COLUMN: Sean O’Mac: PnP – Top 10 Reasons To Watch WM24


Welcome to another edition of Sean O’Mac’s Pullin’ No Punches (PnP for short). Here you’ll find Sean’s opinions on one or more topics in the WWE world as well as letters from readers. Remember that you, too, can chime in with your thoughts anytime. I like the props, but love the debates and disagreements too.

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Well, here we are wrestling fans. The last PPV before the big one is done and we’re on the fast track to WrestleMania. Usually this means several things – one of which is the expectation that the entertainment levels on Raw and Smackdown will pick up a notch as they try and draw us in for the big one.

With that in mind, I thought I’d start this edition of Pullin’ No Punches with my very own Top Ten list. So, without further ado – here’s Sean O’Mac’s Top Ten reasons to watch WrestleMania!

10. For those that love them, John Cena, Triple H and Randy Orton will be in the main event.

9. For those that hate them, John Cena, Triple H and Randy Orton will be beating the hell out of each other.

8. Randy Savage crashing WrestleMania by parachuting into the stadium.

7. Edge will dump Vickie and have a Live Sex Celebration with planned attendee Lindsay Lohan.

6. Rather than fight Floyd Mayweather Jr., Big Show forgoes his diet and swallows Mayweather whole.

5. Like Undertaker’s entrance? You’ll be able to enjoy 48 minutes of it as he strolls from the top rows of the stadium to the ring below. Subsequently, he breaks a record by pinning a now sleeping Edge in three seconds.

4. 75-foot aerial ladders will now be used in the Money in the Bank match.

3. Shawn Michaels continues expanding his list of submission maneuvers by debuting the the Boston Sharpshooter Figure-Four Crossface.

2. Vince read and decided he liked Scott Hudson’s idea – it will indeed be a Battle Royal to decide the next president of the United States!

1. Hornswoggle returns as … the Bionic Leprechan! We have the technology. Better. Stronger. Faster.


You fans have really picked things up lately when it comes to e-mailing Sean Oâ<80><99>Macâ<80><99>s Punching Bag. At this rate, answering e-mails might become a full-time job �” or at least a separate column unto itself.

Hey, pour it on. Tap into Sean Oâ<80><99>Macâ<80><99>s fountain of knowledge (or lack thereof, depending on your perspective.) Just do me a favor, fans! Shorten these up some! Love getting your views on things, but let’s try and keep them below the level of a novel.

So here we go. Feet together, shoulders back, good form �” letâ<80><99>s dive in!

In the interest of making things easier to read, Iâ<80><99>m going to try and categorize letters in todayâ<80><99>s edition. However, some of your e-mails cover a wide range of topics, so weâ<80><99>ll just file those under:


Hey Sean,

Huge fan of all your columns. I’ve read a lot of opinions regarding this new character of Paul Birchill. I agree that the storyline idea is really awful, but perhaps we need to give it a chance and see how it plays out. Personally though, I loved the pirate gimmick. It was different, unique and funny. But above all else, his in-ring skills were actually good. Do you remember the finisher he used back then. It was like a rock bottom-standing shooting star press combo…awesome finisher. As for the whole Benoit thing, personally, it sucks that he is known by most for what he did to his family rather than what he did in the ring. Few were as technically sound and talented like the Rabid Wolverine. I sit down every now and then and watch his DVD and think to myself, that’s the guy who deserves his spot in the Hall of Fame. I truly believe there is a place for him. But it does have to be years and years down the road. As far as TNA is concerned, I am a fan, but their product the last few months has been disgraceful at best. Christopher Daniels is so damn talented that it sickens me that he is now playing this Curryman character. I think TNA tries way too hard to try to beat WWE, and tries way too hard to go out of their way to insult them. The ironic thing is, the vast majority of main event guys in TNA are former WWE guys. Names like Angle, Christian, Tomko, Steiner, Jarrett, Nash, hell even AJ Styles was part of WWE at one time (long ago). Anywho I digress. But I will definitely respond to you on a weekly basis, and keep up the good work Sean!

– wwefansince89

You know, fans, I actually thought the pirate gimmick was pretty neat. Cheesy, but cool. Indeed, gone are the days of such characters and giving fans a dose of that â<80><9c>old formâ<80> way of doing things can be fun.

I have to admit, I rarely catch TNA any more. My interest peaked when I heard Sting was coming on board as I loved watching him back in the WCW days. But they just couldnâ<80><99>t keep my interest in the long run.

Thanks for reading and for the props, Fan!

Hey Sean, I’m a reader of wrestlezone. com and I come across your columns which I enjoy reading. I’ve been a fan of wrestling for over 20 years and I enjoy the matches that I get to see (I have to read about them because I work when Raw and Smackdown are on TV). I noticed quite a few people left their opinions about the whole Benoit situation and whether he should be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame. My opinion of that is this. As a wrestler he was one of the finest to ever step into the ring and I will never deny that. But as we all know his actions that fateful day really put a dark cloud on a lot of fan’s minds (including my own) so I really don’t know if he will be inducted into WWE’s Hall Of Fame. I know he is in the Wrestling Observer’s Newsletter’s HOF and last I read his induction is up for recall this year. Do you think he will stay inducted in that organizations HOF or will he be removed? Unfortunately, I have the feeling he will be removed, but then again he may not becasue they could just look at what he has done prior to the murder suicide.

I just wanted to say keep writing because youe insight keeps fans like me coming back for more. Take care.

PS How did Randy Savage piss off Vince McMahon so bad? I read somewhere he skipped out on the WWE without notice (According to the Greatest Wrestling Stars of the 80’s DVD when they played Jerry Lawler’s bio) Can I get some insight because I think it is more than that.

