Nick Sounds off on TNA Impact! Last Night

Nick Paglino

I never write about TNA because my job is to cover WWE television, but I have to sound off on TNA’s Impact broadcast last night. I rarely watch TNA, mostly because the product is awful, and I have to say that last night’s show was one of the worst two hour wrestling shows I have ever seen. What are they doing in that promotion? They seem to be misusing every marquee talent they have, and are drowning the audience with insults.

Nick’s Notes:

-To begin with, I know that I have desecrated Mike Adamle’s announcing abilities on a weekly basis, but it’s embarrassing to me that somehow a broadcasting veteran like Mike Tenay is worse. The team of Tenay and West comprise about 25% of the nonsense that is TNA. Simply put, they are cheerleaders, not announcers. Tenay kept yelling out “Damn you Sting” when the bat was lowered into the cage. Now how much of an indication is this that it’s NOT Sting lowering the bat? How much of an idiot is Tenay that he can’t think of the possibility of someone else playing games? This type of “foreshadowing” makes the viewers seem like total morons. Well, I guess if you’re watching TNA then…

-As far as the wrestlers go, TNA’s top talent, like Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, and the “allusive” Sting, are being used horribly. There are no levels to their characters. They are either screaming and yelling or booked to look like idiots. The question that kept running through my mind last night was “is Sting the only person in the world with access to a black baseball bat?” Why can’t baby faces in TNA have brains? If you don’t book a baby face with intelligence, then how is the audience expected to root for him in the ring? I wanted desperately for someone to come out during Styles’ promo last night and beat some intelligence into him. Maybe that’s why the live crowd was so dead while he was out there, because they were thinking the same thing.

-Thank God Joe brought his own weapon to the ring, I doubt the other 50 scattered in the cage would have done anything!

-I love the irony of people like Booker and Angle constantly talking about how terribly they were booked in WWE when TNA is either doing the same thing with them or making them look far worse.

-Who stole Val’s ring? Hmmm, well, Curry Man and Shark can either run around like idiots and take up half the Impact broadcast time trying to find out, or simply watch the show. Super Eric eventually figured it out, which makes sense, because a month ago he was looking for Elvis’ dead body.

-So basically Kaz is a huge cry baby? That’s how you build a competitive face?

-Tomko is gone and Nash apparently walked out of an Impact taping because he was frustrated with creative. If TNA is gonna get as “big” as Angle says it will, they need to do something real soon, otherwise their marquee talent will be in their late 80’s before Impact climbs above a 2.0 rating. Get smart TNA, that’s all you need to do. Go back to being a professional wrestling promotion, not a TV show for 8 year old children with severe brain damage.

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