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This weekâ<80><99>s report follows up on TNA refs, discusses recent WWE booking, and addresses the Jake Roberts story, plus comments on Jerry Jarrett, Bill DeMott, Kenny Bolin & others.

9/20 NWA Anarchy Report by Larry Goodman


NWA Anarchy rebounded from a mediocre show two weeks ago with one of their best tapings of 2008 last night at the NWA Television Arena in Cornelia. It was much needed shot of momentum as the promotion gears up for two major shows with little breathing room in between.

This was indeed made for TV â<80>” well-crafted, smooth-flowing, tightly-booked and economical. The finishes were a major strength. It was a contrast to the recent tapings that had gotten flabby due to too many matches and too many guys being booked. I think also think, in general, they’re better off when the shows run closer to 2:30 than 3 hours.

Attendance was 135. That was down from 175 a year ago. There was a night time Georgia football game to contend with, as well as the spotty availability of gas due to Hurricane Ike. The economy sucks. Take your pick. When wrestling is hot, none of that seems to matter, and when itâ<80><99>s not, you can be giving tickets away and still not draw.

NWA Owner Jerry Palmer opened the show with news that things with baby Griffin were looking good. Palmer announced Fright Night â<80><99>08 would take place on November 1. He was in the mood for something violent, a touch bloody and a whole lot crazy.

Color commentator John Johnson was backstage with Jeremy Vain and Rob Adonis. Vain lectured Adonis about his role- making Vain the champion. It had nothing to do with Adonis and everything to do with Jeremy. Vain was going to show Adonis how it was done. The camera tracked Vain through a dressing room area crowded with wrestlers until he came upon the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Champions, New Wave. Vain told Steven Walters those were nice belts and punked him out. Adonis kicked ass on everyone in sight. Some serious carnage. This was one of the best backstage segments Anarchy has ever done.

The action moved to the ring. New Wave was about to hit the Unskinny Bop on Vain, when Adonis played spoiler. He then laid out both members of New Wave with his finisher. Between the backstage and the in ring, Adonis came across as a top guy. Vain said thatâ<80><99>s how you get attention.

(1) J. T. Talent beat Malachi in 5:40. Amazingly, this was Talentâ<80><99>s first singles match in building, and heâ<80><99>s more than ready to break out of the glut of midcard tag team specialists. Talentâ<80><99>s look, facials, ringwork and overall ring presence have dramatically improved over the last 6 months. This reminded me of a WWE TV match, not in a bad way though. Malachi got an impressive flurry of offense before Talent hit a release german suplex to take over. Crowd got behind Malachi. Talent hit a corner lariat into a flatliner for a near fall. Malachiâ<80><99>s comeback was too vanilla to really heat up the crowd. Malachi had Talent in trouble after a flatliner variation of his own, so Talent pulled ref Jacob Ashworth in front of him and used the distraction to pin Malachi with the tights AND his feet on the ropes. Very smooth finish.

(2) The Technicians (Bob E & Tyler Smith) beat Hollywood Brunettes (Kyle Matthews & Andrew Alexander) in 9:23 when Alexander submitted to Smithâ<80><99>s cross armbreaker. This was only match where the concept was shaky. Technicians ambushed the Brunettes and re-injured Alexanderâ<80><99>s arm. Technicians repeated the same ref-as-shield spot from the finish of match #1 to get the advantage on Matthews. Technicians worked on Matthews gut forever. Matthews made it to his corner a couple of times but no Alexander to tag. Instead, Alexander stayed at ringside the entire time selling his arm with two refs ministering to him. That was a bit much. Alexander finally overcame the pain to take the tag, and Technicians had to sell for his one-armed house cleaning. That was also a bit much. Smith used a crossarmbreaker to force Alexander tap. I can get with a hard babyface push for the Brunettes, but this made Technicians look like such weak chickenshit chumps. I guess that’s the idea. In any case, the finish fit the story. When that’s the only thing to complain about, you know it was a damn good show.

