Ryan Clark

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, March 17th, 2008 (USA Network)

Location: The Cajundome in Lafayette, La.

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-JR and the King welcome us to Raw! We will see Cena and Orton vs. THE ENTIRE RAW ROSTER tonight.


Welcome to Raw is Jericho! First of all he needs to introduce his first guest, the sexy Intercontinental Championship! Cause last week he became the 8-time IC Champion, which is better than the pervious record holder, which was also him! Damn he’s good. His second guest is the man that will face Floyd Mayweather at WrestleMania, The Big Show!

Big Show makes his way to the ring and is welcomed by Jericho. Jericho says thanks for the new clip of Mayweather flying through the air. We go to the insanely expensive JERITRON 6000â<80>¦IN HD to see the footage. Show is rather proud of himself, and says that the clip proves that no one likes Mayweather. No one in the locker room, none of his peers, no one here likes him either. Show says Jericho is a star, out weights Mayweather and is highly skilled. But Jericho wouldn’t last 2-minutes with Show, so what chance does Mayweather have? Jericho says that is interesting, but everyone thinks that Show is a jackass. Jericho reminds Show is talking to Chris Jericho, the first Undisputed Champion ever, and the man that will win MITB, while Show will be looking for his teeth. Show says he touched a nerve, and that Jericho is like Mayweather; loud, arrogant, disrespectful and in over his head. Show challenges Jericho for the IC Title, tonight. Show says Jericho looks like he is going to sing karaoke with Justin Timberlake, but then again his singing is horrible. Jericho says Show has been bombing for 8-years, and if Show wants the match, he got it for the IC Title tonightâ<80>¦JUNIOR~!

-JR says that Mr. McMahon made an announcement earlier today. We go to the clip, and Vince says he is the biggest star of them all and got his star on the Hollywood walk of fame. He’ll be on Larry King Wednesday. WWE stock is up, he squats 700lbs, a grandfather, and tonight he celebrates St. Patrick’s Day by ending Ric Flair’s career! Flair will face Vince tonight, and he knows HBK will be upset because he will retire Flair. He made the edict, and he will be the man to end it all. IN A STREET FIGHT!

-We get a commercial for the HHH DVD.

CM Punk vs. Carlito

Lock up and to the corner they go, they fight out and break. They point at the WM sign, sidekick by Punk and then kicks to Carlito. Carlito then tosses Punk to the floor. Punk back in, slams Punk to the corner and beats him down in the corner and then gets a basement dropkick. Punk battles back, to the apron and eats a kick by Carlito who then covers for 2. Carlito works the surfboard, Punk escapes and rolls up Carlito for 2. Springboard elbow by Carlito, cover for 2. Rights and lefts from the mount by Carlito, and another cover for 2. A chin lock by Carlito, Punk works to escape, elbow by Carlito and back to the chin lock. Punk to his feet, counters a suplex and gets the corner knee of doom and the bulldog for 2. Punk to the apron, and flies in for the clothesline but takes a dropkick and Carlito covers for 2. Carlito looks for the backstabber, blocked and Punk tries a GTS, countered into the roll of the dice for 2. An Enziguri by Punk connects and both men are down. Carlito to the apron, slingshots in, but Punk catches him, the GTS connects and that is all.

Winner: CM Punk @ 5:15 via pin

-King hypes BunnyMania. Earlier this week they caught up with Snoop. He thinks Maria should have stayed loyal to Santino and not have shown her boobies, and then stops, saying he doesn’t want to say this. Santino is there with cue cards and says he knows more about WM than Snoop! HAHA! Snoop knows all about it, and he leaves. Nice try Santino.

-WWE stars will be on Larry King Wednesday night.

-Regal is out and says that in two weeks there will be a Raw vs. Smackdown match with Umaga vs. Batista. Umaga will now come and kill London and Kendrick.

HANDICAP MATCH: London and Kendrick vs. Umaga

They start kicking at Umaga, he tosses them off, and then gets them both upâ<80>¦DOUBLE SAMOAN DROP~! HE IS SAMOAN! Umaga kicks away at London, and then tosses Kendrick to a corner. Chops to London. Kicks to Kendrick and a choke. Samoan Clambake to London. Samoan Clambake to Kendrick never happens as Kendrick rolls to the floor. Kendrick looks pissed and stays on the floor, and walks off. Samoan Spike to London KILLS him! That’s all. Kendrick just walked away.

