Tedd Petty Invitational 2008 night one official results

John Black

1. Egotistico Fantastico def. Prince Mustafa Ali.

Ego brings out his dog, Fido Fantastico, to the ring with him to counter the presence of Joey Eastman. Joey Eastman swears that the dog doesn’t have a manager’s license and can’t be ringside. Both competitors start off with a catch as catch can offense. Ali is frustrated. A friend of Ego’s takes Fido from the ringside area so Joey Eastman doesn’t do anything dastardly to him. Ego backflips over a charging Ali and dropkicks him in the mush as he rebounds off the ropes. Ego then takes out a leg on Ali and delivers a surfboard into a pancake and Ali & Eastman are flustered. Ego sends Ali to the floor and then goes for a tope. Ali from the floor delivers a dropkick that knocks Ego back into the ring and Ali has the momentum. Ali sends Ego to the floor and Eastman whips Ego with his pink sequin hat and then runs like a girl to get away. Ali with a gourdbuster into a gutbuster across his knees. Ali goes for a somersault plancha to the floor but Ego catches him and suplexes him into the chairs. Stiff exchange of roundhouse bodyshot kicks. Ego then with a spinning sunset bomb for a two count. Ego with a fireman’s carry running Ali into the turnbuckles into a DVD. The ref is with Ali as Ego goes up top. Eastman to the ring apron and throws his purple headdress over Ego’s head. Ego can’t see and that allows Ali to go up top and hit a crushing back senton as Ego was draped on the top ropes. Ali follows with the inverted 450 Weapons of Mass Destruction but Ego kicks out at 2. Eastman distracts the ref while Ali sets up a chair. Ego blocks him and knocks Joey to the floor. He drops Ali and then hits the springboard moonsault for the pinfall. Ego tries to shake Ali’s hand as the crowd chants for Ali in a show of respect. Ali flips him the bird and walks out. Ego & Fido then retreat to the dressing room victoriously.

2. Dave Taylor def Tracey Smothers.

Grecko Roman knuckle lock. Taylor has Tracey in a Sleeper. Tracey reverses into an armbar and a pin. Counter by Taylor into a stand off. Hammerlock into a side slam by Taylor. Taylor has a headlock which get reversed into a pin. Stand off. They lock up again. Right hand by Smothers. He’s stopping away at Taylor. Choke on the ropes. Into the corner with more rights. Another choke. Taylor fights back with stiff rights until he is knocked down. Right hands in the corner. Taylr fires back with forearms. Irish whip by Taylor into a Double arm DDT which scores the pinfall. Show of respect by both men. Crowd chanting Teddy.

3. Too Cold Scorpio def Bobby Fish

Lock up. Go behind by Scorpio. Arm lock by Fish countered by Scorpio. Bridge Pin into a Stare Down. Headlock by Scorpio countered into another Headlock. Headlock by Fish. Arm wringer. Clothesline by Fish. Scorpio goes outside. Back inside. Irish whip into a dropkick by Fish. Scorpio takes Fish down into an armbar. Exchange of forearms. Stiff kicks takes Scorpio down.Elbow by Fish for a 2 Count. Knees into the corner . Irish whip into a clotheline onto Scorpio. Suplex. Fish hits a headbutt from the top for 2. Irish whip countered by Scorpio knocks Fish down. Scorpio hits a flip from the top for 2. Scorpio hits a back suplex. Tope’ leg drop by Scorpio for a 2. Exchange of forearms. Fish hits a side slam. Fish with a moonsault that he lands on his feet. Scorpio charges and gets an elbow.Sitout suplex for 2. Fish up top and gets caught up top by Scorpio and receives a powerbomb from the top for the win. Show of respect by both men. Scorpio tells Fish that this wasn’t his year and he’ll have to wait until next year.

Ian then comes to the ring to announce that next’s week’s 12th Anniversary Show will be our last show at the Hartman Rec Center. We have found a building to run weekly by the Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet and to have our wrestling school in. Shows will be run weekly…three weeks of smaller scale shows and then the fourth week will be a big show. Ian talks more about his moving to the Chicagoland area and building up the younger talent.

4. Sara Del Rey def. Trik Davis.

Trik just got booed out of the building. Loud “Sara’s going to kill you” chants. “Die Trik Die” chants from the other half of the crowd that doesn’t want to chant “Sara’s going to kill you.” Sara is thoroughly outwrestling Trik in the early going. Trik is upset and Sara is blowing him kisses of death. Trik backs Sara in to the corner and slaps her face. Sara then proceeds to kick his ass. Trik goes to the floor to try to run away but just like in all the horror movies, Trik trips and falls and the ass whipping continues. Standing ovation from the crowd as Sara beats Trik’s ass on the floor. Trik blocks an attempted suplex from the apron in to the ring and he takes control on Sara. Chris Hero has joined Mike Z on commentary and he is not a fan of Trik Davis either. Trik is full of underhanded tactics to keep control on Sara. He wraps his legs around her head and then spins over and repeatedly rams her hand into the canvas while it is between his legs. Sara fights back with a somersault kick to the face. Sara with about 4 running Yakuza kicks to Trik’s chest. Sara with a German Suplex with a bridge but only two. Sara goes for a backslide and Trik rolls out of it. He delivers a vicious superkick while Sara is on her knees. He then taunts Hero by locking in a Hangman’s Clutch. Trik lets go of the Clutch to taunt some more. Sara quickly rolls him up for the pinfall. Trik confronts Hero at the announce table but wisely walks away.

