Sean O’Mac’s Take On Monday Night Raw – 10/29


Apologies for the tardiness of this week’s Take on Raw, folks. Had some technical difficulties with my cable modem that kept me offline for a while.

The Raw Rebound took on new meaning tonight. Cyber Sunday was, as I said in my Take, a snoozer – but the next day’s Raw brought my interest levels back up. Some interesting storyline developments are already in play as we look ahead to the next pay-per-view event – Survivor Series.

Already, from this one episode, we have much anticipation built up. What I find interesting is that in early polls, the loyal visitors of Wrestle Zone are grading the show an “F!” Well, I was never one to follow the flow – so let’s dive in, shall we?


If we subscribe to the thought that Headliners would be developments that specifically draw fans back for the next show, then there were a few of them that rated mention in this week’s Headliners section.

First, we know already – barring any big developments – what one main event at Survivor Series will be: Shawn Michaels gets his rematch against Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. This one was revealed when HBK came out to the ring during the second segment of Raw. He thanked everyone who voted him into the championship match at Cyber Sunday, then said he had some good news and bad news.

The good news was that once again, he had knocked Randy Orton out with some Sweet Chin Music. The bad news – HBK did not have the WWE Championship to show for it. In one of the funnier moments of the night, HBK said he had proof that Orton had intentionally gotten himself disqualified because, while others in the back might brag about the size of their grapefruits, Orton had to have “pinpoint accuracy” to hit Michael’s “bad boys.”

He said he wanted his rematch, and in response VKM came down to the ring. Vince said he knew HBK wanted to be champion again, but that there was something else he wanted almost as much – revenge. Vince said he’s known Shawn since he was 23 years old and that he might read the Bible now and then, but that deep down there was a part of his soul that was rotten.

The Showstopper went off, admitting that he wanted revenge. He said that he wanted to hurt Orton, make him suffer, take him out in the prime of his life. Vince disappointed the crowd when he said that Survivor Series was an aptly named PPV – and that Michael would get his rematch.

HBK then put up a superkick toward VKM, intentionally missing but sending Vince falling to the mat and scurrying out of the ring.

Another Headliner came in from a later segment involving Santino Marella. We all know he’s been continuing to slam Stone Cold Steve Austin and his movie, The Condemned. We’ve all be expecting that any day now SC will show up, dish out a stunner, and chug some beer. Now, after a bit where Marella even donned a skull cap and imitated Austin, we know when it will happen – next week on Raw.

Granted, we all know what’s coming. It’s the same as it ever was. But Austin showing up on next week’s Raw will still no doubt draw some viewers.

And one final Headliner – Degeneration X will be back for a “one-time only” appearance next week on Raw when they will take on Orton and Umaga in tag team action.


I have to say although the caliber of women’s matches had picked up recently, I found no joy in watching the Divas have a battle royal in Halloween costumes. Well, maybe except for seeing Maria in that pussycat outfit again. Kelly Kelly won the thing, but was then destroyed by Beth Phoenix – who didn’t participate – for her trouble.

And are they actually going to have romance bloom between Mickie James and Trevor Murdoch? It may seem that way as the two met in back and she thanked him for saving her last week from a clothesline by Lance Cade. He said it was just instinct and that he didn’t want to see an innocent girl get hurt – to which she replied “I’m not so innocent.” Then Cade showed up, none too happy to see the pair talking and even telling his partner that James was “way out of his league.” Are they going to break this tag team up over this? Or will Murdoch end up turning at some point and dishing out that clothesline to James himself? I guess we’ll find out eventually, but this one is just a little too “soapy” for my taste.


After some contemplation, I’m giving this High-Fliers section to the tag-team match with Jeff Hardy and newcomer D.H. Smith against Carlito and Mr. Kennedy. Smith, the son of the late British Bulldog, appears to be getting quite a push early on and was able to show some “mettle” in this match.