Brodie Chase came out alone. He said Melissa Coates was absent because Jerry Palmer was jealous of him. He described Melissa as a delicate flower, a morsel to be enjoyed by a real man, not some paper owner. Chase said he was going to take on two women and they better be good looking and know their role.

(3) Brodie Chase beat Christy Turner & Crystal Rose in 7:04. Crowd was as hot for this as they were all night. They popped for huge every time one of the women mounted some offense and really brought the hate for Chase. The women in the crowd especially. They chanted â<80><9c>Whiplashâ<80> at Turner. Thatâ<80><99>s the name sheâ<80><99>s used in APW. Chase was a complete dick. He was not the least bit above administering physical punishment. Chase got Turner in waistlock and got fresh with her, so she mule kicked him in the nuts. The women managed to get Chase off his feet with a trip-lariat combo for a double pin near fall. Turner gave Chase a monkey flip. Chase did some dirty dancing, so she slapped his face. Chase started to manhandle her, but Turner went through the legs for a tag. Enough with the fun and games. Finish was a stack pin after a pumphandle neckbreaker on Crystal and a Thunderfire Powerbomb on Turner. Palmer came to ringside and stared a hole through Chase.

(4) Slim J and Adrian Hawkins were the co-winners of the Young Lionâ<80><99>s Mega Rumble in 10:35. Iâ<80><99>m a fan of Bill Behrens booking of these Mega Rumbles and this was one of his best. 13 guys and it still had lots of focused spots, and it never got clusterish, and they got it done in under 11 minutes without resorting to gratuitous, random eliminations. Eliminations were by pinfall, submission or over the top rope. Slim J started and got the first bigtime babyface pop of the night. He worked some MMA spots with Anthony Henry. Darkness was next in. Henry and Darkness doubled up on J. Kareem Abdul Jamar was next. Darkness took advantage of his length with this cool Cattle Mutilation on Jamar, who was in a seated position. Bo Newsome dumped both of them. J made Henry tap to rear no choke. It was down to J and Newsome. Chip Day entered on fire. He took J out with an assisted Pele. Kyle Matthews entered to make it four babyfaces. Matthews knocked Newsome silly and destroyed Day with a slingshot double stomp. Alexander was announced as being unable to compete. They did this great three way spot where Matthews reversed Jâ<80><99>s Anger Management with a Victory Roll, and Day hit a top rope Thesz Press on Matthews. They set up a flying reverse DDT/electric chair combo for J. I think Day was the victim. This was as good as Day has ever looked in an Anarchy ring. Matt Sells was next. Matthews, Day and Newsome were all thrown out here, so it was back down to Sells and J. Ryan Michaels entered and The Franchise tried to double team J. T.K. Cross entered to a big pop from the bleachers. Cross pinned Michaels with a bridging northern lights. J pinned Sells. That left J and Cross trading forearms. Hawkins was the final entrant. He nonchalantly pulled the ropes down to dump Cross without bothering to enter the ring. Awesome finish. The execution in this match was uniformly good. It elevated the entire Young Lionâ<80><99>s division, and it was sorely in need of elevation.

Postmatch, J gave Hawkins an earful. Hawkins clubbed J from behind and left him laying with Liger Bomb. Hawkins and J will battle for the Young Lionâ<80><99>s Cup at Fright Night.

(5) Shaun Tempers (with The Reverend) beat Sal Rinauro in 10:46. Signaling that this is a new day, The Reverend and Tempers eschewed the back door entrance in favor using the ramp like everyone else. Reverend invited TV Champion Truitt Fields out to get close up view from the announcerâ<80><99>s booth. Sal hit a nice springboard twisting dropkick early, but when he ventured onto the apron, Tempers swept his leg to take control. Tempers did a number on Rinauroâ<80><99>s low back. Lots of forearms shots to the kidneys. Tempers ducked an enzuigiri and dropped an elbow to Rinauroâ<80><99>s back for two. The crowd chanted for Sal, who hit a flying knee for a double down. Comeback time. Rinauro countered a Tiger Driver with a rolling reverse. Tempers tried for a superplex, but Rinauro countered with a swinging neckbreaker off the top rope for a near fall. Tempers hit a bridging northern lights suplex for two. Tempers avoided Rinauroâ<80><99>s Pele kick and ended it with a pumphandle uranage â<80>“a souped up variation of the champâ<80><99>s finisher- I love it. Tempers blew off Fieldsâ<80><99> attempt to congratulate him. Tempersâ<80><99> bad ass attitude rules.

