NWA News And Notes For 9-8-08

Bill Behrens

NWA NOTES for 9-8-08


Hereâ<80><99>s what went down at the NWA Anarchy show Saturday night at NWA Television Arena in Cornelia.

Long story short â<80>” lots of content, excellent promos, several good to very good matches, but a couple of bad ones in key spots. Overall, it was one of Anarchyâ<80><99>s more average television tapings, not that itâ<80><99>s a problem at this point. Theyâ<80><99>re still in the transition from Hostile Environment, which put the wraps on several major storylines, to the set up for Fright Night and beyond. There are new people, people in new roles, and people being elevated.

The crowd of 175 was treated to a bit of preshow â<80><9c>Shadowmania,â<80> as Shadow Jackson was the special guest for the Top Ropes Kids Club. Jackson hyped his heavyweight title challenge against Iceberg in the main event.

Bill Behrens opened with the announcement that Shatter would soon be in WWE. He mentioned the NWA Anarchy footage that recently aired on TNA.

They did a 10 bell salute to Killer Kowalski. Behrens educated the fans about Kowalski including the story about Kowalski accidentally tearing an ear off of Yukon Eric in a match.

Behrens introduced the father of NWA Anarchy, owner Jerry Palmer. His theme music is more appropriate than ever â<80>” â<80><9c>Riding the Storm Out.â<80> Palmer said things were going much better on the home front with baby Griffin. He told the fans the most helpful thing they could do at this point would be to support Anarchy. Palmer introduced a man that lost everything in Hurricane Katrina and had evacuated New Orleans due to Gustav, Luke Hawx. He got the â<80><9c>welcome backâ<80> treatment. The feel good moment was disrupted by the arrival at ringside of Chad Parham and Seth Delay. Good back and for the mic work here. Parham said Hawx had a rep for hopping in his piece of crap car hoping for a no show so he could get a spot. Hawx said he had traveled the world and been on MTV and WWE. â<80><9c>What have you been doing?â<80> Hawx said he was there to kick Parhamâ<80><99>s ass and offered to be Ace Rockwellâ<80><99>s partner against Delay & Parham. Hawx said letâ<80><99>s do it now. Parham loosened his tie before chickening out.

(1) T.K. Cross beat Anthony Henry and Kareem Abdul Jamar and Chris Mayne and in 3:28. The Royston (APW) roster was out in force tonight with Jamar, Henry and Mayne in this match and more to come. The crowd enjoyed the fast paced action. Jamarâ<80><99>s basketball came into play, as he used to block a blow by Henry. Round robin of big moves building to the finish. Jamar hit a reverse stunner on Cross. Mayne hit a flying knee on Jamar. Henry used a fishermanbuster on Mayne. Cross broke up the pin and hit a tiger suplex on Henry for the win. Big pop from the Bleacher Bums for Cross.

(2) Jeff Lewis & Jay Clinton beat Don Matthews & Bo Newsome in 7:06. The flamboyant coupling of Lewis and Clinton made for highly entertaining ring entrance. Next to the main, this had the best heat of the first hour. Lots of love for Matthews and Newsome. Matthews drilled Clinton with the BFK early. Lewis dumped Newsome off the ropes as he was delivering the 10 punches on Clinton to start the heat. The heels did a number on Newsomeâ<80><99>s leg. Newsome hit neckbreaker to set up a real deal hot tag. As Matthews was doing major house cleaning on Clinton, Lewis made a blind tag and rolled up the unsuspecting Matthews. This has become Lewisâ<80><99> MO â<80>” using guile to win and take as little punishment as possible in the process.

The postmatch was well staged. Matthews smoked Clinton with the Lariat (third show in a row and Clinton still didnâ<80><99>t see it coming) and stormed up the ramp. Newsome got to do a solo exit selling his leg for babyface sympathy.

(3) Malachi beat Caleb Konley. Lost my notes on this one. They had a solid match. Malachi got a good pop coming out, but the crowd wasnâ<80><99>t into this like they were the first two matches. There was this great timing spot, where Konley moved at the last split second to avoid a top rope move by Malachi. The finish was nice. Malachi had Konley mounted on his shoulder. Konley tried to spin into a huracanrana, and Malachi countered with a powerbomb.

Postmatch: Talent & Money (J. T. Talent & Drew Pendleton) got in Konleyâ<80><99>s face for losing twice in a row. They ended up beating him down until Malachi made the save. So much for the sex in Talent & Money.

Greg Hunter interviewed the new NWA Anarchy Tag Team Champions, New Wave (Steven Walters & Derrick Driver). This was fine. You had two shy guys in the role of the humble babyfaces. Driver said they were ready to take on all comers. And there were plenty of them. Talent & Money, The Technicians, The Franchise, Big Time Playaz and Hollywood Brunettes all came to ringside. Behrens announced a tag team battle royal to thin the ranks. The winner would earn a title shot later in the show. Coming off of Devilâ<80><99>s Rejects and NWA Elite holding the tag titles, this cast of title challengers was sorely lacking for a top tier team.

(4) The Technicians (Bob E & Tyler Smith) beat Hollywood Brunettes (Kyle Matthews & Andrew Alexander) and Talent & Money (J.T. Talent & Drew Pendleton III) and The Franchise (Ryan Michaels & Matt Sells) and Big Time Playaz (Scott McKenzie & Danny Matthews) in a tag team Battle Royal to earn a shot at the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Championship. 6-7 minutes total time. By definition, it was a cluster, but at least it was a spirited cluster. Franchise went out first. They were soon followed by the Playaz. Konley & Malachi distracted Talent & Money to them up for elimination. The two teams got into a whale of a brawl at ringside. Meanwhile, Brunettes eliminated the Technicians. Amazingly, not one of the four refs saw it because they were all trying to break up the brawl. Technicians threw the Brunettes out and were declared the winners.

(5) Truitt Fields beat Jeremy Vain (with Rob Adonis) to retain the NWA Anarchy TV Title in 7:54. This was supposed to Adonis/Fields. Vain told Adonis he appreciated all the hard work two weeks ago when he wasnâ<80><99>t feeling to well (and Adonis took his place in the number one contenderâ<80><99>s match against Hayden Young), but this was his shot. Vain got an armbar and started talking trash. A stellar offensive flurry by Fields squeezed the last ounce of cockiness out of Vain, but he managed to block the Killing Fields. Moments later, Fields speared the post, and the heat was on. Vain zeroed in on the shoulder with a divorce court. Strong chants for Fields here. Vain took the bump of the night â<80>” a 360 onto his face off a monkey flip. Comeback time with a gorilla press slam ala Lex Luger. Fields clutched at his damaged shoulder. Vain kicked out of an Oâ<80><99>Connor Roll sending Fields out of the ring. Fields went for a slingshot sunset flip. Vain called for help from Adonis, but he was busy not paying attention, and Vain went down for the count. Vain gave Adonis a piece of his mind. Good match.

The Reverend came to ringside with Shaun Tempers, all jacked up minus the face paint. The Rev said Tempers was one half of the great tag team in Anarchy, but they had done all they could as a team, so it was time for a new agenda, that being Fields TV Title. Rev said Tempers was the best technical wrestler among the Rejects and he was going to do it honest with no crying. Rev said Tempers would work his way through the challengers, absorb all their knowledge, and he would be more than Fields could handle. A highly effective segment.

