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Welcome to another edition of Sean O’Mac’s Pullin’ No Punches (PnP for short). Here you’ll find Sean’s opinions on one or more topics in the WWE world as well as letters from readers. Remember that you, too, can chime in with your thoughts anytime. I like the props, but love the debates and disagreements too. Just keep them brief or I’ll be choppin’ ya down!

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Hello again wrestling fans!

The Punching Bag (Sean O’Mac’s mail bag for those of you who don’t know) floweth over this week, so I thought it best to concentrate this week’s column on getting to your e-mails. As it stands this week, I’ve already gone off on one issue, the incest angle with Paul Burchill and Katie Lea. So that’s covered.

The only other thing worth mentioning is that it looks like the WWE won’t have to face congressional hearings on performance-enhancing drugs. I couldn’t be happier. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The United States Congress has more important things to be doing than holding hearings on the use of drugs in any company, sports or otherwise!

I do want to send best wishes out to Rey Mysterio as they get a sense of the injury he suffered. Hopefully it won’t be as serious as it sounds.


Itâ<80><99>s your turn again! This is where youâ<80><99>ll find e-mails and feedback from wrestling fans on my Takes and opinions. You’re welcome to send yours, good or bad, to Sean O’Mac’s Punching Bag. But be warned – the WWE isn’t the only ones I won’t pull punches for!

To start this week’s Punching Bag, I want to share something with you fans out there. There are times when I get e-mails from readers who completely disagree with me. That’s great. Disagree, start a debate, hell – even an argument. But for God’s sake, show some degree of intelligence. Why, you ask, do I say this? Well, after getting a couple of these letters, I felt it was time to show you what someone in my position puts up with.

hi..i think its funny how you waste hours a day typing out colums trying to come off as smart but end up coming off as a complete jackass know it all. look metlzer, your no columist..your just an internet geek and wrestling nerd who has to share his opinion with everyone. when did your one and only opinion matter? f*ck off now

– Guy G.

Ok, first of all – how many hate-mail writers do you know actually start off by greeting you?

I just want to say, in as sarcastic a tone I can muster with a keyboard, that your intelligence overwhelms me, Guy. I’m floored by your wonderful use of sentence structure and punctuation. Then, I do believe that the misspelled name you called me would be Meltzer, as in David, of a completely different online wrestling publication.

I don’t know who you are or what your background is, but I’m confident in saying that my intelligence far exceeds your own. I do not spend hours each day writing these columns, I give an hour or two three or four times a week, depending on if there’s a PPV to cover. And yes, indeed, I do enjoy watching wrestling.

Thus, I must be a geek and a nerd, eh?

Well, let’s get some things straight here pal – and in the process we’ll inform the legions of loyal readers a bit about the man called Sean O’Mac.

My writing experience stems from having spent over 10 years in the newspaper business. I started from the bottom rung and within five years had worked my way up to being the managing editor of a multiple-publication company. I’ve covered, as a writer, everything from governments to crime to natural disasters and I’ve also written my fair share of editorials. My work has been published internationally by the Associated Press.

Does that qualify me as a geek and nerd yet? Well, perhaps. But let’s just throw in a bit more, eh?

I served my country, deployed to a combat zone and saw things you could probably never imagine.

A short while after returning home, I became a firefighter. (Years later, I’m a heavily certified firefighter, I might add.)

I have charged into burning buildings, helped pull the noly living from near death, cut and pried for hours to free critically injured patients from mangled wrecks and performed CPR on people for what seemed like forever to show their family that you’re doing everything you possibly can for their loved one – even though you know they will never make it.

I’ve lived all over the world. I’ve experienced all the highs and lows. I’ve lost sleep wondering how I would pay the bills. I’ve slept like a baby in mansions that would blow anyone away.

So let’s hear it, Guy. Think your intelligence or experience can touch me?

Have a nice day.

*deep breath*

Normally, fans, I wouldn’t give this e-mail the time of day. But this man caught me in a mood and now you see the result. To answer his final question: When did my one and only opinion matter?

Well, according to the traffic counts of people who read my columns, I’d say my opinion matters to more than a few. But mine isn’t the only one. That’s why there are outlets like this, The Punching Bag, where others can voice their opinions – even if they disagree with my own.

