COLUMN: Sean O’Mac’s PnP Special Edition, WM Predictions


Whatâ<80><99>s up Sean Oâ<80><99>Maniacs and WWE fans? This is it, the final Pullinâ<80><99> No Punches before the big event, WrestleMania 24, and Sean Oâ<80><99>Mac is pumped.

I do want to apologize to all my readers out there for taking so long in getting a new PnP posted, but those of you keeping up with my writings know that things have been pretty hectic in Mac Land lately. But youâ<80><99>ll be happy to know that despite the fact it is raining right now, the wonderful flood waters that invaded my home have receded and weâ<80><99>re all cleaned up and good to go.

Sean Oâ<80><99>Mac is also getting pumped for reasons other than WrestleMania – have you been watching the clock? For those who havenâ<80><99>t been, itâ<80><99>s on Sean Oâ<80><99>Macâ<80><99>s official MySpace page, and as I write this the countdown continues toward the big unveiling. Think you can handle it? Sean Oâ<80><99>Mac cominâ<80><99> at you bigger and better than ever? Brace yourselves, Maniacs. Youâ<80><99>re in for a wild ride.

So here we are, with just over 24 hours remaining until the Superstars of the WWE hit the ring in the Citrus Bowl, and Sean Oâ<80><99>Mac has been asked repeatedly, â<80><9c>Who do you think is going to win such-and-such match?â<80>

Well, Iâ<80><99>m going to feed your hunger by throwing some out there at you. Keep in mind, my predictions are based on storylines, potential pushes, and a dose of what we know for a fact is reality.

So, here we go.


24-Man Battle Royal for a shot at the ECW Championship: As hard as it can be to predict who will actually win a bout involving 24 men, Iâ<80><99>d have to say the odds-on favorite right now is Mark Henry. The manâ<80><99>s been getting a renewed push lately, and has looked dominating. One has to think that the domination is there for a reason. I really canâ<80><99>t put good odds on any of the others unless, by chance, the writers decided to give an entertaining Superstar like Kofi Kingston a push through this. But if I was to put money on the table, itâ<80><99>s got to go with the big man. PREDICTED WINNER: Mark Henry

Finlay vs. JBL, Belfast Brawl: Can the WWE really let a pained, and quite angry, â<80><9c>fatherâ<80> get beat at WrestleMania? JBL has turned into quite the monster as a heel, destroying Hornswoggle and enjoying it. But itâ<80><99>s called a Belfast Brawl for a reason, and if you play to each characterâ<80><99>s strengths, Finlay has to have a decided advantage in such a format. PREDICTED WINNER: Finlay

Ashley and Maria vs. Beth Phoenix and Melina, BunnyMania Lumberjack Match: Well, Iâ<80><99>m not going to say a whole lot on this one. It will be nice to see all the Divas, sure. And with the Playboy push that Maria has received, the advantage probably goes to the pretty faces in this one. But it will be Melina that takes the pin, not the Glamazon. PREDICTED WINNER: Ashley and Maria

Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels, Career-threatening Match: Despite what anyone may say about Flair having lost a step, Sean Oâ<80><99>Mac wouldnâ<80><99>t be surprised one bit if this match didnâ<80><99>t steal the show. Chances are this is the last time we will see one of the biggest and best Superstars in the history of this business inside the squared circle, and Iâ<80><99>m certain that if it is Flairâ<80><99>s last hurrah, youâ<80><99>re going to see some Herculean effort by both he and Shawn to make this one hell of a match. But hereâ<80><99>s where it gets into a grey area for me. WWE has been known to throw the fans some curveballs lately, and I just canâ<80><99>t get the feeling out of me that they could quite possibly have Ric actually win this match. Itâ<80><99>s certainly seemed as though his fellow Superstars have been saying their farewells to The Nature Boy, but has it been a bit much? Are they overselling? Or is it genuine respect and emotion? Only tomorrow will tell, but one thing is for sure. Sean Oâ<80><99>Mac will be glued to the television in a trance-like state watching what could be Flairâ<80><99>s last dance. PREDICTED WINNER: Shawn Michaels