(6) Chad Parham & Seth Delay beat Ace Rockwell & Luke Hawx in 9:29. The crowd was keyed up for this. Pairing Hawx and Rockwell was one great idea. Hawx countered Parhamâ<80><99>s wrestling expertise with an aerial attack. Rockwell and Hawx pissed Parham off with a gimmick infringing, classic Lost Boyz double team. The faces hoisted Delay over the top into a plancha on Parham. Delay slapped Rockwell. Ace opened up on him. But Delay avoided Rockwellâ<80><99>s Stinger Splash, and Parham nailed him with an enzuigiri from the apron. Rockwell did his usual good work with the hope spots. Delay went for Hawxâ<80><99> trademark move from his days as Altar Boy Luke â<80>” the Halo- and missed. Tag to Hawx, who hit an exploder suplex on Delay, but Parham nailed Hawx from behind. It broke down to four way action. As ref Ken Wallace was chasingRockwell out, Delay clocked Hawx with brass knucks, and Parham followed with a cradle piledriver for the pin. Good match and it sure heaped more heat on Parham and Delay.

Attorney Jeff G. Bailey came out with NWA Elite (Kimo & Shatter) and cut a promo that was a great balancing act. Bailey said a lesser man would scream about the fluke upset two weeks ago that saw the Elite lose the tag titles. He named the NWA Elite members that have gone on to become world champions – R Truth, A. J. Styles and Abyss â<80>” and said Shatter was destined to become a WWE world champion. He said Kimo was the future of pro wrestling in the building, and he would make examples out of Fields and Iceberg. Bailey called for anybody from the back willing to face Kimo.

(7) Kimo (with Shatter & Jeff G. Bailey) beat Don Juan via submission in 2:53. Juan frustrated Kimo with his dodging and dancing. You just knew Juan was going to pay dearly for that and he did. One of the great things about Kimo as that his style looks completely unique to modern fans. Kimo delivered a series of martial arts strikes at lightning speed, the karate chop the neck and locked in the Information Extractor. Juan tapped pronto.

Bailey wasnâ<80><99>t satisfied. He pulled the hood off Kimo and sicked him on Juan, but Rockwell ran out to pull Juan to safety. Bailey told Rockwell he was next.

(8) Adrian Hawkins beat Chip Day in 9 minutes. Hawkins final entrance spot in the upcoming (someday, eventually) Young Lionâ<80><99>s Battle Royal was on the line. Technically OK but zero heat. Matwork early, which was nice since there hadnâ<80><99>t been much. Hawkins used this leg lace/face stretcher deal. Day busted out the lucha style flying. He did a tope con giro. Hawkins got his knees up on a standing moonsault and worked over Dayâ<80><99>s gut. Turnabout, as Day got his knees up on Hawkinsâ<80><99> quebrada. They traded near falls, a tornado kick by Day and Liger Bomb by Hawkins. Hawkins rolled out from under Dayâ<80><99>s 450 splash and got the pin with La Magistral.

The crowd came to life with the arrival of Slim J. J said he might be first in the battle royal but he was going to be there at the end with Hawkins. J gave a much needed explanation as to why he was in the Young Lionâ<80><99>s Division. He said he had held all the belts in the building except for the Young Lionâ<80><99>s Cup, and the Young Lionâ<80><99>s wasnâ<80><99>t about new people, it was about heart. To Hawkins: â<80><9c>I know you donâ<80><99>t have the heart that I have, Buhhhster.â<80> This was another well-delivered promo, and that final line got a huge pop.

(9) New Wave (Derrick Driver & Steven Walters) beat The Technicians (Bob E & Tyler Smith) to retain the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles in 7:24. New Waveâ<80><99>s title reign got off to an unfortunately mediocre start. Bad night for Bob E, who had been on a roll. Lately, itâ<80><99>s been the other way around. There was badly botched combo move in the opening minute that took the crowd out. Driver pulled on Smithâ<80><99>s wolfman sideburns. It had to happen eventually and got over big. E turned Driverâ<80><99>s springboard move into a crash and burn. E did a brutal looking frogsplash miss to set up the hot tag. Walters ran wild but the crowd was lukewarm. Walters leapfrogged a spear attempt by E and got speared by Smith. That was nice. Walters took Smith out with a release German suplex. Driver pinned E after the Unskinny Bop.

Hunter introduced Brodie Chase and Melissa Coates. They did this touchy-feely routine on the ramp that bordered on being obscene and left Chase in semi-orgasmic state. Chase said the fans were jealous. He saw the unbridled lust in the eyeâ<80><99>s of all the men and half the women. Chase bragged about his numerous appearances on national television. Said the fans worshiped him. Said Palmer couldnâ<80><99>t take his eyes off of Melissa. That brought Palmer out. Palmer advised Coates to get away from Chase. â<80><9c>And if you donâ<80><99>t know how, you know where to find me.â<80> Palmer turned his back on Chase and walked out. Chase said it wasnâ<80><99>t over. Melissa left with Chase, but she had this hurt expression on her face.

(10) Shadow Jackson defeated NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Iceberg (with the Reverend) via DQ in 15:16. Huge chants for Jackson and an electric feel at the start. It didnâ<80><99>t last. They told the story that Jackson could more than handle Icebergâ<80><99>s strength and power. The Bums brought the â<80><9c>Killer the Crackerâ<80> chant out of mothballs. At 6:00, Iceberg took over with a belly to belly suplex. Another 450 impact to Jacksonâ<80><99>s back left him convulsing on the mat. Iceberg grounded Jackson with the Thigh Drop of Doom and worked at cutting off his air supply. Jackson hit a release german suplex with a ton of help from Iceberg, but was slow to cover. Iceberg tried to end it with the Ground Zero. Nobody home. Back and forth near falls. Jackson grabbed the Rev by the hair. Iceberg clubbed Jackson from behind. The lights flashed off and on. Jackson did his 1031 slam, which in this looked more like he fell on top of Berg. Azrael hit the ring for the DQ. The length diluted the impact of the match. For that finish, 10 minutes max. Long singles matches do not play to Jacksonâ<80><99>s strengths.

The lights went outâ<80>¦lights back on and Mikal Judas was in the ring. He gave Azrael an awesome choke slam â<80>” from the heavens straight to hell.

Jackson said he hadnâ<80><99>t spent time hanging around with Judas, but he wanted him as his partner against the Rejects in two weeks. This was not the usual tear-down-the house closing.

NOTES: Shatter will be headed to Tampa to join the roster of Florida Championship Wrestingâ<80>¦Coates appears for Big Time Wrestling in San Jose on 9/19, Non Rated Pro Wrestling on 9/20 in Bakersfield, Texas Wrestling Entertainment in San Antonio on 9/26 and Signamania III in Fairless Hills PA on 9/27 (Madness Table)…The appearance by Hawx is at this point, a one shot dealâ<80>¦Day wrestled with broken toes.



