NWA NOTES for 10-6-08

Bill Behrens



NWA Anarchy crept another step closer to Fright Night â<80><99>08 with their taping at the NWA Arena in Cornelia Saturday night.

It was definitely a step in the ring direction. Things are coming into focus at precisely the right time for the big show. The crowd was bigger (175) and amped up compared to two weeks ago. This show was what it needed to be – good stories and just enough action in the ring. There wonâ<80><99>t be much trimming needed for TV.

NWA Anarchy owner, Jerry Palmer opened the show with the news that Griffin Campbell Palmer was home from the hospital and trying to work his way out of the lightweight division. They put some darling baby pics up on the big screen. The poor kid already looks like Jerry.

(1) Brodie Chase & Melissa Coates beat Bo Newsome & Crystal Rose in 7:59. Crowd was into Bo and Rose as the underdogs. Rose earned a return engagement, being that she was way over in her match at the last taping.Chase used intimidation tactics on young Newsome, and forced a tag to Rose. Chase sat her on the top turnbuckle. The crowd popped when she landed a spinkick to Chaseâ<80><99>s face. Coates womanhandled Rose. She used an elevated armbar. There was this revolting spot where Chase caressed Roseâ<80><99>s face with his cheek. Rose headbutted Chase in the groin and hot-tagged Newsome. Nice dropkicks by Bo. Rose came off Boâ<80><99>s shoulders with a huracanrana on Chase, but Coates planted Rose with The Facelift. Rose was done, but Chase insisted on making the pin.

Post-match: Palmer came out and again told Coates she didnâ<80><99>t have to put up with Chaseâ<80><99>s crap. Palmer said his number wasnâ<80><99>t hard to find. Palmer told Chase he was watching him.

On the WrestleVision we saw Talent & Money in a conversation with the Technicians. The audio was difficult to make out. Technicians gave their spot to Talent & Money. They were blown away by the Techniciansâ<80><99> overblown egos.

(2) Talent & Money (JT Talent & Drew Pendleton III) beat Hollywood Brunettes (Kyle Matthews & Andrews Alexander) in 6:42. The Dynamic Duo (Chad Parham & Seth Delay) came out to observe. Parham said they were there to drink their beverages and enjoy some rasslin. Parham was displeased that they had to endure a tag team turmoil match at Fright Night with a bunch of also rans, rather than being in the tag team title match. It was Brunettes double teaming Talent early. The heels started working on Alexanderâ<80><99>s taped up shoulder. Chants of â<80><9c>Andrewâ<80> here. Talent used a divorce court for a near fall. Off the hot tag, Matthews hiptossed Pendleton over the top and nailed Talent with his signature dropkick. That brought Parham up on the apron with his latte, which ended up all over Delay. But Matthews got distracted by the damage being done to Alexander on the outside. T & M hit a combo guillotine leg drop (Pendleton)/sideslam (Talent) and Talent pinned Matthews.

Parham and Delay were preparing to get revenge on Matthews with a stuff piledriver when New Wave (Derrick Driver & Steven Walters) made the save.

(3) Truitt Fields beat Chris Mayne to retain the NWA Anarchy Television Title in 7:13. The Reverend came out with Shaun Tempers, who was wearing a black dress shirt and black tie. Reverend said Tempers was there to provide insight to the commentary. He said Tempers might have learned a thing or two from him since (in a previous life) he was the greatest TV announcer to ever grace the building. This was good match when Mayne was selling. Thatâ<80><99>s definitely his strong suit. He could have been a premier enhancement guy back in the day. It started with power and strength domination by Fields. Mayne hit a hotshot move when Fields attempted to bring him into the ring the hardway. The match flattened out with Mayne on offense. His stuff wasnâ<80><99>t that impressive and he got too much of it. Mayne came off the top onto Fieldsâ<80><99> knee for a self-induced reverse atomic drop. Fields hit an overhead suplex in to the buckles, but Mayne got a foot over the ropes. Fields won it with an Oâ<80><99>Connor Roll.

Post-match: Mayne clubbed Fields from behind. While Fields was taking care of Mayne, Tempers scooped up the TV title belt and climbed into the ring. Expecting the worst, Fields flinched when he saw Tempers. But Tempers was all sweetness and light. He calmly placed the belt on the champâ<80><99>s shoulder and departed. Great stuff. Tempers is coming across as the real deal threat to take Fieldsâ<80><99> title.

