TNA Impact Review 12/13/07 By Chris “The Authority” Schultz

Chris Schultz

TNA Impact Review 12/13/07

By: Chris â<80><9c>The Authorityâ<80> Schultz

First, I would like to apologize for the delay in posting this. Who knew Christmas was so close? Anyway, let’s get started. It looks as if TNA wants to start giving titles to the Impact broadcasts. This one was titled â<80><9c>Christian’s Revengeâ<80>. Hey, did Christian Cage steal Jericho’s countdown or did he just borrow it while he was gone? Hmmmmm. Cage sure does make it hard for the fans to like him. Man, it sure is good to see Robert Roode getting a push. He belongs in the spotlight. I think it’s time for AJ Styles to fly solo again. Another TNA veteran ready for a good singles run is Petey Williams. He is really showing improvement all around.

The first match of the night involved the winners of the briefcases from the Turning Point PPV. It was â<80><9c>The Fallen Angelâ<80> Christopher Daniels vs. BG James vs. Petey Williams vs. â<80><9c>Big Poppa Pumpâ<80> Scott Steiner. Ohh great. Hermie Sadler is back. Give me a freakin break! Petey Williams is the Maple Leaf Muscle. That’s great stuff. You had to laugh at the Steiner/Williams pose down. We finally got to see the Canadian Destroyer again on Impact, the best move in professional wrestling today. Even with the mix of talent, I was impressed with the match. Afterwards, I wasn’t sure if we were watching Impact or Deal or No Deal. Did Scott Steiner really just give away his World Title Shot?

Next up was Rellik vs. Kaz. This time it was Don West to thankfully remind us that Rellik spelled backwards is Killer. Really? You don’t say. I just realized that Rellik and Awesome Kong possibly share the same wardrobe. This match was all Kaz. I don’t think Rellik was even on the offensive. Who needs a snake when you have a rat? Black Reign strikes again!

Now it was time for the better looking half of TNA, the knockouts. Velvet Sky and Angelina Love took on Ms. Brooks and Jackie Moore. There was some interesting pre-match interviews to say the least. I am kind of taking a liking to the whole Sky/Love tag team. It was a decent match, but I am not sure why they went with the whole Jackie Moore being drunk angle. Robert Roode draws heat like no other and Sharmell really brings it on the mic. I have a special request for TNA. Please don’t get rid of Kevin Nash. He has more charisma sitting on the couch than most wrestlers have during their whole career. I don’t care if he steps in the ring ever again, just keep him on the show.

Next, Father James Mitchell came out and started flapping his gums away at Abyss. Wow, haven’t seen this before. Judas Mesias did return, but it was a wast of 10 minutes. Abyss is bleeding again? The whole Mitchell/Abyss saga needs to come to a close. Enough is enough. Is TNA trying to build Abyss up as their own Mick Foley? I get this feeling more and more each time I watch the show. The line of the night came from the Instant Classic himself when he said â<80><9c>Me, You, and Beyonceâ<80>, when referring to Booker T’s wife Sharmell.

Speaking of Booker T., he completely dominated the match against Chris Harris. Harris = Disgruntled Employee. Anybody notice the extra padding on The Wildcat? The match was way to quick and really didn’t have any high spots. Back to Deal or No Deal with Jeremy Borash. BG James gets a tag team title match out of his briefcase. However, we might not see that involve his longtime partner and friend Kip James. Kaz then attacks an innocent Dustin Rhodes. What did he do? LOL

Johnny Devine came to the ring a little outnumbered when he took on Black Machismo in a Lumberjack strap match. All the lumberjacks even dressed the part. I love it. This was another quick match with Devine putting up little of an offensive. Poor Johnny was all alone out there. Team 3D was outnumbered as well when they came out to make the save attempt. Let’s face it, Borash is no Howie Mandel. Let’s hope Christopher Daniel’s being fired by TNA is a work. I couldn’t see a TNA without Daniels. Poor Christian couldn’t find a partner.

The main event ended up Kurt Angle and Robert Roode taking on Christian. Cage faired just fine by himself and it actually was the best match of the night, but that’s not saying much. Kurt Angle and Roode came out on top and continued to lay into Christian. AJ came out but didn’t know what to do.

I wasn’t impressed with this Impact at all. I would give it a C. The matches were too short and lopsided. There continues to be a little to much talking and not enough action. Let’s hope they fair better next week.

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