Greg Hunter, ring announcer/play-by-play announcer extraordinaire, directed our attention the WrestleVision screen where Chad Parham and Seth Delay were on view. Parham had fond memories of what they did to Ace Rockwell and Luke Hawx two weeks ago. Delay suggested that they needed tag team theme music, matching gear or a double team finisher. Parham wasnâ<80><99>t feeling any of that, so Delay suggested a team name â<80>” PG Rated. Parham countered with The Dynamic Duo. â<80><9c>Like Batman and Robin?â<80> said Delay. Very entertaining stuff.

(6) The Dynamic Duo (Chad Parham & Seth Delay) beat Outlaw & Norris in 6:23. Delay came down the ramp doing a Bushwhacker walk. Outlaw and Norris are the tag team champions in SAW where they are known as Tribal Nation. They looked so much better in basic black gear and out of that lame Native American gimmick. Since when do black guy and a white guy make an Indian team? Outlawâ<80><99>s performance was astounding. Iâ<80><99>ve never cared for his work in SA, but he was over like a MFer with the Anarchy fans, and that rarely happens with newcomers. He was getting pops for all of his power moves and stiff chops. It didnâ<80><99>t hurt he was working with two heels that are great when it comes to bumping and selling. Norris took the heat. He vaulted a backdrop to make the tag. Outlaw hit a combo bulldog-lariat combo on Dynamic Duo. Delay used the knucks on Outlaw when ref Ken Wallace wasnâ<80><99>t looking. Parham pinned Outlaw with a piledriver. A win-win situation for sure.

â<80><9c>Mercilessâ<80> Don Matthews cut the passion-filled promo of his Anarchy life. Star pop for Matthews intro. Matthews said Jeff Lewis represented everything he hated in a human being. Lewis acted like he was doing the fans a favor to appear in Cornelia. To Matthews, it was privilege. Matthews said Lewis tastes ran to eating calamari(?) in a French restaurant, whereas he liked tailgating at a Georgia football game. Lewis preferred to sip champagne and watch foreign films, while he preferred a Zebco 33 and a six pack. Matthews said â<80><9c>The Feature Presentationâ<80> was looking at the Future Presentation.

Iâ<80><99>ve got a math problem. My right arm and your neck equals 1-2-3. Jeff Lewis, EXPECT NO MERCY.

(7) Ace Rockwell beat Jessco Blue in 3:03. Blue looked every bit the part of filthy hillbilly. He attacked like a wild man, but he couldnâ<80><99>t hang with Rockwell in a wrestling match, so Blue resorted to a loaded boot. Crowd was hot for Ace to make the comeback. Finish saw Rockwell catch Blueâ<80><99>s high boot attempt and hit the Aces High.

Attorney Jeff G. Bailey brought Kimo out to the ring. Kimo was impervious to Rockwellâ<80><99>s blows. Rockwell went for a high crossbody that Kimo turned into a Samoan Drop. A barrage of martial arts strikes sent Kimo down in a heap. At this point, the crowd recognized Rockwell was in deep shit. Bailey entered the ring and calmly took off his suit coat and tie. Bailey tightened the tie around Rockwellâ<80><99>s throat while Kimo took dead aim with a karate blow to the esophagus. Rockwell started bleeding from the mouth. The crowd chanted for Palmer. Instead, Slim J pulled Rockwell out of the ring (just as Rockwell had done for Don Juan at the previous show). Bailey told Slim J he was next. The blood was running all down Rockwellâ<80><99>s chest as J dragged him up the ramp.