– Ian

Glad I can keep drawing you in, Ian. Truth is, we can only speak of Benoit in hypotheticals. I gave my opinion, but at the same time donâ<80><99>t believe my opinion of things will come true. As far as Macho Man and Vince goes �” I think only they truly know whatâ<80><99>s going on there. There are rumors galore on this topic, but Sean Oâ<80><99>Macâ<80><99>s not going there. Suffice it to say even the esteemed Michael Hayes couldnâ<80><99>t get Vince to consider bringing Savage back.

Hi Sean,

Sneaking reads of your column during work and saw this crappy hate mail last time. Does “Guy” realise that in freedom of speech we are entitled to opinion. Anyway…

Recently watch Against All Odds and have to say TNA are doing great PPVs. But people always say its full of ex-WWE guys. True, but guys like Tomko and Christian Cage weren’t allowed to get anywhere in WWE and decided to go to another company. When people say this about TNA, don’t they realise that these wrestlers need an income and where would rather be after being released by WWE? Some indie show where you make $150 a pop or to a place where you get national exposer, garenteed contracts, good money, light schedule in TNA I know which I would choose.

WrestleMania is coming soon and the Smackdown Main Event is pretty much decided but who do you think will win Money in the Bank this year. At first I would’ve said Jeff Hardy but over the past couple of days Shelton Benjemin comes to mind. After competing in several of MITB he deserves the win and capture that ECW Title off Chavo “Will-Never-Be-As-Popular-As-Eddie” Guerrero.

Weird had all these ideas of what to write and now I’ve forgot them. Sounds like Nathan Jones’ career.


– Billy S., Scotland

Donâ<80><99>t get fired for my sake, Billy! Truth be told, if I had to put money on the table right now, Iâ<80><99>d bet on Hardy to take MitB. But weâ<80><99>ll just have to wait and see.

I have been watching wrestling longer then most of the readers age. My biggest dissapointment in wrestling is not the ture wrestling fan like myself but the average young wrestling fan has know idea what the WWE/WWF has achieved the last 50yrs. Most fans may not like Vince and Family but u have to admire him for innoviation of the wrestling sport. I have seen everybody from Buddy Rogers vs Sanmartino at MSG, to Gorrila Moonsoon vs Arnold Scoland from these poinneers of wrestling for WWF to the present werestlers has made wrestling over the yrs. the best sport entertainment on the TV. WWF/WWE has survived drug scandle, WCW,and now the clown show of TNA. I have tried to watch Tna being a real hadcore wrestling fan, the idiot way they use there young talent is horrible and Angle and his blown up wife need to just realize that TNA will never take over WWE. Love WWE or hate them, they are still the innoviators of wrestling entertainment and I give Vince and the whole WWE family a big thank you for bringing the wrestling entertainment out of the 50’s and almost putting pure werestling in the closet until the WWF was formed. So all these young kids who grew up Austin/Rock/Hogan, go back to see the old vidos of the 60’s wrestleres and see what the wrestling entertainmnet is really about.

Thank You

– William M.

That says it all, William.

Hey Sean first time write. I don’t think any of these new hires will do any good. It just seems to me that WWE hires new people puts them on television too quickly and they fail or they spend all kinds of time on vignettes then when the characters debut do nothign with the(i.e. The Highlanders). Vince and his creative team are completely out of touch with what tells a good story. The main reason for this to me is the number of pay-per-views. Angles need to be set up and pushed with no real time to tell a story. I remember as a kid watching NWA/WCW and really getting invested into the story lines of the Four Horseman versus whoever, or the Road Warriors versus Midnight Express. Those were the days that I did not watch WWF/E becasue of the Hogan dominated everything much Like HHH does now. In my opinion he is the modern day HOgan just with more talent but a lot more ego, becasue of this the possiblity of good storylines or new Superstars is squashed before they get a chance because the King of Kings isn’t ready to step aside and let new wrestlers take the spotlight. If WWE is to turn things around story wise they need to rebuild the tag divison truly, not start a team and then break them up, put renewed focus on the United States and Intercontinental titles. Thsoe championships used to eman somethign but now to me they mean nothing. I don’t think we will see a Steamboat/ Savage type of match for the IC or US titles ever agina because WWE does not care about them. Well that seems like enough today. Have a nice day and thanks for listening

– Michael ” Hi-Five”

I agree, and have said several times, that the tag-team division needs pumped up. And itâ<80><99>s true that the mid-card titles have seemingly lost their luster lately.

Hey man…what’s the deal with Triple H? He is starting to piss me off about this whole “I’m Triple H and I can do what the hell I want b/c I’m sleeping with the bosses daughter.” Even though he is one of my fav wrestlers, he shouldn’t get squat. Jeff deserves to headline WM 24 and win the belt. He is WAY WAY OVER with the crowd and a bit more popular and Trips. No one sould get anything handed to them b/c of who they are with. They should get something by hard work and dedication. Jeff has proved that and more and I demand that he win the chamber match on sunday. But he gets screwed outta that, which just might happen, he better be in the MITB match and win that. And then he better win the title and have a title run.

– Thomas Y.

Well, demand all you want. We all know who won the thing now.

Okay, so WWE has revealed that Stephanie McMahon is pregnant. What they haven’t revealed is who the father is. Curious, no?

– Dave B.

Read it again, Dave. They did say who the father was in the article on, Paul Levesque (a.k.a. Triple H).

Hey Sean, interesting read, I really respect the fact that you can be a â<80><9c>tough guyâ<80> or at least have the image whilst still maintaining a sense of identity, what I mean is that your obviously not afraid to showcase your intelligence. Thatâ<80><99>s cool man.