Hardy started things off against Kennedy, who had beaten him at Cyber Sunday. After some of the normal lock-ups and exchanges, Kennedy would get the upper hand with a hard knee to the gut. Carlito was tagged in, but it wasn’t long before Hardy was fighting his way out of the corner to tagging in Smith.

Meanwhile, Kennedy appeared to be quite over with this crowd, as “We want Kennedy” chants could be heard as he waited on the ring apron for his next turn in the match.

Smith had an arm bar on Carlito, but Mr. Cool would fight out with a knee to the midsection and start unloading on Smith in the corner with fists and chops. Smith would recover well enough to put Carlito out of the ring and to the floor below, and Hardy would do the same to Mr. Kennedy as he jumped in to protect his partner’s back.

Back from the break, and Carlito and D.H. are on the mat with Carlito having a leg lock on Smith. Apparently, during the break, Kennedy dealt out some punishment to the leg of Smith and now the newcomer had a target drawn on him. Smith fought his way out, but Carlito nailed another blow to the knee and tagged in Kennedy.

Kennedy continued the focus on the leg of Smith and also dealt some kicks to the head. Kennedy then hit a cheap shot on the waiting Hardy, which provided a distraction for Carlito to come in without a tag. The referee would have none of it, however, and Carlito was forced to leave the ring. The pair then sarcastically held up their hands and hesitated with the tag, asking the ref if he was watching, before they officially tagged in.

Carlito continued working on the leg and knee of Smith, who was selling the pain well. Another quick tag to Kennedy and soon, Smith would nail a kick to the head – leading to both getting a tag.

Hardy went off, taking down Carlito with a clothesline, elbow and wraparound clothesline. Carlito got in an elbow while trying to fight back, but that was no match for the soon-after Whisper in the Wind that he felt from Hardy. A near fall was broken up by Kennedy.

Smith came in to protect his partner from the double team, but was taken down with a kick to the already damaged knee. Kennedy then charged with a big boot in the corner, but Smith moved just in time to make the result unfavorable for Kennedy and his “bad boys.” A Twist of Fate on Carlito was nailed by Hardy, quickly followed by a Swanton Bomb for the win.

Keep watching Smith, fans. He’s showing great potential in just his first two matches and I expect to see a lot more good things from him!


– No Y2J showings tonight. A new promo aired, however, that had all sorts of new material in it. I didn’t catch it all, and still hasn’t posted the new one. I do remember seeing something about Initialize Launch, and a lot of focus on the number 19. Also, Break the Code could be seen.

– Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes teamed up to take on the World’s Greatest Tag Team, with Rhodes getting the pin after a DDT on Charlie Haas. Holly still just kinda stared Rhodes down after the match, leaving Rhodes wondering what he has to do to finally earn Holly’s respect.

– They recapped Candice Michelle’s injury, noting that she broke her collar bone in two places. The Glamazon, Beth Phoenix, did a promo saying that all the months of training by Michelle in an attempt to be “more than a pretty face” were for nothing and that she could go back to Wisconsin, have kids, wait tables, and tell everyone that all her hopes and dreams were crushed by The Glamazon.

– VKM had a sit-down with Hornswoggle, telling him that in order to truly be a McMahon the little guy had to learn how to hate – pumping up Hornswoggle for his match against Coach. Mick Foley ended up being the special guest referee for the match, much to Hornswoggle’s delight, and helped the little guy pick up a win over Coachman. Foley even broke out a smaller version of Socko for Hornswoggle to use, which he turned into a testicular claw.

– Lance Cade picked up a win over Paul London, followed by a message to the tag team champs as The Highlanders came out, destroyed London and Kendrick, and stared the tag champs down.

– Orton and Umaga once more got a handicap match against HHH, and quickly had the upper hand on The Game. Shawn Michaels ran out for the save, however, and the former DX duo took the heels out and played the crowd with some crotch-chops and X signs over their heads.

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