(8) Devilâ<80><99>s Rejects (Iceberg & Azrael with The Reverend) defeated Shadow Jackson & Mikal Judas in 12:23 when Iceberg pinned Jackson. Jackson entered to the usual Shadowmania chants, but I think Judasâ<80><99> entrance got a bigger pop. Rejects were licking their wounds after both got leveled by Judasâ<80><99> Mafia kick. Iceberg gave Jackson a drop toehold into Azraelâ<80><99>s knee to start the heat. Body of the match saw Rejects cut off Jacksonâ<80><99>s air supply, while Judas paced the apron like a caged lion. When Judas couldnâ<80><99>t stand it any more, Rejects capitalized with chicanery behind the back of referee Brent Wiley. Jackson caught Rejects with a double bionic elbow but still no tag. Judas accidentally spit the red mist into Jacksonâ<80><99>s eyes, and Iceberg then pinned Jackson.

Postmatch, Iceberg busted the Reverendâ<80><99>s staff across the back of Judas. Rejects duct taped Judas to the ring ropes. The Reverend said there was only on group of face-painted freaks in Anarchy and poured water on Judasâ<80><99> head to remove his paint. Jackson hit the ring with a chair for the save. Judas and Jackson had a staredown in the ring.

NOTES: Fright Night â<80><99>08 will take place on 11/1â<80>¦The Elite Pro Wrestling Training Camp with Les Thatcher has been rescheduled for 3/23/09 in Corneliaâ<80>¦Ace Rockwell was the special guest for the Top Rope Kids Clubâ<80>¦It should be noted that The Franchise remains undefeated in tag team competition in Anarchyâ<80>¦Palmer announced that all the DVDs at the gimmick table with the exception of Hostile Environment â<80><99>08 were being reduced to $10 to make way for new merchandise.

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NWA Anarchy TV Report by Ca$hFlowX

Episode 135

September 15, 2008

WRESTLING: (n.) â<80><99>res-ling A sport of contest in which two individuals face off in unarmed combat.

ANARCHY: (n.) an-ar-key (1) A state of lawlessness due to absence of authority. (2) A complete lack of order.

What happens when you mix the two together? NWA-Anarchy!

– Welcome to NWA Anarchy Wrestling, this is HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT 2008~! This week, John Johnson is all thugged out classical New York mafia attire!

1. The New Wave (Derrick Driver & Steven Walters) defeated Those Two Idiots (Chad Parham & Seth Delay).

This match broke down to an incredible double team maneuver by the New Wave” a guillotine legdrop with Delay held in a pendulum position! Parham tries to make Walters pay with a rollup and a handful of tights. Driver wins with a blind tag Sunset flip. Afterwards, Parham takes personal offense and piledrives Driver. Brutus “the Barber” Beefcake sets up shop, but NWA Anarchy Owner Jerry Palmer makes the save. Palmer chastises Parham & Delay for playing with toys like brass knuckles and scissors. In two week, Sal Rinauro will tag with Palmer in a loser of the fall gets his head shaved match. Johnson pukes at Palmer for encouraging the fans for imagining what Delay would look like with a cue ball forehead. Who knows, he may overtake Todd Sexton as “the New Bald Headed Jerk” of NWA Anarchy.

2. Don Matthews defeated Brodie Ray Chase & Melissa Coates via pinfall in a slave match.

Imagine the Merciless one holding Melissa as a personal slave for several weeks. Don makes quick work by ordering Coates to: “WHIP IT REAL GOOD~!” Matthews unleashes six months of frustration by sending Coates straight to Hades with the Lariat of Doom.

3. “The 7 Figured Deal” Ace Rockwell forced “the Bald Headed Jerk” Todd Sexton say “I quit.”

