WZ Exclusive: YOUR Responses to ECW and Nick’s ECW Review


From Amarillo Black

I sincerely hope Mike is gonna turn heel on Tazz and they have 2 go at it in the squared circle. That’s the only way WWE can pay me back for almost making me stop watching ECW. Thank God 4 M&M, Kofi, and the “Golden” Standard.

While I can certainly understand your desire to see Adamle get choked out by Tazz, I can’t agree that I would actually want to see that match take place. In my opinion, the less involved broadcasters are in a wrestling show the better.

From Matt O’Donnell

I consider myself objective. This is the reason I didnâ<80><99>t send you a â<80><9c>rantâ<80> about your RAW review. Upon reading your ECW review I realize you are just totally negative. The William Regal angle on RAW is new. Its creative. I see so many great things coming from this angle, (Kennedy/Regal, Regal/HHH, HHH&Regal/Kennedy) Thatâ<80><99>s what I see. What you see is a reason to complain because the shut the lights out on RAW a couple times. But whatever, everyone has an opinion. Lets take a look at the ECW review. I wasnâ<80><99>t able to watch ECW so I read your review. Thanks for letting me know Shelton Benjamin slapped up Kofi after his match. You didnâ<80><99>t leave out any of Mike Adamleâ<80><99>s mistakes. Tell me something, do you think Adamle has no talent what so ever? Creative told him to shit the bed out there. It is his character. Itâ<80><99>s new and creative. Something different, another reason to watch. I could go on and bury you, with you lack of knowledge for superstars. But I wont. Stop burying shit. Itâ<80><99>s people like you in the IWC that bring nothing positive to the table.

Saying that I’m totally negative would mean that you are not objective. I suppose you didn’t read when I said that the show was bookended by two great matches. Or that I think Kofi Kingston is very impressive. Or that I think the pairing of Bam Neely with Chavo is a great idea and that I look forward to seeing his character progress. Or that I was glad to see Delaney finally get a contract and await to see what kind of persona they settle on with him. Granted, I forgot to mention Benjamin attacking Kofi, but then again it appears you forgot to mention everything I did like about the show.

Personally, I don’t like what they are doing with Adamle. WWE telling someone to go out there and be bad at their job is NOT a creative way to get someone over. But that’s just my opinion. Let’s take this hypothetical situation as an example: I have no wrestling ability. I’ve never wrestled before in my life. What if WWE decided to put me in the main event of a PPV against HHH, have me perform terribly, and draw heel heat because I’m not good at my job. Would that be deemed creative? Would people be willing to spend money on me at a PPV? I’d safely bet no.

Thanks for the email, but try listening to me on the Voice of Wrestling on Monday nights to really understand my opinions instead of ruling me as being totally negative based on two columns and two WWE angles that I don’t like. I think you’ll find in the long run that I find a lot of what WWE produces to be very good.

From Bruce

I would like to quote something from your latest WZ.com report, on Mike Adamle, you said you wanted to point out that the joke may be on us? Part of me wants to believe that but I just cant. I remember during his Royal Rumble Promo this past year, he referred to Jeff Hardy as Jeff Hardly. I don’t think anybody can purposely suck that bad at being a wrestling announcer.

I think what happened was that in the beginning, WWE had no intention of pushing Adamle as a bad announcer. Over time, the audience grew very sour of him. Couple that with his ECW debut being a critical disaster, and WWE was left with no other choice than to either pull the plug on him, or attempt to make an angle out of his poor work.

From Craig Harp

I don’t see how Adamle is doing so bad though when he did a pretty good job interviewing and doing stuff on American Gladiators. So like you mentioned at the end, I really think it’s all a hoax.

Just to clarify Craig, I don’t think Adamle being a bad announcer is a hoax. I truly think he is very bad at his job. What I think is a work here is WWE making an angle out of his poor skills as opposed to pulling him from the announce booth and having him improve.

From Oney Wells

Aside from the quirky concept of your reviews being called “Nick’s Nine”, why did you decide to go with the number 9 instead of a more common review number like 5 or 10? Those numbers make a bit more sense as they are more universally used as opposed to the 9. I also would like to comment on your math skills. While I am no reviewer, where I work, I am required to know at least how to add, subtract, and so on. Your recent review of ECW states that you rated the segments as 7, 3, 4, and 7, which added together would equal 21, making the sum of the show a 5.25 rather than the 4.5 you gave it.

Sorry about the confusion Oney, and I will take the time to break down my system a bit more for you. The reason I use a 9 star system as opposed to a 10 star system is because I think 10 gets thrown around too much. I will occasionally use a 10, but that will only be reserved for matches I believe are match of the year worthy, or just in general really outstanding. Otherwise my high score will always be a 9.

As for my overall rating of a show, it basically works like this. I am predominantly a wrestling fan. By this I mean that I will only award a star rating to wrestling matches, not segments, promos or vignettes. That said, I do take into consideration the overall entertainment factor of a show, and non-wrestling segments can affect the overall score of a show. So, for example, you’re right when you say that the average for ECW last night was a 5.25, however, beyond the wrestling, there was nothing entertaining about the rest of the show, and the entire angle with Mike Adamle was poorly done in my opinion. Therefore, I deducted .75 and rated the show 4.5 overall. Non-wrestling segments, whether good or bad, will generally only move my wrestling average for the show down or up by about 1-2 points. But that’s just me, because the wrestling counts for much more in my opinion.

From Bianca

I’ve never heard of this Mike Adamle until he came to Monday Night RAW. I can’t really pin point it, but it’s just that he doesn’t show much exhilaration, like Jim Ross or Jerry “The King” Lawler. They feed off of each others excitement and it makes a good match just that much more intense. Mike Adamle is just blah, man.

I think this is mine and other fans’ general criticism of Adamle. He lacks passion. Therefore, I criticize WWE for putting someone on the air that doesn’t have a genuine love of the business. Even when a commentator is an intense heel, you can still feel the passion that he brings to his job. And I’m disappointed that WWE doesn’t want that from their ECW play-by-play man. It’s not fair to the fans who are passionate about the product.

Thanks again for sending all of your feedback, and I look forward to much more of it in the future. As always you can email me anytime at WZNick@hotmail.com, and make sure you tune in this Monday Night to the Voice of Wrestling from 7-9pm EST, as we bring you the first official interview of Bobby Lashley since his departure from WWE! It’s all right here, exclusively on Wrestlezone.com!

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