SHOW # 464-134







NWA Anarchy TV Report by Ca$hFlowX

Episode 133

September 1, 2008

WRESTLING: (n.) â<80><99>res-ling A sport of contest in which two individuals face off in unarmed combat.

ANARCHY: (n.) an-ar-key (1) A state of lawlessness due to absence of authority. (2) A complete lack of order.

What happens when you mix the two together? NWA-Anarchy!

– Welcome to NWA Anarchy Wrestling, this is PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING~! We are just two weeks away from Hostile Environment where the annual War Games are held. Last week on NWA Anarchy, Truitt Fields successfully defended the NWA Anarchy TV Title against the returning Brandon Phoenix with Jeff Lewis and Hayden Young observing from ringside. Afterwards, Lewis belt smashed Fields before handing the belt to Young. Due to Fields catching Young with the belt, they scuffled. The New Wave were screwed out of the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles after a horrible Dusty finish. Also, the fans were chanting “Chad-o-mania” for Numero Uno as he challenged Shadow Jackson. Shadow won the match, but the lost the battle to the Konkrete Gorillas. This week, Fields is in action and in the main event, Shatter has one last opportunity to earn a shot at NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Iceberg if he defeats Azreal.

1. “The Stray Cat” Brody Ray Chase w/Melissa “She’s a Man & a Dominatrix” Coates squashed TK Kross.

After commercial, Chase easily disposes of Kross with a pump-handle inverted neckbreaker. Afterwards, Coates impresses the local denizens by whipping Kross’ buttocks until Don Matthews answers the crowd’s call. Chase grabs the stick and Melissa says Don isn’t man enough. Chase offers a solution at Hostile Environment with a slave match. If Chase wins, Matthews becomes their personal slave. If Matthews wins, he gets Coates. However, there is one stipulation: Chase makes this a threesome aka handicap match and concludes he’s good at three ways.

– Adrian Hawkins has certainly changed over the past several weeks by attacking newcomer Bo Newsome, who hasn’t earned a d**n thing in this business. Hawkins calls himself a veteran!??! Greg Hunter reminds Hawkins, “You’ve only been in the business for two years!” Hawkins agrees, “That’s exactly what I’m talking about!” (Awesome response.) But then, Sex, Talent & Money pay the Code Pink operative a visit. Pendleton explains that one of his men is willing to sit the night out for the upcoming six man tag. This prompts Jeff Lewis to enter stage right. “I don’t need talent because I already have it, you know? I’m already sexy so I don’t need that. I can always use a little more money.” Lewis orders drafts Pendleton to join him tonight. Then when it seems like the whole charade is over, Jeremy Vain & Mr. Rob Adonis kindly interrupt and inform ST&M that they will be joining forces, including the “Ain’t I Great” Jay Clinton. Funny segment.

2. Fortune & Fame (Andrew Pendleton III & “the Feature Presentation” Jeff Lewis defeated NWA Anarchy TV Champion Truitt “Abs of Steal” Fields & Hayden “Bad Spike Do” Young.

The Human Tornado may have BALLZ OF STEAL, but Fields has ABZ OF STEAL~! Pendleton quickly learns that punching Fields in the breadbasket is less than effective. Frustrated, Fields trots to his corner to engage in friendly conversation with Lewis. The former Anarchy TV champ wants nothing to do with the face contingent. So Pendleton heads back over to attack Fields and ends up in the same situation as before. After Fields dazzles Pendleton with power, Young befuddles Pendleton with aerial acrobatics. Young pays for his high risk maneuvers by posting his shoulder on a corner charge. Lewis quickly tags in and focuses his strategy on Young’s bad shoulder. John Johnson calls Lewis the best wrestler on TV. Isn’t that what started the feud between Chad Parham and Ace Rockwell? Young nails Pendleton with a snapdriver to set up the hot tag. After poorly timed commercial, Fields receives the hot tag to clean house. Pendleton blasts Fields from behind, but Young sends him flying to the wooden floor beneath. With the odds in the faces favor, they set up to finish off Lewis. Lewis blocks the Killing Fields and eludes a blind enziguri that nails Fields right in the temple. Did you understand all the gibberish there? Lewis shoves Young to the floor and grabs a handful of tights for the victory. Afterwards, Hunter informs the crowd that Fields will defend the TV Title against Young and Lewis in a three way dance. As Lewis strolls to the back, Fields explodes at Young for a horrible misjudgment.

3. “Sort of a Big Deal” Sal Rinauro defeated “Kool” Seth Delay via DQ.

Hunter explores the turmoil of Seth’s career of going through two tag partner in less than a year and Rinauro becoming a world renowned traveling wrestler. Also, Delay only captured tag gold with Rinauro, so that says a lot about Delay’s recent career in Anarchy. After commercial, Delay works over Rinauro with a high backdrop. To the corner, Rinauro counter a superplex and rolls through with a rolling head scissors and an Ace crusher. Rinauro makes a strong comeback and lands a flying knee for a two count. They trade several near falls until Delay connects with a flying forearm. He kips up and performs his best Das Wunderkind impersonation. An unimpressed Rinauro connects with the Phoenix Fury Legdrop. Rinauro makes the cover, but Delay kicks out. With the referee behind Rinauro, Delay brandishes his bras knux, but Rinauro bulldogs him on the top rope. This prompts “Numero Uno” Chad Parham to pull Rinauro head first on the ring apron. Ouch! Given Rinauro has seen better days, this gets ugly very quick. Parham quickly dispatches Rinauro with a leaping piledriver. Delay joins in the fun with Parham delivering a second cradle piledriver. Johnson wants to see a third, fourth and 75 of them. More potential carnage with a spike piledriver and Parham connects with Delay’s help. NWA Owner Jerry Palmer makes the save with his axehandle. Paramedics head out to carry Rinauro out on a gurney. Johnson laughs at the carnage. Good way to explain Rinauro’s absence from the upcoming Hostile Environment.

4. “The Universal Soldier” Phil Shatter w/”Agent/Attorney” Jeff G Bailey pinned Azreal w/”the Reverend” Dan Wilson & the Staff of Righteousness in a Now or Never match.