We can do civil. We can do heated. We can argue until we’re blue in the face. But this will be the one and only time I will ever pay any attention to e-mails written by the galactically stupid.

I was reading on your latest PnP column and I saw someone mentioned Jesse/Festus. Well I may be the only one but I totally see the potential in them being a heel tag team. I mean come on, Jesse WILLINGLY knows that hearing a bell turns Festus into a huge lunatic, yet he actively pursued him to be his tag partner. You can’t tell me you don’t see the evilness in it. Plus his whole promos are screaming HEEL. “All of you guys out there better be careful, when Festus hears a bell he turns from a gentle giant into a monster”. Come on! I’m begging for these guys to turn heel. Maybe then they’ll be interesting.

– Thomas H.

It’s entirely possible we may see them turn heel. But then again, we could say that for any wrestler in the business. Don’t believe me? Remember Hulk Hogan and the New World Order?

Fact is, despite my initial apprehension regarding their gimmick, Jesse and Festus’ storyline actually has some decent potential. It just depends on what the creative gurus decide to do with them.

Hi Sean

I must say that I enjoy your column immensely. I was wondering if you happen to know if HHH will be participating in the international tour next week? WWE haven’t said he wouldn’t be but with the sad event that has happened in his family will he be able to?


– Sophie O.

Sophie, it’s my understanding that he did indeed participate in the tour – at least I’ve seen mention of his performance in Japan.

Hey sean,

I love your column, and your weekly reviews, and I wanna talk about the chris benoit HoF deal. I completely agree with you. I felt so much better when I found out about the brain damage thing, and am just really praying they stick him in in a decade or so, even if they dont have a ceremony for him, they just sneak him in on their website, Chris Benoit the wrestler, deserves it.

Thanks again,

– Matt O.

This is one we’ll have to just wait out and see, Matt. Yes indeed, that is my opinion. But in truth, if you were to ask me if I think it will happen – I’d have to say the chances are slim.

hey sean o mac, great column. i’m enjoying the new editorials and columns on the site. I’d like to throw out a bit of info i got at the Smackdown/ECW tapings on 2/6 in Houston. Taker did that move in his match against big daddy v, of course big daddy v is a mountain of a man and it’s hard to tell what Taker is trying to do. I had the chance to ask Michael Cole during the intermission since i was sitting behind the announce table, and he told me it was a version of the gogoplata and they haven’t decided on the final name yet, but he said right now they call it the “Death Valley Choke”. Also, he did say they will call the name out during a smackdown broadcast sometime after No Way out and leading up to Wrestlemania. they are building suspense on tv by saying they don’t know what it is. anyway, just thought i’d drop that along.

Also, Michael Cole and tazz are both fantastic when talking to fans. they totally took the short time they had to sign autographs and talk to fans. Also, a WWE producer/cameraman gave a boy a sign to hold up directly behind Michael Cole when Smackdown “went live” for taping, i believe it’s an upcoming rib on him possible for the WWE Magazine, but they took about 20 pics of him and getting Cole’s reaction to the sign. the sign said somthing to the effect that “Michel cole paid me to hold up this sign”..

Again. totally enjoy the column. keep it up.

– Fulton G.

We tossed around some name ideas last week, but Death Valley Choke sounds pretty good to me. It’s great to know Cole and Tazz are great with the fans – it’s always nice to hear this about any of the stars. Too often we only hear of the moments when stars are jerks, and you never really know if you just caught them at a bad time. It’s good to give credit when it’s due.

Thanks for the props, Fulton!

How did Cena recover so quickly? Did they find out that the injury wasn’t as bad or did they lie to us or what’s going on? Much as the Cena surprise at royal rumble was truly a shock, I don’t buy that it was hard work and determination as mentioned in his promo on Raw after rumble. Can you shed some light on this?

– Tom ‘cliche killer’ Bradshaw

Tom, to be honest with you I can’t speak in an overly educated voice about exactly what happened with Cena’s recovery. All I can do is speak from the standpoint of my wrestling and medical knowledge, the latter of which is at the level of a First Responder. You ask, did they lie to us? Well, of course they did. But I don’t believe they did at first.

It’s my belief that initially, the injury did indeed look like it would take somewhere in the original time frame to recover from. However, don’t just completely cast doubt on the whole “hard work and determination” bit. I have personally witnessed recoveries from life-threatening injuries that would blow your mind. If someone has a strong enough desire, work ethic and motivation – crazy things can happen.

