WZ Exclusive: YOUR Responses to Raw and Nick’s Raw Review


From Bianca

I loved how Beth walked out on Melina! I was shocked, but it wasn’t surprising that Beth still held onto the fact that Melina did cost her the Women’s Title. Do I sense a face turn for Melina? I mean she plays a great heel, and a lot of people don’t want her to turn face because she plays a good heel, but she could be a great face as well.

I think Melina could try her hand at a face turn soon. Although I think WWE should tease it for awhile instead of just turning her overnight, because as you said, she does get over very well as a heel. Either way, I think it’s interesting that we are seeing the two top diva heels on Raw mixing it up before their triple threat match at Judgment Day. This championship match is one I’m definitely looking forward to.

From Kelsey

Hey, I agree totally about Lilian Garcia being mediocre. I heard her once and my ears were bleeding.

I don’t dislike her to the point that she draws blood, I’d save that distinction for Khali, but I get what you’re saying. I think it has a lot to do with the song that she sang on Raw months back. It was the single from her debut album “Quiero Vivir.” I thought the song was very typical modern pop fluff, and her voice sounded weak. Since then, I just preferred that she stick to announcing.

From Leigh

I enjoyed your raw review after watching it on TV here in England, just thought I’d say I agreed strongly with a lot of your points including Lillian Garcia’s singing. They always hype it up so much but she’s not amazing. Also I noticed the right leg buckling at the PPV but all this limping on the left leg makes me think it must have been part of the hoax; sure WWE couldn’t be this dumb?

Also regarding Snistky, I like the idea of the character, but since he lost his “I’ve never been beaten” thing from ECW, its just ridiculous and I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds his teeth disgusting!

Am I the only one who still thinks JBL looks rusty in the ring? Not comfortable at all.

Ya I’m not sure what the deal was with HBK’s leg. My problem with it is that Y2J was convinced all this time that he was faking the injury, and of the many reasons he gave as to why he thought that, he never said the most obvious; which is that Michaels was favoring the WRONG leg. Ross and Lawler seemed to never pick up on it either. That said, I do love how Jericho is really blurring the lines between face and heel right now. His pop is still strong with the crowd, because he hasn’t turned on them, but it seems he gets along with no one; face or heel. It’s really interesting in my opinion.

I’m sure you’re not the only one who thinks JBL looks rusty since making his Raw return. I think the main problem is that he hasn’t been working with the right talent. Jericho is not the appropriate opponent for JBL, and neither is a title program at this point. However, I think JBL has always worked well with Cena, and I look forward to their match at Judgment Day this Sunday. It needs to be a ground-and-pound style brawl, with the stiffness that both guys can bring to the ring. But I otherwise agree with what you’re saying, JBL needs to ignite some kind of a flame, because he appears to be coasting right now.

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