5. Drake Younger def. Too Tuff Tony.

With Mike Quackenbush having to withdraw from this tournament, Drake Younger has taken over as the sentimental favorite with the crowd based on the reaction to his entrance. Tony & Drake exchange arm ringers and the crowd gives them “hey”s and “oh”s. Hammerlocks exchanged. These two are going hold for hold so far. Test of strength. Tony with the leverage but Drake with a powerful neck bridge. Tony puts the boots to Drake and then goes after the left leg of Drake. Looks like Tony wants to outwrestle Drake and he is beginning to do so by taking out a wheel. Drop toe hold followed by an anklelock. Drake almost makes the ropes but Tony drags him back to the middle of the ring. Drake finally makes it to the ropes but the damage has been done. Tony follows with a dragonscrew legwhip. Tony with an STF but Drake struggles his way to the ropes. Crowd doesn’t know how to react to Tony outwrestling Drake. Drake runs at Tony but Tony does a rolling single leg takedown and rolls Drake’s leg back up into another submission hold. Drake uses all his strength to suplex Tony & then apply a double underhook chicken wing. Tony fights out and hits a backwards somersault kick to the face to take Drake back down. Drake fights back and goes for Drakes Landing but Tony counters by inverted piledriving Drake straight down to the canvas. Tony is having all the answers for everything that Drake tries at least for the first 10 minutes of the match so far. Tony then crotches Drake in the middle of the ropes and goes up top…balance walks down the ropes and hits a rana on Drake off the top ropes. Cradle belly to back suplex by Tony but only two. Tony goes for his finisher but Drake flips out and goes for the Drake’s Landing. Tony flips out but Drake quickly rolls him up with a small package and gets the three count. Loud chants of “Tony” as a sign of appreciation by the crowd. Drake definitely would have lost on points but this isn’t amateur wrestling so the small package advances Drake to the second round.

6. Cassandro def. Chuck Taylor Both Jim and I wanted to watch this match so no details. But I will say that this match is a must see.

7. Sami Callihan def. Chris Hero

Some very nasty stiff shots exchanged in the opening minute. Sami has a headlock applied to Hero. STIFF forearm in the corner by Hero. Sami fires back with a Nothern Lights suplex for 2. Sami on the apron. Another STIFF forearm by Hero. Hero stomping the daylights out of Sami screaming that he is Chris Hero and he is TPI. Back inside with a 2 count. Hero stomps on the hand. Stiff kick to the ribs. Hard chops and a 2 count for Hero. Cravate by Hero. Sami counters and Hero another STIFF forearm to the side of Sami’s head. Kicks and a spinning elbow drop give Hero a 2 Count. Hero locks the arms of Sami in his legs in a submission. Forerms in the corner. Irish whips by Hero into the corner. Hero pulls him out but gets a side suplex. Stiff shots by Callihan. Callihan gets a 2 count. More shots. Hero reverses a powerbomb and hits one of his own for a near fall. Hero with more shots until Sami hits another side suplex. 1 count on Hero. 2 stiff forearms and a 2 count for Hero. 2 near falls and a clothesline by Sami. Sami rolls Hero out of the corner for 3! Sami Callihan is victorious!

Trik Davis comes out and compares Sami Callihan and Mike Quackenbush by saying that they both HAve beaten Hero in the first round of TPI. Hero reminds Trik who brought him in to this business. Trik slaps Hero not once, but twice and on the third slap they start brawling and have to be seperated. Hero goes up to Ian demanding a match with Trik tomorrow. Ian asks Trik if he has the balls to face Hero. Trik says no and Ian tells Trik that he can go to Berwyn and continue sucking the man with no name dick. Trik then decides to man up accept Hero’ s challenge. So tomorrow it’s Trik Davis vs Chris Hero Falls Count Anywhere.


Ian is out saying he had things fall through so he brought in some guys to help things.



Both men are brawling around the ring.

8. Eddie Kingston def. Necro Butcher

Ian and Eddie embrace in the ring. Ian told everyone that when Kington wanted to come back he was welcomed with open arms. Ian told everyone on the internet to NEVER f*ckING DOUBT HIM WHEN IT COMES TO THE TPI. If you do, he will burn you every time.

9. Josh Raymond def Tyler Black.

Josh Raymond and Tyler Black going at it right now. Tyler hits a dropkick. Crowd behind Tyler. Neck breaker by Josh. Then a German suplex which gets a 2 Count. Josh has a submission. Josh goes for the Lungblower but gets caught and powerbombed into the corner. Josh gets caught on the top. Tyler hits a superplex and rolls into a Firemans carry and into a Face plant for 2. Josh gets up and hits the Lungblower for 2. Josh hits an amazing corkscrew senton for 3!