But back to the point, I canâ<80><99>t help but say how overall bloody WEAK Smackdown was. The last time MVP and Batista faced off it was a really decent match, the best one to be showcased in a while. How can Smackdown even HOPE to keep up with Raw when it so clearly pales in comparison. Lets look at the Smackdown main event, Edge (great on the mic) but crappy playing a love sick puppy opposed to a sick rated R superstar was boring, Vicky was well, kind of gross. And Rey was Rey. Meanwhile Raw has Michaels vs Hardy a match up worthy of a mainevent ppv. And believe it or not Henry going to Raw is actually quite a big loss to Smackdown as he has a lot of presence and charisma, yes he can actually talk on the mic!

Anyway like your work and keep it up.

Cheers, Jack. Sydney Aus.

Thanks for reading and the props. Iâ<80><99>m really quite over the whole Edge-Vickie story as well, but still patiently waiting to see what twists and turns theyâ<80><99>ll throw into this thing.

Hey Sean O mac. I love your reviews of the weekly shows, but dude i am really getting fed up with certain storylines and angles. Is there a website or something that i can visit to let WWE know how i feel?

– Tyderyon N.

Well, Ty, you can give feedback at, but they don’t accept ideas for storylines.

I wanted to talk about Paul Burchill and his new storyline for a second amongst other things. In the past Vince always matched storylines with what was happening or popular in the world. When Paul came out as a pirate, I thought it was a great character with the recent popularity of Pirates of the Caribbean . When Paul got hurt and was sidelined, I donâ<80><99>t know why the character was dropped. I liked it. His run as the pirate ranked up there with the gimmick of Gangrel and The Blue Blazer (I loved that character when I was a kid). A bit corny BUT entertaining. I still rank Gangrel on my favorites of all time (I would have loved to have him win the European Titleâ<80>¦Vampire, Translyvania-Europe, it fit) I miss CHARACTERS in the WWE. All we have now are real names. That all started with Hall and Nash going to WCW and using their real names. Now, we have wrestlers with their real names or only being called by one of their names like Snitzky, Lashley, Batista. I bet if you ask a fan of the WWE now that is about 12 years old what one of the Hâ<80><99>s in Triple H is, they wont know. I mean, the overusage of the initials are also making me a bit upset too. MVP, HHH, HBK, JBL, On top of this, what about MVP using 305 like Rey saying 619??? Many storylines need revamped, redone, rewritten with some new blood.

Finally, I also see the US , IC and Tag Titles have been forgotten about too. Only care about the Main two titles, then dump the others and focus on one prize. I personally think having two separate titles was a bad idea. I know the old title that is being tainted on Smackdown has history, but come on. Make one title, have the two shows merge again and stop the separate rosters. One prize and everyone can be involved. I hate the same people fighting for the same title all the time. Mix it up. ( I think Iâ<80><99>m preaching to the choir though).

I have said in the past that I have written to the WWE for a writing job and with the recent firings of some writers, I want to say that I could add some fresh, new ideas in the WWE and I want the chance to do this if someone could help me in my quest.

Until next time,

– Paul W.

Good luck Paul. Sorry, but I’d be about as much help in your quest as Randy Savage.


Hi Sean,

I am a college student majoring in journalism at Bowling Green State University and a huge wrestling fan. I have been reading your articles since stumbling onto this site some months ago. (used to use prowrestlingscoops) In your latest “Punching Bag” column, I noticed that you are not only a journalist, but also an editor. I not only wanted to say I am a huge fan of your writings for the site, but was also curious how you got your start in both journalism and on wrestlezone. I currently work for the paper on campus, but am starting to plan now for what to do after college and I don’t exactly trust the words of the guidance councilors given some things that have happened in the past with them. If you could give me some advice on either of these things, I would really appreciate it.


– Ryan S.

Well, Ryan, I can only speak for print journalism. Although I also have some experience in broadcast journalism, it really isnâ<80><99>t enough to speak with authority on.

Thing is, I took a different course than you have already embarked upon �” but yours will give you an advantage. I didnâ<80><99>t attend college for journalism �” rather for aviation and electronics. When I left the Air Force, I knew writing was something that interested me and I went to my home town newspaperâ<80><99>s managing editor (who I must admit Iâ<80><99>d known for years) and he gave me my shot.

Now keep in mind, it was a bottom-rung shot. I was the Society Editor of all things, typing up weddings and engagements and covering school events. So what made the difference? Two words, Ryan �” drive and ambition.

Within two weeks of being hired, I was already asking how to get front-page news assignments. I took the bull by the horns, gained the experience I needed, and before you know it I was getting big stories picked up by the Associated Press, on my way to becoming a managing editor myself, and my news career really took off.

To be quite honest, Ryan, it all boils down to what youâ<80><99>re willing to do. Your degree will no doubt gain you the opportunity to jump into larger publications than where I started and worked my way up from. But no matter where you go �” charge in! Step up and always do more than what is asked or required of you.

That, combined with a natural nose for news, will take you far in this career field.

As far as WrestleZone goes, that was just a combination of experience and luck!

Best of luck to you.

hi Sean,

Just a quick line to say congratulations on your handling of Guy G on your latest edition of Pullin’ no Punches. I work in the news business myself, abeit in a different medium (radio), and i have to say that it’s very refreshing to read wrestling editorials from someone with such an extensive background as yourself. i feel that your engaging, well-written editorials help to show that wrestling isn’t just watched by 14yr old kids and so-called “geeks”, but instead has a broad spectrum of support from people in all walks of life. here in the UK (i’m in Northern Ireland, i’m assuming you’re from the US – i may be mistaken), wrestling is hugely popular, but still has something of a stigma attached to it. i know that in my role as a news and sports editor, i try to show wrestling in as positive light as possible. i work with independent promotions in my spare time, and while i’m at work, i try to give as much mainstream coverage to wrestling as is possible in the confines of my editorial remit. i think that what you are doing on Wrestlezone is admirable, and in truth, i’d rather hear more from you than the ramblings of individuals like Glenn Gilberti (who’s become something of an easy target now – even his fellow wrestlers on the site seem to be taking pot-shots at him!) So lets have more well-written, entertaining, informative and funny editorials. As i said before, i feel that having people like you writing for the so-called “dirtsheets” can only be a good thing, because it enhances not only the credibility of the sites themselves, but of the business as a whole. i could wax lyrical about “the fourth estate”, and accountability, but that’ll only bore people! instead, keep up the good work – you’re certainly keeping a fellow hack happy!