The Technicians may have played the Warren G card with the Regulator, but the Wild Bunch prevents a second attack in this no disqualification I-quit affair. Sexton continued his assault by superkicking Rockwell from the apron through six folding chairs at ringside. Rockwell eventually made Sexton his personal pregnant pregnant dog with the Ace’s High and relentless ground and pound. Sexton immediately lost his testacies by calling for his mommy!

4. The Hollywood Brunettes (Andrew Alexander & Kyle Matthews) & Bo Newsome & Chip Day & Malachi defeated Sex, Talent & Money (Caleb Konley & JT Talent & Andrew Pendleton III) & “Pink Power” Adrian Hawkins & “Jay “Don’t Call Me Bill or George” Clinton.

Day pinned Clinton after a somersault 15 and a half twist splash.

– After months of ducking, Mikael Judas must face Jeremy Vain, Mr. Rob Adonis and five other huge lumberjacks. Just asking, does Jeremy actually believe that Judas can’t overcome the odds?

5. “The Priest of Punishment” Mikael Judas defeated “the Untouchables” Jeremy Vain w/Mr. Rob Adonis & His Entourage in a lumberjack match.

It’s fairly obvious that Jay Clinton has overtaken TK Kross as the Little pregnant dog of the NWA Arena. Judas sends him flying into 67 bazillion other wrestlers via Air El Crucifijo. Meanwhile, Mr. Adonis eats a DDT to allow Vain to gain the advantage with the VDT on a chair. Vain kicks his bodyguard to the floor to make the cover, but Judas kicks out at two. Wow, so this was Jeremy’s master plan? It failed miserably. Judas reads Vain his last rites with the El Crucifijo.

6. “0% Body Fat” Truitt Fields pinned “the Attraction” Hayden Young to retain the NWA Anarchy TV Title.

“The Feature Presentation” Jeff Lewis stepped aside to enjoy the squabble come to a boil between Fields and Young. Young made Fields pay for several mistakes with a methodical style offense. Lewis admits he enjoys Young’s heel tactics, so do I. Fortunes turn for worse when Fields suplexes both of them over the top rope to the floor. Fields loses another race by posting himself and eats a shooting star press bodyblock. Thankfully, Young didn’t wipe himself out. After commercial, Young leaps off the top rope into an overhead belly to belly suplex. Fields scores a two count after a brainbuster. Fields sets up for a superplex, but Young tosses him aside. Fields ducks the Flying Squirrel and goes for the Killing Fields, but Young cradles him for a near fall. With the time limit approaching, Young lands an enziguri. After struggling to their feet, Fields accidentally headbutts Young into referee Jacob Butterworth. Young smartens up, commandeers the TV Title and struggles with his inner demons. Lewis & Johnson are livid, “What an idiot!” Truitt destroys Young with the Killing Fields. Afterwards, Young refused to shake Fields’ hand. Young wrestled a good singles match here by slowing it down. For some reason, I think there was a missed opportunity to propel Young’s singles career.

– There’s nothing like the Devil’s Rejects traveling to the Sudan and smoking the Peace Pipe. Sorry, I don’t smoke funny cigarettes or brownies sprinkled with green goodies inside, but I’m just wondering what color is in Wilson’s pipe: green, purple, or gold? Unfortunately, Bailey plans to drive stake through the vampire’s heart. BTW, Shatter will walk into Hades to face the Devil himself.

7. The NWA Elite (Phil Shatter & “the Information Extractor” Kimo & “the Human Holocaust” Abomination) w/Agent/Attorney Jeff G. Bailey defeated the Devil’s Rejects (“No Pain Murder Train” Iceberg & Shaun Tempers & Azreal) w/”the Dragon” Dan Wilson & the Staff of Righteousness” in a Do or Die match to capture the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles.

Midway through, Abomination eludes a rolling senton from the apron by Iceberg. The Rejects would hit the Hellhammer on Shatter, but he can’t be pinned because he isn’t the legal man. The legal man, Kimo, pins Azreal with a clothesline.