If Shatter wins he receives a future shot at NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Iceberg. If he loses, the NWA Elite can never again challenge for the gold as long as the Devil’s Rejects hold the straps. Azreal was in his league here. He’s an accomplished tag team specialist and can also deliver top notch singles action. Azreal quickly turns the tide with a Sunset flip into a Nutcracker Delight to gain control. Guess Shatter doesn’t have Balls of Steal after all. Shatter turns the tide with a huge spinebuster for a pair of near falls. Bailey claps in delight. The tide turns again with Azreal focusing his attack on Shatter’s shoulder. Shatter escapes the Throat Slit chinlock and delivers a suplex for a two count. Azreal unleashes several kicks to Shatter’s skull while lying on his back and reemploys the Minnesota Wrecking Crew philosophy. With Shatter lying in the corner, Azreal sends him flying to the floor with a patented running knee. Back in the ring, Azreal makes the cover for a near fall. Shatter counters Azreal with a back suplex. Azreal senses danger and somersaults out the way of a charging Shatter. With Shatter lying on the floor (didn’t I just say that a minute ago), the Reverend uses the Staff of Righteousness to his advantage. Back in the ring, Azreal mounts Shatter for a potential 10 Shot, but Shatter sets up for the PTSD powerbomb. Azreal escapes the PTSD, but eats the spear for the victory. Shaun Tempers launches an assault on the former Anarchy champion, but Bailey motions for more troops. Kimo easily evens up the odds by goozling the Rejects, but Iceberg makes the save. With the Elite outnumbered, Bailey signals for Abomination’s return!!!! Abomination tree slams Tempers straight to Hades. Wow, this doesn’t look like the same Abomination as before. Bailey screams to the top of his long at Wilson, “How about that? Let me tell you something. You pay attention to me what I’m talking to you, you little born insecure pigeon-toed punk!” (Sounds like the mighty Jeff G has been listening to some Rudy Ray Moore.) He laughs at Wilson’s claim to superiority. He wants the Rejects to put up all three belts in a six man at Hostile Environment. Wilson laughs at Bailey’s suggestion of being a gutless coward. Wilson agrees to the six man with the stipulation that the Elite will never receive a shot at any title that the Rejects hold. Fun finish to a good match. The NWA Elite vs. Devil’s Rejects second war doesn’t match the intensity of the first, but is still a lot of fun.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.nwaanarchy.net/tv.html


Mexico City, MX (Sept. 1, 2008) â<80>” The National Wrestling Alliance® replanted its roots in the rich Mexican pro wrestling soil with its first self promoted event on August 30th in Mexico City. The card featured an all-star cast that featured El Hijo del Santo, Reyo de Jalisco, Jr., Blue Demon, Jr., El Dandy, Fuerza Guerrera, Magno, Incognito, Solar and Negro Navarro. Headlining the card was the much-anticipated rematch for the NWA┢ Worlds Heavyweight Championship where â<80><9c>Scrap Ironâ<80> Adam Pearce challenged Champion Brent Albright.

â<80><9c>This event is very historic for Mexico because it is the first NWA branded event in my country. In the 60 years of the Organization the NWA had to relay on other promotions to promote the company, but I am please to be working with Mr. Bob Trobich in helping him spread the NWA name internationally,â<80> stated NWA Mexican Promoter, Blue Demon, Jr.

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Brent Albright said, â<80><9c>This rematch with Pearce was fantastic! Beating him in a different country means so much to me. Like I said in New York, I am dedicated to defending the â<80><99>10 lbs. of Goldâ<80><99> worldwide, just like the greats have before me.â<80>

â<80><9c>Scrap Ironâ<80> Adam Pearce was not available for comment.

The next NWA Mexico event scheduled will be held on September 27, 2008 at Gimnasio Juan de la Barrera de la Ciudad de Mexico. Tickets will be on sale through www.ticketmaster.com.mx . For more information on this event and the National Wrestling Alliance please visit www.nwawrestling.com.

NWA Great Championship Wrestling

September 4, 2008

Great Skate Plex

Phenix City, AL

Courtesy of Larry Goodman’s report at www.georgiawrestlinghistory.com.

Great Championship Wrestling ran the 5th annual Fred Ward Memorial, a tribute to the man that promoted wrestling the Middle Georgia area for over 30 years. The owners of GCW, Bill and Diane Hewes, continued the Ward shows after buying the company formerly known as Georgia Championship Wrestling from Jerry Oates, who wrestled for Ward.

For whatever reasons totally unrelated to Ward, it has become the one GCW show each year that has more of a hardcore edge and stipulations matches abound. And a wild, entertaining show it was. They were able to do a lot of gimmicky stuff without burning out the crowd.

The Ward drew 175 to the Gr8 Sk8 Plex in Phenix City, Al. Thatâ<80><99>s about what GCW has been drawing since the kids went back to school. The company has a consistent, loyal base of support that doesnâ<80><99>t seem to wax or wane based on whatâ<80><99>s on the card. Their fans are their fans, and thatâ<80><99>s about it.

Quentin Michaels Esq. entered the ring to explain that the yellow caution tape running through the ring and the ringside seats represented the ownership split between him and that witch, Diane Hewes. – â<80><9c>After tonight, there will be one side, and that will be MY side.â<80>

(1) John Bogie & Kareem Abdul Jamar beat Merchants of Death (Orion Bishop & Murder One with Wicked Nemesis in a Hardcore Match to win the GCW Tag Team Championship (13:12). Hot, split crowd for this. A lot of fans were delighted to see the badass heels destroy Bogie and Jamar. Tons of weapon shots. Bishop and Nemesis wacked Jamar with a kendo stick. Nemesis busted it into little pieces. Nemesis has gotten way better as a manager, as he comes across like a legit violence-crazed dude. M-1 brained Jamar with a computer keyboard. Nemesis caned Bogie, and pulled up a ringside seat to watch Bogie get his ass beat, but ended up getting clotheslined out his chair. Bishop put Jamar in a Texas Cloverleaf and Nemesis whipped him with his belt. Bogie ran wild with a barbed wire bat. As terrible as Bogie is in the ring, heâ<80><99>s still over with the fans. Bishop set up this contraption in the corner with both title belts tied around the ropes and wedged chair behind

them. Bishop gored the chair when Jamar moved. The faces put the trash can on M-1â<80><99>s head, and J did an top rope elbow drop on the can for the pin. The crowd popped big for title change. Bogie and Jamar did a long, jubilant postmatch celebration. It helps so much when the champions act like the titles mean something.

(2) Scotty Beach defeated Mike Stratus (with Princeton Gainey III) in 10:17 to win five minutes with Gainey. Itâ<80><99>s impressive how over Beachâ<80><99>s entrance still is with the lei gimmick. Stratus got this spot after Zero Tolerance was shelved by a torn deltoid. With the all the gimmicks ahead, they smartly slowed things down and wrestled a much tamer style. Gainey grabbed Beachâ<80><99>s leg, which bought just enough time for Stratus to catch Beach with a powerslam as he came off the top. Fans got behind Beach huge. Gainey distracted so Status could choke Beach with his glove. Beach kicked out of a Stratus swinging neckbreaker and it was comeback time. A jumping elbow by Beach got nothing but air. Solid lariat for a two count. Finish saw Stratus pull up to avoid the collision with Gainey. Beach dropkicked Stratus into Gainey and won it with a roll up.

(3) Princeton Gainey III pinned Scotty Beach in 47 seconds. Just as you would suspect, Stratus attacked Beach as soon as he got his hands on Gainey. Stratus spinebusted Beach and Gainey covered while Stratus made the count. McKnight tried to make sense out of this with the explanation that somehow it had morphed into a no DQ match.

Ring announcer Taylor McKnight introed Sonny Siaki as winner-by-forfeit in the Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match, because he had run David Young out of the GCW. Siaki said he knew Youngâ<80><99>s redneck ass was in the back. Youngâ<80><99>s music played. No Young. Siaki said the people were freaking stupid for believing him. He said if Young went to another promotion and bad-mouthed GCW, he would spit in his face. Siaki said he came to fight.

