WZ.com Reader Responds to Glenn Gilbertti’s Latest Column

Chris Cash

The following was sent in by WrestleZone.com reader, Mike Coburn, in response to Glenn Gilbertti’s latest column. If you did not read Gilbertti’s editorial where he discusses CM Punk’s title win and more, you can do so now by clicking HERE.

Mike Coburn Responds:

“Mr. Gilbertti

I have to say I agreed with some of the points; but then again I am only a fan. I wasn’t all giddy over Punk’s win. He has not beaten some of the other big boys of the WWE. I am not a fan of the MITB match either. Yeah its got great spots and these athletes willingness is to be commended but it doesn’t do too much in entertainment value for me. While it was good to see someone capture the title to add to a more stacked card, a person needs to be proven to be at that caliber before he captures the title.

I mostly agree with your “no top guys” anymore rant. Austin and Rock failed at two things (in my opinion) that are critical for the success for the business. Who did either bring up to their level? Austin and Shawn Michaels had guys like Bret Hart and Undertaker to bring them up. Rock became huge because he took advantage of where Foley put him. Some might argue that Austin brought up Benoit and the Rock. If the WWE wants to get back to 4’s and 5’s, it seems to me that the big guns now (Triple H, Undertaker, and Shawn) need to bring some other guys up before they leave. Taker may lose to too many people who aren’t going to get there. Cena has been solidified by both Shawn and Hunter. But it takes more. Some misfortune went into it with guys like Brock and Rock just leaving the business altogether. Other elements. Austin had great heels to go against, much like Hogan. Ric Flair made people love his opponent. Not only was Austin hot as a face, he went against guys hot as heels. Rock, Taker, Vince, HBK… I don’t think I need to carry on. Heels today do are just scratching what they could be and do with the right face. I think Edge and Triple H could do great things but Im not sure this is the right time to pull the trigger on the fued.

Plus, NWO, Austin and Rock didn’t deal with a split roster. A consolidated roster may mean fewer chances for many people, but how many are thrown in as a fill-in plan. Think of the roster and rivalries in a consolidated roster. Plus when you make it, you are for real. Something I give TNA a lot of credit for as they have a talent wise stacked roster. If someone beats Angle as champ, they are the best in their company. If Jeff Hardy beats Edge, okay, hes the best out of a show lacking Cena, Batista, Punk, Jericho, and HBK. Scenario: Edge has title, beats Jericho, Michaels, Taker, Triple H, Batista and Cena. Jeff Hardy comes along and ends the reign. Hardy instantly becomes legit by doing what the preceeding couldn’t. That was what made Goldberg’s win so great for fans. Hogan beat everyone. Punk is now significantly bigger because he succeeded where Taker and Batista failed. Just my take as a fan. I could be wrong and everyone else is right in thinking you’re an idiot. Ill let you choose.

But your analogy was horrible. If Romo, a $60 million quarterback, is that hurt, that is Jerry Jones’s investment and shouldn’t be on the field. So $1 million roster bonus that is in most cases already paid by the last game of the year in risk of $60 million. Jerry should fire the coach. There is a reason teams carry back-ups and these guys are paid regardless. If someone gets hurt, then you plug someone else in. You hopefully lose minimal effectiveness at that position. Besides if you are out of the playoffs regardless, many teams will want to see what else they have and play back-ups as a chance to scout their own players in game situations. Terrible analogy.

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