Winner: Umaga @ 2:20 via pin

-HHH and Regal meet backstage and discuss the main event. HHH says that Orton and Cena cannot leave the other. If one leaves the other, they are out of the WM match, including stripping Orton of the title. Regal says he is in charge, but HHH reminds him that he is in charge and that he is following the rules. Regal asks why he just doesn’t strip Orton and HHH says it is all about fun. He has had titles awarded to him in the past and doesn’t want it again. He wants to win it at WM.

-We get a video package on HHH and his desire to win the WWE Title.

-JR and King discuss HHH’s chances, and then we get video of Vince getting his star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Vince was awesome in accepting the award, starting out thankful and then shooting into character. Tremendous.

-We see HBK backstage and Flair asks why he is here. Flair says there is no shame losing at WM, and HBK may be Mr. WM, but he will not stop his show at WM. Flair knows HBK is here to protect him tonight, and he told him about pity and sympathy. Flair is the Nature Boy, his own man, and he doesn’t want to see HBK until WM. HE IS READY TO GO! Vince has no chance in hell of beating him tonight. HBK stands there and soaks it all in.

-WM is 13-days away!

-We see the Finlay interview from Smackdown last Friday.

-JBL has the mic and says he was looking forward to confronting Finaly, unfortunately Hornswoggle is having complications and Finlay is there to take care of his freak son. But since it is St. Patrick’s day, he has to do something special, and he has come up with the 2nd toughest Irishman in the company, COLIN DELANEY! He still has no entrance music. JBL says he has an opportunity to make Irish eyes smile.

JBL vs. Colin Delaney

JBL offers Delaney a shot, he takes it and JBL slaps the shit out of him. Clubbing shots to the back by JBL, off the ropes and a big boot connects. Short armed clothesline, another and Delaney is down. The Clothesline from Hell turns Delaney inside out and that is all.

Winner: JBL @ 1:20 via pin

-On the mic again, JBL says Finlay should look at this and remember that the Irish need not apply.

-Vince and Flair walk.

-We get a replay of the original edict by McMahon to Flair.


They start throwing punches, Flair in control and beats down Vince. He lays the boots to him and kicks Vince all the way to the floor. To the announce table they go and Flair is lighting him up with rights. Chops by Flair, rights and Flair maintains control. Vince tries to escape into the crowd, Flair follows and more rights and chops by Flair. Flair tosses Vince back ringside but then gets tossed into the ring post. Vince starts to take apart the announce table, Flair is up and Vince kills him with the monitor! Flair is busted open now, Vince on the attack with rights and lefts. Back into the ring we go, and Vince covers for 2. Lefts by Vince and another cover for 2. Vince now goes and gets a trashcan, he brings it in and levels Flair and covers for 2. Flair is working the crimson mask as Vince goes under the ring and gets a kendo stick. One shot, two shots and Flair is down. Vince covers for 2! Vince back to the floor and gets himself a chair. He waffles Flair, covers and BK is out to pull out the ref. HBK tells the ref that Flair is NOT getting beat! Vince now retrieves a table! He brings it in the ring, sets it up and goes after Flair. GRECO ROMAN NUT SHOT by Flair! ANOTHER! He lays Vince on the table, beats him down and goes up top? TOP ROPE SPLASH BY FLAIR THROUGH THE TABLE! AIR FLAIR…WOOOOOOOO! 1â<80>¦2â<80>¦3!

Winner: Ric Flair @ 8:35 via pin

-The King is ringside with Jared from the Subway commercials. Seriously. He brought a sub for the King. Wow.

-Santino is out, likely to cause trouble.

Maria and Candice Michelle vs. Jillian Hall and Victoria

Maria and Jillian to begin. Maria in control, but Victoria gets a boot to the back to slow her down. Irish whip and a cartwheel into an elbow in the corner. Tag to Victoria, she slams Maria down and maintains control. A hair mare tosses Maria across the ring. Slam by Victoria, standing moonsault eats knees, Maria then gets an Enziguri and tag to Candice. Candice cleans house, dropkick and a forearm to Jillian. She gets a version of the Edge-A-Cution and Jillian breaks up the cover. Victoria in with the side back breaker for 2. Tag back to Jillian, up top, MISSES a 450, she landed on her feet, and that was not good as she could have blown out a knee. It didn’t look good and she was favoring the leg. Unprettier by Candice finishes it.

