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Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, December 17th, 2007 (USA Network)

Location: The HSBC Arena in Buffalo, N.Y.

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We get highlights of Steph’s warning to Vince, and then the Raw 15th where Vince got beat down.

JR welcomes us to the show and hypes last week’s ratings bonanza! Hardy and HBK will face Orton and Kennedy. Also, Ric Flair will face Umaga.

SANTA’S LITTLE HELPER MATCH: Melina, Jillian, Layla and Victoria vs. Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Michelle McCool and Maria

Jillian wants to sing a song from her album. She does and even Melina covers her ears. Jillian and Maria to begin, they exchange actual holds in their outfits and Maria gets a roll up for 2. Kelly in and a cover on Jillian gets 2. To the corner, and Layla in and they double clothesline Kelly for 2. Kelly gets a sunset flip on Layla for 2. Tag to McCool and she chops Layla, Melina tags in and McCool hip tosses her and gets mounted rights. Melina clearly slipped put here and her n*pple was out. Wow, this was hot and the crowd popped HUGE!! We’ve got a few pics just posted now at the link at the very bottom of this post. Victoria gets a boot to McCool as she hits the ropes and Melina f*cks up getting her into the tree of woe. Victoria and Melina doubleteam her, and then Victoria misses a moonsault. McCool gets an Enziguri and tags Mickie. Mickie has Christmas chaps on and cleans house. Leg scissors and a neck breaker to Victoria gets 2. PRIMAL DDT Plants Victoria and that is all.

Winners: Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Michelle McCool and Maria @ 3:45 via pin

After the match the faces beat down the heel chicks and now a disenchanted Mr. McMahon makes his way to the ring. Last week he was going to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Raw. Instead he was beaten and humiliated. He laid there and was covered in beer and every star, diva, ref and announcer celebrated. He’s offended that we enjoyed his anguish. He isn’t an animal or monster and doesn’t understand why. His feeling have been hurt, and his heart broken. He is a human being.

As he looks sad, Jeff Hardy makes his way to the ring. Jeff stares down Vince, and says next week they go to Iraq. He says when Saddam was overthrown people partied, does it sound familiar? He named himself ruler for life, and Vince made himself the best of Raw. He says Vince doesn’t give a damn about anyone and that’s why no one gives a damn about Vince. Vince falls down and looks like he will cry.

-We come back with Regal at ringside trying to get Vince to the back. He’s emotionally bankrupt.

-As if things couldn’t get worse for Vince, HHH makes his way to the ring. HHH tells Regal he will handle this, because he is close, like family. HHH tries to see if anyone is home in Vince land and does the Cena, “you can’t see me” deal. He then says Vince has officially flipped. HHH sits down beside him and puts his arm around him. He’s sorry. He’s sorry for ruining the portrait, kissed Steph, said he has sex with men and so forth. HIS BAD. Now for the love of God, leave the ring before they cancel the show. Regal then says he has a better idea. HHH should leave and show some compassion or he willâ<80>¦he is stopped by HHH. He then says he will have security toss HHH. Regal tries to talk to Vince, who doesn’t react and then helps him up. Vince is up and grabs the mic. He grunts and says he has a better idea. Get Coach. No security, just Coach. Regal and Coach vs. HHH, tonight. He hopes something bad happens tonight, to everyone there.

Back from commercial and it is handicap match time!

HHH vs. Coach and William Regal

They are all in their regular clothes. HHH knocks down Coach, knee to Regal and they go to the floor. They brawl, and Regal slams HHH to the steps. Regal lays HHH by the post and lands a sick kick and covers for 2. Regal with rights and lefts, holds HHH and Coach works over HHH now. An Irish whip and boot by HHH. A clothesline to Coach. Rights to all. Knee buster to Regal, slams Coach to the corner and Regal goes for Knux. POWER OF THE PUNCH~! Spine buster by HHH, well that stops that. Coach gets the knux and HHH sees that. Coach just hands them over, HAHAHA! He tries to bargain with HHH, Pedigree and that is that. Regal stares down HHH after the match.

Winner: HHH @ 3:41 via pin

JR and King discuss JBL costing Jericho the WWE title. We see footage/stills of last night’s show.

WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes vs. The redneck Whirling Dervish (Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch)

Cade and Cody to begin. Cade slams him to the corner, they double team Cody and then Murdoch beats him down. Cody escapes, tags Holly who cleans house. A clothesline to Murdoch, chops but Murdoch gets a boot, walks into the Alabama slam, but Cade stops that and they get the double team Yakuza. Cade tags in and covers for 2. Murdoch tags in, assisted double team leg drop gets 2. Clubbing shots by Murdoch, off the ropes and eats a dropkick. Tag to Cade and Cody. Cody knocks Murdoch to the floor and then gets a bulldog to Cade for 2 as Murdoch makes the save. Holly and Murdoch to the floor, Cody tries a DDT and gets it for the win.

Winner: Rhodes and Holly @ 3:00 via pin

Flair says he will never retire, even though Vince said he didn’t want Flair to get hurt on his watch. Flair says he doesn’t get hurt. He has been wrestling for 35-years, he loves us and the business. More than that, he loves being the nature Boy! He has sacrificed a lifetime doing this and walking away is not an option. His family has sacrificed, because he has been selfish being Ric Flair. He has traveled with Dusty, Steamboat, Windham, Arn Anderson. Old friends. He has made new friends. HHH, HBK, Taker, Batistaâ<80>¦he cherishes their friendships and will forever. Now it is up to him to give us what he has made us believe in. he has to be the Nature Boy! For the boys that believe in him, because he respects them as the future. He is not ready for the second half of his life. He has Umaga, and he knows that if he loses it is over. He promises when he walks down the ramp, he will give us the best of Ric Flair. He doesn’t care who it is, because they have to be at their best so when he does get beat, he got beat by the best. He HAS to be the man! He will not get beat in that ring without the fight of his life. He is loses, thank you all.