PS: what odds on a Hardy HHH Cena triple threat at Mania?

PPS: any chance of a job? ;P

– Colm M.

Go raibh maith agat, Colm. Indeed, I am an American of Irish descent. I also worked in radio for a time as news director, so I know the turf.

Yes, Guy caught me in a mood, and after a couple of senseless, unintelligent e-mails like that I felt it was time to cut loose and show my Irish side.

While I greatly appreciate the kudos and readers, and take it as a great compliment that youâ<80><99>d rather read my stuff than Glennâ<80><99>s, truth be told Glenn and others like him can offer some unique perspectives from their experience in the business. I donâ<80><99>t always agree with or like what some of our â<80><9c>starâ<80> writers have to say, but I respect their opinions none the less.

As far as hearing more from me goes �” well, that gets tough. You see, I was hired to be an editorializer. To give a fresh, unique perspective on what the WWE is doing. I would love to cover the goings on of the WWE from more of a credible journalistâ<80><99>s standing, but with the stigma attached to online wrestling sites �” and the restrictions on WWE staff and stars in regards to speaking with online guys �” itâ<80><99>s a tough road.

Needless to say, while I may point out some things in editorials, when it comes to actual unbiased journalism I donâ<80><99>t operate on rumors.

Your first question, we already know the answer to.

Your second �” talk to Chris Cash. The man is looking for an co-host for his radio show. You might fit right in!

Ã<89>irinn go Brágh!


I must say that I have been reading wrestling takes and columns for 14 plus years now and I have yet to found one that mirrors my own opinions as much as your dose! Keep up the good work!

– Ian M.


Will undertakers streak come to an end at mania or will edge be the one to end it???

Thanks, Ian. But are you kidding? My money’s on Taker remaining undefeated.


I am so glad to here your take. I have been watching wrestling since back in the 60â<80><99>s and have seen about every trick and gimmick in the books, and still enjoy WWE. I have a real dislike for Orton, I know it is his part but I believe the man has a real attitude problem and has hurt the company more than helped in the fact that if you do something wrong in this life you need to pay and pay hard. I know that we all make mistakes but time and time again needs to be stopped.

You have so many over the years that have had problems and many have died and others are finally getting help for the drugs and other problems thanks to WWE and I believe that if a person is willing to pay for the mistake and change that is great.

I do like the good guys to win more often but know that it is boring for some but you have many that work there backside off and deserve to be pushed and given the chances that you usually seem to do.

I just wanted to say thanks again for your insight and keep it up. If there is an easier way to get to your comments and information please pass it back, I had to look at many sights before I could find your comments.


A fan from way back.

– Larry

Well, Larry, you can always catch me at If you miss an article, or want to look over past ones, you can check out my archive blog at

“But then again, as much as I’d love to think otherwise, I doubt the creative folks are hinging every decision they make on the words of Sean O’Mac. Much a pity”

You really think highly of your opinion don’t you? You tell people on your report what to think about the matches in WWE which I don’t really understand because who are you to do this?

– Destruction39

You’re joking, right? I mean, come on! I’m Sean O’Mac!

Ok, seriously, I’m not THAT stuck on myself. But you ask, who am I to do this? I’m an educated, multi-talented juggernaut who happens to be a life-long wrestling fan.

Who am I? I’m the voice of the fans, my friend.

Who am I? I’m the man who steps up and defends the WWE when many speak out against it.

Who am I? I’m the unsilent majority. The voice of those who want to show their dissatisfaction with some of the things they see, and their pleasure in others.

And if you read the e-mails I receive, and see the mind-boggling traffic counts of the fans who read my columns – well, it seems to me that I’m doing a pretty damn good job of being that voice.

But hey! Thanks for asking! 😉

You’ve been a great addition to the site. I’ve been watching wrestling for a pretty long time and I think you’re perspective gives us something that we don’t normally get.

My question is why do you think Cena is so polarizing? I wonder if it had something to do with the idea that he held the belt forever. Maybe it started the feeling that they wanted to see him lose it. It seemed like they really started to turn after his first go around with Orton right before he got injured.

Also I didn’t know he was so attached to Vince. I guess that’s what you’ve got to do to get ahead. Holding the belt beats being the rapping guy.

And Jeff Hardy is a main event superstar, it’s about time they give him the strap.

Thanks for putting your thoughts out there to read,

– Mike C.

I appreciate that Mike. Truth is, the “Cena haters” started turning on him long before that. But either way, I think it’s great. It’s not something that’s easily created, having a Superstar that is so equally and loudly cheered and booed.

But if I were to guess (and it’s only a guess) I’d say Cena didn’t attach himself to Vince to get ahead. I’d say Vince chose to annoint him, and thus Cena and Vince became close.


Just wanted to begin by saying that I really enjoy your articles everyweek, and after WWE programming is aired, your articles are always my next destination.

