Ryan Clark

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, June 16th, 2008 (USA Network)

Location: The E-Center of West Valley City in Salt Lake City, Utah

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And we’re in Salt Lake City. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are your commentators.

John Cena is here and the place goes nuts. The phone is set up on the stage again by the way/ He soaks in the massive, massive ovation. He says it’s no secret that he loves World Wrestling Entertainment and he believes it provides the best entertainment that money can buy, but the truly great thing is that once in ever great while, it provides moments that transcends time that everyone one of us know where we were and what we were doing when it first happened â<80>” moments like Hogan slamming Andre, Shawn’s boyhood dream coming true, Stone Cold whipping ass. He says there’s not an empty seat in the arena, and they’re excited about the money but they’re excited about the moment, two weeks from now, that moment, at Night of Champions, when one man stands with his hand raised and says “The Champ isâ<80>¦”

Triple H is out now. JR points out the irony for us. He says Cena is right; it’s going to be a moment that no one will forget. He’s been trying to tell himself that it’s not personal, but he has trouble believing that because last week, Cena cost him a match with Jeff Hardy. He’s giving him the benefit of the doubt. He’s warning him once, there will not be a twice. He says if Cena gets in his business, it’s going to get personal real fast. Cena points out Triple H embarrassed Cena on the announce table last week and Trips says Cena was being a prima donna. Trips says he wrestles so uncoordinated he’d probably fall off the table anyway. Cena laughs it off and says he made The Game tap out. Trips says it was two years ago, things have changed. Cena says nothing’s changed. Trips says something has changed, and that’s the fact that he is the champ. Cena says it doesn’t mean a damn thing. This is Raw, and until you beat Cena, you’re nothing! Triple H says Night of Champions will be a tough night, because he knows how Cena likes to let his fans down, but he says few of his fans will get to see that match because it’ll be on past their bed times anyway! Cena shoves Trips! Cena tosses his shirt to the crowd and he wants to go. The Game responds in kind andâ<80>¦

Vince McMahon is here! He says they won’t go out at it tonight, they will compete at Night of Champions. But he’s going to give away a million dollars tonight. The money is out now and he tells us to register. The password isâ<80>¦ WATCH RAW & WIN. Vince asks Cena if he will win his match tonight, because it’s right now, one on one with Umaga. And it’s a Street Fight. Triple H wishes Cena luck and says “don’t get hurt.”

Umaga is out and we’re set to go.

Street Fight: John Cena vs. Umaga

They slug it out and Cena runs into a big upper cut. Right by Umaga, shoots him off, counters a sunset flip but misses a fist drop. Cena scoops up Umaga but Umaga falls back and gets 2. Cena rolls to the apron and Umaga drills him and sends him into the guardrail as we go to break.

We come back and they’re brawling in the aisle, Umaga in control. Cena sends Umaga into the guardrail and fires off with rights, but charges and takes a Samoan Drop on the ramp way! Umaga drags Cena back down to ringside and sits him up against the ring post. He chokes him out and backs off nowâ<80>¦ ASSALANCHE MISSES and Umaga hits the ring post. Cena drives Umaga back into the guardrail, then into the ring apron. He has a microphone, in the ring and drills Umaga with it and he goes down to a knee. Top rope dive, gets caught, swinging “sidewalk slam”, as called by JR. That gets Umaga a near fall. Back up and they slug it out, Cena sent to the corner but Umaga charges into a boot. Cena runs out of the corner and gets DRILLED with a clothesline. Umaga to the floor now and he takes the announce table apart, and grabs a chair. He slides it in and Cena has itâ<80>¦ chair to the gutâ<80>¦ THROWBACK. Up top, leg drop to the back of the head! He wants the FU and he gets him up, but Umaga’s too big. Cena buckles and rolls to the floor. Umaga out and throws Cena hard into the steel steps. Cena’s limp and Umaga throws him back in and gets another near fall. Umaga back out and he has part of the steps now and tosses them inside. Back in, he has the steps but Cena scoops him up and hits the FU! That gets the 3 count!

Winner: John Cena

Vince McMahon dials a number, but has to try again because he’s an incompetent old man. Finally, someone seems pleased to win the money. Vince asks the guy his favorite animal. He makes the guy bark like a dog, and Vince says his dog has laryngitis but he wins anyway.

