Sean O’Mac’s Take On Monday Night Raw – February 18, 2008


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Well, wrestling fans, what can I say about this week’s episode of Raw? There was action, drama, sadness, and a few Pedigress thrown in for good measure.

Now, first of all, I know how you fans think. There’s a segment of John Cena haters. Another percentage of equally strong Triple H haters. And, well, if you don’t hate Randy Orton then he’s not doing his job, right?

Be that as it may, we now have it confirmed that the WWE strap will be up for grabs in a triple-threat match at WrestleMania involving the afore mentioned Superstars. If WWE was going with this route, then tonight’s showing wasn’t a bad way to go about it. Giving Cena a chance to beat Orton for a spot in the big dance – with Triple H as special guest referee – at least had some suspense about it.

In a somewhat unique twist to circumstances such as this, The Game actually called the match straight down the middle. You saw equally timed pinfall counts, but other than the pinning attempts he pretty much stayed out of the way and let the contenders duke it out.

Of course, being the nice guy isn’t Trips’ style – so as soon as the match was won by Cena both he and Orton received wonderful parting gifts of Pedigrees for their trouble.

Moments after the show, I’m already seeing heat over this match. “Who wants to see this,” people are already asking in the online world.

“Triple H politics his way through the WWE because he’s married to Vince’s daughter.”

“John Cena only stays in the main events because he’s attached to Vince at the hip.”

Blah, blah, blah…

I’ve seen and heard many more negative statements about both of these guys. I see the complaining about the WM match already. Well, just as DX has “two words for ya,” I’ve got three for all the complainers out there.

Get over it.

Here’s how I see it. Stepping back and just looking at things as a “fan of the sport,” and leaving all the backstage crap behind – Triple H would be a star whether he was part of the family or not. He’s good on the mic, has definitely earned his stripes in the ring, and the man’s look just screams “intimidation.”

John Cena, as I’ve said before, has become the most polarizing star on the roster by far. There’s no way you can excuse NOT selling him to the crowds night after night.

Randy Orton? Well, the man is about as good at playing an egocentric, pompous ass as I’ve seen in a long time. He’s also built himself up as a complete weasel who will do anything, legal or otherwise, to retain the gold.

Put all the other stuff aside and what you have is the potential for a damn good match at WrestleMania for the WWE Championship. Take Sean O’Mac’s advice – forget everything you’ve learned online or otherwise, remember what it was like to watch these Superstar wrestlers as a kid, (well, not these particular Superstars for some of us) and just try to enjoy the show that these men put on.

Well, now that I’ve got that off my chest, let’s carry on shall we?

I was quite happy to see that for the first time an active (although not for much longer) wrestler will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Shawn Michaels came out and, with tears in his eyes, announced that Ric Flair will be amongst this year’s class. Um, wait a second. Didn’t I hear a rumor that Flair’s last match at WrestleMania would be – um, never mind. Don’t want to completely ruin it for you all, now do I. Just a note to The Nature Boy – watch out for Sweet Chin Music over the next few weeks.

Vince was supposed to dish out some “tough love” to his illegitimate son Hornswoggle this week inside a steel cage. Instead, he had JBL do most of his dirty work for him, handcuffing Finlay to the rope and pretty much annihilating poor little Hornswoggle as Finlay begged the man to take it out on him instead. Afterward, Finlay was shown carrying his unconcious friend backstage.

Let’s ponder this one for a moment, shall we? Perhaps a tag-team match at WrestleMania with Vince and JBL taking on Finlay and Hornswoggle? But there would have to be something at stake here. What if it was stipulated that if Finlay and Hornswoggle win, then Mr. Hornswoggle McMahon “takes over” the company? But then again, what does Vince get if his team wins?

Well, it’s all hypothetical anyways.

Two very predictable results led to the first two qualifiers for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania as Mr. Kennedy defeated Val Venis and Jeff Hardy took out Snitsky. Both were decent matches, although Snitsky did fall to a cleanly missed Whisper in the Wind. But no surprises here.

Another gimmie was Paul Burchill defeating Super Jobber, I mean Super Crazy, with Burchill’s “sister” Katie looking on in lust. I still have much distaste for this storyline, and the creative folks at WWE are going to have to work some miracles to change my mind.

But then again, as much as I’d love to think otherwise, I doubt the creative folks are hinging every decision they make on the words of Sean O’Mac. Much a pity.

Lovely Maria gained a point that not many Divas have by defeating Beth Phoenix in a match that supposedly would determine whether or not Maria would get to pose in Playboy – a stipulation obviously added by an innocent-acting Santino Marella. (You know, he really has grown on me.) His reactions after Maria’s victory – and his plan’s backfiring – were priceless.

But give credit where it’s due – Maria picked up the win thanks to the distraction caused by a returning Candice Michelle. Sean O’Mac is definitely glad to see her back in the mix again after her shoulder injury. Well, let’s be honest – Sean O’Mac is just happy to see her, period!

In other news, Big Show came out again after apparently being told he should apologize to Floyd Mayweather for the way things unfolded at No Way Out. Excuse me, but wasn’t Show the one that left with a broken nose and spitting blood?

Anyways, Mayweather came out, they made all nicey-nice, and even shook hands.

Show didn’t leave it at that, however, and quickly challenged Mayweather to a match. Mayweather charged back into the ring (he was most of the way up the ramp when Show finally made the actual challenge) and accepted. After a moment, Mayweather feigned a punch causing Show to jump. Show laughed it off afterwards in a way that suggested he was masking his anger.

So we’re getting the boxer vs. the wrestler. Didn’t we see this one before? I know I remember something years ago…

Oh, wait – that was Rocky III. My bad.

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