Brooke Hogan Hints at a Hulk Return, Says She’d Consider Wrestling

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Mosh and Blade welcomed Brooke Hogan, Glenn, and Ashley (her reality show roommates) to the program for their first-ever Mayhem appearance, and right off the bat, Mosh asked the crew about their experience in filming “Brooke Knows Best,” and achieving the success the program has gained so far (with well over 1+ million viewers every week). Ashley described it the entire ride as “pretty wild.” Both her and Glenn agree that they did not anticipate the program being as popular as it has become, let alone. breaking the records it has on VH-1.

They mainly enjoyed the opportunities of being able to spend time with one another, as friends, and being able to get closer with one another. As many of Glenn’s fans know, he had the chance to work with “The King Of Pop” himself, Michael Jackson, as a choreographer, and he jokingly admitted that he had the opportunity to “work with Michael when he had a face.” Getting back to the subject matter at hand, Glenn added that he defines the “Brooks Knows Best” experience so far to this point as “a blessing,” living life to its fullest via the program, and that he has thoroughly enjoyed having the chance to be in front of the camera, instead of behind the camera for once.

Fans of “Brooke Knows Best” already know the “built-in” connection that the show has with the professional wrestling/sports-entertainment industry, and the program has seen regular cameos from Brooke’s father/WWE Hall Of Famer, Hulk Hogan, former WWE World Team Champion/a good friend of The Mayhem for many years, “Nasty Boy” Brian Knobs, and several others. The Mayhem Crew asked Ashley and Glenn about the “crossover” experience of being attached/associated with the wrestling industry and getting to know those fans on a larger scale.

“Talk about a group of people that are really dedicated to being fans,” replied Ashley. “Wrestling fans are some of the most dedicated fans I’ve ever seen.” At this point in the interview, Brooke wished a “What’s Up, Brother?” to Mosh and Blade, while eating a protein bar. On a comical slant, Brooke said that Knobbs was “really annoying.” The Mayhem described their experience last October, as part of the Dream Reunion II convention in Kokomo, IN, with getting reacquainted with Brian, and let the worldwide listening audience about how much Brian likes to cut loose and have a great time. Brooke continued on, by adding her own personal remembrances of some certain pre-match festivities: “You gotta remember, these wrestlers grew up on downing 50 beers before they go in the ring just so they wouldn’t feel the bumps. They’re used to it….They get more crazy the more they drink.”

Several reality shows have been slammed over the years for appearing “staged,” “coerced,” and/or even “forced” to the viewing audience. Glenn and Ashley strongly believe this is not the case with regards to working on “Brooke Knows Best” in any capacity. “Brooke and I have been best friends since kindergarden…Working with your best friend is fun in any situation…Glenn and I have become really close.” Glenn added that his relationship with both Brooke (who he has known for eight years now) and Ashley is a “special bond,” and that whether people may believe this or not…they do hang out off-camera as well. Glenn went on by saying that while other reality shows focus on the drama, they tend to focus more on life, love and adventure. Brooke jumped in once again, adding that they also focus on “training, saying your prayers, and eating your vitamins…All the good stuff Hulk Hogan talks about.”

This past Sunday’s episode saw Brooke, Glenn, and Ashley travel cross-country to meet up with “The Hulkster,” as part of a filming of an episode of this the second season of NBC’s “American Gladiators,” in addition to Brooke getting her first-ever tattoo. Brooke loved the experience with her friends, but also treasured the chance to spend some quality time with her father. She said her father has noticed not only how tall she has become, but how strong as well, and that Hulk loves making her “do super intense stuff,” where he can kick back, relax, and say, “That’s my girl.” Brooke also credits her dad for “being an awesome father,” and that “she respects him a lot.”

