WZ Exclusive: Interview with “The Indy Sensation” Dustin Steal

Melissa Earnest

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On any given Friday or Saturday afternoon, in Kingsport Tennessee, you will find “The Indy Sensation” Dustin Steal,

working hard and practicing hours before his match begins. Steal stands at 5’8 and weighs 170 and has been wrestling

for four years now. The 18 year old has had a very successful career and I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down

and do an interview with him recently. In this interview you will learn the heartwarming story of how Steal discovered his

passion for wrestling, his thoughts on people stereotyping him(as a wrestler), and also his vision for his future.

Melissa: Dustin, I wanted to personally thank you for joining us and taking time out of your schedule, give our WZ viewers some history behind “The Indy Sensation”.

Dustin: Oh it is my pleasure!! Thanks for having me

Melissa: If you dont mind, please tell our viewers how you got your start in the wrestling business.

Dustin: I started in the Wrestling business back in 2004. Then I met my real Father. As you people may not know I grew up with my Mother & Stepfather. But anyways I met my Dad back in the Summer of 2004. I ended up bonding with him very well which led to bigger and better things!! I started staying on the weekends with him and discovered my Dad was a Referee for a Local Wrestling Federation.. I really thought nothing of it, I went to the shows and booed the bad guys, and cheered the rest. Then one day I realized. I want to become a Professional Wrestler! And you better believe I made it happen. One night in Bristol, Tn, Me & My cousin which still Wrestles to this day also Anthony Arcane decided we wanted to become Tag Team Partners. I knew it was a great idea, and was really excited, so the next upcoming Saturday night theyhad the Fans picked from the crowd match.. I scrounged up $40.00 for Me & My cousin to get a chance at our dream. We got in there, and the Promoter was like WOW. These guys are over, and he wanted us to come Wrestle every weekend. So we did. That is how I basically got started in the Business..

Melissa: Wow, that’s amazing! Are you and your father still close?

Dustin: We are not as close as we once were. We still have a relationship as Father & Son and speak to one another a couple times a week.

Melissa: Over the past year or so the entire wrestling industry has had a cloud of controversy hovering over them. That being steriod use. Do you think this controversay will ever dwindled away?

Dustin: I think it will be here for quite some time honestly. I don’t think Steroids are needed to be in this business quite honestly.. Just Heart & Determination!

Melissa: Alot of people stereotype other people who chose wrestling as a career. Have you ever personally been accused by critics as having used steriods? And we mainly hear of steriods being used in the ‘big leagues’, are they very common in the Indy circut?

Dustin: Yes I have been accused numerous of times. And it does get pretty annoying after a while. I use to do alot of Weightlifting and put on alot of size, and done a Local Bodybuilding show at the age of 16. I have been accused of them, but never involved with steroids what so ever.. As for them being used on the Indy Circuit, I have not ever really heard much about them being used at all.

Melissa: How do you deal with critics who personally accused you of steriod use?

Dustin: (laughs) I just kinda laugh, ask them why they think that Im on roids, and just walk off like whatever.

Melissa: How do you deal with people that joke that, “wrestling is fake”?

Dustin: Wow! I hate when people say that. It’s a funny thing the people that say that buy a ticket to every Indy show, and looked impressed and very satisfied with the show, and another thing.. If Wrestling is Fake, then why is it one of the most watched things on Televison nowdays.

Melissa: Your ring name “The Indy Sensation”, that’s a pretty bold name. What do you have to bring to the ring that stands out from the rest of the competition?

Dustin: I come to the ring with heart, determination, and fan satisfaction. I love seeing the fans happy, and I give them more than what their ticket is worth!

Melissa: Have you held any titles so far?

Dustin: Yes. I have held 3 different titles in my Career. I have held the APW Tag Team Championships, PWF Tag Team Championships, and was the 1st ever PWF Cruiserweight Champion.

Melissa: Wow, thats pretty good considering you have only been at this for four years. How did you acquire your titles?

Dustin: The Tag Team Titles were sustained in a Tag Team Tournament. And The PWF Cruiserweight Title was captured by a toss up for the debuting match for the title.

Melissa: Have you suffered from any injuries during your career?

Dustin: Yes I have. I have had 2 dislocated shoulders, severly busted lip, and also been Hospitalized from a TLC Match for shortness of breath, and unable to move my body.

Melissa: What would you consider the highest and lowest point in your career so far?

Dustin: Highest point in my Career would probably be now. Im working on alot of shows, and got more bookings than I can handle. My lowest point would be when I was put in the Hospital from my TLC Injury.

Melissa: As a child, who were your favorite wrestlers that you looked up to? Who were your heroes

Dustin: I looked up to NWO, Goldberg, Billy Kidman, & many others.

Melissa:Speaking of the well knowns, I have heard that you have had some pretty well knowns observe you in the ring, mind sharing who they were?

Dustin: I have worked several stars. I have worked ECW’s E.Z Money, ECW’s “High Flying” Chris Hamrick, & also NWA Legend 1/2 Rock & Roll Express Ricky Morton. As for me being on shows with other big names, and being watched those would be The Barbarian, “The Total Package” Lex Luger, Wcw’s Tracy Smothers, Dr. Tom Prichard, Ecw’s Jerry Lynn, Wwe’s Eugene,

& Tna’s Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas and many more.

Melissa: In your four years of being in the ring, who would you personally like to thank for their support?(don’t list like thirty lol)

Dustin: Would have to be Ricky Morton, O Dog, Mr. Cool, & Greg Rocker.

Melissa: One day when you have children, how do you want them to remember you?

Dustin: By being a cool Dad and realizing that I never gave up on what I wanted to be in Life, no matter what people said or did…

Melissa: Okay, imagine yourself ten years from now. You are standing on ‘the grandest stage of them all’ at WrestleMania 34, you are the main event, and it’s an “I Quit Match”, meaning whomever loses has to retire. First, you would have to change your ring name, because you would no longer be in Indy wrestling. What would you change your ring name to, and what current WWE Superstar would you want to retire?

Dustin: Probably like The Magnificent Superstar Dustin Steal, or like Dustin Starr! Something that is going to stick out because that will always be me while Im in this business! I would want to have a “I Quit” Match with Triple H, Jeff Hardy, or Rey Mysterio because they are top of the notch Wwe Superstars!

Melissa:In all seriousness though, where do you see yourself ten years from now?

Dustin: Hopefully WWE or TNA. If not by the, definetly one of the top workers on the Indy Scene!

If you would like to get to know “The Indy Sensation” Dustin Steal, take a look at his Myspace page: www.myspace.com/steal69

If you are interested in booking Dustin, please send an email inquiry to pwssteal@yahoo.com

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