(4) Sonny Siaki beat Tilo in 29 seconds. We got a taste of TLC after all. Siaki immediately smoked Tilo with a superkick for the three count, then left him laying with a powerbomb through a ringside table. Tilo, a large, unathletic-looking trainee, was hesitant to take the bump and was lucky not end up badly hurt because of it. Siaki clobbered referee Rob Russo with a sick, brain cell killing chairshot. Siaki called for fresh meat. Out came Tex Monroe, who put up some resistance before succumbing to another superkick. Siaki brought a six foot ladder into the ring. Monroe managed to dropkick the ladder into Siaki, but Siaki creamed Monroe by firing the ladder at his head. Siaki climbed the ladder to survey the carnage. I liked the booking. Siaki got a major heat and came across like a sadistic monster.

(5) J-Rod beat Shaun Banks to retain the GCW Interstate Title in a First Blood Match in 11:56. Fans immediately busted out the â<80><9c>Crybaby Banksâ<80> chant. J-Rod used a scissors to cut the pads off a set of turnbuckles to expose the metal. Banks took amazing bumps as usual. He did a charging top rope crotch bump, then one of the middle ropes, and then a backdrop to the floor. They started going for blood. Banks posted J-Rod. J-Rod tried a double ax off the ropes, but nobody home. Banks popped the crowd with a top rope elbow that covered 3/4 of the ring in the air. J-Rod countered a huracanrana with a huge powerbomb that left both men down and hurting. Crowd got behind J-Rod pretty strong, but not with the level of passion they had for Beach. They got into a back and forth struggle in the corner with exposed metal. J-Rod gave Banks a hotshot into the metal, and Banks was busted open. Banks got some great color here â<80>” covering his ace and running down onto

his chest.

(6) Cru Jones beat Bull Buchanan in a Bullrope Match to retain the GCW Heavyweight Title in 18:50. Certainly not fast-paced, and kind of plodding at times, but they used more strategy than in most bullrope match Iâ<80><99>ve seen. Match stemmed from an incident 5 weeks ago in which Jones & Banks (Hot Like Lava) tried to hang Bull. Respect pop for Buchanan. Jones was stalling about tying the rope on, so Bull clubbed him to give ref Jeff McGowan an assist. It was all Buchanan early. He got five touches (GCW uses a six-sided ring) by giving Jones five consecutive headshots into turnbuckles. Buchanan applied a figure four with extra leverage presumably coming from wrapping the rope around Jonesâ<80><99> legs. Buchanan got five touches, so Jones went to the floor on the opposite side to prevent the sixth touch. At 8:00, Buchanan ate it in the corner, and Jones used the rope to post his shoulder. Jones tried to choke Bull out. At one point, he had the rope stretched

across Bullâ<80><99>s mouth. That had to suck. They both came close to winning, but each time the other guy would shorten the rope and a tug-of-war would ensue. Buchanan outslugged Jones and leveled him with a big boot to set up the typical bullrope finish. Bull wrapped the rope around Jonesâ<80><99> neck and dragged him around the ring with both men touching each corner. As Bull went for the final corner, Jones freed himself, and they had another tug of war. Finish was messed up. Buchanan was supposed to lariat Jonesâ<80><99> head into the final turnbuckle before Buchanan touched it, but Jones never made contact. The fans were not happy when McGowan awarded the belt to Jones.

(7) Micah Taylor & Diane Hewes beat Johnny Swinger & Quentin Michaels in an All or Nothing Match via twin submissions (16 minutes). Hewes regained 100% ownership of GCW and Tracy Taylor was set free from Swinger. This was the blowoff a two long running storylines. For three months, Swinger has had ownership of Micahâ<80><99>s wife, Tracy. Michaels and Hewes have been warring 50/50 owners since May. Swinger said he needed to rebuild trust with Tracy and ordered her to be handcuffed to the ropes. It had to be all Swinger and Micah with two non-wrestlers involved. Micah came out selling his ribs. Injured or not, Micah teed off on Swinger. Micah throws great punches. Micah called Hewes in to assist with a double team slam off the top on Swinger. Michaels joined Swinger for a double shoulder block on Micah. When Michaels tried to cover, Micah grabbed him by the throat and tagged in Hewes. Michaels made a beeline to Swinger, who started to suplex Hewes. No way that

was happening. Micah broke it up. Swinger went to work on Micahâ<80><99>s bandaged ribs. Michaels got in long enough to administer some kicks to the ribs. Swinger used a claw hold as a tribute to Killer Kowalski. A noggin knocker collision led to double tags, and the sight of Michaels and Hewes going at it was not a pretty picture. Hewes ended up on top of Michaels. Swinger picked her up for a piledriver. Micah intervened with a meeting of minds for Michaels and Swinger. Micah and Hewes put Swinger and Michaels in sleeper holds. Ref Scrappy McGowan simultaneously dropped both their arms three times. Nice visual. The finish got the longest, loudest pop of the night. Micah and Tracy were reunited. Tracy cracked Michaels across the face for good measure.

NOTES: Bull Buchananâ<80><99>s next tour of Japan will be from November 15 through December 7â<80>¦Micahe and Tracy Taylor will also be going back to Japan for Pro Wrestling Zero-1/SUNâ<80>¦Micah and Tracy graciously did a long autograph and talk session with ringside fans after the show…GCW returns to action at the Gr8 Sk8 Plex on September 11. Check the GCW website for further details.

NWA Main Event Wrestling

Saturday – September 20 – 8 PM Belltime

Blackman High School

Murfreesboro, Tn.


Major Bill Kennedy (Rutherford Co. Sheriff’s Office)

Kenneth Hammonds (Coach Blackman High School Wrestling Team)


Jason James (Graduate of LaVernge High School)

The Assassin


“Boogie Woogie Boy” Gary Valiant w/Miss Boogie

Steve 0


“Crippler” Jeff Daniels and the Texas Hangman “Lonestar”


Bryan Casey -vs- Shane Smalls



Scarlette Rose -vs- Ms. Penelope


“Atomic Dogg” Ali Stevens -vs- Snake Jones w/Charming Charles & Little Booger


J. P. Lightening -vs- Shank “The Freak” Barzini w/Solomon King

NWA SW NEWS-Texas vs. Oklahoma

NWA Commissioner Ken Taylor announced Sept. 3, that a first-ever State versus State championship showdown has been signed, and will take place sometime in October in Texas, either in Dallas or Austin.

Taylor said a Red River Rivalry has been an objective of his for the past 5 years, but no Oklahoma champion or Texas champion until Oklahoma Tag team champion HIGH SOCIETY just a few days ago came forth in a phone call place to Taylor to issue a direct challenge to its other State counterpart.

So, the stage is set. HIGH SOCIETY will now await to see who emerges as Texas champion, the champion TEXAS REGULATORS or the challenger TOTAL DEVASTATION on Sept. 13, and then the match date will be set on that very same night via conference call hookup with HIGH SOCIETY in Oklahoma.

“High Society has stepped up vigrously wanting a shot to also become Texas Tag Team champions and become dual champions,” said Taylor. “We decided to do this in October to chime in as close as possible to the annual football rivalry between Texas and Oklahoma. The timing is absolutely perfect for this to be coming together right now.”

