WZ Exclusive: Interview with “Pacific Coast Player” J.T. Evans

Melissa Earnest

Melissa: Please give us a little background info in reguards to how you got your start in the wrestling industry.

J.T.: Growing Up I Was a wrestling fan. I found out about some indy shows here in the Northwest & Went to check them out. I then found out that they needed ring crew members, so i inquired about it and got the job I did that for About TWO Years Before Starting My Training.

At the age of 14 I started training Under a Pacific Northwest Wrestling veteran by the name of “Governor” Wilson Kaine. Wilson Kaine stopped training people.

I then went back into training Under the belt of canadian wrestling legend Danny “Lil Nasty Boy” Campbell known to most as Lil Batista. I learned alot from him But didn’t finish my training there. I was even used as a security Guard in a angle with “Ticking Time Bomb” Tommy Celcious.

Then I went to the B.A.W Championship Wrestling Accademy And trained under “Tennessee Brat” Terry Bull.

Melissa: What have been some ups and downs that you have experienced since you got your start?

J.T.: Well Um…. lets start with the downs. I have been contacted to work for these “MARK” Promoters who it’s obvious watched a training video (or) the guest booker series & they are having first shows and they book myself & sometimes my traveling buddy’s well There Was The Cow Palace Incident In Which I Was Booked & Not Paid.

Now on to the Ups Well I have been working with Sandman For awhile as kinda an assistant & got to work a match on his team Impromptu With X-Pac as our Tag Partner. Then the next night I managed Them.

I Have gotten the chance to meet alot of great people So thats a plus.

Then there was another california trip for a upstart promotion called Pacific Wrestling Federation run by a guy named Shannon N. So I got a group of traveling buddy’s and we drove there then day of the show no ring at the venue & people waiting outside. The Promoter then shows up and tells us that the Ring OWNER won’t let him use the ring now & that the show isn’t happening. We needless to say after Chasing the guy around town for a hour or so we got our money and went out to party.

Melissa: Would you mind telling the WZ viewers how you came up with your ring name “The Pacific Coast Player”?

J.T.: Well actually I started out as “The Player” JT Evans And the player part was given to me by a few workers that while I was training noticed I was a PLAYER so to say in the game lol meaning i flirted with alot of girls. The JT Evans part came to me overnight.

Melissa: What injuries have you incurred since you began wrestling and what were the consequences of the injuries in reguards to getting back in the ring?

J.T.: Well I don’t really know where to start. I have had my nose broken(4 times), my shoulder is messed Up And the muscle won’t show do To a botch. I have TWO bad Knees It Takes Me 3 Days After a match to be able to walk Normal.

Melissa: Tell us a little about you and your tag team partner and how was your alliance formed?

J.T.: So I worked For a federation called North American Wrestling Alliance which at the time Was ran Out of Portland, Oregon And I fought “The Pacific Coast Primadona” Steve Rush Who is a EIGHT year veteran and we fought In a match with one other worker I don’t remember his name, but after that night me & Steve worked On a gimmick tag team idea In which we would be a tag team called Team P.C.P(Pacific Coast Players) With myself being the player & him being the Pacific Coast Primadona.

Now after just debuting this tag team gimmick this past Friday in our Indiana debut which was for a very cool little fed called Caution High Risk Wrestling out of Wabash, Indiana in which we won the tag team Championships After Doing a segment With “High & Mighty” Joe Young Called The Jungle Lounge In Which We(Team P.C.P) Got tired of joe young sticking up for the tag team champions so we beat him down and out came the at time tag team champions. So we will see what the future has instore for us as a team.

Melissa: When it comes to wrestling in general, who has been your number 1 inspiration in the wrestling industry?

Jt:Well I cannot say really that I had ONE top inspiration. I looked up to many and couldn’t put one over on the others. Such as Chris Jericho, The Rock, New Jack, Rikishi, Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman and a few others.

Melissa: Since the beginning of your career, who have you trained with?

J.T.: Little Nasty Boy(Danny Campbell)

Lonestar(Local Indy Worker)

“Governor” Wilson Kaine(Local Indy Worker)

Tommy Celcious(Local Indy Worker & New Jacks 2XFW Tag Tea Champion)

Terry Bull(Japanese Superstar & Tennessee Veteran)

Gangrel at a pro wrestling unplugged seminar

Tonga Kid At The B.A.W Championship Wrestling Dojo

Melissa: Please give our WZ viewers a sneak peak into the day and life of the “Pacific Coast Player” J.T. Evans. What’s a normal day for you like?

J.T. : Well The Normal Day Goes Like This. I wakeup Eat a Night Egg & Hashbrown Breakfast. Get On My Computer Check My Myspace, then once I do that, I go hit the gym for a while. Then I come home, take a shower and settle down for the rest of the day unless I have work.

End Of Enterview

J.T. also added that he wanted to thank all of the kind staff of wrestlezone.com and thank the viewers for reading his interview. It was a true pleasure interviewing the “Pacific Coast Player” J.T. Evans. And I personally, being a reporter for WZ truly wish him the best.

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