Hi Sean o’Mac,

Love your editorials. Here are a few names for Undertaker’s choke hold:

Six Feet Under

Last Rights

The Embalmer

The Hangman (my fav, cause the Undertaker has a dead cowboy look)

– Is it just me or is Vince McMahon doing skits with Finley to make up for Finley’s awkwardness on the mic?

– John Cena’s arms are WAY too big. He looks like Popeye.

– I liked Jericho’s pyros on the old Raw set. It had that “safe-cracker” look. Now they looks like all the other pyro effects.

– Speaking of Jericho, why aren’t JR or the King mentioning Jericho’s new move, the “Code Breaker”, when Jericho performs it? They just say “That move”. Jericho himself said it’s the “Code Breaker” while visiting the duo at ringside.

– These are sad wrestling times – female wrestlers use more moves in their matches than their male counterparts.

– Sebastian S.

That’s a mouthful, Sebbie. Let’s cover them briefly:

First, it looks like they’ve got a name all figure out.

Now for your bullet points.

– I don’t think so. Finlay’s involvement was just the natural progression in this story. You’ve got to remember that having Hornswoggle, someone they’d already established as Finlay’s buddy, become Vince’s bastard son was pretty much done on the fly in the wake of suspensions. They’ve just continued to run with what they came up with.

– I’ve seen much worse.

– Pyros are great, but I think the new set displays they have more than make up for any exlosive shortfalls.

– I have no idea. You’d have to ask them. But I do remember then mentioning it early on in his return.

– Yes, I can certainly point out times that have been better. But as for the last statement: Can I have some of what you’re drinking?

How could you ever consider putting Benoit in the Hall of Fame. It is speculation that he was brain damaged to the point of “not being responsible for his actions”. Besides most serial killers have their excuses too, most were abused as children, were they “not responsible for their actions”?. BS.

Besides, what is the WWE Hall of Fame?, Hall of Fame for what?……IT’S ALL FAKE!, its not like they really actually went out and beat someone, they were on the right side of the script!.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my wrestling, it’s a release, but a Hall of Fame for Pro Wrestling seems a little silly to me, but if you have one, how could you ever induct someone who killed his wife and child, while at the “height of his career”?, there is no excuse for it, you can’t speculate that he was not responsible, he was as responsible as any other murderer, he doesn’t belong there and the WWE has done the right thing by erasing him from memory, he and his scripted accomplishments can and should be forgotten.

– Steve

Steve, I formed my opinion based on medical knowledge that far exceeds my own. A medical doctor says that his brain was severely damaged – who am I to argue? Who are you to argue? (Unless you are, in fact, a neurologist.)

But the Hall of Fame fake? Let’s look at this for a moment. The matches are scripted, we can conceed that fact. But don’t think for a moment it doesn’t take the year-round sacrifice, superhuman effort and very real pain to pull off what these men and women do night after night. So what’s wrong with having a “Hall of Fame” to acknowledge those who gave so much to this business?

I read your column on the Benoit and I completely agree with everything you said.

You stated that he should be inducted into the hall of fame, just not now.

So how long? Until a new era of wrestling fans come along who are unable to appreciate Benoit’s dedication? If WWE does induct Benoit, it won’t be for a while. They’re constantly trying to “forget” him by never mentioning him, re-editing the DVD’s with his matches, ect.

So, until WWE decides to move on, and by the looks of it, that won’t be for a while, will the fans of that particular moment even know who Benoit is and what he’s done, or will they know him as “that guy who killed his family.”

– Alex

Alex, these are honestly questions I can’t answer. Of course it would be years before he was inducted. But will it actually happen? Despite my own opinion, and yours – probably not.


Long time reader, first time writer. I enjoy reading your take on Smackdown for a few standout reasons, the greatest being your attention to detail. Granted, Smackdown has the lower tier of sports entertainment when compared to Raw, but you still manage to look at each Friday from a true fan’s perspective, which I can agree with.