(4) Big Time Playaz (Danny Matthews & Scott McKenzie) beat Texas Hitmen (Big Dogg & Skitzo) in 5:15. Not much heat for this. It reminded me of Wildside, when relative unknowns would come in and try to get over with their work. At the last taping, Tribal Nation had the advantage of working two hated heels (Dynamic Duo). They had a decent match, but not exceptional, and Anarchy is not a workrate crowd to begin with. Dogg has lost a tremendous amount of weight since he last appeared in Cornelia. Playaz were the faces. Matthews took the heat. McKenzie tried to hook the crowd on a â<80><9c>BTPâ<80> chant. They didnâ<80><99>t bite. Matthews landed on his feet of a backdrop to set up the hot tag. Finish was a combo (Matthews) Samoan Drop/(McKenzie) top rope corkscrew on Skitzo.

Jeff G. Bailey entered the ring with Kimo and cut one of those dark, disturbing promos that are his specialty. He said Kimo had unleashed the Korean martial art of Sun Kwan Do and the Six Finger Touch of Death on Ace Rockwell. Bailey said that was him being merciful, because if Kimo had used the Seven Pressure Points, Rockwell would be deceased, but that would have deprived them of the everlasting pleasure of seeing Rockwelâ<80><99>s torment as he vomited blood. Bailey said Kimo was bred as a warrior, a super soldier and was his unbeatable monster.

(5) Kimo (with Attorney Jeff G. Bailey) beat Slim J in 3:33. Outstanding stuff. Gutsy booking. They were willing to sacrifice a top babyface to take the new monster to a higher and more invincible level. J is so over it won’t hurt him, particularly given the current direction for his character. Both guys were awesome here. Jâ<80><99>s entrance got the biggest pop of the first hour. Jâ<80><99>s offense was totally ineffective. Kimo blocked and no sold his kicks. J tried for a huracanrana, but Kimo turned it into a hotshot. Kimo waved off Jâ<80><99>s missile dropkick attempt and pounded the bejeezus out of him. J locked in a triangle, but Kimo broke it with a running powerbomb in to the turnbuckles. J collapsed in a heap. Kimo propped J up and delivered the karate blow to the face for the pin. The crowd was in stunned silence.

Postmatch: Bailey took off his tie and it looked like a repeat of last weekâ<80><99>s Six Finger Touch of Death bloodbath was coming up. Ref Brent Wiley tried to stop it, and Kimo was ready to give him the Touch when Palmer came out surrounded by referees. Palmer said he didnâ<80><99>t want to get in Baileyâ<80><99>s business, but he drew the line at physical attacks on referees. Palmer threatened fines and suspensions. Bailey got Kimo under control. As the refs were dragging Jâ<80><99>s carcass out, Adrian Hawkins met them on the ramp. Hawkins knocked J to the floor and got in his face.

(6) Adrian Hawkins beat T.K. Cross in 9:13. I though this match helped both guys tremendously. Cross won the entire crowd over, not just the Bleacher Bums. Hawkins has become a despicable prick of a heel. Cross jumped out on top to score several near falls. Hawkins shook his head â<80><9c>no!â<80> as he was taking a body slam. Funny stuff. From the outside, Hawkins swept Crossâ<80><99> feet off the middle rope to drop him on his face. Hawkins was talking trash, addressing Cross like he was Slim J. To cap off a well-built comeback, Cross did this psychotic plunge over the top rope where he appeared to nose dive straight into the floor. A scary close call. When Cross got up from it, the crowd was 100% behind him. Finish saw Hawkins sling Cross of the apron into the ringsteps. That also looked brutal as hell. Hawkins rolled Cross back into the ring for the pin.

(7) Rob Adonis (with Jeremy Vain) beat Derrick Driver (with Steven Walters) in 7:55. Vain let Adonis take his place in the match, a move that got Vain all kinds of heat. Adonis appeared to have no answer to Driverâ<80><99>s aerial attack in the early going, but he managed to upend Driver and turn on the power game. Driver kicked out of a spinebuster. Surprising fire from Driver on the comeback. A flying bodypress by Driver brought Vain up to apron, but Walters was there to deck Vain. Adonis caught Driver coming off the top and hit his spinning suplex for the pin. After the match, Vain tried to jump Walters, but Walters beat him to the punch. Adonis intervened with his finisher on Walters. Vain made the ref raise their hands while they were standing over the champions holding the title belts.