Batista vs. Umaga, Raw vs. Smackdown Match: My money is on this – Batista and Umaga fight what will probably be a decent match for a while, but then things break down when fellow Superstars, both friends and foes of each, interfere to try and ensure their respective brandsâ<80><99> supremacy. Iâ<80><99>m betting the whole thing just breaks down into complete chaos before itâ<80><99>s all said and done. PREDICTED WINNER: No contest

Ken Kennedy, Chris Jericho, MVP, CM Punk, Shelton Benjamin, Carlito, and John Morrison; Money in the Bank Ladder Match: This one has Sean Oâ<80><99>Mac torn in so many different directions. Well, ok, maybe just a couple of directions. Iâ<80><99>m leaning toward either Ken Kennedy or Chris Jericho to win this yearâ<80><99>s briefcase. And while you all know Iâ<80><99>d like to see Jericho back in the hunt for the WWE Championship, Iâ<80><99>m starting to strongly suspect that this is going to be Mr. Kennedyâ<80><99>s moment to shine. Letâ<80><99>s face it, it would be an exciting twist for Kennedy to win the contract and uphold his promise to cash in and challenge for the title on the same night. And, by the way, they did in fact move that 24-man Battle Royal to a Web freeview rather than on the actual pay-per-view. Could it have been done after a decision was made to have one last, surprise match at the end of the announced card? I can hear J.R. now â<80>¦ â<80><9c>And thatâ<80><99>s going to do it for us, folks. Itâ<80><99>s been one hell of a night! A WrestleMania weâ<80><99>ll never forget! For Jerry â<80>~The Kingâ<80><99> Lawler, goodnight fans, and â<80>¦ wait a minute. Thereâ<80><99>s Mr. Kennedy!â<80> PREDICTED WINNER: Mr. Kennedy

Chavo Guerrero vs. Battle Royal Winner, ECW Championship: Simply put, if my prediction holds out and Mark Henry wins the Battle Royal, Chavo wonâ<80><99>t be holding gold for very long. PREDICTED WINNER: Mark Henry

Big Show vs. Floyd â<80><9c>Moneyâ<80> Mayweather: Ok, I fully believe that theyâ<80><99>re not going to have Big Show lose in a wrestling ring against a boxer, no matter how good he is. Plus the storylines have had Show looking more dominant than ever since his return. Granted, this wonâ<80><99>t be a complete squash. Theyâ<80><99>ll find a way to make it exciting and have moments where Mayweather looks like he might actually win the thing. But unless WWE wants to throw out a completely unbelievable curveball, no way this is happening. PREDICTED WINNER: The Big Show

Edge vs. Undertaker, World Heavyweight Championship: Iâ<80><99>m expecting one hell of a match here between one of the best damn heels the WWE has ever seen and one of the greatest, if not darkest, faces. Can they really end a streak of 15-0 at WrestleMania by having Undertaker lose? Iâ<80><99>m betting the answer is no. Thereâ<80><99>s always a chance this one could come down to interference from the Edgeheads, but Iâ<80><99>m putting my money on Undertaker getting that title reign he was supposed to have before his last injury cut it short. PREDICTED WINNER: Undertaker

Randy Orton vs. John Cena vs. Triple H, Triple-threat Match for the WWE Championship: Orton has had a decent run with the belt in his own, heelish way. Cenaâ<80><99>s getting ready to start working on another movie. And itâ<80><99>s been a while since Triple H has held the gold. So, without much explanation beyond that, PREDICTED WINNER: Triple H

Bonus match, Ken Kennedy vs. Triple H, WWE Championship: So, if my predictions hold true, youâ<80><99>ll be seeing this one at the end of the show. Hereâ<80><99>s how I see it going down. Kennedy comes to the ring, looking nearly completely recovered from an exciting win in the MitB Match. Triple H, having just had one hell of a match, is quite battered, tired and possibly even bloody. And after several near-falls with a decided advantage for Kennedy, Triple H â<80><9c>Hulks upâ<80> and finds a way to retain the belt, leaving Kennedy with a wasted opportunity. PREDICTED WINNER: Triple H

Sorry, Maniacs, for not getting to your e-mails this week. But like I said, it’s been a hectic time for Sean O’Mac lately. But rest assured, the big unveiling coming this Wednesday should more than make up for it. Be sure to check out Sean O’Mac’s MySpace page for the countdown clock.

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