To the review, and the show-

The Palumbo/Noble + McCool storyline hasn’t done a great deal for me, as Noble hasn’t been a huge character that the fans can get into and Palumbo’s mic skills aren’t in the same league as Cena/MVP/Edge/etc. The hotness of McCool aside, the rivalry always had me at big guy vs. small guy, and why hasn’t big guy won yet? This Friday’s assault really dragged me in. While many see the time spent on a non-PPV rivalry, I saw some aggression that the WWE hasn’t shown in a while. And Palumbo’s win wasn’t bad either. I expect more, but would like a push for these guys in the future.

The Smackdown No Way Out chamber should be interesting, though a bit easier to predict than Raw’s. I’m curious as to how some old school favorites will interact with a bit newer and less talented guys. I enjoyed the confrontation at the beginning of the show, as it developed some character for the guys who have none. Granted, MVP and Matt Striker carried the guys on the mic, and I really wanted the Untertaker’s “Rest in Peace!”, but overall the match seems exciting. The idea of Undertaker vs Batista again, with MVP and Finlay thrown into the mix sounds cool. The writers would likely play on the Giants dominating the chamber though.

The main event match wasn’t an instant classic, or anything close. More like a preview of something coming. I would really like it if Batista turned heel. Finlay could swing either way, just knocking out anyone who got in his way.

Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore are a cool team, and the WWE needs to push them, the Edgeheads, and the tag team divisions a bit more. I’d really like to see some more team ups than 1v1 rivalries that are not over a title.

Kane diviated from his moveset a little more this week, which was cool to see. Shelton is an amazing athlete, so I’m up to see how they play the angle.

Yeah, Kane’s HD entrance is AMAZING.

Festus didn’t go psycho because his head was in the bag during the first bell, DUH! Obviously the thin paper shielded his eardrums from the incredibly loud ring of a bell.

Edge + Vickie is creepy to me. Rey needs to be a bit more emotional, as his mic skills seem stale. But do no WWE superstars realize that in-ring weddings don’t end well? I don’t think the in ring set has made it through a single one.

So, keep writing reviews, and I’ll keep reading them.

Thanks for reading,

– Joe A., Queens, N.Y.

Thanks for reading, Joe. I always appreciate the shout-outs.

Shawn vs hardy was amazing. 2 me shawn is great one of the greatest. But the rest of the show I was very disapointed in. Its just ridiculous 2 me. I just started watching TNA. And I was more happy with impact than RAW

– therealjbez

Well, I can’t say the same. I thought the rest of this week’s episode of Raw was alright for the most part. But the match between HBK and Jeff Hardy certainly was the best seen in quite some time. We’re not the only ones who think so – read on.

Iagree with you i thought that was the best match in a long time it had me cheering through out the whole thing i even had to stand up a few times from excitement it was just a great match.

– Hurricane8487

Another rave review for Hardy vs. HBK.

I can’t lie, I’ve given up on WWE…over a year ago. While Vince has shown his genius in the past 20+ years, I feel that he’s out of touch of what the wrestling fans want, and has let his ego get in the way of his better judgement (The Montreal Screwjob in my opinion being one of the first major signs of this). The most I pay attention to wrestling anymore is either on or playing EWR Revenge 2.0.

However, one thing I am VERY happy with is the push that Jeff Hardy is getting. While I didn’t watch the match, I am sure that Jeff and HBK can put on a kick ass show. I’m starting to wish I would have accidentally caught that match. I have always been a Jeff Hardy fan, and it’s great to see him getting what he deserves.

But let’s be serious. Do you REALLY think that Triple H will allow Jeff to make that final push into the Main Event? I don’t think so. If he tried to keep Kurt Angle down by insisting that Angle was too small for the main event, what do you think he’ll do against Hardy who is more slender, and without the wrestling skill that Angle has?

In the end, I think that the McMahon era of excellence is about over. Vince listens to Triple H more than not it seems, and Stephanie is…well Stephanie. I think that if Shane had the chance to run the company, it could maybe do alot better. In the end though, maybe WWE starting to decline is a good thing. Maybe people will pay more attention to either TNA, or another upstart that will come from the wood works in time.

The best thing Vince needs is SERIOUS competition to make him stop throwing crap on the screen, and have better thought out storylines.

Just a thought from a jaded wrestling fan who feels the business that he loves isn’t what it used to be.

– Bryan T.