I both agree and disagree with the way you handled the Raw wrestlemania main event this week. I agree with the fact that people have become obsessed with internet wrestling, and things now are not like the used to be. People get way too involved in the backstage problems in the WWE other then the thing they should be most interested in, which is both action and storylines developing on screen. I disagree, with your opinion on saying that the main event will be a great match. I think because of all the “internet” fans that surround the business, the WWE has to learn to adapt, and appeal to these guys too. There would be a very easy way to this in the Raw main event. Include Jeff Hardy and make it a fatal four way match. I know you already know this, but Jeff is way over with the fans, both internet and original. This would solve the problem that the Raw main event has brought up in, a main event without a babyface superstar. Sure, John Cena has been pushed as a babyface, but about half of the wwe fans despise him on wrestling skill alone. Trips is in the same situation, yeah, he’s been pushed as a face since his SUmmerslam return, but there will always be Triple H haters because of how amazing he is at being a heel. Randy Orton, I believe is the only person in the match who is over with the fans the way he should be. They’ve made him both a dangerous man to be in a match with, along with a complete weasel,…and thats definitely a man WWE fans love to hate. Jeff Hardy, I believe could add a load to this match. He’d certainly add a bit of variety to the match itself, with his unique style. He’s had rivalries with both HHH and Orton, so there wouldn’t need to be AS much of a build up between the three, just Hardy and Cena, and it doesn’t take much for John Cena to screw jeff and hit him with the standing firemans carry *cough* I mean FU. [Think he’s great on the mike, but he’s lacking innovativity, which can make me cry]. to put Jeff completely over in the main event.

That’s my only suggestion to the WWE, and I just thought that I would make it heard to you, haha. I agree with all of your other reviews for this weeks raw. and definitely, the Paul Burchill storyline would make someone sick!, thanks for your time…


I agree that Hardy would have been a great addition to the match. But I still say the triple-threat should be a good show. Thanks for the props and for being such a faithful reader!


Hey Sean, love the columns.

I just wanted to raise a point about the announce teams. I noticed watching Raw on Monday that there are often extended moments of silence. For example, in the Jericho/JBL match, Jericho hit the codebreaker, got the 3 count, but none of this was called, in fact there was an extended period of silence until Lawler said something. I felt that it really spoilt the drama of the end of the match; I think all we heard was JR going “oh!”, but nothing else. Just wondered if you had noticed that, and what you thought about it. Also I’ve seen this quite a bit, Jeff Hardy’s 30ft Swanton springs to mind – I remember the days where JR would add to the drama by – for want of a better term – ‘going crazy’, but now it seems that the announcers are taking a more quiet approach, evidenced also a couple of weeks back on SD when Palumbo was attacking Noble – Cole and Coach were just silent for the most part, and I feel this really detracts from the drama (on a related note, I’m still not warming to the idea of Coach on SD – how about Cole and Tazz back together, with Heyman being re-hired and joining Styles on ECW?)

On a related note, I noticed on ECW this week, during the main event particularly (Punk vs Henry), Joey Styles sounded INCREDIBLY unenthusiastic about everything, not once did he get excited or even raise his voice. Maybe Joey is unhappy in his WWE role? Or perhaps it’s simply something personal going on, but I felt that it made me completely uninterested in the main event (which didn’t take much, considering it involved the lethargic Mark Henry). Granted, it wasn’t the best main event, but I feel the announce team should have taken the opportunity to try to make it sound more than it was. Although I did notice Tazz being more upbeat, perhaps trying to make up for it.

Oh and beware, this is my first time writing but it shall probably continue.

– Greg C.

Well Greg, I canâ<80><99>t speak for the commentators other than to say that someone like J.R. certainly knows what heâ<80><99>s doing. There are times when silence is golden and can add to the drama more than having someone talk all over it. The Palumbo destruction of Noble was certainly one of those moments.

Sure, theyâ<80><99>re human. They screw up now and then just like the rest of us, especially on live broadcasts. But I for one canâ<80><99>t imagine Raw without J.R. and The King.

ITâ<80><99>S DIVA TIME!

Im just writing about divas wrestling. Now although others think it’s nothing more than eye candy, I actually think there are some very talented divas. IMO, Melina is the best heekl diva there is, but over the past two weeks she has done a job to Maria and needed to cheat to win the other one. Maria would not be getting a push at all if it weren’t for her posing for playboy. I think Vince or Creative(whoever makes these decisions) needs to think a bit more about who the real wrestler is here and maybe start pushing the more talented divas harder instead of the eye candy like Maria.

– Matthew W.

Well of course Maria is going to get a push for posing in Playboy. Itâ<80><99>s good marketing for all involved. As far as that goes, itâ<80><99>s the job of any good talent to sometimes make another performer look better than they are. That doesnâ<80><99>t mean Iâ<80><99>m saying Maria has no in-ring talent �” I think sheâ<80><99>s definitely showing some improvement. And no matter what, sheâ<80><99>s fun to look at!


WWE released a compilation DVD on “Stone Cold” Steve Austin this week and it features the match between him and Triple H at Survivor Series 2000. Chris Benoit played a role in getting the action from inside of the arena to the parking lot. When these segments occur, the Survivor Series logo is suddenly shown and the match skips to the part without Benoit. This happens twice during the match on the DVD.

Is WWE being childish or what? When “no Gun” airs on TV, O.J. Simpson’s parts aren’t edited out.

– Dave B.

Well, in WWEâ<80><99>s defense, no Gun doesnâ<80><99>t have to continue making profits or answer to shareholders. I donâ<80><99>t agree with erasing Benoit from existence. But thatâ<80><99>s just the unfortunate nature of this beast that he created, whether he was in his right mind or not.


