NWA ANARCHY TV Taping Results For 10-18-08

Bill Behrens

NWA Anarchy returned to the NWA Television Arena in Cornelia last night to put the finishing touches on Fright Night â<80><99>08 including the announcement of this yearâ<80><99>s gore and carnage specialty match.

The â<80><9c>less is moreâ<80> philosophy was in full effect with only six matches on the card. There were no ref bumps or low blows, one dive, and no foreign objects. The main event was in the ring before 10pm. I canâ<80><99>t recall seeing an Anarchy show when thatâ<80><99>s happened. In any case, it was all good so far as getting the fan base ginned up Fright Night. And with attendance down to 125, it was mainly the hardcore fans that were on hand. No doubt a percentage of fans were saving up for the higher dollar major show ticket.

(1) Sucio & Kareem Abdul Jamar beat Anthony Henry & Chris Mayne in 9:09. The debuting Sucio (OVW) had an Energizer Bunny quality that made him the visual focus of the match. He reminded me of Sonjay Dutt with a head of hair like Fabio. Sucio did a flashy spinning headscissors and a forward rolling cradle. Henry snapped Jamarâ<80><99>s throat off the top rope to start the heat. The consensus in ringside South was that Mayne needs different gear. At one point, the heels were supposedly putting the boots to Jamar and appeared to be noly tapping him with their feet. Ugh. Sucio cleaned house, but Mayne nailed him with a tornado kick. Mayne then nailed his partner.when Jamar ducked. Jamar took Mayne out with an X Factor, and Sucio pinned Henry with a guillotine leg drop. An average opener. The finish was a bit clusterish.

Attorney/Agent Jeff G. Bailey unleashed the â<80><9c>The Butcher of Pyongyangâ<80> Kimo. He killed Henry and Mayne dead. The fans chanted for Kimo. Heel or not, they know a star when they see one.

Bailey cut another inspired promo. He’s on a roll. Bailey couldnâ<80><99>t get Kimoâ<80><99>s new mask back in place for the promo, so Kimo had to go without, and that actually worked for the better. Bailey described Kimo in glowing terms â<80>” a monster with utter indifference to human life that took his opponents to a place of everlasting torment. Bailey said Kimo had Ace Rockwell regurgitating blood within two minutes and had Slim J carried to back within three. Bailey said no opponent could last even 5 minutes with Kimo. Out came Ace Rockwell to a huge â<80><9c>Aceâ<80> chant. Rockwell said he wanted Kimo. Bailey called Rockwell a masochist.

I hope you enjoy the taste of your own blood, cuz youâ<80><99>re gonna be drowning in it.

Hollywood Brunettes (Kyle Matthews & Andrew Alexander) beat The Dynamic Duo (Chad Parham & Seth Delay) via DQ in 9:39. Talent & Money and Technicians came to ringside to observe what turned out to be a comedy of errors by Dynamic Duo in the opening minutes. Brunettes used a double suplex on Delay. Alexander went to the top. He fought off inteferency by â<80><9c>Boy Wonderâ<80> Delay but got dumped to the floor by Parham. The Dynamic ones gave Alexander a beating. Talent and Money took some free shots at Alexander as well. While Matthews was cleaning house after the hot tag, an argument broke out between T & M and The Technicians. Matthews made like a human bowling ball with a tope into all four. Matthews had Delay pinned with a flying bodypress when he was attacked by Technicians and T & M. for the DQ.

Postmatch: The heels beat down Hollywood Brunettes, as the Dynamic Duos pulled up a couple of ringside seats to watch. Chip Day & Caleb Koney hit the ring and were beaten down as well. Wild Bunch made the save. A veritable army of referees came out to restore order.

(3) Wild Bunch (Billy Buck & Chris King) & Caleb Konley & Chip Day beat Talent & Money (JT Talent & Drew Pendleton III) & The Technicians (Bob E & Tyler Smith) in 8:40. Only on a pure setup show could they get away with a zero star power TV main event, but the match worked fine and had plenty of heat. Talent was getting his ass handed to him early on. Smith hit an illegal back suplex on King when ref Ken Wallace was looking the other way, and the heat was on. King was driven into the heel corner where he was whomped and stomped. The rudos worked over Kingâ<80><99>s back. Buck got the hot tag. The Techs and Talent bailed in fear of Buckâ<80><99>s bionic elbow leaving Pendleton to get caught with a Samoan Drop. Nice. A round robin of finishing moves ensued until Buck superkicked Pendleton for the 1-2-3. The Dynamic Duo left their ringside seats to return to the ring to join the attack. Hollywood Brunettes returned to clear the ring.

(4) Adrian Hawkins beat Bo Newsome in 7-8 minutes. Crowd was quiet early. I expected more reaction because of how over Bo has been. Hawkins was taunting Newsome during the heat. Newsome rattled off a series of near falls with a dropkick, a tornado DDT and a missile dropkick. Newsome has pinpoint accuracy with his dropkicks. The crowd got behind Newsome when he kicked out of Hawkinsâ<80><99> Liger Bomb, which heâ<80><99>s been using as a finisher. Hawkins put Newsome away with a DDT from a shoulder mounted position.