Well, Bryan, you missed one hell of a match. But, unfortunately, I know you’re not the only one who feels the way you do about the WWE right now. But you never know what might turn things around from your perspective. Word has it that there’s going to be a “hiring spree” after WrestleMania, perhaps some of these new, up-and-coming stars (and the stories that come with them) will be to your liking?


I’m a wrestling fan, and I’m 14. I’ve been watching for a long time, but i started watching when Cena initially won the title. Now naturally, I was like ‘wow, he’s cool’. But after expeiriencing 3 years of him holding, or in contendership for the title I’m getting a little bored.

I was looking forward to a Orton vs. HHH at WMXXIV in a Hell in a Cell Match. Sadly, this won’t happen as Cena will go to Wrestlemania no doubt.

Anyway, just wanted to get you thoughts on this whole Cena angle.

Until Later!

– Johann K.

Love him or hate him, Cena has one thing that is extremely hard to come by. The ability to completely polarize fans. You hear it all when those first notes of his theme hit. The screams and cheers. The chorus of boos. There’s no in-between with John Cena. You love him, or you despise him.

As long as that holds up, how can you not sell that to your audience night after night?


Looking through the article that you had about the Best Heels, no one mentioned my favorite heel storylineâ<80>¦Sgt. Slaughter.

Think about itâ<80>¦when the 30-somethings like me of today were growing up and watched G.I. Joe, who was the host? Sgt. Slaughter. He was considered a hero and even was featured on the cartoon. He entered the WWE during the 1st Iraq War and was an Iraqi sympathizer and a monster heel. Heck, this Wrestlezone website had a fun fact that said they changed the Wrestlemania that featured Hogan and Slaughter in the main event because Mr. McMahon was scared there would be a sn*per trying to kill him. How more of a successful heel could that be?

He beat the Ultimate Warrior for the title and everyone hated him worse. They even brought back and revitalized The Iron Sheik for the story line as well. I hated him, my Dad hated him and so did everyone else. That is creative genius. I think people forget that.

As a kid growing up I really hated Randy Savage too. I was a huge fan of Ricky Steamboat and when he crushed his larynx, it crushed me. He was a good heel too.

– Paul W.

Couldn’t agree with you more, Paul. Great heels also depend on great timing, and Sgt. Slaughter’s time was definitely right. I sure do miss some of those days – Steamboat included!

Just one note, according to Pwinsider, Lea and Burchill were the ones who came up with their gimmick, not Vince. So, while you could be upset at Vince for signing off on it, it’s not like he was the one who was pushing for them to do this angle.

– Brian B.

They may have jumped on the gimmick, Brian, but according to our sources Vince has been itching to do an incest angle for a long time. It was stated that he even proposed revealing himself as the true father of Stephanie’s first baby.


Ever considered the Big Show to make his debut at the No Way Out PPV and have John Cena lose? Funny how nobody has discussed the Big Show for awhile. Just a thought.

– Alejandro A.

How knows, Al? If the sudden and shocking entrance of John Cena at the Royal Rumble is any indication, perhaps the WWE has gotten better at keeping things close to the vest. We know Big Show is coming – just not when or where.

Hey there…my name is Thomas Young from South Dakota. Yeah, I know it’s out in the middle of nowhere but we do have electricity. But I’m a long time reader and a fan of you column and I noticed you didn’t know the release of the B-E-A-U-tiful Maria’s Playboy….well I’m here to save the day…from what I’ve read, it hits newsstands on April 7th. So it’ll be right after WM24. Keep up the good work and in the words of ‘Naitch’ “WWHHHHOOOOOOO”

– Thomas Y.

Actually, Thomas, I believe she’s going to be in the April issue, which will hit most stores and newsstands on March 7. My statement of wondering when the exact date and time it would be at my nearest convenience store was more of a joke than anything. If they hit newsstands on March 7, then they are sure to be showing up in stores on March 5 or 6… perhaps I’ve got someone on the inside who can get me an issue early?

Hey how u doin im devinder from jersey. Jus wanted 2 say ur doin an awesome job on ur column and ur takes. Keep it up and take care.

Thanks for the props!

This next letter is a beast! But I do so enjoy getting e-mails from the ladies – so here you go.