Summertime Beach Bikini Blow Out

Your participants are Maria, Eve Torres, Jillian, , Layla, Lena Yada, Maryse, Melina. Charlie Haas is hosting because Heat is no longer around. We get clips of the Mae Young stuff from last week. Haas says that’s not entertaining, but this is, BOOYAH! They each get 15 seconds, and the fans judge. Haas sounds like Val Venis circa 1999. Melina spends 12 seconds taking her robe off. Melina is awesome. Maryse is great also. She knows how to work the ropes. Lena ain’t bad either. Layla gyrates and JR calls her bikini “friendly attire.” Jillian didn’t come her tonight to model her bikini, so she sings. Charlie shuts her up, and Eve is very hot. JR points out how she goes for patriotic colors to get votes. PSYCHOLOGY~! MARIA FTW! She is awesome. She had some hot camel toe sliippage. Wowzers. Melina gets a good pop, and they all do surprisingly well, except Jillian obviously, but Maria is a clear winner.

Winner: Maria

Vince gives away $100,000. We get some dramatic music as he dials, nice. Mike asks Vince how he’s doing. Vince asks him who is the most famous person born in North Carolina. The guy says it was Ric Flair, who was of course born in Minnesota (apparently Vince was born in NC). He gets the money anyway.

In the back Chris Jericho talks to the make-up lady. He gets a face pop until they remember last week and they boo. We get footage of last week’s tremendous Highlight Reel segment. It’s a great video package basically highlighting their entire recent history. I approve.

JR says Shawn has issues with his eyesight and we’ll hear from Jericho later.

Vince McMahon brings out Jim Duggan, in a tux, to give away some money. We get the music, and Hacksaw dials. ANSWERING MACHINE~! Leave a message, Vince! Vince does, and says they blew a chance to win $50,000. Gabe is here with another number! DX ringback tone on this one, that gets a pop. Jesse Jordan answers. He’s excited too, and tries telling Vince to suck it, but Vince wants a Hacksaw impression and he gets a “Hooooooo!”

Jeff Hardy is out for the next matchâ<80>¦

Jeff Hardy vs. Carlito

Lock up and to the corner they go. Carlito doesn’t break clean and decks Hardy. Carlito ducks a springboard moonsault, low bridges Carlito and sends him to the floor. SLINGSHOT SENTON TO THE FLOOR! Hardy tosses Carlito back but gets caught with a left trying to come back in. Rope-assisted neck breaker from Carlito gets him a near fall. Into the corner and Jeff blocks a right and comes back with kicks, but runs into a dropkick for another near fall. Carlito knocks Hardy down again and goes to a posted chinlock. Hardy tries to elbow out, but Carlito pulls him down and hits some mounted punches. Hardy eats a reverse elbow and Carlito gets two. Carlito goes to a bow and arrow move now and Hardy works his way up to his feet, breaks the hold with a kick, MULE KICK! ROPE-ASSISTED CORNER DROPKICK gets countered in mid-move and Carlito gets another two count. JAWBREAKER! He tries for the Twist of Fate, shoved into the corner. Carlito puts him in the tree of woe, but misses a dropkick. Hardy up topâ<80>¦ WHISPER IN THE WINDâ<80>¦ that gets a long 2 count. Facebuster by Hardy connects and he goes to the topâ<80>¦ Carlito up, Jeff hops over him, lands on his feet, Back Stabber try, countered, TWIST OF FATE! SWANTON CONNECTS! That’s it. Carlito jobs, AGAIN.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Chris Jericho is out now. He has the mic. He’s notice a difference in the way people have treated him. They’re wondering how could he do what he did to Shawn Michaels. He shows us the footage again. Jericho can’t believe they boo an honest man and he’s done with it, and that’s why what happened to HBK last week was the fans fault. He came back to “Save Us” but he’s realized that they don’t want to be saved and that they don’t deserved to be saved because they connect with a back-stabbing hypocrite like Shawn Michaels. He says he hasn’t changed, he’s still one of the greatest performers around. He says the fans have changed. He doesn’t need or want them to cheer for him any more. Michaels says he does what it takes to get ahead, and when Jericho did the same thing they turned on him. They forced him to do it, and now he’s punishing Shawn Michaels for the fans’ sins. He says it’s ironic now that Shawn’s blood is on their hands. Can they live with themselves? They want Shawn, and Jericho wants Shawn out there too, in fact he demands it and gets a “H-B-K!” chant going. But Shawn’s not coming out, because he’s a coward, a worm, a liarâ<80>¦


Ric Flair is here!

