Feature: Steve Anderson on a Lame Comic Meeting a Drunk Wrestler


Sheeshâ<80>¦a guy takes a weekend away and all hell breaks looseâ<80>¦

Scott Hall caused a commotion at the Iron Sheik Comedy Roast after some pinhead comedian made a joke about Owen Hartâ<80><99>s death. I am truly getting sick of comedians and wacky Morning Zooâ<80><99>s on the radio saying whatever they want. Joking about whatever they want. I donâ<80><99>t have a problem with them expressing what they deem to be funny. But when you go too far, you go too far. Suck it up. Admit it. The Zoo members shouldnâ<80><99>t be fired nor should this comedian be banned from performing again. Free speech? Yes. But whatever happened to class?

That classless joke was met with an equally classless response by Scott Hall. My God, this guy was considered by many to be the second coming. Big guy. Excellent worker. Great interview. Charisma. The all-important â<80><9c>Itâ<80> factor. Scott Hall could have been WWE champion or WCW champion. He could be listed in the pantheon of wrestlers considered to be the greatest of all times.

Instead, many consider him to be a joke. A sad joke that doesnâ<80><99>t seem to end and just goes on and on.

How many cell phone videos will it take? How many wrestlers who once had potential, only to piss away their careers will it take? And how many deaths considered inevitable will it take?

Scott Hall had every right to be offended and emotional about a jerk mocking a friendâ<80><99>s tragic death. I would even go so far as to say that confronting the guy right then and there is not the best idea, but I can understand. It is an issue that cuts to the bone.

My problem with his tête-à-tête is twofold. One, the condition of Scott Hall. Two, the fact that he was â<80><9c>in character,â<80> which probably has a lot to do with his condition. He was crotch chopping. He was yelling, â<80><9c>Down here.â<80> The only thing he didnâ<80><99>t do was the Razor Ramon jumpy-thumby thing that he used to do before every match. Not that, in his state of inebriation, he would be able to. But Scott Hall went quickly from righteous indignation to cutting a 90 proof promo.

No, I donâ<80><99>t have toxicology reports to prove that he was drunk. But seriously. Hall has a history of these antics and he has to live with it. If he acts drunk and overbearing, he probably is drunk and overbearing. He has fought drug and alcohol problems for years. And apparently, that battle is continuing and Hall is not winning.

Fans chanting, â<80><9c>Razor,â<80> troubled me as well. Giving this guy mass approval and more attention is not the way to go. Scott Hall did not respond at the level he did based on emotion or grief. He did it because he was under the influence. Iâ<80><99>m not saying that he wasnâ<80><99>t close to Owen, nor that he didnâ<80><99>t feel grief then and anger the other night. However, he took things too far, disrupting an event honoring another man to get all the heat on him.

Shame on you, comedian-that-is-not-worth-naming, for disparaging the memory of Owen Hart. As for you, Scott Hall, you embarrassed yourself. Owen Hart left a lot of grieving friends and family around. Youâ<80><99>re not the only one, you know. Youâ<80><99>re just the only one who got wasted and made a fool out of yourself, all the while invoking his name.

Shame on you.

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