â<80><9c>The Feature Presentationâ<80> Jeff Lewis returned from a one month hiatus. He pulled an Obama by agreeing with Don Matthews that they had different styles. Lewis said that was OK with him and he wanted to bury the hatchet. Matthews came out. Jay Clinton tried to jump Matthews. This ended up just like all the others times â<80>” with Clinton eating The Lariat from Hell. But Lewis gave Matthews a shot to the throat with one of those telescoping police batons. Matthews was out cold. Lewis posed over the body. I wasnâ<80><99>t big on this program when it first got off the ground, but after Matthewsâ<80><99> promo the last time and this segment, Iâ<80><99>m ready.

(8) Azrael (with The Reverend) beat Chip Day in 3:56. Match was almost exclusively striking, which worked really well because it was so different that the rest of the show. This was another good showing for Day, and any time Azrael is in a striking contest, that’s a good thing. Azrael, in basic black gear, took off his glove and lit up Dayâ<80><99>s chest bigtime. Day put Azrael down with a roundhouse kick to the head. Azrael put Dayâ<80><99>s lights out with a flying kick to the face.

The Reverend said the only thing that goes bump in the night around Anarchy is Devilâ<80><99>s Rejects. He said they exposed the fable of Mikal Judas as Mikal Adryan the last time.

Judas hit the ring – no makeup, no cloak and one hell of an impressive physique â<80>” the Reverend hit him with his staff. Judas goozled the Reverend and was attacked by Azrael and Iceberg. He was taking it to them 1 on 2, but eventually the odds were too much. Rejects gave Judas a stacked Ground Zero Splash. Shadow Jackson hit the ring and the place went up for grabs. Just as the Rejects were gaining the upper hand on Jackson, Judas popped up and the faces started cleaning house. The crowd was on fire, clearly ready to see Jackson and Judas combine forces. Two gibronis tried to break up the fight and took a double chokeslam from Judas. Jackson sent Iceberg out of the ring with a shoulder block. The pop was an earsplitter. The entire dressing room came out to separate the combatants.

A terrific way to end the show â<80>” with the crowd peaked and wanting more.

NOTES: Matches set for Fright Night on 11/1 include: Vain & Adonis vs. New Wave for the Anarchy Tag Team Titles, Tempers challenges Fields for the Anarchy TV Title, Slim J vs. Hawkins for the Young Lionâ<80><99>s Title, Coates (with Chase) vs. Daffney (with Palmer) and a Tag Team Turmoil with 6 teams to determine the number one contenders for the tag titlesâ<80>¦NWA Anarchy returns on 10/18 for their final pre-Fright Night show with Fields & Judas & Jackson vs. Azrael & Tempers & Iceberg and Parham & Delay vs. Hollywood Brunettesâ<80>¦Kimo, Bailey, Judas and Lewis all worked the Champions With Attitude show in Columbia on 10/3 with Ric Flair doing a VIP appearance. Bailey debuted by enticing Kimo to convert from the â<80><9c>Hawaiian Assassinâ<80> to the â<80><9c>Butcher of Pyongyangâ<80> that Anarchy fans know and loveâ<80>¦APW, which is something of a AAA farm club for Anarchy, has their big show, â<80><9c>Nightmare on Cherry Streetâ<80> set for October 24 in Royston.

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NWA Anarchy TV Report by Ca$hFlowX

Episode 137

September 29, 2008

Message to all wrestlers who read this report, if you’re ever in the Twin Cities area or Omaha area, they have two awesome promotions: Arik Cannon’s F1rst Wrestling out of the Twin Cities and Pro Wrestling Phoenix at the Iowa National Guard Armory in Council Bluffs, Iowa (right across the Missouri from Omaha, NE and on two major interstates). They’re great promotions to work a show for especially the crowds.

Also, I’d like to thank everyone reading this report (especially the locker room) and dealing with reviews heading out on Sundays. My teaching job is extremely challenging with five preparations (7th grade, 8th grade, Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II), taking two correspondence courses (which requires driving literally to the boondocks) and coaching middle school girl’s basketball. Thank you everyone for your patience. Finally, if you’d like to drop me a line, my new email address richmond2pollock@yahoo.com.

WRESTLING: (n.) â<80><99>res-ling A sport of contest in which two individuals face off in unarmed combat.

ANARCHY: (n.) an-ar-key (1) A state of lawlessness due to absence of authority. (2) A complete lack of order.

What happens when you mix the two together? NWA-Anarchy!