Hi Sean

I enjoyed reading your take on Raw this week and it makes a refreshing change these days to actually read a review from someone who found more to like than hate about a WWE show. Believe me its getting harder and harder to find reviews that don’t make me want to cut my wrists after reading them!. More often that not I really enjoy the shows, yeah, there are some things that don’t appeal to me personally but I don’t dwell on them as there is much more that does BUT after reading some reviews of the same shows I wonder if I was actually watching the same thing and find that I can’t be bothered to read them as, well, they bore me (for want of a better word) as its always the same old gripes (together with a few new ones).

Your comment about receiving E Mails from people who didn’t enjoy the Shawn Michaels/Hardy match hit the nail on the head, okay, their style of wrestling might not be to everyone’s taste and enjoyment, I can understand that, but those two guys worked their butts off and gave fans a wrestling classic and you can’t disrespect them for that. Even if it wasn’t to everyone’s taste, its hard to be critical about it and a true wrestling fan should be able to acknowledge at least why many did mark out over this match (if not, maybe its time to find a new form of entertainment to watch). The sad thing is that even those who did enjoy it still have to find something critical to say, however trivial and the one thing I have read more than anything is they can’t believe that the WWE gave this one away for free (as they put it) and didn’t market it for a PPV – the same people who complain about the amount of PPV’s we have to pay for and question why the WWE don’t give us more entertaining matches on Raw, Smackdown and ECW. Can we not just be thankful that on a wrestling show they treated us to an amazing wrestling match and leave it at that?

Jericho is another one going through it, with fans disappointed with his comeback and with his feud and matches against JBL with some even commenting that, like JBL, he should have stayed retired. Ouch! being a huge Jerichoholic I am just glad that he is back and personally I have loved watching the matches he has been in so far against JBL and Orton and I absolutely loved seeing him team up with Hardy and HBK last week – a dream team if ever there was one. I enjoyed his match against JBL on Raw this week also and Jericho is certainly one for the fans – he loves them and loves being in front of a large crowd, you can see that and that’s what its all about.

The Vince McMahon, Hornswoggle and Finlay triangle I find intriguing and am interested to see where they are heading with it – if it results in a match at Wrestlemania between Vince and Finlay then all the better as you know its going to be an outright brawl.

The Paul Burchill incest angle, for me doesn’t belong in wrestling and doesn’t spike my interest at all, if I want to watch things like that I’ll tune into Jerry Springer BUT they are always going to try stuff like this – whether we can find humour in it or not makes no odds (and some fans will like it), it will run its course, like so many storylines before it. Will it get Paul Burchill over? – well, that remains to be seen BUT the pirate gimmick didn’t and if this fails he will be repackaged once more. The thing that amused me this week in his match was JBL talking about Paul Burchill – like we have never set eyes on him before – okay, its a new character BUT one thing the WWE will never be able to overcome is fans memories – I still see remember him as a pirate, (the same as I still think of Big Daddy V as Viscera). I guess seeing him as a guy who is in love with his sister is not that far removed from his previous gimmick of a pirate!.

Being a female fan, that other Wrestlemania tradition of a WWE Diva doing a Playboy spread just doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest, but I am not stupid and I know its for the benefit of the male fans and Maria is a very popular Diva, who many male fans I am sure, can’t wait for her issue to be released. For me, having more of a Storyline attached to it this year with Santino Marella involved has actually made the whole thing more interesting and entertaining – yeah, we all know how its going to end but Santino has been gold for me in this whole thing. As for the Diva’s match, I enjoyed it and thought Melina and Maria worked well together.

The internet for me where wrestling is concerned used to be a fun place but not so much anymore as the negativity far outweighs the positives these days. I haven’t read any spoilers in a long time, I didn’t even peak at the Raw results before watching the show this week. I still read reviews and reports on the shows but there are few that hold my interest for long and as soon as the nit picking (for want of a better word) starts I can’t be bothered to carry on reading. There appear to be a lot of frustrated “internet” wrestling fans out there (as well as wrestling journalists), I just don’t want to be one of them!

Take Care

– Di H.

Well, Di, I’m glad you’re reading my stuff! After reading all that, I wouldn’t know where to begin to respond! 😉

Sean “O’Mac” McGuinney’s day job is as a newspaper editor. He has been a journalist for nearly 10 years and has covered everything from government to sports. The wrestling? Well, that’s just been enjoyed since he was a kid. Don’t ask how long ago that was.

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