Hey Sean,

I just wanted to tell you I’m a huge fan of your column and longtime fan of the site. I just wanted to get your thoughts on how you feel towards guys who I wouldn’t say have overstayed their welcome in the business, but for health reason probably should have retired much sooner than they did, if they ever did. Look at Hogan, in my opinion, when he hung up his boots in 2002, he should have left for good. He’s already a multi-millionaire, and can make money just attaching his name to anything. Do you think some older wrestlers should retire when they hit a certain age? Also, I’m really tired of seeing old men (and in Mae Youngs case, old women) wrestling WAY past their prime, and I don’t wanna see that anymore. Plus, some of them just can’t wrestle (Vince McMahon for one) and when the last memory people have of such a great lady like the Fabulous Moolah is her barking like a dog on her hands and knees for Vince, it diminishes their earlier accomplishments. She was the longest reining champion ever with a whopping 27 years, no one wants to see her getting RKO’d on her 80th birthday. So maybe at 50? they should retire, or 60 or something, but not 80. Thanks for reading this. Great Column!

– Josh B

It all depends, Josh. Some of these athletesâ<80><99> bodies start showing their age more than others. You canâ<80><99>t set an age on them. After all, Iâ<80><99>ve seen some 60-year-old guys that could probably whip the hell out of me!


Hey Sean O’Mac, D’Arcy from Ottawa Canada here.

Last night’s PPV was pretty good. I didn’t get to see it since the movie theater couldn’t get reception, so I listened to Chris Cash’s audio commentary back at home. These are my opinions on the PPV and WWE in general.

The Big Show/Mayweather altercation is I believe WWE’s way of one-uping the Lesnar/Mir fight at UFC 81. It should be a good angle to work for Wrestlemania. However, WWE is struggling. TNA’s became a much bigger entertainment package in the past year and WWE needs to start thinking about ratings.

I found No Way Out’s results were way too predictable, still very good showing. The only result I didn’t expect was Orton slapping the ref, although the result will remain what I expected. I predicted a double pin, resulting in triple threat at Wrestlemania, and that is what appears will happen.

In my opinion, the two biggest mistakes WWE have been making is having Cena constantly be the champion, and Taker/Batista. Cena will carry the show, he’s definitely bringing in a lot of crowd, but if they continue making Cena the champion, within a few years, people will be sick and tired of him and the company will hurt for it.

Taker/Batista is becoming way too old. It’s been well over a year that this feud has been going on, and though both are huge superstars with many fans, quite a few fans will get tired of seeing the two have match after match after match with the match ending so close. It’s like the WWE is trying to make it so that Batista/Taker is the only thing that matters when they’re in a match. Last night, they went through all the other competitors in the EC match before Taker was able to pull off the victory. At least with Raw, even though it was known Trips would win the match, and some people hoped Jeff would pull off the victory, at least they made Umaga become a major competitor again. Ever since he lost his first match against Cena, they almost made it appear that anybody could beat him. SD should have made Khali and Big V last a bit longer, or at least made them take a huge beating before losing.

One last thing I just thought of that’s hurting WWE as compared to TNA is the predictability. TNA’s got some things that are unpredictable, WWE doesn’t. Almost everything with the WWE, with the exception of 1 of 6 match results, and a bloodied Show, everything in WWE is quite predictable.

Like I said, these are my opinions. If you don’t agree with them, you’ve got that rite, but I wanted to voice my opinion. Thanks,

– D’Arcy

That’s the great thing about this world, D’Arcy. We’re all entitled to our opinions. I just get to share mine with the whole world! And, well, thanks to The Punching Bag – so do you!

As a 30 year fan of Wrestling I have not purchased a pay-per view for 5 years exactly for the reason of the Orton vs Cena match. I am old school and believe in 2 men enter 1 man leaves the winner by pinfall or submission. Last night I decided to spend my hard earned money and purchase the event. 1 more try. While overall it was done very well this 1 match has made me decide to NEVER purchase another WWE PPV. I like other people work very hard for the money spent on this show. It’s like if when we go to a resturant and the whole meal is not good we never go back.

– Dave C.

So you mean to tell me if you go out to eat and are served the best damn steak you’ve ever dreamed of, but the apple pie dessert sucked, you’re never going back? You’re a hard man to please, Dave – but it’s your money and you certainly have the right. Granted, from a fan’s perspective, I hated the way the Cena-Orton match ended as well. But, in the grand scheme, it was perfect for Orton’s storyline.

whats up man…you think mayweather will be involved in a boxing match at ‘Mania?

– J. Dupes

Well, we know he’s going to be involved somehow. It would probably make more sense for it to be boxing related since Show reportedly did some boxing training during his absence from WWE.

Mr. Sean Omac

My thoughts on last nites ppv.There was a lot of good things going on but the one EC form smackdown was not good at all i thought . Every body knows that Undertaker would win so it was point less to have him in there . But the Raw Ec was great because there was a lot more talent in this one . But yet again Tripple H was the one that every body knew was going to win but it was good over all. The rick Flare Match was good to everybody knows that he wont lose until he is ready to . The bad part is that Randy had to Lose his match the way he did but now we will see a tripple threat match witch will fine . But the edge match was boring and im a fan of Ray’s so i am happy he went a head and fought . But u guys did have a good bit going with Big Show and Floyd he really hit him it looked like. But over all i would give the show about 7 on a scale of 1-10 .

thank you

– James R.

I didn’t have a good anything. Once again, I’m confused with that other “O’Mac.” *sigh*

Cena and Triple H being in the Main Event and them pretty much guaranteeing the next year will be them feuding for the title while Randy, a great heel gets pushed to midcard. Like DX, I got two words for it, it sucks.

– Brandol

Please refer to my Take on this week’s Raw.


Hi Sean,

I’m a big fan of your “Takes.” I noticed that after the Royal Rumble, you often wondered if Jeff Hardy would stick around in the main event. Well, I attended a WWE live event this past Wednesday in Honolulu, Hawaii. Jeff Hardy was in the main event against Carlito.

Now I know Jeff Hardy in the main event isn’t surprising. However, choosing this match over a DX tag match and a Orton/Jericho championship match is somewhat interesting. Any thoughts? Either way, I’m a big fan of mid-carders and women wrestlers as main events. It’s different. So seeing Carlito in the main event was pretty cool.