– Welcome to NWA Anarchy, this is PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING~! Last week on NWA Anarchy TV, Adrian Hawkins won the inaugural Young Lions match, Sal Rinauro won a handicap hair match with relief from Ace Rockwell against his archnemesis Chad Parham & Seth Delay, and Delay suffered the worst haircut in NWA Arena history. The good thing Chad walked out with his hair and Seth looks good with no hair. ¿Que, John Johnson? This week, former tag team champs Shaun Tempers & Azreal with Dan Wilson challenge the New Wave in a rematch. The main event pits the man who screwed Seth Delay faces NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Iceberg.

1. Chris King defeated Tyler Smith w/Bob E & Todd Sexton via DQ.

The audio is killing me by alternating between in and out! Sounds like the VCR tape has undergone numerous tapings! Smith practices the technical aspects of professional wrestling by smashing King’s wrist on the ring apron and executing a flapjack on his shoulder. Smith continues to work over King’s arm a la Minnesota Wrecking Crew. Smith finally buys himself time by dipping on a charging Smith. King wipes out both Technicians with a baseball slide and they launch an unmitigated assault. The referee calls for the bell as Sexton commands them to break King’s arm. Bob E lands a top rope knee to King before applying an armbreaker. Alright, now where the hell Billy Buck? As we head to break, the fans actually taunt Todd with an “I quit” chant. Now, that is an awesome taunt!

– You know you’re a lowlife pregnant dog with the fans mercilessly chant “I quit” at you. Sexton calls King a quitter, and then points to several fans. He says he makes people quick. He promises to quit (retire) if the next person who comes through the entrance curtain quit. Well, someone answers Sexton’s call. Cue Mikael Judas’ music, the same man who retired Sexton back at the second episode of NWA Anarchy. Sexton cowers in the corner as Team Technician slithers to the floor.

2. “The Priest of Punishment” Mikael Judas destroyed and made “Yellow Bellied Coward” Todd Sexton his personal pregnant dog.

Sexton immediately backs into Judas and begs for his life. It’s been nice knowing you, Todd. Judas answers a handshake with a smack and crunches Sexton’s hand. Judas sends Sexton flying into the corner before pummeling him. After a turnbuckle whip, Sexton receives a corner clothesline, the Kick of Fear┢, and a leaping clothesline. Judas brings Johnson complete happiness by manhandling Sexton with a huge chokeslam. One teenage girl comments, “Oh my God!” Todd, you arrogant not a very nice person, you are the Weakest Link, GOODBYE~!

3. Truitt Fields & His Gardeners aka The Texas Treats (Don Juan & Chris Marval) vs. Sex, Talent & Money (Caleb Conley & JT Talent & Andrew Pendleton III).

Nice racial jab Johnson by calling the Texas Treats Truitt Fields’ gardeners. Talent pulls Fields hair, which would slip out if it was Marval’s greasy hair, or at least that is what Johnson believes. Hey John, whatever happened to your personal illegal immigrant underpaid employee Alejandro? Conley removes his garb to reveal his trademark briefs and fairs no better against the fans. Unfortunately, Caleb can’t hit Don Juan like a cue ball and get more English out of him. Marval takes the heat when Fields complains to the referee about Talent making a save. The Essentials (Sex, Talent & Money) work over one of the gardeners from Texas. Wow, now I’m calling one of my personal favorite wrestlers a gardener. Conley eventually receives the hot tag and works over Pendleton. Talent & Money bum rush Fields, but Don Juan pulls them to the arena floor. One Killing Fields later Sex pays the price for prostituting himself to two gardeners. Afterwards, Fields performs his best sexual antics to the female’s delight.

4. The New Wave (Derrick Driver & Steven Walters) defeated the Devil’s Rejects (Shaun Tempers & Azreal) w/Dan Wilson & the Staff of Righteousness to become the #1 contenders to the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles.

The New Wave have much to prove after two near pinfall victories overall the Rejects, including one bull nuts Dusty Finish that robbed them of the tag titles. The New Wave had no offense in the opening moments save a Sunset Flip by Walters. The Rejects administered a Major League beating on Walters. (Good camera shot with Azreal mugging Walters in the corner.) Walters ducks the Mafia kick and lands a dropkick. Walters rallies behind the crowd to make the hot tag to Stevens. Walters locks on an inverted crab on Tempers. The Reverend has other ideas by hopping on the ring apron and distracts the referee long enough to allow Azreal to whack Driver with the Staff of Righteousness. Azreal sends Walters plummeting to the floor like Congress’ approval rating (a mere 9%.) Meanwhile, Tempers makes the cover on Driver, but he kicks out! Wilson throws a huge fit at ringside. After an awkward looking sequence, the New Wave finally win with the Unskinny Bop and are the new #1 tag team contenders. I feel sorry for them especially having to face the Information Extractor.