Ric Flair vs. Umaga

Lock up and Umaga tosses Flair back. He struts and avoids a charge, chops to Umaga. Umaga slams him back down, boot and then slams Flair to the corner. Umaga lays the boots to Flair, head butts and then a kick to the back of the head. Off the ropes and a boot to the face by Umaga, a splash and cover for 2. Vulcan Neck Pinch by Umaga, Flair battles to his feet and is forced back down. Head butts again by Umaga, Flair to his feet and off the ropes only to take a back elbow by Umaga. Irish whip and a back elbow by Flair. He charges and a clothesline by Umaga. Umaga misses a knee drop, chops by Flair, off the ropes and a Samoan Drop (HE IS SAMOAN) by Umaga gets 2 as Flair gets the ropes. Belly to belly by Umaga and a cover for 2. Ass drop by Umaga and another. Umaga back to the Neck Pinch, more head butts and Flair is trying to escape. Flair to his feet, chops by Umaga. Rights and forearm shots and Flair is down. A head butt by Umaga, to the corner and 2nd rope he goes and MISSES a head butt, both men are down. To their feet and chops by Flair. Off the ropes and a chop block by Flair. Another and Umaga is finally down! A figure four try is stopped, uppercut by Umaga and Flair to the floor. Umaga follows, and slams Flair to the steel post. Umaga goes for the Clambake on the floor, but Flair moves and Umaga crashes through the barrier! Flair back into the ring and beats the count and Umaga doesn’t! Flair wins!

Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring. Jericho is pissed and says he had Orton beat, he should be happy, but it was due to a disqualification. He had him ready to tap, and this happened. MONKEYS~! We see video of the JBL run in. So instead of being champion, he is here with questions. He invited JBL here tonight. He didn’t show up, so since JBL won’t come to Raw, Y2J will go to Smackdown. JBL is here on the screen. Jericho turns his back, so that JBL will feel welcomed to come to the ring. JBL puts himself over and says Jericho can’t just invite him and expect him to show up. JBL says Jericho touched him and he got burned. Jericho asks who the hell he thinks he is. Jericho says people get knocked around all the time, hell, last week the timekeeper ate a superkick last week. JBL says he is not in a category with a lowly timekeeper. He speaks and then you speak to him. JBL is a champion. Jericho calls him an ugly baby, and says he knows he will be at Smackdown to pay JBL a visit to get an answer. JBL calls him a punk and says to reconsider. JBL makes deals, and made one with McMahon. He admits that Jericho was close, but he won’t be getting another title match. If he comes to Smackdown, he won’t appear at the Rumble. JBL says if Jericho messes with him, Jericho will never be champion again. Jericho asks what happened to JBL. He says he is soft, a stuffed shirt and has lost his edge. What happened to the ass kicker, most dominant champ in SD history. Did he sell his balls on Wall Street. Now he is an announcer, JBL became irrelevant. JBL is not a wrestling god, but a wrestling after thought. JBL is insulted that Jericho questioned him. He has to put over guys that can’t lace his boots. He retired, but is not dead. Get ready for the consequences, JBL is coming to Raw. You want to save us, you find a way to save Raw, I saved SD and reigned like no one else. I was, and you will find out that I am a wrestling God!

Santino Marella and Carlito vs. London and Kendrick

Who knew, London and Kendrick and still employed. Santino and Carlito can’t decide who will start. Santino and Kendrick will begin the match, Santino misses a bunch of kicks and punches and eats a slap and arm drag. Tag to London, off the ropes and a double arm drag to Santino. London works the arm, Santino takes him to a corner and after a series of counters London gets a dropkick. Carlito tags in and slams London to the corner, lays the boots and lefts to London and then gets a back elbow. Carlito off the ropes, RANA by London and then the monkey flip, Kendrick tags in with a top rope cross body and Santino stops the count. To the floor, Maria is a shield, back in the ring Carlito gets a lung blower on Kendrick and that’s all.

After the match Santino says they are new partners and will be a success. He calls Carlito a Columbian, to which Carlito corrects him, and Santino says they will be great together.

Winner: Santino and Carlito @ 2:55 via pin

Todd is with Randy Orton. He says Jericho got what he deserved and he has killed the Y2J virus. He then says he beat HHH, HBK and Cena. Hardy maybe confident because he beat HHH and that it is his dream to be the WWE champion. Orton says he is a killer of dreams, and Hardy has never faced anything like Orton. Facing Orton will be the worst thing that could happen to Hardy.

Flair and HHH meet backstage. HHH knew he would win and said there will always be one more limo to ride. Vince is there, looking delusional. In two weeks, Flair will be on the line again as Flair will have to face HHH. Happy New Year. Vince is razy.

Jeff Hardy © and HBK vs. Randy Orton © and Mr. Kennedy

I am happy to see they have the left hand/wrist taped up for Kennedy, selling last night’s injury. Excellent continuity. Orton and Jeff to begin. Lock up and a side headlock by Orton, off the ropes and a shoulder tackle by Orton. Jeff back with a hip toss and arm drag and Orton backs off. Kennedy tags in, lock up and lays the boots to Jeff but I shaving issues with the left hand. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Jeff. Front flip leg drop and a cover for 1. Atomic drop and a leg drop to the sack by Jeff. The basement dropkick connects and Jeff is in control. He slams Kennedy to the corner, off the ropes and a cross body by Jeff, and then rights to Orton. HBK helps him clear the way and they deliver stereo plancha’s and we’ll head to a commercial @ 2:35.


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