Sean O’Mac’s Take On Friday Night Smackdown – Feb. 9, 2008


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Greetings wrestling fans! Time for yet another Take on Smackdown!, following an episode that I feel can be described in one word: Fun.

God knows we all love new and interesting storylines, but there’s a certain degree of nostalgia that swells up in me when we see old classics spring up in the modern era.

For example: When WWE started the rivalry between Chuck Palumbo and Jamie Noble, I was asking myself “Why?” There was originally not much of a story behind the two, other than the fact that this scrappy bulldog was managing to get the best of a much larger, more powerful competitor.

But when you throw a woman into the mix, e.g. Michelle McCool, well that changes everything.

Now granted, we’ve seen this sort of thing before.

Boy meets girl. Other boy meets girl. First boy gets jealous. Let the fireworks begin.

Remember Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage falling apart after Hogan did the unthinkable and hoisted Miss Elizabeth (God rest her soul) upon his shouler? There have been plenty of other stories like this one.

The fact is, however, it can be a fun story to watch. This one certainly has become interesting. We’ve watched as the bumbling Noble tried to impress McCool on the “date” he’d won by defeating Palumbo again, as McCool tried to get the two men to coexist, and this week we saw Palumbo explode in a rage that, if it were genuine, would have most likely changed Noble’s residence to the nearest medical facility for a while.

And all the while, the teary eyed McCool – who, by the way, came out tonight in Noble’s corner – begging Palumbo to stop his assault.

Take it or leave it, folks – this is good, classic wrestling storyline here and it’s fun to watch.

Of course, the last time we saw this storyline unfold, the “bad guy” won out (Edge, Matt Hardy, Lita). So personally, I’m fully expecting Noble to heal up, return and seek vengeance.

Another classic unfolded as several competitors, this time those involved in the Smackdown! Elimination Chamber match at No Way Out, came to the ring one at a time to each declare how they were going to be victorious at the PPV. We got to see them in action as Finlay, Batista and Undertaker took on Khali, Big Daddy V and MVP in a six-man tag match to cap the night.

Well of course it erupted into a free-for-all brawl! What did you expect? But seriously, would you have it any other way? As the face competitors stood in the ring, having cleared their opponents away, it appeared first as though Finlay would turn on Taker, followed quickly by Batista. But alas, it wasn’t meant to be this night.

The story also continued between Edge and Vickie as the Rated R Superstar insinuated that on next week’s episode, he may be popping the big question to the “love of his life.” Storyline aside, it’s time for Sean O’Mac to offer some friendly advice to the man who quite possibly is the greatest heel the WWE has seen in a long, long time.

Run, Edge! Run!

Anyways, during The Cutting Edge, the lovebirds demanded that Rey Mysterio come out and apologize for hitting Vickie with the 619 during the Royal Rumble match. Never mind the fact that she’s the idiot who threw herself on that grenade, right?

After a few slaps from Vickie, and an attack from Edge, Rey stood tall and left Edge reeling on the outside of the ring – and offered a very insincere apology to the Smackdown! GM.

So now we’re throwing marriage into the mix, eh? I love Edge (or love to hate him), but how long are we going to have to wait for it to be revealed that he’s using the GM to get and keep what he wants, the World Heavyweight Championship?

We finally got to see the “new and improved” Festus as he and Jesse came out to take on Deuce and Domino. If anything, this Festus seemed to become more vicious when the bell rang to begin the match. But it does make me wonder something:

They rang the bell as the duo were on their way to the ring, prior to Justin announcing the match. Why didn’t Festus go psycho then? Oh yes, it’s in the script. Never mind.

One thing that’s left me down lately is Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins getting the better of Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore, which happened for the second time this week. But the good guys can’t always win, and it only makes it that much sweeter when they overcome the opponent who has been besting them.

In the remaining match of the evening, Kane took on Shelton Benjamin in a rematch from ECW. It looked as though Kane had the match well in hand but failed to make it back into the ring in time to avoid a countout – while Benjamin succeeded in re-entering the ring thanks to a big right hand from Kane. Well, expect another match between these two, with Kane eventually destroying “the gold standard.”

On another note – is it just the firefighte rin me or is Kane’s entrance graphics on the new set just completely kick-ass? Watching those flames roll along the top just gets me all kinds of fired up. (Pun intended.)

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