5. Iceberg w/”the Reverend” Dan Wilson & the Staff of Righteousness pinned “the Man Who Screwed Seth Delay” Ace Rockwell to retain the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title.

Rockwell answers Iceberg’s slap by quickly sending him off his legs. As soon as Rockwell takes to the Unfriendly Skies, he crashes and burns. Iceberg lands the Thigh Drop of Doom and places his putrid pythons around Rockwell’s neck like a vice grip. That sure is one hell of a head scissors so Rockwell escapes by biting! Iceberg uses his massive size and destroys Rockwell a la Abdullah the Butcher sans the kitchen utensils. After commercial, Iceberg administers more punishment until Rockwell eludes a senton splash. There’s no water left in the lake after that miss. Rockwell screams like a madman, but eats the Cannonball. Iceberg makes the cover, but Rockwell kicks out. Wilson’s heart is working on overdrive with two near falls. Rockwell cinches in a piggyback sleeper and delivers two Stinger splashes. Iceberg staggers and Rockwell connects with a bulldog for a near fall. Rockwell dashes and eats a belly to belly. Iceberg mounts the middle turnbuckle, but Rockwell stops him. Rockwell struggles with a super rana while Iceberg preparing for a Super Bomb and Wilson brandishing the Staff of Righteousness. Rockwell switches into a middle rope Ace’s High. Rockwell struggles to make the cover and Wilson places Iceberg’s foot on the bottom rope. Tired of the Reverend’s blatant interference, Rockwell pummels him. Back in the ring, Iceberg easily slides out of the Ace’s High for a Ground Xero splash. Splat, the match is over. Afterwards, a pissed of Dan Wilson orders the Rejects to destroy the hapless Rockwell. Rinauro heads out for the save, but Iceberg clobbers him. The carnage finally concludes when “Mr. 10-31” Shadow Jackson heads out and motions he will be the next NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion. Iceberg thingys his fist and jumps back when Shadow stares him down. The crowd chants “next champ” and “Shadowmania” as Iceberg retreats to the friendly confines of the Compound. I hope this feud is milked all the way to Season’s Beatings.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.nwaanarchy.net/tv.html

2009 NWA Excellence Camp

– Presented by NWA Anarchy Wrestling &

Elite Pro Wrestling Training with host Les Thatcher

On the weekend of March 20th, – March 22nd, 2009 NWA Anarchy Wrestling will have the honor of hosting it’s first ever NWA Excellence Camp.This event will be a weekend long training session administered and taught by 40 year vet, and former NWA World Tag Team & Junior Heavyweight Champion, as well as major backstage influence, promoter and famed broadcaster (who’s known for his work with NWA Hall of Famers Gordon Solie & Bob Caudle, the legendary Lance Russell & WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross), the esteemed Les Thatcher. Les is a man who was fortunate enough to be right on the cusp of NWA territorial wrestling during it’s hottest period. He worked directly under men like Bill Watts, Eddie Graham and Ole Anderson, who are widely regarded as some of the greatest minds to have ever been associated with our

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Wrestling experience is preferred, but not absolutely required to attend. If you choose to attend, and have no prior experience, you will absolutely learn something. Please be advised, however, that this is intended to be an advanced class for experienced independent wrestlers, managers, referees, announcers and support staff. This course is a project, designed by Les Thatcher, Ricky Steamboat & Harley Race to help indy wrestlers take their game to the next level. Do you ever wonder why you can’t get better bookings? Do you want to know what the big leagues are looking for? Do you want to understand why the stars of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s were so successful? This is your opportunity to find out first hand, from a highly respected 40 year veteran of our sport in the arena that helped launch the careers of AJ Styles, Abyss, Consequences Creed, R-Truth Killings, Ray Gordy, Phil Shatter and more, exactly what it is you may be missing.

The cost for the entire weekend is only $75.00. That’s breaks down to only $25.00 per day for a training experience that you can’t put a price-tag on. The camp will take place at the NWA Arena, which is located at 4236 Level Grove Rd in Cornelia, GA 30531. There is a variety of economic lodging and food within just one mile of the arena, and we are currently negotiating with various local businesses for exclusive discount rates.

