Feature: Steve Anderson and Where His Head Is


Have received some interesting correspondence over the past week, so I thought I would take the time to respond.

It’s pretty easy kicking down fraudulent promoters when they’ve already been exposed.

Where was your “harsh” column before Behrens’ ? To me, it seems like you’re just piggy-backing off of Behren’s column, for reasons I’m which are undisclosed, right.

I’m not sticking up for these promoters, as I myself have been burned this past summer by a promoter who didn’t pay. But if a guy like Elix Skipper, with all of his experience, is gullible to take a booking by a guy named “Shady”, IMO that’s his own fault, because a worker should always ask around about a promoter before accepting a booking … OR take an advance payment, to avoid being burned like that.

Instead of writing your column with your head up Behren’s “A$$”, you should seriously consider the common sense it takes by both a promoter (no matter how true or fraudulent they are) and workers, and how they can better incorporate their deals – at least your sentiments would have some value on the WZ website and might even garner some respect from those in and out of the business!



Excellent letter, if not a bit harsh. You make some good points. I only â<80><9c>piggy-backedâ<80> on Billâ<80><99>s post because it inspired me to vent. I have witnessed far too many occasions where one of the boys have been screwed out of a payoff. Yes, the wrestlers who continue to work for these schmucks are partially responsible. If they are aware of, dare I say, â<80><9c>shadyâ<80> dealings, buyer beware.

As far as incorporating their deals or getting money in advance, good luck. Easier said than done. If you want to work or need to work, youâ<80><99>ll take a certain amount of chance. Wrestlers are passionate about what they do, which tends to override business sense. Seasoned slimeball wrestling promoters are good at what they do. That includes man*pulation and Machiavellian tactics.

You talked about how if Vince had showed up for a match with Bischoff on WCW television, he would of gone over assuming it was a shoot. How exactly would that of worked? In your opinion, what would it be like? Would they have just had a fist fight or what, this really interests me as it just brings up so many questions.

Thanks for reading, please reply



Simple really. I know that Bischoff is a black belt or something. But Vince is a burly guy who has shown his toughness and willingness to put his body on the line in extreme matches (cage matches, Hell in a Cell, and Buried Alive come to mind). He has taken a pounding, albeit in a â<80><9c>controlled environment.â<80> Plus, he has cut his teeth on the business since he was a wee lad. I dare say that Vince could have held his own back then.

That being said, Vince would not have shown up. He has this strange policy of not putting over the competition.

THANK GOD SOMEONE FINALLY SAID IT. I whole heartily agree with you. I watch both WWE and TNA and I like them both the same, but when TNA goes the WCW route and bashes WWE constantly, it just makes them look like poor sports. I watch TNA for TNA, not for hearing about how the WWE is â<80><9c>The Devilâ<80> and how much the owner is cruel and doesnâ<80><99>t care about his wrestlers. They have to stop with the bashing. Like the old saying goes â<80><9c>Any publicity is good publicityâ<80>



Good point. The mention of WWE on TNA is free advertising for the competition, not to mention it makes the smaller promotion look even smaller. Thereâ<80><99>s nothing wrong with being the little dog on the block. Just stop talking about the big dog.

Santino is a great idiot heel and I love how he makes me think of the good ‘ol days. I can just hear Gorilla Monsoon laughing his ass off with Lord Alfred Hayes mocking Glamarella. LOL. NWO definitely had something to do with this “cool” heel shit but I think Hogan was still a coward and played it to a T. He ducked out of matches and had the Giant and the Outsiders fight many of his battles. I mean look at Pro Wrestling and there are only a handful of TRUE heels

Edge and Randy Orton in my mind are the sh*t. Edge does as little as possible to win, has his entourage do his bidding, and wins with the timely spear here and there. RKO has that thing about him like he knows he’s the sh*t, doesn’t care if you don’t like him and he will always be better than everyone else. Kind of like the Rock’s heel turn at the end of his career. I think Jericho is a much better heel than face.. I think he’s a great champ and I think it really helps get some other people some burn on Raw.

What about you? Anybody besides Santino?



Iâ<80><99>m with you on Edge. This guy was a true fan of this business. His performance is a total package. Orton? Well, as I have written before, he tends to bore me and has had some backstage issues. He has potential, but he has to keep his ego in check. JBL is a favorite. Regal is a sight to behold with his mannerisms and work in the ring. And Chris Jericho is at the top of his game.

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