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What’s up wrestling fans? Thanks a lot for submitting all of your feedback to me concerning my debut Raw Review. I received a TON of feedback from many of you, and will consistently post a handful of those responses right here on Wrestlezone.com and respond to them directly. Many of you have mixed feelings about Raw from last night and here are some of your thoughts. Again, thanks for the feedback and keep it coming!

From Reader Dave

I want to start with saying that I normally hate anybody that rates matches with stars, but i was able to overlook that because you column was overall enjoyable. What I cant understand is how somebody who carries themselves as being extremely knowing of the wrestling business can be so off the mark with the Regal program. The ending of RAW last week was ballsy and It pissed off a lot of people, but at the end of the day all that heat went on one person… Regal. I expect that by the time this plays out the fans will be willing to pay to watch Regal get his ass kickedâ<80>¦The angle is good and is all being done to build up Orton/HHH’s Cage Match and babyface Kennedy. Oh and I disagree with one thing you said… getting your characters over is 100000x more important than your in ring matches. Look over your history books the guys that have drawn the most money aren’t always the guys putting on “5 star matches”

Thanks for the email Dave. Iâ<80><99>d like to start by saying that I didnâ<80><99>t clarify in my column that I did enjoy the angle they did at the end of Raw last week by â<80><9c>taking the show off the airâ<80> toward the end of the Orton/HHH match. However, this is NOT something that I want to see on a consistent basis. I understand that they are creating heat for Regal, but my issue is that they are doing it at the expense of quality wrestling. I never said that guys should be putting on 5 star matches before they create solid characters. I agree with the opposite. What I said was that I donâ<80><99>t like to see what could be great matches being short-changed by having the lights turned off.

From John Bennett

I will say I have officially tuned out of Raw because of the ridiculously stupid angle they have going with him. Pulling the plug last week was extremely annoying and did not make me want to see what would happen next. I turned on Raw last night just in time to have Regal do it again….that was all it took. I will not be tuning back anytime soon because of this garbage.

This is the major issue for me that Chris Cash and I highlighted on the Voice of Wrestling Monday night. I understand how the angle is generating heat on William Regal, and it is definitely creating the effect that management wants, but the question is, will people want to tune in next week when they know they are most likely going to see more of the same thing?

From Mark Scully

Why does the WWE keep screwing the undertaker every title run he has? And I think Edge is getting to be too much like Cena a year ago it’s just too much.

I donâ<80><99>t really see this as WWE screwing The Undertaker every time he has a title run. If you remember, the last time he had the title an injury forced him to relinquish it. WWE had plans for him to have a long title run, but again his injury prevented that from happening. This time around of course itâ<80><99>s different, but I donâ<80><99>t see Undertaker being stripped of the title for very long. I think this is a way of keeping Edge in the title scene since he has lost to Taker twice now. Hopefully the roster draft (if it happens) will bring fresh talent over to Smackdown to feud with the Dead Man. Lord knows we canâ<80><99>t sit through another Taker/Mark Henry program. In fact Iâ<80><99>m not sure Mark Henry can sit at all.

From Brent Garrison

Excuse me, but how can you say the “blackout” angle isn’t going to work? Regal is already getting over bigger than he ever did in his entire WWE career. Itâ<80><99>s fabulous, itâ<80><99>s funny, and itâ<80><99>s FREE TV, so I don’t feel gypped.

From Simon Phipps

Anyways, on to RAW. I think tweaking Regals character was awesome. He doesn’t really lose it that often now, instead he has this permanently soft voice which seems to somehow, in the eyes, make it as if he really does believe he ‘has the power’. Avoiding a match with Kennedy is fantastic. It will just leave the fans wanting the match to happen more and more and will leave us all thirsty to see Kennedy hand Regal his ass. Turning the lights off we can do without. But its an innovative way of grabbing the fans attention. It has you writing about it.

I agree. I really do love the way Regal is playing the character right now. Very subtle. I have always enjoyed Regal’s character work.

From Ryan Turner

Hey I really enjoyed your raw review and I pretty much agree; a good raw but nothing great, and Regal turning out the lights is a pretty stupid thing to keep doing. However, the thing I was pissed at most last week was not the lights going out, but the fact that Taker was stripped of the title for almost no good reason. Also, about last nights Raw, it was kind of a surprise how no-so-crazy the crowd was considering it was in Toronto.

Thanks for reminding me, I forgot to include that in my review, but yes I was also very surprised at how quiet the crowd was last night. Canadian crowds are usually hot all night long. Maybe they were too busy searching for their flashlights 😉

…Again, feel free to email me anytime at WZNick@hotmail.com

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