– Day one will kick off at 6:30 PM EST on Friday March 20th with an open forum Q & A session with Mr. Thatcher and will last until all questions have been answered. Saturday and Sunday will feature, all day, in ring, training sessions as well as match critiques from Les. Also, NWA Anarchy will be hosting it’s regularly scheduled television taping at 8PM on Saturday Match 21st featuring the long awaited return of Les Thatcher to an NWA announce booth, and all guests of the camp will be offered free admission to the event with VIP seating, as well as limited access to the backstage and production areas of the arena.

There will only be a limited number of available spots to ensure that the training is as beneficial for everyone as possible, so act fast. You may reserve your spot with a small $25 down payment by personal check, money order or online via paypal, with the remainder to be paid by the end of the year. For more info, contact us at nwaexcellence@gmail.com or by phone at 423-355-3914

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn the true mastery of your craft!

NWA Anarchy Wrestling


October 3rd Results

Spirit Bank Events Center

Tulsa, OK

Spoiler 2000 (w/ Charming Charles) def. Slam Shady for the vacant NWA Oklahoma Heavyweight Title

Blake Albright def. “The Vulture” Kenny Campbell (w/ X-Cal) by DQ when Mike DiBiase interfered

“The Shooter” Brent Albright def. NWA North American & NWA Texas Champion “The Legacy” Mike DiBiase by DQ when Kenny Campbell (w/ X-Cal) interfered

Blue Demon Jr. def. “Mr. Saturday Night” Michael Barry

NWA Midwest Tag Team Champions The Skullkrushers (Rasche Brown & Keith Walker) vs. NWA World Tag Team Champions Los Luchas (Phoenix Star & Zokre) ended in a Double DQ

The Albright Brothers (“The Shooter” Brent Albright & Blake Albright) def. “The Vulture” Kenny Campbell & NWA North American & NWA Texas Champion “The Legacy” Mike DiBiase (w/ X-Cal)

King V def. Rob Conway (w/ Max McGuirk)

NWA Southwest/ PWF

October 4, 2008

PWF Wrestleplex

Amarillo, TX

Match 1: “Dirty” Dice Murdock pinning NWA-SW/PWF newcomer Johnny Damage.

Match 2: BioHaxxxard besting another newcomer, Tattoo Freak,

Match 3 : Mike Savage victorious over Joey “The Mastiff” Armstrong.

Match 4: NWA SW/ PWF Texas Panhandle Title Match

“The Natural” Shawn Mills (c) vs. “Sexy” Shawn Sanders.

Winner: Shawn Mills.

The main event was round four in the best-of-seven series for the NWA-SW/PWF Brass Knuckles belt between current title holder Chuey Martinez and “The Hooligan” Austin Riley with fans supplying the weapons. With Riley getting the pin, the series stands at two each. Round five will be on Oct. 18 when the two have a Lucky 13 match in which they will use staple guns to attach one dollar bills to one another.

Saturday, former World of Wrestling Entertainment superstar Sam Houston will be in action at the WrestlePlex while his father and NWA Hall of Legends member Grizzly Smith will be meeting fans and signing autographs.

NWA-SW/Professional Wrestling Federation in action at 7:30 p.m., every Saturday at the WrestlePlex, 2650 Dumas Highway.

For more information on PWF, go to:



For more information on NWA Southwest, go to:




It was not the highly anticipated match between Mike Dibiase and Kevin Northcutt on October 4, as Dibiase had transportation issues that prevented him from making the NWA Showcase in Robstown, Texas.

NWA-SW commissioner Ken Taylor quickly declared the title vacated when advised, but still deliver a Texas title match as advertised. He took the highest NWA member contender in the building, which happened to be El Diablo Rojo, to face Northcutt.

The match lasted 10:56 minutes with Northcutt spurred on with constant chanting of “Whose Your Daddy” getting a rollup pin.

Taylor said it is unknown what is the next stage for the DiBiase-Northcutt feud, but that certainly will be forth coming soon.