Holy shit!


This is awesome.

We cut to commercial as Flair stares down Jerichoâ<80>¦ â<80>¦we come back and Flair is in the ring. He gets in Jericho’s. “What have you got to say now?” Flair snatches the mic and tells Jericho to shut up. Flair says Jericho knows Shawn isn’t here. He’s not here to talk. He’s retired so he can’t wrestle any more, but he wants a FIGHT! NOW! IN THE PARKING LOT!

Flair bails and goes to the back. Jericho eventually follows. Jericho walks into The Game, and he says he should reconsider this. Jericho says it’s not his business. Triple H says ever since Jericho came back to save us, he’s been looking for an opening to make it his business, and he wants to fight Jericho. Jericho backs off.

After a break, Flair and The Game talk. Flair is pissed and he doesn’t need The Game to fight his battles. Vince is here, and he can’t have Flair interrupt his show because he’s retired, so he has security escort Flair from the building. Triple H asks what his problem is. Vince says he doesn’t have one, but Triple H does â<80>” The Game vs. Chris Jericho â<80>” tonight!

Non-Title Match: Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly vs. Cryme Tyme

Holly and JTG start us off, and Ted DiBiase is out. That allows Holly to roll up a distracted JTG for 3!

Winners: Holly and Rhodes N/A

Vince McMahon gives Becky from North Carolina (Woooo!) some money, $16, because Ric Flair is a 16-time world champion. “You go girl!”

Katie Lea and Paul Burchill vs. Mickie James and Mr. Kennedy

Burchill and Kennedy start, waistlock by Kennedy, now they slug it out. Paul gets a knock down but takes a back body drop for 1. Rights by Kennedy, and boots in the corner now. Burchill catches him with a kick and a knee that drops Kennedy. Half-nelson chinlock by Burchill now, Kennedy fights out but gets taken down by a clothesline for 2. Back to that ground submission hold by Burchill, and again Kennedy fights up but gets knocked down again. Burchill charges into a boot from Kennedy and Burchill eats a facewash, and gets rolled up for 2. Katie Lea tags in and in comes Mickie who slaps Katie Lea. They brawl and roll around on the canvas. Knees by Katie Lea, clothesline by Mickie. And again. She fires off with forearms now, and hits another clothesline and follows up with a low dropkick to the head for 2. She goes to the top and Burchill tries to take her out, but Kennedy SPEARS HIM THROUGH THE ROPES. Air Mickie misses, and Katie hits a backbreaker variant for 3!

Winners: Katie Lea and Paul Burchill

Vince makes Alana near-orgasmic with a phone call. “You’ve no idea how much you’ve changed my life.” She’s ecstatic, and Vince asks who’s the most handsome wrestler she’s ever seen. She says Vince is the most beautiful man she’s ever seen. Unlike last week, this week’s winners seem generally pleased to have won and that makes these segments a lot more enjoyable. She gets $174,984, and that’s awesome. Vince seems puzzled that these people react this way when they win such large sums of money.

After a break, Vince gives away more money.

Vince: Can you give me the correct password?

Peter: Yes I can.

Awesome answer, son. He gets $75,000.

JR and King hype Night of Champions:

WWE Tag Team Championship: Miz/Morrison vs. Finlay/Hornswoggle

World Championship: Edge vs. Batista

ECW Championship: Kane vs. The Big Show

WWE Championship: Triple H vs. John Cena

Vince will give away $300,000 later.

In the back, John Cena wishes Triple H good luck and tells him not to get hurt.

Million Dollar Mania – Frank Turbeville from Haddon Township, NJ is the winner of $300,000. He’s thrilled and WHOOOO’S.

WWE Champion Triple H vs. Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho. Lance Cade attacks Triple H thus ending the match in a DQ. Cena comes to try and help Triple H, Trips and Cena start brawling. Jericho and Cade attack them again, Cade hits his seated powerbomb on Cena and Jericho hits the Codebreaker on Trips. Jericho and Cade stand over both men as Raw goes off air.

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