On a side note, the Kennedy/Flair match at No Way Out was move for move from the house show in Honolulu.

Take care,

– Mark

The Kennedy/Flair thing doesn’t surprise me. Wrestlers work enough matches and it’s entirely possible that they put on the match they did in Honolulu for the sake of brushing it up for NWO.

Thankfully, Hardy will be sticking around in the upper tiers for some time, it appears.


Hey Sean,

I have to say I have enjoyed reading your articles and i wanted to commend you on them. Secondly, i wanted to run an idea by you and get your thoughts. Now, i’m not suggesting this will happen or that i’ve read it somewhere, but it seems to me that if i were a wwe creative person, i’d propose this idea and see where it goes.

what if during the main event wwe is going to force down our collective throats (a main event NOBODY wants to see by the way) with hhh, cena, and orton. What if orton is victorious in the main event, a real grueling victory that he somehow squeaks by, is the champion…and then….suddenly…out comes William Regal….to announce…IN THAT VERY RING….one more match……randy orton defending the title against the winner of the Money in the Bank match….Jeff Hardy! and Jeff goes on to defeat Randy to win the wwe title.

again, probably not going to happen, but wouldn’t it be something if they did it and kept it a secret….would bring back a flair for the dramatic and the “anything can happen” feeling wwe used to have….

anyways, will wait to read your thoughts.


– Jesus

That would be a great twist, Jesus. But I have a feeling that if Hardy wins MitB, he’ll be so “beat up” as a result that he wouldn’t be in shape to make such a quick challenge. Love your thinking, though.

Actually… at WM15 wasn’t there a Boxing match between Bart Gunn and Butterbean… so when you say we’ve seen it before… we have, haha.

– Mr Tuddy

Easily forgettable.

First of all, I always enjoy your opinions, although I disagree here. I am so damn sick of John Cena, its pathetic. The man is the most overrated wrestler I have ever seen. I wish just once that he would lose a title match clean. Next, I happen to like Randy Orton. He is extremely talented and plays his character perfectly. However, the man I want to win the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 24 is my favorite wrestler of all time, Triple H. Let’s face it, it has been 3 years since he had the title (not counting last year’s No Mercy for a few minutes). He is the best technical wrestler on the roster and can carry the title a hell of a lot better than Cena. Also, I think triple threat matches suck and I really wanted to see Triple H wrestle Cena one on one.

Although I like the Undertaker and want him to win the title from Edge, Smack Down just bores me to death, which is why I don’t watch it anymore.

Mr. Kennedy is the next Triple H in my opinion. He is extremely talented and phenomenal on the mic. He will hopefully be champion one day.

I am also glad that Flair will be leaving. This many not be popular, but he is like Cena in that he is overrated. He is way past his prime and never has been a great “technical wrestler.” (Then again, neither was Hogan)

Finally, who do you want to win the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 24?

– Brandon M.

Thanks for the props, Brandon. I always welcome opinions, even when they differ from my own.

My fingers are bleeding from typing at this point, so here’s the quick version…

I disagree about Cena… I’ve seen worse and technical or not the man is a workhorse. I, too, love Orton and how he plays his character. Undertaker, I’m guessing, should win. Kennedy definitely has potential. I know it’s time for Flair to go, but I disagree and am still nostalgic enough to be saddened by it.

Who do I WANT to win the WWE strap? I’d have to go with Trips here because I can think of some great storyline potentials with him winning. And, it has been a while since he wore a belt.

I don’t know how anyone could have a problem with HHH and Cena being in that match. This is Wrestlemania and whether HHH is married to the boss daughter or not he is one of the most popular stars in the company and he has earned it, he is one of the best if not the best on the stick, has a good look and has decent matches, though I don’t think he had succesfully hit a pedigree in some time and should actually develop a new finisher. Orton is the one that doesn’t belong, dude is just DULL, his matches suck, his promo’s suck worse and are just so slow and plodding, unfortunately he is the one holding the title (after all the crap he has put this company thru clearly he has pictures of someone with a donkey- Pat Patterson err nevermind), but something tells me that won’t be for long.

Speaking of title’s, get the IC belt off Hardy so someone can actually defend it! This will be the 6th mania in a row where it does not get defended! He is well beyond the IC title now and looks like he has established himself in the upper tier, so put it on someone like Santino. Santini is just gold, and gets better every week, but soon he won’t be working with Maria and needs his own program, another run with the IC title playing the cowardly heel would be perfect. Last on Hardy, the new entrance song stinks, the old one was perfect, he had one of the better entrances, but this song is kinda just awful, and he looked out of rythym coming out to it.

Maria is hot and Candice is back and looks smokin!, where be Ashley?? these days?? hopefully growing that hair back and puttin a little meat back on her bones!

I so could care less about Mayweather. He actually comes off completely unlikeable and he looks like the coward heel more than Big Show. The resounding silence when he came out spoke volumes and this is generating zero mainstream interest. How can Show have a match with this tooth pick? When he said “Anaheim what up?”, could he have looked anymore like he was gonna drop a load in his pants? and the deafening reaction….no wait the complete lack of a reaction again spoke volumes….Mick Foley says the name of the City and blows the roof of the building. Mayweather nervously does as he pees his pants…..crickets. And what was with that ridiculous slow shuffle as he approached the Big Show, I wanted Show to just plant a boot in his chest and end this stupid gimmick now! They still would have been better spending their money on Iron Mike than the lame Mayweather. Great midget boxer or whatever he is, but please, this is just stupid.

The only question on who fights Flair is, will HBK turn heel to do it, or will it be mentor/student type thing where Flair begs HBK for his best.