Slim J appeared in close up on the WrestleVision. Having him up on the big screen was very effective. J said Hawkins had declared himself the Young Lionâ<80><99>s champ before the fact. J said it was about heart for sure. But it was also about one more thing – â<80><9c>Whuppinâ<80><99> your ass!â<80>

(5) Jeremy Vain & Rob Adonis beat Culture Shock (Lane Norris & â<80><9c>Outlawâ<80> Ben Woods) in 12:02. Culture Shock is the new name for the team known as Tribal Nation in Showtime Allstar Wrestling. Basic black tights with chaps works so much better than the Indian gear. They got over great in their debut to weeks ago, and if anything, this match was even more impressive. Culture Shock had the crowd right from the opening bell. Outlaw and Adonis battled to stand off of high impact shoulder blocks and exchanged wicked chops. Vain started bumping like a demon. Outlaw gorilla-pressed Norris into a splash on Vain. Vain pulled the slap and run routine on Norris. Vain begged for mercy allowing Adonis to club Norris from behind. Ref Jacob Ashworth was Mr. Law and Order here, demanding a legal tag. Adonis used bigtime power moves to demolish Norrisâ<80><99> back. Norris did a cool escape from a vertical suplex and made the hot tag. Outlaw cleaned house but paused to play to crowd, and Adonis hit him with his spinning suplex finisher. I need to find out what he calls it. The finish seemed to catch the fans by surprise. Easily the best match of the night so far.

Post-match: Vain put Norris out with the VKO. New Wave hit the ring. They were about to get revenge on Vain when Adonis pulled him to safety. New Wave checked on condition of their fellow babyfaces. As they exited, Culture Shock was more over with the fans than New Wave.

Brodie Chase, misogynist par excellence, and the reluctantly submissive Melissa Coates entered the ring. The fans, females in particular, brought the hat for Chase. He told Melissa that he made her what she was, gave her a glorious lifestyle and in return, she disrespected him and was letting Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer poison her brain. Chase said women donâ<80><99>t know their place â<80>” that place being to shut up and do as theyâ<80><99>re told. Palmer came out to address Melissa. He said she was a world class athlete, bodybuilder, fitness model, etc. â<80><9c>until you got with this.â<80> Palmer said he was bringing Daffney in for a match against Coates at Fright Night, and he was going to be there to keep Chase from getting his filthy hands in it. Palmer urged Coates to turn her back on Chase and follow him out. Coates started to go. The fans were all for it. Chase whispered something in Melissaâ<80><99>s ear. Whatever it was, she looked upset and dutifully followed Chase up the ramp. Good stuff. Fans are connecting with this angle.

(6) Devilâ<80><99>s Rejects (Iceberg & Azrael & Shaun Tempers with The Reverend) beat Mikal Judas & Shadow Jackson & Truitt Fields in 15:47. Tempers came down the ramp, while the other Rejects made their traditional entrance from the back door. The babyface trio did individual entrances with Judas coming out last and getting the loudest pop. Hot match as expected. They opened with this awesome spot where Judas gave the Rejects a three-way headbutt. Tempers and Azrael went down like a ton of bricks, while Iceberg no sold the effects. The monsters squared off. Iceberg hit a Russian legsweep and went right for the Ground Zero, but nobody home. A Judas Mafia Kick connected and he followed with a flying kneedrop for a near fall. Jackson busted out the bionic elbows on Tempers. False heat on Fields. Iceberg treated him like a rag doll on a vertical suplex. Fields hit a reverse DDT on Azrael. Jackson tagged in. Iceberg incapacitated him with an avalanche splash and a cannonball splash. Rejects gave Jackson a protracted and hellish beating. Finally, the moment came â<80>” the hot tag to Judas. He goozled Iceberg for the choke slam, but couldnâ<80><99>t pull it off. With the match breaking down to wild six-way action, Fields hit the Killing Fields on Iceberg. But Tempers sneaked up on Fields with a small package for the pin.

Postmatch: As Tempers and Fields eyeballed each other, Azrael blindsided Fields with the Reverendâ<80><99>s staff to lay him out. Tempers departed. The other Rejects got in a massive pull apart with Jackson and Judas. This pull apart had some juice to it. Tons of wrestlers and officials needed to finally separate the combatants.

Bill Behrens came out and announced that the main event at Fright Night would be Judas & Jackson vs. Rejects in a â<80><9c>Trick or Treat Matchâ<80> Bags would be placed in all four corners. Two bags would contain â<80><9c>treatsâ<80> â<80>” weapons of Anarchyâ<80><99>s choosing. The other two bags would contain useless tricks. Jackson said in his sickness it would be anything goes â<80>” blood for sure, maybe a flaming table. Jackson said he had just lost his mind, and it sure looked that way. A second pull apart brawl broke out. Jackson was bashing himself in the head when it was over. Fun stuff. Fright Night should be a lovely evening.

In addition to the above mentioned Trick or Treat Match, the complete Fright Night lineup is as follows: Fields (c) vs. Tempers for the NWA Anarchy TV title, New Wave (c) vs. Vain & Adonis for the NWA Anarchy tag titles, Rockwell vs. Kimo, Slim J vs. Hawkins for the Young Lionâ<80><99>s title, Coates (with Chase) vs. Daffney (with Palmer), and a Tag Team Turmoil to determine the number one contenders.

NOTES: Jeff Lewis missed the show due to injuries suffered in a car accident. Lewis suffered a gash in his leg that required more than 20 stitchesâ<80>¦Culture Shock will return on 11/15â<80>¦Kyle Matthews vs. Adrian Hawkins is one of the featured matches when Deep South Wrestling returns to action on 10/25 in McDonoughâ<80>¦Ace Rockwell & Chip Day have a rematch against the Brits for the PTPW tag titles on 10/24 in Columbusâ<80>¦Alternative Pro Wrestling has their big Halloween show, â<80><9c>Nightmare on Cherry Streetâ<80> on 10/24 in Royston, Ga at the Cherry Street Gym headlined by Jackson (c) vs. Vain for the Southern States Title and Delay (c) vs. Buck for the North Georgia Titleâ<80>¦At their meeting on 10/14, the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission tabled voting on the new wrestling regulations until 11/18.

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