– The Konkrete Gorillas proclaim that War Games is unfair due to having Shadow’s B… I… T… C… H…, remnants of the Benefactor Trophy, and they are offended at Shadow’s numerous homosexual references. Shadow reminds the Gorillas that Nemesis & his girlfriend will bleed for what they did to Slim J, BUSTER~! I feel sorry for the Gorillas.

8. Shadow Jackson & Slim J defeated the Konkrete Gorillas in a War Games (Nemesis & Jay Fury) match.

The last time the NWA Arena featured a cage match, Slim J made Patrick Bentley a star at Season’s Beatings ’08. (I’ll admit, I marked out for Bentley’s performance, but it’s too bad he isn’t around in NWA Anarchy any more.) Slim makes his mark here with a breathtaking top rope Screwdriver on the Rocks on Fury. Fury would gain a measure of revenge with a top rope German suplex. Later on, Shadow superbombs Nemesis and Jay wiping out the Gorillas a cross body. In the end, Shadow ended this year’s War Games as last year’s did, with a jagged edge of a the Benefactor trophy being shoved down Nemesis head. Shadow hung Fury over his shoulder to win War Games. From the highlights, Hostile Environment was pretty d**n good. Can’t wait for the DVD.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.nwaanarchy.net/tv.html


Adam Pierce regained the NWA World Heavyweight Title by defeating Brent Albright at the Glory By Honor 7, ROH show in Philadelphia on Saturday 9-20-08. Albright submitted to a crowbar/armbar lock. He came into the match with his arm taped selling an “injury”.


Charlotte, NC (September 17, 2008) – The National Wrestling Alliance(r)

presents 16 time World Heavyweight Champion and NWA(tm) Hall of Famer

“Nature Boy” Ric Flair on October 4, 2008 at the RMB Fairgrounds in

Robstown, TX. The meet and greet autograph session is a benefit for the area

Boy’s and Girls Club and is a chance for fans to get close the legend.

“This is not only a great opportunity for Ric’s many fans in the Corpus

Christi area, but it’s for a great cause; the Boys and Girls Club. I’m glad

that the NWA and Ric are finally working together. It’s been a long time

coming and we’re planning for a long lasting relationship,” said NWA

Executive Director Robert K. Trobich.

“The idea of having such a high profile person like Ric Flair just floors

us! His being involved with our fund raiser will raise the level of

attention and we’re hoping he’ll interest folks to come out because every

penny counts and our after school programs needs it,” stated Anne Baker,

Chief Professional Officer, Boys and Girls Club of Corpus Christi and

Robstown, TX.

“I am anxious for this trip to Corpus Christi for many reasons. First,

because its for the Boys and Girls Club. They offer great social and

athletic opportunities to young people and I’m happy to be helping them

raise some money. Also, this is the first time in 20 years that the NWA and

myself will be conducting business and I’m wanting to see the wrestling

later that night,” said Ric Flair.

The Ric Flair/Boys and Girls Club benefit is a separate admission to the

wrestling event later in the evening. For tickets or additional information

please call 361-387-9002 or visit www.rmbfairgrounds.com. For information on

the National Wrestling Alliance please visit www.nwawrestling.com.



NWA Southwest/ PWF

September 13, 2008

PWF Wrestleplex

Amarillo, TX

The evening began with yet another monotonous monologue from “The Natural” Shawn Mills. “Blah, blah, blah, America sucks, blah, blah, Canadians rock, blah, all hail the queen.” Whatever! Stop giving him the mic, PLEASE!

Thirty minutes later, we finally are treated to the into of Mills’s opponent â<80>¦ “Showcase” Shance Williams!

Apparently Canadians aren’t quite as awesome as Mills claims because he needed help from the locker room. “.50 Caliber Sex Pistol” Cody Jones ran from the back and pulled Williams from the ring. He tried to knock him around a bit before rolling him back into the ring where Mills and Jones ganged up on Williams.

“Sexy” Shawn Sanders immediately ran from the back armed with a metal chair and hit Jones hard on the back with it. He then went after Mills, quickly knocking him to the mat.

