that Orton has requested his rematch for tonight and that Triple H would defend the WWE Title against Orton in a Last Man Standing Match. McMahon wishes Triple H good luck.

Beth Phoenix defeated Candice Michelle to become the NEW WWE Women’s Champion. Another short match that saw Phoenix get the win with a fishermans suplex to get the win and become the new WWE Women’s Champion. Phoenix started crying when she got the win. Jerry Lawler did a post-match interview and Phoenix said tonight was the start of a new era in WWE – the Glamazon era.

– Another promo for Cyber Sunday aired.

– Back live, the Punjabi Prison structure begins to lower. A video package then airs highlighting the events between Batista and The Great Khali.

* Another Cyber Sunday PPV promo air. We will vote on the stip for the WWE title match.

* The Punjabi Prison structure lowered around the ring.

* They aired highlights of the Khali-Batista saga.

Batista defeated The Great Khali to retain the World Heavyweight Title in a Punjabi Prison Match. The winner of the match must escape both structures in order to win. Batista called for a door to be opened, but he was unable to escape in the 60 seconds he was given to do so. Two doors now remain. Khali started attacking Batista with a leather strap. Khali called for another door to be opened. Batista gave Khali a spinebuster, so no one could escape through the third door. One door remains now. Batista then used the leather strap on Khali and then tried to climb over the first part of the structure. Batista was unable to do so and Khali put the Vice Grip on Baitsta. Khali called for another door to be opened, but Batista gave Khali a low blow. All four doors are now locked shut, so you must climb. Khali got out of the first cage and then Batista jumped from the first to the other. Both men then started climbing out and Batista was the first to escape to get the win and retain the World Title.

– At ringside, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler recap what happened during the night involving the WWE Title.

– Backstage, Todd Grisham was with Triple H. He is asked what he has left. Triple H said the game is just getting started.

Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship: Randy Orton vs. Triple H. Early on, Orton went to work on Triple H’s “injured” ribs. Orton dropped Triple H back first onto the security wall. Triple H gets up at six, as they battle outside the ring. Orton rammed Triple H into the ring steps. Triple H answers the count once again at six. Orton wrapped television cable around Triple H’s neck. Triple H got up at nine! On the outside, Orton hit Triple H win a TV monitor. On the announcer’s table, Orton tried the RKO, but Triple H pushed him and he crashed the ECW announcer’s table. Orton got up at nine. Orton got up at nine. Spinbuster by HHH on the arena floor. Orton got up at nine again. Triple H hit Orton with the ring steps, but Orton gets up at nine again. In the ring, Orton DDTs Triple H on a chair. Orton RKO-ed Triple H on a set up chair in the ring. Triple H gets up at nine, and does the DX chop as he bleeds from his forehead. Triple H blocked an attempted kick to the head. Clothesline by Triple H. They brawl into the Smackdown announce table. Triple H places Orton on the Raw announce table, but Orton falls off. Orton goes to hit Triple H with the ring steps, but Hunter low blows Orton. Triple H hits a chair shot on Orton as his head was on the ring steps. Orton started to bleed. Orton got up at nine again. RKO by Orton onto Triple H on the Raw announce table as the referee started his count. Hunter could not answer the 10-count, and Orton wins the title back at 20:27. NEW CHAMPION – Randy Orton.

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