Like anyone in the limelight of Hollywood, most celebrities have their misconceptions by the viewing public. Hulk Hogan is no different. Glenn was quite candid in telling Mosh and Blade that there a great deal of what you have seen on both “Hogan Knows Best,” as well as “Brooke Knows Best” is true with Hulk, especially when it comes to his relationship with his family — that he is sensitive towards his children. He actually told Hulk a while back about doing a reality show, because there was plenty that mainstream America did not know about Hulk Hogan that could be showcased, and that he is a real “family man.” Ashley classifies Hulk as “a second father” to her, and that he is a “big softee” and a “big loveable teddy bear” — once even crying during a trip with her and Brooke to see “The Lion King.”

“The Showcase Of The Immortals” is quickly approaching, and as wrestling fans count down the days to celebrate the 25th anniversary of WrestleMania, those same fans want to know whether or not “The Immortal One” himself will be making an appearance, or even competing inside the squared circle. The Mayhem Crew asked Brooke point-blank as to the likely chances of her father being at WrestleMania XXV. “Whenever he gets ready to come back, he usually does it silently, and he doesn’t let anybody know he is doing it…not even his family.” She talked about the experience back in 2002 prior to WrestleMania X-8 prior to facing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, he was popping back up into great shape, and sprung it upon his family that he was indeed going to have the match at The SkyDome. Brooke said that her father has lost about 20 pounds over the past few weeks/months, his body is “getting tighter by the day,” and she sees that as a pretty good indicator that he could be making a comeback.

Mosh gave both Glenn, Ashley, and Brooke the chance to use The Mayhem as a “soap box” and a forum to respond to any of the negative criticism that not only themselves and the show has received collectively and separately (armchair quarterbacks”), but also the Hogan family as an entity. Glenn said that for every 100 great comments he receives, he receives one anti-homosexual reference/message/mail. His belief/motto is “if you smile at the world, the world will smile right back at you.” He also questions what kind of people would actually spend their time doing such things as trash the three of them, as well as the Hogans.

Brooke wished to give her “less sticky sweet version” and “cut to the core” feelings on her/her family’s “haters” to both Blade and Mosh. “First of all…Misery loves company…It’s an old saying…Anybody that is miserable is going to want to drag everyone with them…That is why me, my family, my dad, and my brother, we’re all on a positive roll…Once you get into that positive wavelength, nothing can touch you. You’re vibin’ way high…higher than everybody else…And on top of that, these people are messing with the Hogans and friends of the Hogans, you can’t (expletive) tear that down….I feel very passionately about this… You can’t tear good people down…I hope they have fun wasting their lives talking crap about other people…We are not even paying attention to it.”

We are just one month shy of seeing the debut of “Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling” debut on the CMT network, and with the success of Brooke, Glenn and Ashley on VH-1’s “Brooke Knows Best,” could we see some show cross-promotion? “Anything’s possible at this point…You never know what can happen,” said Ashley. Both her and Glenn said they would not mind stepping into the squared circle. Brooke does have the “Hogan blood” running through her veins. Could she see herself competing in her father’s “Celebrity Championship Wrestling” show? “I could totally lay the smack down on Tiffany…and I could lay the smack down on freakin’ (Dennis) Rodman! I was trained by ‘The Hulkster’ man…wrestling royalty.” Based on the success of the “American Gladiators”/”Brooke Knows Best” crossover, you very well could see Brooke, Glenn, and Ashley keep that MTV Networks corporate synergy going!

What about a shot in the WWE for Brooke? “All I know is this is my plan of attack…If music doesn’t work, then I guess I’m a washed-up reality TV show star, and I gotta go try wrestling, because I’d kick butt at that, and then, if that doesn’t work, then I guess me and Ashley resorting to the pole…It’s one of the three.”

Blade asked Brooke how her brother, Nick, is doing and currently holding up. “Nick is doing awesome dude…He has got about 34 more days left in jail…I swear, he’s got the blood of the Hogans in there too…He’s a fighter…he’s a survivor, and he’s doing amazing.” She is very proud of him, saying he has become “an amazing young man.” Brooke let the listening audience know that Nick has started a brand-new foundation, called “The John and John Foundation” (benefiting Nick’s friend, John Graziano), and she asks that everyone be supportive and prays for John, as well as his family.

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