Because of the interference by Jones, Mills was disqualified. Sanders then challenged Mills and Jones to a tag team match against himself and Williams. Challenge accepted.

The second match had fans being introduced to a couple of newcomers to PWF: Randy Terrez and Super Chaos. Terrez, with is all-black eyeballs, made a good impression on fans and was the victor.

Match three was somewhat of a grudge match with Biohaxxxard and Wrestler X facing off for the second time following Bio’s dirty tricks resulting in X being disqualified last Saturday. Once again, Bio resorted to trickery and feigned a knee injury. He wallowed around on the mat bellerin’ like an injured farm animal and even somehow managed to draw another ref from the locker room. Ultimately, the two refs helped Bio to his feet and seemingly thought they were going to assist him out of the ring and into the back when suddenly Bio charged at X and head butted him in the gut, knocking him off his feet.

BioSnake was able to keep X down for the count then promptly went after X’s mask. After a struggle, Bio managed to find a weak spot in the mask and rip it from X’s head thus unmasking Wrestler X.

The fourth match was a three-way battle between Dillon Stone, Skidd Mark and Southern Pitbull. Stone spent much of the first part of the match dancing around the ring, leaving Skidd Mark to do all the work. Ultimately, Stone pinned Skidd claiming the win.

The tag team challenge match between Sanders/Williams and Mills/Jones followed a brief intermission. This was a wild one with bodies being tossed all over the place. Ref Bobby was definitely kept on his toes for this match with little time to so much as catch his breath. Finally, Williams threw Mills out of the ring then promptly tossed him back in where Williams quickly pinned him. Poor Mills, in all his pride and glory, tripped over the stairs as he was making his way back to the locker room.

The semi-main event had Mike Savage and Coco the Latin Sensation attempting to exorcise demons from the past. The two have a long history of hating one another going back over 19 years. Of course, having “Honest” Jack Logan ‘coaching’ him, Savage was even more savage in his efforts to best fan favorite Coco. At one point, Savage stepped outside the ring for a quick hug from Logan, raising questions of what was passed between the two when Logan appeared to pull something out of his left pocket and slip it to Savage.

In addition to using that illegal item to cut open Coco’s forehead, Savage used his chain on his head as well. The battle waged, and amid a tremendous amount of blood and sweat (no tears), Savage got the pin. It was later learned that Savage suffered a broken nose in the battle!

The main event was round two in a best-of-seven series for the NWA-SW/PWF Brass Knuckles strap between “The Hooligan” Austin Riley and current title holder Chuey Martinez. It was a three fall match and each was fully prepared to see it all the way through. Martinez seemingly fought a clean fight (at least in the eyes of the ref) during the first third, despite the fact his unlawful buddy “.50 Caliber Sex Pistol” Cody Jones was dancing around the ring coaching him otherwise. Martinez eventually got the pin over the wiry Riley. As Riley lay in the ring trying to catch his breath, Martinez and Jones were setting up an area for musical chairs â<80>¦ or so it appeared. The trick backfired and Martinez was the one sent flying from the second turnbuckle into the row of chairs. Riley took full advantage of the opportunity and pinned him on the concrete floor. Once again, Jones interfered and assisted in Martinez getting the final pin of the match thus resulting in

a win.

Numerous times throughout the match, fans yelled out the ref was being paid because of the obvious calls he failed to make. After Martinez was declared the winner, Riley called out Jones on his trickery and deceit. After a brief battle of words, the ref was brought back into the ring for Riley and Jones to attempt to settle the score once and for all. It was quickly made clear the ref was not on the up and up when he dropped to the mat and began doing sit-ups! With several wrestlers surrounding the ring as Riley and Jones went at it, the ref was clearly on the side of wrong and allowed Jones free reign to basically beat the crap out of Riley. Ultimately the various wrestlers, including Sanders, Pitbull, “Dirty” Dice Murdock, among others, stepped in to maintain some kind of control over the match â<80>” and the ref.

