Feature: Steve Anderson Answers Your Emails


Been a month and Iâ<80><99>ve received a few emails in the olâ<80><99> box. Itâ<80><99>s a lazy Sunday, so Iâ<80><99>ll let the readers chime in.

I laughed when I read your article. I thought the same thing (that Russo was right) when I read the results after SummerSlam. I don’t think that Santino has beaten a male opponent in like 6 months (I could be wrong). So he captures the IC title via Beth Phoenix beating Mickey James? I unfortunately feel that the IC title should have been left dead when Triple H unified the title with the Heavyweight Championship. Granted there have been some great matches with the IC title but its prestige is dead. Name the last great IC title match? Dont get me started on the US Championship not being defended at SummerSlam.â<80>


Mark brings up yet another cheapening of an historic title that I failed to mention. Phoenix pins James. Santino becomes champion. Intercontinental title matches used to steal the show away from the WWE championship matches. Secondary titles have come and go (European and Hardcore), but they are on a path to abuse and prop-dom.

â<80><9c>F**k You Sid Rules The World. I for one hope WWE released all of that crap (Cherry, Colin Delany etc) to free up space for Sids salary. Fact of the matter is Sid always gets high profile spots in wrestling companies becuase he has the it factor. Like it or not ppl like many people like SID. YOU C**T. hahahahaâ<80>


Wow. If thatâ<80><99>s not weird man-love for Sid Vicious, I donâ<80><99>t know what is.

â<80><9c>It sounds that you’re rationalizing your utter distain for Sid as some excuse as some flaw in WWE’s logic. Sid has been successful everywhere he has been, yet why does every WWE signee have to be the next big thing in every WrestleZone editorial? The WWE isn’t do this move at the expense of â<80>~savingâ<80><99> the program, it’s doing at the expense of

gaining some interest. That’s why all moves are made, right? I mean hell, you just wrote some long ass article in pure dedication of it (be it positive or negative).â<80>


Sid has been successful everywhere he has been? Yes, in the sense of making money for himself, but not a promotion. He has been pushed to the moon without even the most minor increase in ratings or revenue at house shows. And gain interest? Sid? Sorry, wrestling fans are focused on the short-term. Sid is so 2001. And even then, he was so 1996. And, yes, I did write a long-ass column and you responded with a long-ass email. The difference is I got paid for my missive.

â<80><9c>Just so you can get your facts straight, or maybe just so you can be informed…..if you do any research at all or talk to people at all, Savage at this point in time is the one refusing anything from WWE/F or whatever you want to call them….They wanted him for 2007 he said no………Be more in the loop so to speak before you blame Vince and the company because he is surely not the one that should take 100% of the blame pie on this one….â<80>


Blame pie? Where did youâ<80>¦oh, never mind. I was referring to the DVD of Curt Hennig missing a major piece by the shunning of Randy Savage. Curtâ<80><99>s 1992 turn against Bobby Heenan, Ric Flair and Razor Ramon was a brilliant bit of booking within a two-hour episode of Prime Time Wrestling. Why ignore that? It is what brought him back to the ring to do what he does best.

Now, if no one minds, Iâ<80><99>m gonna get me a big olâ<80><99> piece of blame pieâ<80>¦whatever that is.

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