MIW results from Clearwater, Minnesota

John Black

Review submitted by Razzlin Rick

Razzlin’ Rick’s Rapid Review – Minnesota Independent Wrestling – Clearwater American Legion – 10/18/2008

The show started promptly at 8:05PM. “Golden Throat” Levi Garrett was the announcer. Mitch Paradise came out and extracted the microphone from Levi. He stated that he didn’t care if he got paid, he just wanted to beat up people. Zach Mercury came out to respond to Paradise. A shoving match ensued and Beautiful Bobby Jay ran out to join in the attack on Mercury. Big Brody Hoofer ran out to make the save. The evenings two top matches were highlighted.

We will call tonight’s show “The Night Of The New Trainees”. Gonzalez, El Bano and The Tormentor are now trained and have graduated from the Fox/Aries camp. Austin Aries was present to greet fans but he didn’t participate in tonight’s show.

1. Ben Sailer VS Corporal Julio Gonzalez. A fan yelled, “Hey, it’s Corporal Gonzalez VS Private Benjamin”. Of course, if you never saw the Goldie Hawn movie, you would never understand the comment. The match started by Sailer and Gonzalez trading standing switches and armdrags. Then Sailer worked over Julio’s arms and later put Gonzalez into a crippler crossface submission move. Gonzalez reached the ropes for a break and then landed a real good dropkick on Sailer. In another spot Sailer rebounded off the ropes and attempted to leap over a charging Gonzalez, but Julio caught him in mid-air, turning Ben over into a bodyslam. WOW! An amazing move for a newcomer. Then out of nowhere, Sailer executed a series of moves ending with a roll-up for a quick pin. I thought this match was so good it should have went longer.

2. El Bano VS Jean Marius. El Bano still looks like an overstuffed jumping bean but he carries himself around the ring with more confidence than ever before. Marius is small in comparison and has black makeup around his eyes and mouth giving him a sinister look. In the start they traded armbars and headlocks. El Bano landed some weak chops and then Marius showed El Bano how to correctly create a loud chop. Marius went for a top rope dive but El Bano just fell into the ropes to knock Marius off his perch. In the end El Bano pinned Marius with his feet on the ropes. This wasn’t a very pretty match but, as HMG stated, El Bano did better later in the show.

3. The High Rollers, Stx and Mago, came out with five young ladies who made Razzlin’ Rick’s heart pump a lot faster. The first gal was blowing a whistle, which she continued doing all through the show. Anyway, the match was Nate Bash VS The Tormentor, a masked wrestler. Bash started by hitting The Tormentor with three armdrags and a dropkick. Tormentor recovered and threw Bash out of the ring so the High Rollers could attack him. Tormentor pulled Bash by his hair back into the ring and then went on his own attack. Tormentor hit a sideslam and suplex. Bash was thrown out of the ring again but this time he grabbed Stx and Mago and rammed their heads together. El Bano ran out and attacked Bash from behind. Sailer ran out for the save. The match was thrown out and Terry Fox entered the ring and set up a tagteam match for later in the evening, much to the High Rollers disatisfaction.

4. Mitch Paradise VS Zach Mercury. These are two BIG men. I think Mercury even tops Paradise by an inch or two. Zach wore silver boots and Paradise wore black boots. The two locked up and rolled over and over along the ropes until they both tumbled over the top rope outside the ring. Once back in the ring, Mercury lifted Paradise and dropped him butt first on his knee and then hit a standing dropkick. Paradise bailed. In the ring Mercury was holding onto the top rope but Paradise pulled it down to again bring Mercury outside the ring. The ringpost came into play. Back inside the ring Paradise choked and cheated needing many 5-counts for him to break the holds. Zack executed a flying bodyslam against Mitch. Zack charged again but Mitch moved and Zack hit the ringpost. Paradise hit a swinging neckbreaker and then a sleeper on Mercury but only got his arm to drop twice. Zack returned with a clothesline, hard elbow and dropkick. Zack climbed to the top rope and connected with a double-foot stomp and Mercury defeated Paradise with a clean pinfall. Great big man match.


5. The High Rollers with El Bano & Tormentor VS Midwest Ground & Air, Nate Bash & Benjamin Sailer. El Bano and Tormentor attacked MGA even before their music stopped. The Tormentor threw Bash and Sailer out of the ring. When things settled down, Sailer entered the ring to face The Tormentor and officially start the match. Tags were made and El Bano immediately bodyslammed Bash. The heels were making quick tags and isolating Bash. When the ref was distracted The High Rollers choked out Bash. Finally Sailer got the hot tag and dropkicked both his opponents. Bash dived over the top rope onto the High Rollers outside the ring. Ben Sailer got The Tormentor into a boston crab move for a submission victory.

6. Beautiful Bobby Jay VS Big Daddy Hoofer, MIW Heavyweight Champion. They traded headlocks to start and then Hoofer easily bodyslammed Jay. The action spilled outside and Hoofer chopped Bobby Jay out in the crowd. Back in the ring Bobby Jay used a foreign object to jam Hoofer in the throat. Jay used the foreign object many times, hiding it from the referee by placing it in his armpads, kneepads, in his britches and in the turnbuckle pad. Hoofer was really getting mad and he hit a hard clothesline. Hoofer dove off the top rope onto Jay and got a 2-count. Then Hoofer shoulder tackled Jay and hit a suplex to pin the challenger and retain his MIW Heavyweight Championship.

The show ended at 10:10PM.

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