Taylor added that this match will be historically significant as it will mark the first time in the 10-year NWA-SW era that an Oklahoma champion has faced a Texas champion with a belt up for grabs. “If High Society wins then they’ll be expected to put up their State belts before the end of the year to whomever is the # 1 contender in Texas for time-honored return rematch.”

For more info go to: http://www.nwa-southwest.com and next Sunday for video reports go to: http://www.myspace.com/nwasouthwest

NWA Southwest/ PWF

August 30, 2008

PWF Wrestleplex

Amarillo, TX

Match 1 – Shaun Mills vs. Southern Pitbull

Winner: Shaun Mills

Match 2 – Shawn Sanders & Wrestler X vs. Rexx Redd & Skidmark

Winner: Shawn Sanders & Wrestler X

Match 3 – Coco vs. Savage

Winner: Coco

Match 4 – Biohaxxaard vs. V

Winner: Biohaxxxard by DQ

Match 5 – NWA Southwest/ PWF Brass Knuckles Title Match

Chuey Martinez (c) vs. Austin Riley

Winner: Chuey Martinez, retains his title.

For more information on PWF, go to:



For more information on NWA Southwest, go to:

www.nwa-southwest.com and www.myspace.com/nwasouthwest


North American Heavyweight champion Mike DiBiase, son of Ted “One Million Dollar Man” DiBiase, added Texas Heavyweight gold to his legacy last night, 9-6, in Amarillo, Texas. defeating 3x champion Chaz Taylor at NWA-SW/ PWF’s Wrestleplex.

DiBiase cut a new video last night after winning the belt that can been viewed at http://www.myspace.com.nwasouthwest and calling out NWA World champion Brent Albright, also of the NWA Southwest territory, and that has led to a swift email reply from 7x Texas champion, and former TNA star Kevin Northcutt. To view Northcutt’s comments go to Comments at http://www.mysoace.com/nwasouthwest or http://www.nwa-southwest.com

Also, the new Texas champion will be the featured quest this Tuesday night at 7:30 p.m. CST (8:30 p.m. EST). Catch the Q & A at: www.shootingstarradio.com




When Brent Albright was declared the NWA Oklahoma Heavyweight Champion after defeating Slam Shady in a unification match of the Oklahoma title and the Universal title on June 13th of this year in Tahlequah, OK, he was also in pursuit of the NWA Worlds title then held by Adam Pearce. On August 2, 2008 Albright defeated Pearce for the NWA World title in New York City at a Ring of Honor show. When one becomes the champ, one also inherits the tough and busy schedule of World Champion. Taking this in consideration, Albright and the NWA championship committee have agreed that he will turn over the title and declare it vacant, thus making the title once again up for grabs. Albrights schedule has seen him face Pearce on numerous occasions and recently facing former WWE star Trevor Murdoch in Texas. He is scheduled to defend the title in an nonsanctioned match this weekend. As for the NWA Oklahoma Championship and it’s future, promoters plan to make an announcement in the next few weeks to determine when and where the title will once again be on the line.

â<80><9c>Stars Under The Starsâ<80> is coming to Tahlequah, OK at the Rodeo Arena on Saturday, October 4th. The Arena is located right across from the Cherokee Casino on HWY 62. Tickets go on sale September 12th and will be available at RPM Paintball in Tahlequah and via the internet www.nwaok.com, prices are Ringside $7, General Admission bleachers only $5, kids 8 and under free GA. Slam Shady will face a mystery opponent, which has only been described as a former NWAOK champion. Other matches will be announced next week.

Make plans for the following LIVE events for 2008:

Saturday, November 22 (Last Rights)

Tahlequah, OK New Ag Building

Saturday, December 27 (Xmas Show)

Tahlequah, OK New Ag Building

NWA Oklahoma

T&A…..Wrestling with TRADITION & ATTITUDE





Pro Wrestling Revolution makes its debut in the city of Oakland on Sunday September 14th as one of the main attractions that is part of Mariachi Magic festival. This show was made possible because of our partnership with El Mensajero newspaper. We encourage everybody to come out early and enjoy the festival as ir will have great food, music and pro wrestlingâ<80>¦ LUCHA LIBRE!

This event for us will be a bit different from the shows we have had in the past. We will have two shows set for this day. The first show will start promptly at 2pm and the second show will start at 4pm. This gives everybody an opportunity to enjoy all the festivities and events taking place that day. There is standing room only, so make sure you get your tacos of carne asada and make your way over to ringside.

The show will have all your favorite Pro Wrestling Revolution wrestlers you have all come to love and we are very excited to bring all this to Oakland. One half of the Pro Wrestling Revolution tag team champions, Hijo de Rey Misterio will be making his presence felt as he tags with another son of a legend, El Hijo del Sicodelico, as they both take on the much despised team of â<80><9c>The Border Patrolâ<80>.

These are some of the schedules matches:


Anarkya & Juventud 2000 & Gladiador Azteca


Stigma & Chicano Flame & Vaquero Fantasma

â<80><9c>Rock of Loveâ<80> Billy Blade & Kayden


Ryan Von Cool & Ric Luxury


Hijo de Rey Misterio & Hijo del Sicodelico


â<80><9c>Border Patrolâ<80> Nathan Rulez & Derek Sanders

Pequeno Pierroth vs. Ocatgoncito

Mr. Wrestling IV


â<80><9c>Pitbullâ<80> Tito Aquino


â<80><9c>MPTâ<80> Mr. Primetime

Also Appearing: â<80>Worlds Strongest Manâ<80> Jon Anderson, Jeckles the Jester. El Amante and many more!

For more information on PWR, go to:


For more information on NWA Pro, go to:



September 19, 2008

Abbotsford, BC

Fraser Valley Seniors Resource Centre



Chill Town vs. Untouchable Quality, Mikey D & “Dastardly” Danni Deeds


Cremator vs. Eddie Osbourne

Pop Culture vs. Chucky Blaze & Brandon Van Danielson

Manther vs. “Ravenous” Randy Myers

Fast Freddy Funk vs. “Superfly” Dan Myers

For more information on NWA ECCW, go to:



September 20, 2008

Russian Community Centre

Vancouver, BC


Scotty Mac (Champion) vs. El Phantasmo (Challenger)


Sid Sylum & Dropkick Murphy (Champions) vs.

