WZ Exclusive: YOUR Responses to Smackdown and Nick’s Review!


From Simon Phipps

I was shocked to read you like Chuck. Let alone his rip off of Taker’s gimmick. I just see someone out there trying far too hard to be good at his job because maybe he feels like heâ<80><99>s been given a second chance from his days of marrying Billy, and this time he really doesnâ<80><99>t wanna screw it up. Perhaps you like him because of the limited offerings Smackdown has? I donâ<80><99>t just feel as though the Edge/Vikki thing is a bad storyline, I feel it’s tearing the show apart. It’s terrible. I never watch Smackdown live anymore, I have to record it. Fast forwarding the ads, promotion and re-caps I got through SD in 50 mins! That is awful.

At first, I’ll admit, I did think Chuck’s gimmick was a ripoff of The Undertaker. But, ironically, I actually think the gimmick works better for Chuck. When Taker was using it, the name “Undertaker” no longer made any sense. The gimmick stripped away any mystique that he had, and simply made him “another one of the guys” as opposed to the Phenom. With Chuck, it seems as though we’re finally looking at who he really is, as opposed to say, Billy’s wife/husband, or anything else he’s performed as. I’m not saying I think he’s the future of wrestling, just that I like the direction he’s going in.

From Rhys Lawler

hmmm…well you certainly know your stuff, calling cherry a talentless diva. do a little history check dude, she has performed moonsaults in the indies as kara slice, and is up there with mickie. its called a storyline.

She very well may be talented, but so far Smackdown has done nothing to showcase that talent. I know who she is, and who she used to wrestle as, but does any of that matter if she’s a roller skater named Cherry in WWE? Granted, she’s starting to shed that persona bit by bit, but her match on Friday night against Maryse was the weakest on the card, and nothing near what I’ve seen Mickie do in the ring.

From Dale Keglovich

Maybe they should put Michael Richards (KRAMER from SEINFELD) up against Michael Hayes in a Lumberjack Death Match with all the black talent as the Lumberjacks with Kamala and Abdulla the Butcher as the referees…. and the winner has to shine all the black talents’ boots for a month and get put in a squash match with big V…

That made me laugh.

From Antonio Green

You need to chill on your harsh criticism of the divas! Yeah true most of the them are there just to look pretty but a lot of them have vastly improved. Michelle McCool is slowly but surely turning into a very talented technical wrestler. Nattie Neidhart and Victoria are excellent legitimate talents and I don’t know about you but The Glamazon reminds me of Chyna and I would love to see her get a Chyna like push! Even the “useless” diva Layla has potential as a manager or sorts in my eyes!

Here’s the thing Antonio, I agree with you! And in a way, you basically proved my point. I think women like Victoria and The Glamazon are talented, but unfortunately, that’s not what Smackdown is giving us. Keep in mind my review pertained only to Smackdown, so Beth Phoenix doesn’t count here. This past Friday night, we saw two Divas matches featuring four women, and none of them happened to be Victoria. My point is that WWE needs to focus more on the women who can wrestle as opposed to the ones who can’t, and I think the best way to do that is to simply combine the talent on one show and get rid of the excess. They’d have a great women’s division if talent like Natalya, McCool, Cherry and Victoria moved to Raw to work with the talent they already have there. Then there would be no need for “Divas” like Layla.

From Aaron Romano

DAMN THOSE GUYS IN CHARGE OF THE TAG DIVISION! Smackdown sux, And Mick is too mellow on the announce table, Smackdown sorely misses JBL!

I feel the same way about the tag division as I do the women’s division. In my opinion, WWE should move ALL of the tag talent to Smackdown, and do away with the tag belts on Raw. If the brand split is going to continue, then there is nothing wrong with having separate divisions on each show. You can have the women’s division be something that is exclusive to Raw, and the tag team division that is exclusive to Smackdown. This way, all of the best talent can work on one show, instead of having to spread it out like they’re doing now. As far as Foley goes, I think he’s doing a great job. Although I felt JBL did very well on Smackdown, I like that Mick is being incorporated into WWE TV on a regular basis. Both of them have drastically different styles, yes, but you’ve gotta love Foley’s sense of humor.

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