Winners: Candice and Maria @ 3:04 via pin

-Santino and King argue, Santino tosses the drink in King’s face and steals his Subway and leaves with the bad girls.

-We get a video package on the life of Floyd Mayweather.

-Tomorrow on ECW we will find out the next inductee for the WWE Hall of Fame.

WWE IC TITLE MATCH: The Big Show vs. Chris Jericho ©

Jericho tries to run a bit, goes for some leg kick and then gets booted down. Clubbing shots by Show, in the corner and chops connect and Jericho is down. Show picks him up and delivers more chops, which has to suck. Knees by Show, but Jericho gets a jawbreaker. Jericho pulls the ropes down and Show goes to the floor after a clothesline try. Baseball slide blocked by Show, and he then gets flung into the barrier. Show breaks the count, and he tosses Jericho back in, because he’s a sportsman. Show then walks on Jericho’s stomach, goes up and MISSES the Vader splash! Dropkick by Jericho, LIONSAULT connects! 1â<80>¦2â<80>¦NO as Show kicks out and sends Jericho to the floor. Jericho grabs his title and nails Show with it for the DQ.

Winner: The Big Show @ 3:15 via DQ

-Jericho charges at Show, but gets knocked down with a big right. Show then drops him with a chokeslam and tosses the title on him.

-We get replays of Show’s beat down on Jericho. Taking that right hand had to suck. Jericho has a goose egg on his head.

-Kim Kardashian discusses being a hostess for WrestleMania. Big Fat no Oily guy dances, he isn’t invited.

-We get a video package for Randy Orton.

~Here’s the Wrestlemania card as it stands~

– 24-Man Battle Royal (Winner gets an immediate ECW Title Shot)

– ECW Title Match: Chavo Guerrero © vs. Winner of the 24-Man Battle Royal

– BunnyMania â<80>” Lumberjill Match: Candice Michelle and Maria vs. Beth Phoenix and Melina

– Raw vs. Smackdown: Umaga vs. Batista

– Belfast Brawl: JBL vs. Finlay

– Career Threatening Match: Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels

– Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Chris Jericho vs. MVP vs. John Morrison vs. Carlito vs. CM Punk vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Shelton Benjamin

– The Biggest vs. The Best: Floyd Mayweather vs. The Big Show

– World Title Match: Edge © vs. The Undertaker

– WWE Title Match: Randy Orton © vs. HHH vs. John Cena

-Orton is backstage and Cena joins him. Cena says they take care of everyone and that is that. Orton says HHH wants them hurt, and Orton says that they lay down, they lose and they don’t get hurt. Cena likes that, and says Orton can go ahead and lose. Orton thinks Cena should lay down. Cena says he is not a coward and will not lose on purpose. Orton says Cena should do what he says, Cena disagrees due to everything Orton did to him. He thinks Orton can stay there, or he can FIGHT LIKE A MAN! HHH joins the party and says they have no chance. They have to beat EVERYONE or fight until they can’t continue. HHH is rooting for them. I somehow doubt his sincerity.


The Raw roster walks to the ring and surround Cena and Orton. That’s one big tag team. Cena tries to FU Snitsky, fails and Snitsky levels him. He lays the boots to Cena, slams him down and Santino tags in. He misses a splash, roll up and Cena pins him @ 0:48.

Murdoch in, goes to work and gets a cover for 2. Rights to Cena, but Cena gets the STFU and Orton levels Cade, Murdoch taps @ 1:30.

RKO on Cade, Cena pins him @ 1:40.

Umaga in and levels Orton, and we head to a commercial @ 2:00.

During commercial, Super Crazy is eliminated. JBL, Jim Duggan, Cody Rhodes, Paul Burchill, Val Venis, Carlito, Hardcore Holly and Robbie all have time in the ring against Cena. Orton finally gets the tag. Cena eliminates Robbie. DH Smith in and FUâ<80><99>ed out. Orton in. RKO on Burchill, Burchill gone, RKO on Venis, Venis gone. Huge RKO on Cody, Cody gone. The remaining Raw guys all get in the ring and beat down Orton and Cena. Cena gets a steal chair and takes out a few guys. Umaga and JBL are left with Cena and Orton. JBL accidently hits Umaga, Umaga chases JBL off. Cena and Orton are laid out in the ring by themselves. Triple H makes his way to the ring in his wrestling gear. Triple H Pedigrees both Orton and Cena and stands tall with the WWE Championship as Raw closes.

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