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From Ozer Direncay

I don’t mind Vince trying all different sorts of ideas to try and encourage new viewers to watch. Hell Vince has come up with some of the worst ideas for RAW in history, such as the Katie Vick angle or “Trump vs. O’Donnell” on RAW. But as painful as they were to watch, they didn’t affect the entire show, and they were related to storylines. This stupid Million Dollar crap made all storylines, superstars and WRESTLING look inferior to it tonight. Vince himself made every single match, even the main-event, seem inferior just by saying “the Million Dollar thing will continue after this match”, as if to say “we’ll get this out of the way and continue with my idea”!

This is my main problem with the giveaway, or bribe as I see it. There is nothing wrestling related about it. How could you let anyone tuning into Raw that either hasn’t before or hasn’t in a long time think that this is what the current product is? I agree that it seemed as though the wrestling on the card was an afterthought to the bribe. The only thing that seemed to be important to the show last night was McMahon and his money, not the talent that work their asses off to entertain us.

From Sam Walton

I give your Raw Review 1 out of 9 stars. The one being awarded for giving me something funny to read for 5 minutes.

You must have been the guy that won the $250,000 last night.

From Master Kennedy

In my opinion, RAW seemed to flow quickly time wise, in a good way. I found Vince’s nature very comical, especially during the 2 “WWE American Idols” segment. I mean you read the WWE rules right? Tell me that you didn’t even think of how Vince was going to come about giving $2 to the winner of the phone call, he played that out well. And sure the whole Lillian measurements thing was a bit cheesy, Vince should have said Jerry talked to her about that instead of JR, but I’m sure its difficult to think of something better to come up with as far as dialogue that adds up to 98 or what ever it was. I’m surprised you didn’t mention Ted Jr.’s promo, he seemed a bit nervous which is excusable from his perspective but was cool to see something new and fresh. Sorry the Jimmy Kimmel recap from Smackdown didn’t do it for me. Last, if Vince and us wrestling fans expected tonights edition of RAW to draw a larger nielson rating, I would have thrown a wild card out there, perhaps a WWE Championship title change.

I’ll be the first to admit that I think Vince is a great character. I think he’s funny and quick and plays to the crowd very well. But the problem here is that there’s nothing creative about what he’s doing. Your last statement was not only a great idea, but it also basically proved my point. If you want a larger rating, do something to improve the product, like a title change or a storyline swerve, but a temporary bribe isn’t going to do the trick in the long run.

From Tony Mango

I have to disagree with you on a few points about tonight’s Raw. One of your chief concerns was that we had quick matches, but ask yourself, did they serve their purpose? Tonight’s Raw was the first in a long while that gave us all the feuds in concise and meaningful matches.

Personally, I don’t see how a 2-3 minute match can be meaningful. Normally Raw offers a pretty good balance of ring time and storyline progression, but all of that was deferred to Vince last night. I felt like I was watching two different shows: Raw and The Price is Right.

From Destruction

I think we need a stable to just make havoc on the show like Evolution and DX did, and Randy Orton needs to be back, and go back to single brand PPV’s to allow more time for story buildup and give low and midcard guys a chance to get a push instead of just having a the main eventers from every show having a go, again. Ugh now here we are again, with John Cena back in the Main event because women and little kids like him. God, the creative team needs to be better.

I feel bad for you having to write a review on this terrible show this week.

Thanks for the sympathy, but normally I do like Raw.

From Anonymous

I read your Raw review and although it wasn’t the “best” show it certainly wasn’t as bad as you’re making it sound.And I was also curious to know what everyone’s problem is with John Cena?You make him seem like he’s absoultely horrible!!I don’t see him being that bad.Yeah he does some of the same moves but those are his finishers.HBK,Triple H they all do the same thing when they go out there as well.Sure he’s not the “best” wrestler but was Hulk Hogan?The Rock certainly wasn’t and yet people consider him the “greatest”?I’m quite confused by all this.Cena has done nothing but work his butt off to get where he is and I think he deserves a little more respect.

Maybe I was a little hard on Cena last night but I think I gave a fair assessment of the overall show. I do like Cena, the only problem I had with him last night was the build of his title match at Night of Champions as “the best vs the best.” I agree that The Rock, for instance, was limited in the ring, but he was someone who had such a strong character connection with the audience, that he created an era along with Steve Austin. Calling Cena “the best” right now is implying he is akin to the likes of Rock or Stone Cold, and he has a long way to go before he’s at that level.

From Nic Gallant

I can’t help but get my hopes up at least a little for Jeff to get thrown into the title match and make it a triple threat at the NOC ppv. What

do you think?

While I think that would be a great idea and would certainly make the match more exciting, I would guess WWE probably won’t do that in light of the recent triple threat matches that have main evented past PPV’s. Anything is possible, but WWE has been a bit triple threat heavy lately. That’s not to say I wouldn’t want to see it because I think Jeff Hardy is exactly what the main event scene needs right now.

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