Ryan Clark

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, March 24th, 2008 (USA Network)

Location: The Colonial Center in Columbia, S.C.

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PROMO TIME ��” John Cena. He’s all revved up for Wrestlemania. He reminds us what happened over the past few weeks and all the injuries those involved in the main events have suffered before seguing into impressions, good ones, of HHH & Orton & himself. He says we’re 6 days away from the big dance. He says he’s doing pretty good after surviving 17 guys last week and thinks he’ll win at Mania and become WWE champion. Very mixed reaction for the promo as per usual. He gets cut off continuing by THE BIG SHOW. He says Wrestlemania is all about him ending Floyd Mayweather’s career. He says everyone, including Mayweather’s family, is pulling for him to win. This also gets mixed reactions. He says him knocking out Mayweather will replace Hogan slamming Andre as the most replayed moment in the history of Wrestlemania. But before he can continue out comes JBL. “You can eat Floyd Mayweather for all I care”. He says he makes history not Big Show. He revealed Finlay for what he is and put Hornswoggle in hospital. He says he’ll deliver the greatest beating in Wrestlemania history because his match has no rules. JBL pushes his luck by running his mouth at Cena who retorts by telling him he didn’t hear what he said because he was remembering how he beat JBL for his title at Wrestlemania. This brings out RANDY ORTON. He runs through all the possibilities of outcomes at Mania and that no one thinks he’ll retain his title. But he likes that and feeds off it. He says he’ll be the one people are talking about when he wins the triple threat match and retains his title. Out comes UMAGA. He grabs the mic. “Batista!” Samoan gibberish follows. I think he’s saying he’s going to f*ck him up. Cena is fluent in Samoan and translates. He says Umaga said Orton loves boy bands, sperm whales and watches My Two Dad’s all the time. Out comes TRIPLE H to a really big reaction. He stops off to plug his new t-shirt. He says everyone had a great argumentâ<80>¦apart from Randy Orton. He says there’s ONE reason they’re in this business and it’s the WWE title. He says they’d all change their spot in a heartbeat to get a shot at the belt. H’s says there’s a reason Mania is taking place in a building with no roof because if there was a roof they’d blow it off. H’s says the King of Kings is going back on his throne. JBL interupts and everyone starts jawing at each other. Out comes Raw GM WILLIAM REGAL. He says they all have a claim for being the stand out draw at Mania. So tonight’s main event is a Wrestlemania Showcase match. 8 man. No DQ. Orton/Umanga/JBL/Show v Cena/HHH/Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair. That’s your main event!

We get clips from Smackdown where Jericho guested and shoved MVP off a ladder. The Wrestlemania Press Conference is at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York Wednesday at Noon. 4 of the 7 MITB competitors are in this match. Punk starts out sweeping MVP’s legs. They really start quite fast and Punk gets a leaping calf kick. Jericho in but MVP avoids him by tagging out to Carlito. Jericho dominates with a back elbow and some forearms. Carlito gets dumped on the ropes and Jericho connects with a springboard dropkick. MVP thinks about coming in but Jericho sees him and scares him off. Ad break! We come back with Carlito stomping Jericho. Jericho suckers Carlito in though and sets up the Rope Ride. Jericho thinks about a quebrada but opts for a slam instead then misses the Lionsault. Carlito gets caught in the Walls anyway only for MVP to save and Jericho straps him in it instead. Carlito saves. Jericho lost his focus there. Carlito is able to take over with a neckbreaker for 2. Now MVP wants in. Jericho avoids the Yakuza Kick though and hits a flying forearm. Hot tag to Punk. He boots MVP in the face. Snap powerslam gets 2. Punk with knees and the high one in the corner. Carlito gets knocked off the apron and bulldog leaves MVP down. Punk is ready but MVP ducks the springboard crossbody. Jericho stops the count and they start wailing on each other. Jericho misses an Enzuigiri and clocks Punk with it instead leaving him down for an MVP pin.

Winners: MVP/Carlito via pinfall. **. Match was fine and they add another layer of tension ahead of Money in the Bank. I want to see Punk-MVP long term because their cameos here were very tidy.

