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Chris Cash

"The Cash Box" w/ Chris Cash
February 26th, 2008

What’s up visitors!

I figured it was time for me to step out into the limelight in written form with "The Cash Box" – a regular column that I will offer my thoughts on absolutely anything and everything wrestling and non-wrestling related.

For those of you that are not familiar with who I am, I’m the "nobody" behind a lot of the new stuff that you are seeing here on and I’m also the host of the Voice of Wrestling radio show. Matt Boone and I work tirelessly together behind the scenes to add new things to this already-great website and the good news – we aren’t through yet!

"The Cash Box" (sorry about the cheesy name – it’s the best I could come up with) will keep you up-to-date on what we have planned for in the near future, any "insider" tidbits that I may come across on a semi-regular basis, and my opinions on current topics in wrestling and things outside of wrestling that I’m interested in.

I am also always available and interested in your emails as well at Any comments, questions, complaints, or suggestions that you have can be sent to me and although I may not respond to every one of them, I definitely read them all. Matt Boone is definitely busy and if I can help take the load off of him in some form or fashion, that’s what I try to do.

So, let’s get started!


Eric Stein from Big Brother 8 is the latest edition to the staff. He was "America’s Player" on the hit reality show and made it to the top five before finally being evicted from the house. He is also a huge wrestling fan that had the opportunity to be apart of WWE’s creative team for a few months in late 2005-early 2006.

Eric will be writing exclusive articles here on, sharing his opinions on the business and his stories from his short stint working for that Vince McMahon guy. He’ll also be appearing often on the Voice of Wrestling radio show, doing other audio and video blogs, and answering your questions you may have for him.

More information on Eric will be available soon. However, tune into Monday’s edition of the Voice of Wrestling for Eric’s debut by CLICKING HERE! Hear Eric give his thoughts on this year’s WrestleMania with Chris and Nick. Also on the show: a very good interview, believe it or not, with former WCW, WWE, and TNA star, Mike Sanders.’s Redesign will be launching soon! I can’t wait, honestly, as there’s going to be a ton of new features, information, and other content that we will be able present to all of you. Don’t worry, however, we will continue providing you with what you want the most: the best news coverage anywhere on the ‘net.

Diamond Dallas Page will be on this week’s edition of the Voice of Wrestling. The date is set for this Monday, March 3rd, so be sure to check it out from 7:00-9:00 EST, leading you into Monday Night Raw.


— I have jumped on board recently with Konnan, Kevin Kelly, and the majority of you in the "Bash TNA" movement that has evolved here on and in the official forums of the site. However, I enjoyed this past week’s edition of Impact quite a bit. The A.J./Karen "honeymoon" bit was well-scripted and rather enjoyable. Also, Eric Young is simply hilarious.

Kip James – a good friend of mine – proved, in my opinion, that he can actually cut a good promo. I talked to him the other day and he’s glad TNA is finally doing something with both of them. However, I will admit that we were both kind of concerned with what happens to both Kip and B.G. "after" the feud between the two of them runs out.

Also – as far as the rumors go that have been circulating the internet about the two of them looking to go up North yet again, Kip says they are untrue. He hasn’t talked to the WWE about it in the recent past and doesn’t plan on it right now due to the fact that TNA is using him right now. He’s basically playing the "wait and see" game right now as it pertains to what’s going to happen after his current storyline ends with Brian.

— This may not be the smartest thing to say as it relates to my radio show, but I have to admit that I’m a little concerned with the direction TNA is heading as it relates to the media (specifically online). The "guy" in charge of TNA’s interviews and such (not naming names or anything) seems to make it a more difficult process to work with them than I personally think it has to be.

Furthermore, I have done my radio show for 5 years and since the beginning, I have had a good, ongoing relationship with TNA. However, recently, due to what some of "their" talent has said in interviews, they have become more strict when it comes to working with online sites and radio shows. They do make exceptions though and for some reason, I am literally having to jump through amazing hoops to be apart of that "list".

I will explain more in the very near future depending on the outcome. Hopefully, everything will work out and you’ll get to hear more TNA guests on future Voice of Wrestling programs. My show has been nothing but a professional and loyal avenue for TNA to promote their product and talent, yet now that I am on the largest wrestling site online (aside from, they have these "policies" in place that make it near impossible to overcome.

I’m trying though damnit!

— Glenn Gilbertti made a comment in his section of’s forums that Flair ought to go over HBK at WrestleMania this year and still retire after the match. Believe it or not, I completely agree! Nick and I discussed this with Eric Stein on VOW this week and we were on opposite ends of the argument.

It was a good conversation that I encourage you to check out, but in case you don’t, I basically said that Flair ought to win his last match and go out on top. There’s no better person to take him to that final "great" match than HBK and no better stage to do it on than WM. I know he said he would "never retire" and no one expects him to do that, but he can get by simply "hanging up his boots" after what I expect to be one of the top two matches on the card this year.

Do you agree or disagree? Email me and let me know.

— Seriously looking forward to seeing Maria in Playboy! Yes, I’m still a man. If anyone has a link to the pictures once they’re online, email me. I’m cheap and don’t have a subscription, so help a brotha out!


Please push Santino already! I am a serious fan of his and really wish they would do more with him. Due to his size, I don’t want to see him in the big title picture anytime soon (if ever), but I would much rather see him with the I.C. strap than Hardy so maybe we can actually have a mid-card division again that means something. With the push they’re giving Hardy – he doesn’t need to the title right now, so give it up and push Santino already!

That’s enough, I think, for this time around. Check out "The Cash Box" as often as you’d like, here on Hopefully, I can entertain you with my thoughts for many years to come! Well, at least for as long as the big, bad owners will let me stay on board here.

Again, I’ll be checking every email and if they are somewhat cool, may include them in future editions of "The Cash Box", so keep that in mind. Thanks guys for continuing to support – keep an eye out for the new features that we’ll be adding to the site. I seriously think you’ll like them.


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