NWA Indiana

September 28, 2008

Lafayette, IN

National Guard Armory

Justin Andrews defeated Nick Cutler

“Bad Boy” Billy Bart defeated Guy Lombardo

Marc Houston defeated Devon Fury

Rob Ramer defeated Lash Gibson

Flash Flannigan defeated “Sexy” Shawn Cook

Marc Houston & Chase “The Face” Richards defeated Devon Fury & Kenny Courageous by disqualification

For more information on NWA Indiana, go to:


For more information on NWA Midwest, go to:



NWA at Crab Carnival, West Point, Virginia: American Ranger & Fenris defeated The Texas Hangman when Ranger pinned Maulâ<80>¦Assault & Battery defeated American Strike Force by pinfall to advance in the tournament to crown NWA Fusion tag champions in Virginia [lineage remains the same as the Virginia State Tag Titles are being renamed, not retired]â<80>¦The New Blood defeated Standards and Practices [best match of the event]â<80>¦”Stardust” Marc Anthony defeated Jeff Early via pinfallâ<80>¦Gamble pinned Krotch w/The Shiekâ<80>¦NWA Continental Heavyweight Champion “Big Time” Mike Booth defeated Phil Brown via pinfallâ<80>¦”Simply Perfect” Preston Quinn pinned “The Geordie Bulldog” Sean Denny via DDT in a #1 contender’s matchâ<80>¦Booth came out and after some words, attacked his former partnerâ<80>¦NWA Alpha Champion Grail defeated “I’m Better Than You” Mark Bravura by dq when Bravura’s manager threw powder into Grail’s face when Grail had Bravura in the Sharpshooter. Bravura then beat down Grail and stole the Alpha Championship.

NWA in Virginia has a show in Atkins at the Volunteer Fire Department on October 18 featuring Stan Lee in action and features a rematch between former tag team partners Mikkie McMasters and the person who turned on him DP Holliday.

NWA in Virginia returns to King and Queen Elementary School on October 25 and features NWA Continental Champion “Big Time” Mike Booth defending against “Simply Perfect” Preston Quinn, NWA Alpha Champion Grail defends against “I’m Better Than You” Mark Bravura, Assault & Battery battle The Geordie Bulldogs, The New Blood will be in action, and “Mr. Mid Atlantic” Damian Wayne returns to an NWA ring since his one hour draw with NWA World Champion Adam Pearce.

Keep checking back to www.MySpace.com/NWAVirginia for more information concerning the National Wrestling Alliance in Virginia!

NWA Great Championship Wrestling

October 2, 2008

Great Skate Plex

Phenix City, Alabama

Attendance: 125

Orion Bishop pinned Tex Monroe.

Bull Buchanan pinned John Slaughter.

GCW Tag Team Champions “That 80’s Guy” John Bogie & Kareem-Abdul Jamar defeated Ron Stalker & Joey Lightning.

Scotty Beach pinned Murder One.

Johnny Swinger beat Cru Jones by disqualification.

GCW Heavyweight Title Match

GCW Heavyweight Champion Micah Taylor (with Tracy Taylor) pinned GCW Interstate Champion Sonny Siaki. Only the GCW Heavyweight title was at stake.

For more information on NWA GCW, go to:



October 4, 2008

Russian Community Centre

Vancouver, BC

Three weeks before Halloween Hell rocks Surrey, ECCW took the Russian Community Centre by storm and rocked the upcoming October 24th event to its very core! The biggest news is the crowning of new NWA/ECCW tag team champions, as “Bomber” Nelson Creed & “The Loose Cannon” Kenny Lush defeated Sid Sylum & Dropkick Murphy to take home their first tag team championship! The two teams battled throughout the Russian Community Centre and in and out of the ring, as NWA representative Mike Sweetser tried to regain control of the match. The Chill Town team used their teamwork to try to stop the challengers, who would not stay down, and, frustrated, Sylum leveled Sweetser from behind with a hard clothesline! With the referee down, Chill Town went to work, culminating in The Natural splattering Lush through a table with a huge splash! Lush battled back, and as injured referee Robert Mitchell resumed the match, Lush scored the pinfall on Dropkick to end Chill Town’s

strangehold on ECCW championships! This changes the dynamic of the Fans Bring The Weapons Match at Halloween Hell, as Lush and Creed will now be going into the contest as the defending champions! But Chill Town is regrouping and wants their belts back, and Pop Culture and Cremator & Moondog Manson still have their eyes on the gold!

The main event scene has been turned around as well, as Penni Lane & Rick The Weapon X scored the victory over Scotty Mac & Nicole Matthews… and lightning struck twice, as Penni pinned the NWA/ECCW Champion one-two-three in the center of the ring! As Scotty and Nicole retreated, their championships still held high, Mike Sweetser confronted them at the entranceway, and announced two major changes to Halloween Hell due to the Australian victory! First, Nicole Matthews will defend the SuperGirls championship against both Penni Lane and former champion Veronika Vice… in a triple threat falls count anywhere match, the first in SuperGirls history! And in one half of the double main event, Scotty Mac will now not only face three.. but four men, as Rick The Weapon X will join El Phantasmo, Memphis & Kyle O’Reilly inside the steel cage with the NWA/ECCW Championship on the line!

