TNA Impact Review By: Chris “The Authority” Schultz

Chris Schultz

TNA Impact Review 04/03/2008

By: Chris â<80><9c>The Authorityâ<80> Schultz

The first thing I want to tackle in this article is the new TNA tag line of â<80><9c>Cross the Line.â<80> I’m not sure exactly what they mean by this, but let me take a crack at it. If anything, this company has crossed the line by diving into the world of MMA. Look, I understand that the UFC is huge right now and the fact that they are on Spike TV with TNA gives them good reason to cross promote. However, I think it’s a huge mistake to bring the MMA style into the six sided ring. Let’s face it, we watch TNA for professional wrestling and entertainment. Personally, I rather see Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle wrestle at the Lockdown PPV. It’s what they are best at and what they are trained to do. If Angle, Joe, or any other superstar wants to try their hand at mixed martial arts than do it. By all means, go to UFC or Pride and get your butts kicked.

Do I think Kurt Angle could make it in the world of MMA? Yes, with the right training and ability to learn the art of Brazilian Jujitsu rather quick, he could contend. Just keep it off the Impact broadcasts. Brock Lesnar chose a new career path and even though he got beat by Frank Mir, â<80><9c>The Next Big Thingâ<80> knows he has a lot to learn before he garners success in the Octagon. On the flip side of that, guys like Ken Shamrock, Tank Abbott, and Dan Severn tried their hands at professional wrestling. While I applaud their aspirations to be pro wrestlers, only Shamrock seemed to naturally pick up the entertainment aspect of pro wrestling. I don’t want to see professional wrestlers bringing this form of fighting into any ring. Who are you kidding? Even the Undertaker seems to emulate the MMA style in some of his recent matches. Enough! Indeed the UFC is very popular and a huge portion of wrestling fans switched to watching this type of entertainment. The way to bring those fans back is not to copy mixed martial arts, but instead come up with new ideas and bust your ass to show the fans how innovative pro wrestling can be.

OK, enough of that. Onto tonight’s show. Does anyone notice that Christian Cage’s fingers are freaking huge? Arsenio Hall has nothing on the Instant Classic. I really enjoy the way Christian is maturing as one of wrestling’s biggest stars. I am also excited that Sting is back in TNA. There is just something about the Stinger that brings legitimacy to any wrestling organization. He still looks to be in great shape. Speaking of great shape, kudos go out to Kevin Nash for always looking the part. He still has the look of a true giant.

Looking at the big push â<80><9c>Cowboyâ<80> James Storm is getting, I am wondering if Chris Harris is second guessing his move to the WWE. Sorry about your damn luck Chris. As far as Storm’s partners at the upcoming Lockdown PPV, I think it’s time that Tomko and Styles go solo. They work well as a team, but those belts are a better fit around the likes of Team 3D or LAX. Did anyone catch the Big Show beating up on former TNA Tag Team Champions The Naturals a couple of weeks back? I’m not sure the WWE takes toformer TNA stars too kindly. Look what happened to The Alpha Male Monty Brown, Kid Kash, and Kazarian. I think TNA superstars should think twice before looking for fortune elsewhere.

Although I liked the name The Monsters of Rock, the match involving Rellik, Black Reign, and the Rock N Rave Infection was mediocre at best. It’s no secret that I am not a fan of the RRI, but I do try to give them the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, it’s hard listening to Jimmy Rave constantly thank a new city every week. It gets old, and for the love of god, will Christy Hemme just shut the hell up! Annoying is the word I am looking for. Add in Super Eric coming to the ring, and you got a circus on your hands, not a wrestling match.

The American Gladiator himself, Matt Morgan has yet to get involved in the ring as you know. My question is, what are they waiting for? I don’t want to see this young athlete acting as Cornette’s sidekick. Are they holding out for something special? Hmmmmm. As much as I think Morgan can dominate, there is a dominant force in TNA and her name is Awesome Kong. Who will step up to the giant Kong? I thought ODB was the one up for the challenge, but is there someone else waiting in the wings? I really don’t have one bad thing to say about the TNA Women’s Division. They continue to impress me every week. Based on what I have seen in the WWE lately, the only true women wrestlers are in TNA. Now if only Victoria, Mickie James, and Beth Phoenix could make their way to Orlando.

Does anyone want to hear the lineup for the X-Division Escape Match at Destination X? Black Machismo, Sonjay Dutt, Curryman, Johnny Devine, and now Sharkboy who just beat Primetime Elix Skipper to qualify. With the exception of Johnny Devine, this sounds more like a group of mascots dressed up at Chuck E Cheeses singing happy birthday to a 3 year old kid. What was wrong with Christopher Daniels or Jay Lethal? I would pay good money to see Stone Cold Steve Austin stomp a mud hole in that little fish that’s committing gimmick infringement. On top of that, Randy Savage might still have one good elbow drop left in him for Machismo.

Finally, â<80><9c>Big Poppa Pumpâ<80> Scott Steiner is back in the title hunt. Seeing the Big Bad Booty Daddy confront TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle in the ring gave me chills. I know, Steiner is not what he used to be, but he just might be the answer to a much needed bad blood feud for the title. Samoa Joe vs. Scott Steiner would also be a decent main event for next month’s Sacrifice Pay Per View. Remember, change is not a bad thing. I am pretty sure most of us have gotten our fill of Kurt Angle versus Samoa Joe. While their matches were fantastic, it’s time for something new.

Watching Sting in the final match of the night had me wishing he could of made the tribute to Ric Flair on Raw this last Monday. I know that there was no way in the world something like this could take place, but how cool would it have been to have Ric Flair’s greatest opponent pay his respect to the legend. One also has to wonder if Sting would ever accept an invite to the WWE Hall of Fame having never wrestled one match in the WWE. Oh, the possibilities.

What an ending to Impact! Matt Morgan is finally going to get in the ring and what a swerve TNA threw us. Morgan ends up being Team Cage’s 5th guy. This is what I am talking about. Good surprises like this going into a highly anticipated cage match at Lockdown. I love it. Overall, Impact was pretty decent and although I don’t agree with all the directions the company is headed in, they are still showing promise. Till next time.

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