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Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, December 3rd, 2007 (USA Network)

Location: The North Charleton Coliseum in North Charleston, S.C.

Results by Dan O’Hagan

We start with clips from last week. Yes, I know it was the Cookie Monster and not Elmo. I fail at Sesame Street. We see Jericho’s challenge, Flair’s retirement dodging match with Randy Orton and the subsequent chicanery with Jericho costing Orton the match.

PROMO TIME ��” Chris Jericho. As promised he opens the show. I wonder why they didn’t update his music along with his Titantron and ring gear? “Welcome to Raw is Jericho”. He reminds us came back to Raw to win the WWE title. He points out that Chico Morales (heh) was right and he can’t just walk off the street to get a shot at the belt. So he went and upset him and cost him a match with Ric Flair. Jericho tells us that Orton responded after Raw went off the air. We get the footage with Orton telling him he doesn’t deserve a shot but he’ll get it because he screwed with him. Orton promises the “single worst beatdown of your life”. Jericho tells us he’ll win the title at Armageddon but out comes the champ. Randy Orton in the house. He tells Jericho he’s giving Jericho a title shot because he knows he can beat him. He tells Jericho he’s beaten no one in two years but he’s beaten Shawn, HHH and Cena. Jericho reminds us he beat The Rock and Steve Austin the same night. Jericho says he’s been watching for the last two years. He points out all of Randy’s character traits (violent, vicious etc) but so is he. Orton pulls out the “I don’t like you one bit” comeback. Orton threatens violence. Jericho accepts but out comes William Regal. He doesn’t want to give away the Armageddon main event for free but he has an alternative. He does the old “dream opponent” match thing. Orton picks Umaga for Jericho. Y2J selects Shawn Michaels. OOOOH! Double main event people!

BACKSTAGE Maria & Mickie James walk and talk. Diva tag action is next!

(1) Maria & Mickie James vs. Melina & Womenâ<80><99>s Champion Beth Phoenix

Beth wants to wrestle Mickie, Mickie dominates for a while but Beth soon overpowers. Beth hits the Fishermanâ<80><99>s Suplex and covers for the win.

– Todd Grisham interviews Shawn Michaels. He says he is glad Sweet Chin Music is legal this time. He starts to cut the promo on Orton when Mr. Kennedy appears on the monitor behind him. He tells HBK to keep focused on ArmAgeddon. He says up next will be a blast from the past, and it may just break HBKâ<80><99>s heartâ<80>¦

– Mr. Kennedy makes his way to the ring, he reiterates this may break HBKâ<80><99>s heart, he says he has invited 3 individuals from HBKâ<80><99>s past to find out what Shawn is really like. He invites Marty Jannetty, Razor Ramon and Diesel to the ring (all fakeâ<80><99>s, not the real guys, not that Scott Hall would show anyway!). Kennedy says they are missing something, he then brings out Shawn (also not really HBK). Kennedy asks â<80><9c>Dieselâ<80> one word that summarizes HBK, he says egotistical. He then asks â<80><9c>Razorâ<80> who calls him a chump, and finally â<80><9c>Martyâ<80> who says traitor. Kennedy thinks of his own word, loser. The REAL Shawn Michaels then makes his way to the ring, he superkicks Diesel, Razor and Marty. Kennedy and fake HBK make their exits up the ramp.

– Backstage Mr. McMahon & Jonathan Coachman are discussing the Raw 15th Anniversary show next week, they mention Hulk Hogan, Trish Stratus, Mick Foley, Eric Bischoff & Stone Cold will all be appearing! Hornswoggle appears hugging Vinceâ<80><99>s leg, he decides next week they will have the 1st ever McMahon in-ring family portrait, including Hornswoggle! He also makes a match tonight; Hornswoggle vs. Carlito & Coach. Vince and Coach leave, Hornswoggle is seen calling someone.

– J.R. and King talk about the strange decision of having Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy at ArmAgeddon. Backstage Triple H asks Regal what his ulterior motive is, he says he doesnâ<80><99>t have one. He says it makes perfect sense, both survived at Survivor Series, both are multiple time champions. Regal then drops the bombshell that the winner of the match will receive a WWE Championship match at the Royal Rumble! HHH looks very interested. Regal says he prides himself on beating up people he hates, but regal doesnâ<80><99>t think H hates Jeff Hardy, in fact he thinks Trips respects Hardy a little. H agrees that he doesnâ<80><99>t hate Hardy, but when it comes to the WWE Championship, he would pedigree his own mother, he would pedigree his own grandmotherâ<80>¦he would also pedigree his own father-in-law!!!

(2) Umaga vs. Chris Jericho

Jericho keeps Umaga down. Umaga soon takes control, he sets up the running turnbuckle move, Jericho moves and hits a shoulder block from the top followed by a few chops. Jericho hits the Lionsault but only gets a 2 count. Jericho follows it up with the Codebreaker, before Y2J can make the cover Orton hits the ring and attacks Y2J causing the DQ finish, Orton hits a RKO and leaves Jericho lying in the ring.

Up next; Hornswoggle vs. Coach & Carlito

(3) No Disqualification ��” Hornswoggle vs. Carlito & Coach

Horny goes to Lilian and tells her that for this match, he has hired protection. The APA make their way to the ring! Clad in the old APA gear! JBL attacks Coach and Simmons attacks Carlito. JBL hits the clothesline from hell on Coach, the APA slam Hornswoggle down onto Coach for the victory! After the match JBL cuts a heel-esque promo, Simmons finally cut him off and yells â<80><9c>damn!â<80> not too sure what to make of all that!

– Todd Grisham interviews Snitsky backstage, he says Jeff Hardy has something he wants, the Intercontinental Title.

(4) Intercontinental Championship â<80>” Jeff Hardy vs. Snitsky

Crowd are FLAT!! Jerry Lawler on Snitsky â<80>” â<80><9c>I canâ<80><99>t describe how he looks so I guess Iâ<80><99>ll just throw up!â<80>. Snitsky gets a 2 after a sidewalk slam, my god you can hear a pin drop! Hardy fires back up, some fans get back into it, Hardy hits the Whisper in the Wind, Snitsky misses a big boot, Hardy hits the Swanton, crowd cheer for the end! After the match Snitsky kicks Hardyâ<80><99>s head off, he goes for a chair, Triple H comes to the ring with his sledgehammer, Snitsky leaves. Trips looks to be setting up to hit Hardy with the hammer, he changes his mind and pulls Hardy up, he gets in Hardyâ<80><99>s face and lets him know the next time they meet, it wonâ<80><99>t be on friendly circumstances, H leaves back up the ramp.

– Still to come; Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Orton

– J.R. and The King run down the ArmAgeddon card

– Backstage Regal informs Mr. McMahon, Stephanie McMahon is on her way to the arena!

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More to come….

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