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Chris Cash

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Ryan from Mayfield writes…

I just got done watching another 1/2 decent Wrestlemania and if it wasn’t for Flair-Michaels, I might have not even bought it. I think the majority of fans knew this would be Flair’s curtain call being with the HOF induction and his kids being at ringside tonight. For someone whose had the privilege to see Ric Flair wrestle twice in person (’89 and ’05), I had tears in my eyes for the first time that something on WWE television could touch me so much. God bless Ric Flair and the memories he’s left.

The shock of the night was Orton retaining. Most people are so used to the John Cena show it was pretty much set up storyline wise for him to win it back but nice of creative to pull the rug from underneath us.

As far as everything else goes, pretty much as usual. Mayweather over (duh), Diva match great time to go smoke a cigarette, and the rest enough to just burn time off our lives we can’t get back. They just don’t build the rivalries like they used to.

Overall, winners are Flair/Michaels and MITB stole the show.

Jamiere writes…

This is Jacob and i ordered WrestleMania and i thuoght it was a great PPV there wasn’t any matches that really bored you to death. the money in the bank was the most exiting with shelton flipping through the ladder although i didn’t like the ending with punk winning I think it shuod have been Jericho or MVP but in the match the person who impressed me most was john morrison he put on a show.the best ending of the night i think was in the triple threat match honestly who even gave orton a chance of winning i am a big Orton fan and i didn’t give him a shot to win. the belfast brawl was very entertaining its been a while since ive seen so many weapons in the ring.the HBK and flair match i thought it really kept you on the edge of your feet though you kinda knew HBK would win but they put on a heck of a match.Snoop dogg was really funny in his interview he did a nice job.and for not being a wrestler mayweather actually did a nice job. overall a great wwe ppv.

Sheri Barracliff writes…

I thought that tonights Wrestlemania was incredible. There was so much anticipation for this event and they did not dissappoint.

My favorite match of the evening was the triple threat match between Randy Orton, John Cena, and Triple H. I know that at least 60% of WWE fans were expecting Triple H to walk out with the gold but the WWE shocked all of us when they kept it with Orton. This makes me very curious as to what is going to happen during the next few weeks as far as Triple H is concerned.

The Undertaker vs Edge match went very well too. I’m glad they’re keeping the Undertaker alive with his 16-0 streak.

This year’s Wrestlemania will definitely be hard to top but I have no doubt in my mind that the WWE will do an excellant job. A+ WWE!

Jeff from Iowa writes…

I’ll tell you…WWE Wrestlemania was totally AWESOME! I never imagined the MITB Ladder Match being that brutal! I wonder if Shelton was alright from that fall he took.It looked bad.I seen the eyes of 2 superstars after it happened,like it wasnt planned for him to fall like that.Anyway,CONGRATS UNDERTAKER! I actually know him real life.He is one of my friend’s uncles.It was sad to see Ric Flair go,but glad he went with a BANG!!!!

Mike Timko writes…

The only true perplexing moment came when Kane defeated Chavo Guerrero in about eight seconds. I love that Kane is holding a belt again, but eight seconds? An eight-second match at Wrestlemania? I’m dumbfounded at that. I’m sure they could have taken at least 30 seconds off of the other matches to at least have a four or five minute match. After all, it was a title match. The only curveball, at least to me, was Randy Orton retaining the WWE Title. I thought for sure that Triple H was going to walk out with the belt.

Also, you mean to tell me that the undefeated WBC Welterweight Champion needs brass knuckles to knock out someone? That ending didn’t seem right. Money In The Bank was great, as usual. Even though I think we all knew that The Undertaker was walking out with the World Heavyweight Title, WWE did a nice job of putting doubt into my mind.

One word to describe Wrestlemania: Overrated. It’s overrated because of the absurd price on PPV. $49.99 for a wrestling event ($59.99 for the HD version) that is halfway predictable just isn’t worth it. No television event should ever cost fifty bucks.

Shawn N. writes…

Entertaining, but at the same time a fairly big letdown. Nothing had me on the edge of my seat saying “that was great”.

It was a given that Undertaker would win, so the main event wasn’t much of a big deal.

My ultimate Wrestlemania main event, and what I thought would have been a great tribute and appropriate, would have been to feature Flair/Michaels last on the card, with all of the wrestlers coming out at the end to salute Flair. McMahon didn’t even show his face on this one…odd. I thought for sure there would be another match to end, something unannounced. Being a wrestling fan since the early ’80s, it wasn’t much of a “feel good” or “must see” affair in my opinion.

Eric Savage writes…

Overall, I was not impressed with this year’s Wrestlemania. I was very disappointed in the fact that only three belts were up for grabs, rather than all or most like usual. My thoughts about each match follows.

JBL/Finley: I was very irritated about the outcome of this match. Why put JBL over? He has been beating up a boy for the last several weeks, and not to give his “father” revenge was not right. The match had some good points but overall, I give a grade of a D+ for this one.

Money in the Bank: This was a great one. It was probably one of the best MITB matches I have seen in a long time. Matt Hardy showing up to give MVP the Twist of Fate from the top of the ladder was great. Can anyone say, Matt Hardy United States Champion? I give a grade of an B+ to this only for the fact that Hardy couldn’t take the briefcase.

HBK/Flair: This was by far the best match of the night. I was hoping that it would never end. I can’t say more about this match other than I give it an A+. We will miss you Flair. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Orton/Cena/HHH: This was a good back and forth match. Great moves throughout, but very disappointed with the result. I, along with a lot of people, wanted to see the belt taken from Orton. If Vince doesn’t get the belt in someone else’s hands soon, he will lose quite a few fans, that is my opinion. I was very disappointed in the length of this match and of course the outcome. I give this a grade of a C because Orton retained the belt.

Mayweather/Big Show: I couldn’t stand the hype given for this match, but overall, I was pleased with the match. I liked the back and forth struggle between the two. To be honest, I was really wanting Big Show to win this one. I had a feeling though that they would not let Money lose. I give this match a B.

Undertaker/Edge: Awesome match, but not as good as HBK/Flair. This was a great back and forth struggle, and Edge did a great job of keeping up with Undertaker. I am glad that he is still undefeated. I couldn’t get over that this was made the main event match. This gets an A+ from me.

Overall, this was an OK Wrestlemania. Flair/HBK should be named match of the year. I give the event an overall grade of a B. Hopefully he will make up for it at next year’s silver anniversary.

Scott writes…

Personally I found ‘mania fantastic. The crowd was enthusiastic and the Citrus Bowl looked amazing full.

My biggest disappointment was John Cena’s entrance to the ring, it came across as boring and complimenting the lighting problem wasn’t that great.

The two best matches were Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair and Undertaker vs. Edge. Both were high in emotion, full with false finishes and the respect and reception fans gave both Ric Flair and the Undertaker after their matches was phenomenal.

Overall an amazing pay per view, that lived up to all expectations.

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