Cremator & Moondog Manson (Challengers)


Nicole Matthews (Champion) vs. Veronika Vice (Challenger)


Eddie Osbourne vs. “Ravenous” Randy Myers


“Dastardly” Danni Deeds vs. “Southern Comfort” Ray Brooks

Artemis Spencer vs. CJ Strongheart

Nelson Creed & Kenny Lush vs. Chucky Blaze & Brandon Van Danielson

Matt Classic vs. “Superfly” Dan Myers


For more information on NWA ECCW, go to:



September 6, 2008

Russian Community Centre

Vancouver, BC

In one of the most extreme matches to ever take place in ECCW, the alliance of Ice & Cole Bishop were able to not only survive, but emerge victorious over the hardcore combination of Moondog Manson & Cremator! In a total and utter bloodbath at the Russian Community Centre, the four men battered each other from pillar to post, using every weapon known to man – and some that weren’t – to mutilate and scar the other, including a cheese grater and a razor-sharp pizza cutter! Manson and Cremator were in their element, as puddles of Ice’s and Bishop’s blood were left all over the Centre as they fought throughout the building. In the end, however, it was Ice and Bishop’s cohesiveness as a alliance, which began earlier in the month at Battlebowl, that proved the difference. The duo was able to isolate Cremator away long enough to tee off on Moondog Manson in the ring with chairs.. but as they landed shot after shot to the skull of the ECCW Hardcore champion,

Manson would not stay down! As a frustrated Ice screamed at Manson, Manson kept coming, until a barbed wire steel chair booted into the face of Manson finally kept the champion down long enough for a three-count. As Ice and Bishop stumbled to the backstage area in a bloody mess, Manson and Cremator regrouped in the ring, and vowed that the war was by no means over!

Scotty Mac had another tough task ahead of him in Vancouver – even though he was able to get out of dealing with Black Dragon in Surrey due to Dragon being unable to get to the building in time, there was no such escape from “Bomber” Nelson Creed! As Creed began the match by outwrestling Scotty, Scotty’s Chilltown cohort Azeem The Dream came to the ring in order to attempt to assist the NWA Canadian heavyweight champion. Newly appointed NWA representative Mike Sweetser attempted to eject Azeem from ringside with little success… but the man that Azeem had lost to earlier in the night, Kenny Lush, had far more success in evicting Azeem from ringside! With the distractions gone, Creed seemed well on his way to winning his first major singles championship in ECCW, but an errant superkick by the champion to referee “Insane” Bill Coltrane derailed those chances, as Scotty was able to use the time the referee was down to eke out yet another contested victory,

making it out of the weekend with both championships! However, the month of September will be just as difficult, as Scotty will have two defenses of the NWA/ECCW Championship in six days… as he will face El Phantasmo on September 20th in Vancouver, and if he’s still champion, he will have to get through Memphis six days later in Surrey!

Mike Sweetser’s first act as the National Wrestling Alliance’s appointed representative in ECCW was to outlaw the piledriver, which had been used by Chill Town member Sid Sylum to nearly cripple Disco Fury, a move that sent Disco to the hospital and onto the sidelines with a severe concussion and serious vertebrae damage. However, Sylum, his tag team championship partner Dropkick Murphy, and the rest of Chill Town stated that the ruling wouldn’t change anything they did.. and they proved it in Vancouver, as Sylum and Dropkick’s title defense against The Sihra Brothers ended in a disqualification, as Sylum executed his trademark Tombstone piledriver on Harv Sihra! As Chill Town separated, Sweetser came to ringside and told Sylum and Dropkick to enjoy it now, because their opponents on September 20th in Vancouver would be harder for them to execute the Tombstone piledriver onto – Cremator and Moondog Manson!

Ever since “Brilliant” Billy Suede won the 2008 Pacific Cup, he has been on an unstoppable roll, which he capped off with a win over Kyle O’Reilly for the NWA Canadian junior heavyweight championship. In Vancouver, O’Reilly received his championship rematch against Suede, and once again, the two junior heavyweights wowed the crowd with a hard-hitting, back-and-forth contest! Suede’s championship advantage was used to full effect, as with the time limit expiring, Suede decided to attempt the latter part of a hit and run strategy, simply trying to make distance on the floor between himself and O’Reilly to run out the time limit. O’Reilly was able to corral Suede back inside, but a timely distraction of the referee allowed a low blow by Suede and a small package… but O’Reilly kicked out and locked in an armbar submission! Suede tapped out to the submission, but the time ilmit had expired less than one second before the tapout, signaling a time limit draw.

O’Reilly asked for five more minutes, which Suede refused.. but NWA representative Mike Sweetser announced that the next time Suede and O’Reily face each other in Vancouver, it will be an Ironman Match for the NWA Canadian junior heavyweight title!

For the first time in ECCW, MR2 walked the catwalk with the debut of his new interview segment, On The Runway, and his first guests were The Divine Prophet and Matt Classic, the man who the Prophet had coerced into turning on his partner Memphis last time in Vancouver. As Prophet proclaimed the will of the Lord and His will unto himself and Classic, he prepared to officially baptize Classic into his congregation.. only to be interrupted by a very angry Memphis, who cleared the ring with a baseball bat and demanded a match with Classic! However, the Divine Prophet restrained his disciple Classic and declared that “it was not the Lord’s will” for Classic to face Memphis at that point. Memphis will be looking for revenge against both Classic and the Prophet in the future, even as he attempts to win the NWA/ECCW Championship next month from Scotty Mac!

In other results from Vancouver, Black Dragon scored a strong victory over Adrian Walls, and the Kelowna team of Collin Cutler & Adam Fedyk defeated “Mad Dog” Marty Sugar & Pink Panther.. after which Sugar attacked Panther with his giant bone!

ECCW returns to Abbotsford on Friday night, September 19th, and then rolls into the Russian Community Centre in Vancouver, as Scotty Mac defends the NWA/ECCW Championship against #1 contender El Phantasmo, and Sid Sylum & Dropkick Murphy defend the NWA/ECCW tag team championship against the hardcore alliance of Moondog Manson & Cremator! Tickets are on sale now here on ECCW.com!

For more information on NWA ECCW, go to:


NWA Underground

August 30, 2008

Hogg Bash

Bangor, MI

1.Scotty Young defeated Jake Omen

2.Hybrid Chaos(Russ Jones/Ryan Rage) defeated Brian Skyline/Nick Cutler

3.Hardcore Harry defeated Steven Drochner

4.Kosher Klub defeated Ninja Joe/Dollar

5.Jamie Eternal defeated Gregory the Gorilla and Carl Morris in a three way dance.

6.Scott EZ defeated the Canadian Hit Squad

7.Gameboy defeated Frankie the Face

8.Adam Reynolds defeated Jeff King

9.Colin Troy defeated Shady Chris Xion and Erico in a three way dance.

For more information on NWA Underground, go to:


NWA Underground

August 31, 2008

Hogg Bash

Bangor, MI

Day 2:

1.Cameltosis defeated El Loc Uno Huevo

2.Jamie Eternal defeated Chip Dailey

3.Carl Morris defeated Super Yellow Jacket

4.Nick Cutler/Colin Troy defeated Josh Raymond/Christin Able

5.Scott Ez defeated Geminini Taylor

6.Shady Chris Xion defeated Erico

7.Hardcore Harry defeated the Hebrew Hammer

8.Hardcore Harry won the first ever Hogg Bash Title in the first ever Hogg Bash Battle Royal.

For more information on NWA Underground, go to:


For more information on NWA East, go to:


NWA East/ Pro Wrestling Xpress



No Limits 2

Jacob Woll Pavilion

McKeesport, PA

Benjamin C. Steele started off the show as the ring announcer, despite having been relieved of these duties in July. He said Tony Summers was not in attendance, so he would take over for the night, much to the dismay of the fans. Steele informed the crowd that former WWE announcer & front office employee Kevin Kelly was in attendance, doing commentary for the NWA East DVD release.