– Steve

You don’t actually expect me to respond to ALL of THAT, do you Steve?

Glad to have your opinions, though, and your readership!

I’ll just say this real quick, why were alot of the fans booing mayweather? he doesnt seem like he’s going to get alot of love from the wwe audience so maybe he should think about turning heel and letting big show be the face in the fued. man did you see those shots he gave big show at no way out, didnt someone tell him this was not a real fight. anyway the main event at WM 24 looks good to me, i hope edge and taker close the show, cause as we all know which ever match closes the show is the real main event. taker should win, i dont think edge is the man that should break that streak. and im soooo happy kennedy is dumped into a MIB match, and he wont be a featured wrestler at WM. kennedy sux!!

– Maddy


Now I’m no mark, been watching since I was 3 and I turned 25 today. But can somebody, maybe you, explain why The Big Show is being made out to be a punk. I mean here’s a guy huge as hell, Raw could use him, Smackdown could REALLY use him, and what do they do about his debut? They have a midget beat him up. And on Raw, they let a Midget “itimidate” him. If im PBF, Im happy. I look like a legit badass. But if im the Big show and Vince I’m questioning how come a big star, is made to look like a nobody. Why would anybody really want to pay PPV money for a guy who cant even beat a short, skinny Boxer. Just blows my mind.

– Nick S.

For no other reason than the classic “my skills are better than yours” bit, really. Now I’m not saying I’m in love with this by any stretch, but if you’re really going to set up a match with these two, you’ve got to show somehow in the lead-up that Mayweather is an actual threat.


hey Sean O’Mac

great column. I have to agree with you on most of your points. I’d like to throw out something regarding the Money in the bank match at Wrestlemania though. I hope that WWE creative team is listening to the fans, and have Jeff Hardy planned to win that one. It’s his time, i just hope he can keep the momentum he has behind him until Wrestlemania, and also keep from getting injured. he says he’s been banged up recently, let’s hope he’s able to heal and steal the show at Wrestlemania. Also, when was the last time he defended the IC title? they hardly even mention it on tv anymore.

I gotta say that the Hornswoggle/McMahon match left me confused. I seriously hope it’s not the end of the Hornswoggle character, i’ve enjoyed it, for what it is. He’s hilarious, and can obviously take a serious beating.

Finally, on the Paul Burchill/Katie Lea storyline. i’m not sure about this one, if it’s shock tv they are going for then i think it’s fine, but the thing i’m really looking forward too is Jerry “The king” Lawlers remarks every week. he comes off with some classic one liners about her (and the other divas).

Anyway, i’m curious as too how evenly they hand out the MITB ladder match slots to the 3 shows. I’d hate for it to be dominated by Raw superstars. i’m looking forward to Smackdown and ECW to see what htey start lining up for Wrestlemania.

Great column this week!

– Fulton G.

You know I have to confess, Fulton. I can’t recall off the top of my head when the last time was Hardy actually defended that belt. But, in all honesty, I’m not going to dive in and research it with this many letters to answer!

Don’t worry, I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of little Hornswoggle.

Hi im alex rangel i attended the raw show in anaheim it was a pretty good show the crown was hot and they hated cena after the show i was walking to my car and there was a jerk passing out xpw fliers that there making a comeback he handed me one and i left him hangin i reminded him that im a loyal wwe fan he said arent you a hardcore wrestling fan i said yes but in 1999 ecw had a ppv called heatwave in los angeles and tommy dreamer punked kaos from xpw when kaos came from the crowd chanting xpw xpw xpw well tommy dreamer and ecw still live i told him so get your shit and take your punk ass out cuz im a loyal wwe fan and a ecw fan even if its not original cuz chavo is entertaining he fell stupid and left. I just wished it was a tna guy so i can really let him have it.

– Alex R.

What’s up Sean,

I usually find your takes to be spot on but you failed to mention what I personally found shocking about Monday Night’s Raw…the fact that Merryweather, the man who defended face Rey Mysterio against returning heel Big Show, got more heat from the Anaheim crowd than Big Show did. What’s your take on this? Also, does anyone in creative really believe that we think that it’s possible that Kennedy will win the Money In The Bank match two years in a row, especially with Triple H’s new favorite buddy Jeff Hardy in the match?

Thanks man, keep up the good work.

– Travis G.

I didn’t care enough to mention it, and no. Thanks for reading!

Its going to be hard to “Get over it” because this is WWE’s safe way of doing the Main Event at WM XXIV.

I’m a life long pro wrestling fan, and as much as I dont like the main event this year I hope that Randy retains. But honestly you know like I do they could’ve had a better RAW main event. Remember Jeff Hardy? Well they could have done Cena vs. Jeff Hardy and drew tons and tons of cash. That would draw more than the ME they have now. What about Y2J? Why not put him in the title picture, like Jeff and Cena, Y2J has legions of fans and a Cena vs. Jericho WM match would be killer.

Honestly, Steph and HHH have to let others be stars bottom line. Orton and Cena have become stars off the strenght that Vince is a big fan of both men. I just think its a cop out. A complete cop out. I know I can book one-hundred times better than what WWE or TNA has done in recent years.

Ends Rant,

– Jason Y.

And your rants are welcome, Jason.


Am I the only one that found that really disturbing last night? Granted…I know it’s a storyline and I know that Hornswoggle is a wrestler and knows how to take bumps but that was really, REALLY bad! I really felt bad for the little guy.

– Kim S.

You know what, Kim? WWE got the exact reaction from you they were hoping for.

And you know what, fans? If you’ve made it all the way to the end of this week’s edition, you’re either really bored right now, extremely dedicated, just had an hour to kill or have no life!

I’ll let you assign your own status there, fans.

I think it’s time for Sean O’Mac to invest in some of that fancy “you talk, it types” software!

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