Sean O’Mac’s Take On Smackdown – December 7, 2007


This week’s Smackdown! did a good job of continuing to build toward the next pay-per-view event, Armageddon, and brought back some great memories as well! Not only did we see more of the build-up for the triple-threat match involving Edge, Undertaker and Batista, but we also got a rare appearance from Fabulous Freebird Michael P.S. Hayes.

What a treat.

Well, let’s get started, shall we?


Well, Edge is certainly not on Teddy Long’s good side, and Long didn’t hesitate to show it while he wields the power as GM of Smackdown!. The two bickered back and forth a bit as the show started, with Edge saying Long has found creative ways to screw him over when it comes to the World Heavyweight Championship.

Edge complained about being stripped of the title when he was injured even before the 30 days to defend time was expired. Long said the doctors had told himit would be at least 90 days and, in fact, Edge was gone for four months.

Finally, Edge spoke about wanting redemption. In response, Long gave him a match against the man supposedly responsible for his earlier injury – Kane.

Fast forward to the main event:

Edge looked to go for the upper hand right away as he ducked a blow from Kane and unloaded with rights in the corner. But The Big Red Machine grabbed Edge by the throat and threw him into the corner, unloading with blows of his own. He then dropped Edge on the top rope and began focusing on the shoulder, dropping a knee across it and then hurling Edge through to the ring post.

Kane then wrapped Edge around the post and pulled both arms from the outside, then continued using the ropes as he wrapped Edges arm around the bottom to continue applying pressure. Edge finally managed to get some blows in, but a monstrous right hand from Kane dropped the Rated R Superstar.

Kane continued to attack Edge’s weak spot, but eventually missed an elbow drop that opened the door for Edge. Edge nailed some elbows to the face then dropped Kane to the mat from behind after escaping a scoop slam attempt. Edge then drop kicked a downed Kane right under the bottom rope.

Trying to maintain momentum, Edge next jumped from the ring to a waiting Kane outside only to be caught and driven back first into the apron. Kane tossed Edge back into the ring, but caught a shoulder on his own way back and fell to the barricade below.

After a break, both men were back in the ring with Edge driving knees into a downed Kane. Kane, soon in a waist lock by Edge, finally powered up and hits some elbows and a hard right to escape.

I can’t remember when the last time was I saw a back body drop successfully used, but it wasn’t this time as Kane telegraphed and caught a kick to the face for his troubles. But it wasn’t enough to stop him as he hit a hard clothesline in the corner followed by a side slam.

Kane went up to the top rope only to be intercepted by Edge who got in some hits, but was shoved off by Kane. Edge then ducked the flying clothesline and measured Kane up for a spear, but got a big boot instead. Kane measured up for a choke slam, but Edge hit a kick to the midsection and got a clothesline instead.

Edge then hit a boot to the charging Kane, but received a vicious right hand coming off the top rope. Kane was successful with his second attempt at a flying clothesline from the top and set up for the choke slam again. Edge had the smarts to escape to the ropes, however, and ended up hitting Big Red with a hangman.

Apparently frustrated with the course of the match, Edge grabbed a chair while outside and was disqualified for simply entering the ring with it. Kane hit a boot to the chair, knocking it into Edge. Kane then used the chair across Edge’s back, then went outside and got a top section from some steel stairs and tossed them into the ring.

Edge recovered enough to use a drop toe hold on Kane, sending him falling into the steps, then hit Kane with a spear. Edge next put Kane across the steps for a Conchairto, but Batista – who had been watching the match from the announcers’ table – stepped in to put a stop to it.

Just as it appeared Edge and Batista would come to blows, the signature “GONG” hit and the lights went out. When the lights returned, Undertaker was in the ring ready to choke slam Edge. But unlike last week when Batista speared Edge and got a choke slam himself, Batista quickly hit Taker with the spear as Edge escaped the ring.

Personally, I can’t wait until Armageddon to watch these three go at it. Batista and Undertaker have put on some great matches together, and introducing Edge into the mix should serve to make it even better. The build-up has been good.


You know, as down as I was in the beginning on the gimmick used by tag teamers Jesse and Festus, I would certainly rather see them get a win and title shot to take those belts off of Miz and Morrison. Didn’t happen tonight, though, as Morrison pinned Jesse clean to win their match.

I’m also not too thrilled with what WWE is doing to Chuck Palumbo. The guy’s powerful and, although he has another gimmick I’ve knocked a bit, I think he’s got what it takes to have some great storylines. Unfortunately, Jamie Noble managed to beat him for the third week in a row, this time winning a date with Michelle McCool in the process. It’s time for them to give Palumbo some redemption and have him destroy Noble in a clean match.


It certainly makes my job easier when the best match of the night is also the one with the most storyline repercussions. That’s true again tonight as the match between Kane and Edge topped the night in both categories.


– Don’t take this one lightly even if it is in The Nutshellers, but we got to see Michael P.S. Hayes as a guest of MVP in the VIP Lounge tonight. MVP actually pumped Hayes and the WCCW up quite a bit while introducing him, and I think I got chills hearing “Badstreet U.S.A” for the first time in many years. Hayes still has the moves, too! He got in the ring and did a bit of that dancing we all remember.

The two didn’t stay friendly for long as they began to argue over whether Hayes should have a seat or stand, but MVP finally backed down on that one. Hayes talked up the DVD on the WCCW and the message of staying away from drugs, noting that only one, Kevin, of six Von Erich brothers were alive today.

MVP stuck his foot in his mouth by saying Hayes looked “damn good for your age,” and the conversation led to Hayes’ relationship with the Hardys. Hayes said MVP would have big problems when Matt returned, and then predicted that Rey Mysterio would take the U.S. Championship at Armageddon.

MVP countered that Hayes was the third wheel in the Fabulous Freebirds and said that as a wrestler, Hayes couldn’t even lace MVP’s boots.

Hayes had had enough at this point, and told MVP he was going to whip his ass. MVP got in the first blows, but Hayes got up and dealt a few of his own before setting up for a DDT. MVP flipped Hayes over and hit a hard boot to the head, followed by the Playmaker.

Rey Mysterio came out to put a stop to things, and although we had to watch him get his ass kicked it was great seeing Hayes again.

– Batista defeated Elijah Burke after hitting a spear to a mid-air Burke as he came off the top rope followed by a Batista Bomb. A relatively short match, but Burke did manage to perhaps do some light damage to Batista’s knee when he did have the offensive.

– Hornswoggle was shown backstage in Deuce and Domino’s classic car of the night, pretending to drive it like a little kid. This pissed the tag team off, who were headed off by Finlay who pointed out that Hornswoggle hadn’t broken or hurt anything. Then, Finlay told Hornswoggle to go ahead and break something, and the little guy tore off the car’s antenna.

Later in the match between Finlay and Deuce, Hornswoggle came after Cherry and Domino with a fire extinguisher. Deuce pulled him into the ring and as the ref was distracted dealing with the fire extinguisher, Finlay used his favorite friend to lay Deuce out and pick up the win.

Great Khali came out and the distraction allowed both Deuce and Domino to attack Finlay, softening him up for Khali whose monstrous boot took Finlay down. He swatted Hornswoggle out of the ring as he was checking on his friend, then locked in the head vice to put Finlay down for the night.

Overall, a pretty entertaining show where even The Downsiders weren’t completely terrible ones. The build-up to Armageddon has been pretty good, and it will be interesting to see what happens this Monday on the 3-hour special episode of Raw, as well as on next week’s Smackdown!.

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