Sterling James Keenan defeated Crusher Hansen via DQ in a non-title Pick Your Poison Trifecta Match

Hansen was in trouble until his manager Steele slid the baseball bat he used to beat down Leviathon into the ring. The referee turned around just in time to see Hansen hit SJK with the bat. As he attempted to tape SJK to the ropes like Leviathon, Brandon K hit the ring to make the save. K challenged Crusher to a match of his choice at the Anniversary Show on September 20th for the NWA National Heavyweight Title. Crusher refused to answer.

“The Untouchable” Chris LeRusso requested some mic time. LeRusso spoke in regards to a news story published here several months ago, reporting that LeRusso, who just had his arm broken by Scottie Gash, wrestled for the NWA National Title in Uniontown, PA for an NWA East affiliate a week later. LeRusso hasn’t been seen in NWA East since, and he informed the crowd that he may have possible nerve damage in his hand for the rest of his life due to his disregard of doctor’s orders. LeRusso promised, however, that he would not stay away, and will in fact return to NWA East in due time!

Before the next match began, Steele was confronted in the ring by Tony Summers. Summers told the crowd he was late because Steele sent him an e-mail telling him the belltime of the show had been delayed to 9pm, and he didn’t have to be at the Jacob Woll Pavilion until 8. Summers proceeded to kick Steele out of the ring and to the back for the night, as Kevin Kelly was on commentary.

Patrick Hayes & Ashton Amhurst defeated NWA East Tag Team Champions The Straight Jacket Mafia to win the titles

SJM were not on the same page all night, as the dissension thanks to Scottie Gash was apparent all throughout the match. But, as SJM were ready to capture the titles, referee Tom Dunn was distracted. Scottie Gash hit the ring and attacked Apollyon with a sign, crossing Apollyon off his list. Hayes & Amhurst capitalized and won the titles. Hayes is now a double champion, but rumors have it, the NWA East Championship Committee are unhappy with Hayes’ decision to go after a new title on this event, and defending the Tag Team Titles on the Anniversary Show, instead of defending the Brass Knuckles Title he already holds.

Dash Bennett defeated Blue Dragon

Originally, Dash was scheduled to face James Ross. But due to Dash purchasing and controlling Mantis before Infection last month, he was able to switch things around and force Mantis to team with Ross, thus inserting Dragon into the match with him. Bennett attacked Dragon’s throat, even with help from Stacy Hunter on the floor. It caught up to Dragon and Dash was able to pick up the win. After the match, he challenged Dragon to a match against his Dash Bennett Mafia henchman, Bulldozer, in an Indentured Servant Match. If Bulldozer wins, then Bennett gets control of Blue Dragon’s “gimmick” just like he has control of Mantis. But, if Dragon wins, he gets control of Dash’s muscle, Stacy Hunter! Stacy seemed none to pleased with this stipulation. Is there trouble in the DBM?

Brandon K & Sterling James Keenan defeated NWA North American Tag Team Champions The Wrong Crowd to win the titles

The Wrong Crowd came to the ring, ready to disgrace the NWA and urinate on the NWA North American Tag Team Titles. Brandon K hit the ring to stop them, only to get beat down by Paul Atlas & Bad Boy BA. Paying K back for saving him earlier in the evening, SJK made the save and starting the impromptu match between SJK & Brandon and the Wrong Crowd for the titles! The Wrong Crowd’s manager, Curtis Stevenson, attempted to interfere with a chair, but miscommunication led to SJK launching Paul Atlas into the chair, rolling him up for the win and the belts! After the match, BA and Atlas said they don’t respect a lot of things about the new NWA, but they respect K and SJK. There are new NWA North American Tag Team Champions, and this win is sure to reverberate all throughout the National Wrestling Alliance!

After the match, Scottie Gash hit the ring and attacked SJK, laying him out with the Spotlight Drop. Chris Taylor ran to the ring, hitting Gash with the Taylor Cutter. When Taylor tended to SJK, SJK locked in the Anaconda Vice, only to turn around and realize he took out Taylor instead of Gash. Then, Crusher Hansen hit the ring and took out Brandon K.

After intermission, Kevin Kelly made a special appearance on behalf of his friend Kid Cupid! Kelly did commentary for the DVD release of No Limits 2, and was there to offer advice and support to the NWA East roster. We appreciate his attendance to the event and welcome all our fans to pick up the DVD in our store to hear his years of experience on the commentary for the DVD! After Cupid was dancing, the new Franchise Players of Jon Kronica & Bobby Beverly hit the ring, promising an announcement at the Anniversary Show.

Iron Justice defeated Mantis & “Division 1” James Ross

After Scottie Gash cost Apollyon the NWA East Tag Team Titles earlier in the evening, there were only Mantis & James Ross left on Gash’s list. They were forced to team together by Dash Bennett, thanks to Dash’s control of the Mantis gimmick, but that ended in disaster as well. Mantis accidentally ran into Ross on the ring apron, knocking him to the floor. Iron Justice took advantage of the miscommunication and took out Mantis with a double team finisher. After the match, Ross & Mantis were ready to go at it when Iron Justice split them apart and asked the question we all want to know: “Who is leaving with Scottie Gash?” But, both men just left the ring. What is going on here? Both men have been signed to face each other in a singles match at the 14th Anniversary Show on September 20th in McKeesport. Will that bring us the answers we need?

Bobby Shields defeated “The Spotlight” Scottie Gash in a Pick Your Poison Trifecta Match

Gash and Shields had an incredible back and forth match, with both men giving their all. Shields wanted to prove he belonged with the upper echelon of NWA East by defeating a Heavyweight Title contender, while Gash was preparing himself with a big victory over a title holder going into his big title match in 2 weeks. But in the end, Shields was able to reverse the Spotlight Drop and rolled up Gash for possibly the biggest win in his NWA East career! After the match, Shields challenged Dash Bennett to their NWA East Three Rivers Title match then and there, but instead, he got Stacy Hunter. Bennett snuck in the back door, but was unable to sneak attack Shields. Instead, both Bennett & Hunter went back to the locker room. Shields stood victorious in the ring, and he’s ready for their title match.

Brandon K vs. Chris Taylor in a Pick Your Poison Trifecta Match ended in a no-contest

Two of the biggest and most popular stars in NWA East did battle, but no winner was able to be decided. Crusher Hansen & Scottie Gash made sure of that, as they attacked both men, leading to the no-contest. Crusher was sending a message, accepting Brandon’s challenge from earlier. Gash took out Taylor, hitting him with several finishing moves before wrapping a chair around his head, a la Steve Austin to Brian Pillman’s ankle in 1996. Gash then proceeded to stomp on the chair, using the mechanics of the chair to compress it on Taylor’s neck. It was a despicable act, but unfortunately, Gash’s NWA East contract ends in 2 weeks after the NWA East 14th Anniversary Show, so NWA East’s Championship Committee feels there is no way to discipline him. With Gash leaving NWA East right after the showcase in 2 weeks, with either Mantis or James Ross, what will happen?!


For more information on NWA East, go to:


Have a news tip? Attended an event and want to send a live report? Submit it now!
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