VITO THOMASELLI is in the ring now complaining about not being in the TPI. SAL THOMASELLI comes out and slaps the piss out of Vito. They brawl around the arena and almost knock over a speaker until they dissapear outside.

10. Ace Steel def. Ares.

Ares shows Ace he is wearing a tie and Ace slaps him. Headlock takeover by Ace. Ares reverses into a stand off. Key lock by Ace. Into the corner. Forearms by Ares. Irish whip into the corner. Forearms by Ace. Elbows to the head. Ares showbouts again and receives a forearm. Exchanges of headlocks. Ace clotheslines Ares. Low blow while the ref was distracted by Ares. Their outside the ring. Punches by Ares. Back inside. Roll up by Ace for 2. Clothesline by Ares. Crowd booing Ares. Choking Ace with his tie is Ares. Chops in the corner by Ares. Ace fires back with chops. Ares misses a dropkick. Ace headed up and hits a dropkick of his own. Ace now choking Ares with his own tie. Ace now with a quick roll up for the win.

11. Michael Elgin def. Ricochet

Ricochet taking advantage of his speed but Elgin catches up with him and uses his power to slam Ricochet down. Hard chops by Elgin. Elgin now bending Ricochet over his knee. Bear hug by Elgin. Ricochet with elbows to counter but gets slamed into the corner. Elgin misses a moonsault. Ricochet covers but gets a 2. Elgin catches Ricochet with a slam but gets a 2. Elgin with a chinlock. Ricochet counters and hits a reverse rana on Elgin. 2 count. Ricochet hits a tilt a whirl for 2. Ricochet up but gets a slam on Elgins knee. Ricochet hits a flying knee drop for 2. Elgin hits a back suplex and immediately hits the Ground and Pound for the win.

12. Claudio Castagnoli def. Jimmy Jacobs

Claudio is overpowering Jimmy with his brute strength and size advantage. Claudio is also staying one move ahead of Jimmyy with the wrestling. Claudio goes for the Ricola Bomb but Jimmy counters and turns it into a chokeout attempt. Brawling to the floor and Jimmy has the upper hand. Jimmy puts Claudio in a chair on the floor and goes back into the ring and delivers a running tope through the ropes onto Claudio crushing the metal chair. Jimmy trying to recover from the opening moments of the match while applying a body scissors on Claudio. Claudio powers out and wraps Jimmy up like a pretzel and spins him around and faceplants him into the canvas. GIANT SWING with 25 REVOLUTIONS and the crowd goes nuts. Jimmy goes for Contra Code but Claudio blocks and delivers a running European Uppercut. Few more Europeans and Jacobs is down in the corner. Jimmy goes for Contra Code again…Claudio catches him midstream but Jimmy turns it into the front facelock chokeout again. Jimmy with the back centon off the top but only two. Third try for Contra Code but Claudio German suplexes him. 5 minutes remain in the time limit. 4th time is the charm for Jimmy on the Contra Code bu Claudio kicks out. Jimmy goes for a spear but Claudio catches him and goes for the Ricola Bomb but Jimmy turns it into the front facelock choke again. Claudio overpowers him and launches Jimmy into the air and drills him with a European Uppercut on the way down for the pin.

Second Round Tomorrow Night:

Claudio vs. Dave Taylor

Sara Del Rey vs. Cassandro

Callihan vs. Kingston

Josh Raymond vs Egotistico Fantastico

Scorpio vs. Ace Steel

Michael Elgin vs. Drake Younger

Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black have an open challenge to anyone

Cage Match – Hades vs. Quick

Chris Hero vs. Trik Davis – Pinfalls Count Anywhere

Time for the main event tonight.

13. Dingo def. Jaysin Strife to retain the IWA World Title – Loser Leaves IWA for 1 Year

Dingo is running Strife into every turnbuckle just circling the ring. These two are putting it all on the line. Title and their job security in IWA. They have taken it to the floor and Dingo just dropped the challenger with something that caused a huge thud on the floor. Strife slams Dingo on the floor. The cut on Dingo has been reopened and he is bleeding profusely. They are brawling by the stage. I just got covered in someone’s drink as Dingo smashed it in Strife’s face. Dingo takes the bottom rope off the ring. He is fish hooking Jaysin Strife with the hook from the turnbuckle on the removed bottom rope. Strife is a bloody mess. These two are trying to destroy each other. I don’t know if either man will be the same after this. Strife is very loudly calling Dingo a pussy as he repeatedly rams a chair down onto the fallen champion. Dingo goes for a top rope moonsault while holding a chair but Strife fights him down off the ropes. Dingo is tied in the Tree of Woe and Strife is using the chair to inflict extra punishment. Dingo retaliates and gets extra fire and delivers headbutts followed by a Fisherman’s Plex. Dingo goes for a top rope Dragon Suplex to the floor but Strife blocks and throws Dingo the the canvas. Double foot stomp but only two. Dingo fights for and eventually gets a piledriver but Strife kicks out at two. Second piledriver and a third and a fourth finally onto a chair and Dingo goes for the cover and gets the pin to retain the IWA Mid-South World Heavyweight Title. Jaysin Strife must leave for 1 year.

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