Riley clearly took the worst of it and, having been worn out from his match with Martinez, eventually went down for the count. The ref quickly made his exit after declaring Jones the winner; however, he was brought back to the ring amid chants of “The ref was paid,” where several of the wrestlers taught him a much-needed lesson!

Hope Ref Jason was well-paid because he now needs it to mend his wounds.

For more information on PWF, go to:



For more information on NWA Southwest, go to:



Huge NWA Southwest match

on October 4 showcased!

Two names who need no introductions – Mike DiBiase and Kevin Northcutt – came to mutually satisfying terms during a lively radio talk show on September 16, that NWA-SW Commission Ken Taylor quickly signed.

Fans will now see NWAâ<80><99>s fastest rising new star versus a seven-time Texas champion in a Texas Heavyweight title with a lot more at stake on a NWA Showcase card October 4, at the Borchard Fairgrounds Arena in Robstown, Texas.

Northcutt has been chasing DiBiase ever since he won the Texas title over Chaz Taylor on September 6, in Amarillo, and he finally hooked up with Dibiase during a radio show interview. Northcutt said during the interview that DiBiase first needed to prove heâ<80><99>s the best in Texas before moving on to wanting a match with Albright. DiBiase then called into the show to also address Northcutt directly.

â<80><9c>If DiBiase thinks heâ<80><99>s already ready for Albright and a World title shot then I say earn that right by beating the best in Texas the last ten years, â<80><9c>said Northcutt in challenging DiBiase. â<80><9c>You beat me and youâ<80><99>ve earned your right to get a world title shot. All roads in Texas go through me, so Iâ<80><99>m ready to see if youâ<80>~re better than a seven-time Texas champion. Iâ<80>~d still be the champion now if Chaz Taylor had not hit me with a low blow in San Antonio.”

DiBiase agreed to put up the Texas Heavyweight title belt, and also give Northcutt his much sought after North American Heavyweight title shot before yearâ<80><99>s end if he loses. but in return he wanted NWA-SW commissioner Ken Taylor to agree to host and arrange a World title match for him against Albright anywhere in the Texas territory. Taylor agreed to the terms, and signed the match adding those stipulations.

Over and above, Dibiase being the son of legend Ted â<80><9c>One Million Dollar Manâ<80> DiBIase, and older brother of WWE star Ted, Jr., it is believed this match will mark the first time a dual North American and Texas Heavyweight champion has entered the ring in NWA history.

The 6-6 challenger Northcutt is easily the most prolific Texas champion in two decades and has been a two-time NWA World Tag Team champion, two-time NWA National Heavyweight champion and NWA North American Tag Team champion. He has held every major title in NWA except North American and World.

Taylor said a match of this magnitude featuring two very well known competitors deserved to be â<80><9c>showcasedâ<80> on a Showcase card and is happy to report it has been accepted to be included on the October 4 card, in Robstown. This match pairs a future WWE-to-be-star against perhaps the most gold decorated NWA wrestler in the past ten years,” he added.

NWA Mountain State TV Results

September 07, 2008

Princeton, WV


2.) Non-Title TAG MATCH –




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NWA Mountain State Wrestling

September 13, 2008












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NWA Mountain State Wrestling

September 14, 2008

Hinton, WV






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NWA Pro/Pro Wrestling-Revolution

September 14, 2008

Mariachi Magic Festival

Oakland, CA

Hijo del Sicodelico & Hijo de Rey Misterio over The Border Patrol

Octagonito over Pequeno Pierroth

Tito Aquino over Mr. Wrestling IV

â<80><9c>La Razaâ<80> Anarkya – Juventud 2000 – Vaquero Fantasma over Viajero – Gladiador Azteca – Stigma

Jeckles the Jester over El Amante

â<80><9c>Rock of Loveâ<80> Billy Blade & Kayden over Rik Luxury & Ryan Von Cool

â<80><9c>Strongmanâ<80> Jon Anderson over Shadow Dragon

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