Scotty Mac attempted to fire the first shot in the steel cage warfare, as he and The Natural were a guest on MR2’s On The Runway. MR2 needled Scotty on how his brother Memphis had gotten in his head, and how he would take the NWA/ECCW Championship in the steel cage in Surrey! However, as Natural distracted MR2, Scotty set himself and took him down with a superkick! To add even more mayhem, Sid Sylum then came out with a steel chair, and executed his outlawed Tombstone piledriver onto the steel chair, rendering MR2 unconscious! As Chill Town celebrated, Memphis and ECCW officials scurried to the ring to assist the fallen MR2. MR2 was taken to a local Vancouver hospital, where he was diagnosed with a stiff neck and a concussion, as Chill Town again flaunted their lack of respect for ECCW wrestlers and officials! Has Scotty Mac now gotten to Memphis, and will the effects be seen in the steel cage at Halloween Hell?

The war between Cremator & Moondog Manson and Pop Culture took another turn for the worse in Vancouver, as thanks to interference from Ice, Cole Bishop defeated Cremator… but Moondog Manson exacted revenge by defeating Ice in an ECCW Hardcore championship defense! For once, the tables were turned on the Larger Than Life Superstar, as Cremator used the hardcore rules to interfere in the contest, spreading thumbtacks on the ring for Manson to powerbomb Ice onto for the victory! As Bishop helped a bloodied Ice to the back, Cremator screamed that it was not over between them.. because the next time that Ice and Cremator went one on one, it would be in a bodybag match – where the loser has to be stuffed in an airtight bodybag, and zipped up to the end!

NWA Canadian junior heavyweight champion “Brilliant” Billy Suede wanted a challenge in Vancouver, and he got it in “Southern Comfort” Ray Brooks.. but Suede was able to make shockingly quick work of the former ECCW Extreme Jobber champion, surprising him with a schoolboy rollup for the pinfall mere minutes into the contest! As Brooks complained to the referee, Suede demanded a new challenger… which was answered by “Dastardly” Danni Deeds! Deeds proved to be a match for Suede, coming ever so close to winning his first “real” championship in ECCW, but Suede’s skill was too much for him, as Sliced Bread #2 finished Deeds off for Suede’s second successful title defense! Not satisfied with victory, Suede began putting the boots to both Deeds and Brooks.. only to be run off by an angered Kyle O’Reilly, who was incensed at the lack of honor shown by the champion! O’Reilly is in the hunt for two championships, and he not only wants the NWA/ECCW Championship,

but he wants his Canadian junior heavyweight title back!

Suede’s alliance with Artemis Spencer was nearly strained in Vancouver, as Suede’s misfired interference nearly cost Spencer the match against CJ Strongheart, who took Spencer to the limit! In the end, though, Spencer pulled out the close victory.. but as he and Suede celebrated, NWA representative Mike Sweetser announced a surprising match for both – as at Halloween Hell, Billy Suede will defend the NWA Canadian junior heavyweight title against Artemis Spencer! Will there be honor among thieves, or will Spencer put his alliance with Suede aside to win his first major singles championship?

The Divine Prophet’s hold over the competitors in ECCW began stronger in Vancouver, as following Mike Dempsey’s successful return to ECCW with a victory over Prophet’s charge MANTHER, the Prophet was able to successfully sway Dempsey away from his friend Adam Silva and into his congregation! As Silva attempted to talk some sense into Dempsey, Dempsey spun and decked Silva with a punch to the mouth, ending their friendship and leaving with the Divine Prophet! Silva’s night would not get better, as his ill-advised open challenge in retaliation was answered by the powerful Synn, who made short and painful work of the ECCW rookie!

The Prophet’s work was not done, as his original disciple Matt Classic battered Memphis around the Vancouver ring.. but Memphis was able to pull out the victory, surprising Classic with the lungblower for the pinfall victory, avenging his elimination months ago in Battlebowl!

We are less than three weeks away from Halloween Hell, coming at you from the Bridgeview Hall in Surrey on Friday night, October 24th! A steel cage match.. a falls count anywhere match.. a Fans Bring The Weapons Match… a costume battle royal.. and a LOT more will be coming your way on October 24th! Tickets are on sale now here on ECCW.com and at all Surrey ticket outlets! Don’t miss it!

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