BACKSTAGE Mr Kennedy gets his chance to talk about Wrestlemania. He predicts history will be made. Ric Flair will be retired. Undertaker’s undefeated streak ends. And Mr Kennedy will win Money in the Bank and he promises to cash the briefcase in THAT NIGHT and win the WWE title.

VIDEO PACKAGE ��” Ric Flair. Fuel’s “Leave the Memories Alone” plays while we see footage of him over the past 30 odd years. The promos are worth it alone. We move on with some cheating, limo riding, kiss stealing and bleeding. WOOOOOOO! Chopping. Strutting. Titles. Respect. Great video package from the WWE. His family is at ringside and they applaud the footage. Meanwhile Flair wants to confront HBK tonight.

VIDEO PACKAGE ��” Big Show training. He’s been working on his boxing and studying Mayweather’s fights. Show persists that Floyd can’t hurt him and is trapped in the ring with him. The shot of Jericho getting knocked out a few weeks back shows his punching power.


24 man battle royal has been booked for Wrestlemania. The winner gets a shot at the ECW title. Holly tries getting a few punches in but Khali’s big arms block everything. A couple of big elbows slow Holly right down. Khali with a nervehold. Holly elbows out of it but gets BRAIN CHOPPED. Tree Slam! Goodnight Bob.

Winner: Great Khali via pinfall . Squash!

– â<80><9c>Nature Boyâ<80> Ric Flair makes his way to the ring. Flair says heâ<80><99>s not sure if he really won his match against Mr. McMahon last week because of HBKâ<80><99>s interference. Flair says that makes him feel that HBK doesnâ<80><99>t have faith in Flair and because of this, Flair is losing respect for Shawn. He calls Michaels out. HBK answers. Shawn says he did what he thought Flair would do, he says that he hasnâ<80><99>t lost faith in Flair, HBK starts to put Flair over, Flair tells him to shut up. Flair says he needs Mr. WrestleMania, he needs the Showstopper to prove to people he can still hang with the top guys. Flair produces his NWA Championship that he won in 1981, he says he wrestled the likes of Dusty Rhodes, Harley Race and many more and if Shawn was 20 years older, he would of wrestled him too. HBK says Flair will get Mr. WrestleMania but unfortunately Shawn will also take Flair behind the wood shed and put him out of his misery, just like Old Yeller. Flair goes into a rampage and slaps HBK twice. Flair challenges HBK to do it now, Shawn just walks away leaving Flair alone min the ring.

– We are shown a video package on Floyd Mayweatherâ<80><99>s training.

(3) Maria vs. Melina w/ Womenâ<80><99>s Champion Beth Phoenix

J.R. mentions Candice has had surgery after re-injuring her clavicle last week. Maria is now without a partner at Mania. During the match Ashley does a run-in, I guess she will be Mariaâ<80><99>s new partner. Santino gets involved which leads to King getting involved. William Regal changes the match to 6-person tag.

(4) Maria, Ashley & Jerry Lawler vs. Melina, Beth Phoenix & Santino Marella

Maria and Ashley take it to Santino. Santino and Lawler fight on the outside. Santino gets the win when he pins Maria

– Backstage Triple H and John Cena have a confrontation. Cena says at Mania the WWE title is coming home.

– John Legend tells us he will see us at WrestleMania

– The last inductee into the Hall of Fame will be announced tomorrow night on ECW

– J.R. and King run down the WrestleMania card. Ashley will replace Candice in BunnyMania

– We are shown a good video package highlighting the WWE Championship match at WrestleMania.

(5) WrestleMania Showcase ��” No Disqualification. WWE Champion Randy Orton, Big Show, JBL &Umaga vs. Triple H, John Cena, Shawn Michaels & Ric Flair

During the match, Finlay makes his way to the ring, he and JBL brawl on the outside and to the back. We have another interruption, this time itâ<80><99>s Batista! He and Umaga both fight to the back! This is followed by Big Show turning on Randy Orton and chokeslaming him in the middle of the ring! Big Show leaves Orton all alone. Triple H and John Cena fight to the outside leaving Flair and HBK. Flair goes for the Figure Four on Orton but HBK breaks it up by attacking Flair. Flair gives HBK a low blow. Orton is left in the ring with Flair. Ric slaps on the Figure Four and forces the WWE Champion to tap out, this could be the match Flair ever wins. Ric celebrates in the ring as Raw goes off air.

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